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How to Reset Tire Pressure Light

Car Warning Lights

It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to reset your tire pressure light after your tires have been properly inflated. That’s why our service team has created a service guide to help drivers learn what to do when the TPMS light goes on in your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. So what can a flashing tire pressure light mean and what does TPMS mean? Read on to learn more about this system in your vehicle and how you can fix it from home. If you find you need some assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our service department.

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What Does TPMS Mean?

Your TPMS is your tire pressure monitoring system. The TPMS light turns on when it detects that your car’s tires are below the threshold of safe tire pressure. This light can also go on if it detects bad traction, poor fuel economy, or a blowout. When you notice a flashing tire pressure light, you’ll want to make sure you make a stop at a gas station or service center to have your tires properly inflated.

Resetting Your Tire Pressure Light

Typically, once you inflate your tires, the flashing tire pressure light should go off. If the TPMS light remains on, you can reset it or have a service technician reset it for you. If you’re a Moorestown driver that likes caring for your vehicle on your own, you can follow these steps to learn how to reset your tire pressure light in your tire pressure monitoring system:

  • Drive at or above 80 kilometers for 10 minutes. This can cause your sensor to reset the next time you turn on the car.
  • With the vehicle off, turn the key to the “On” position, but don’t start the car. Hold down the TPMS reset button until the flashing tire pressure light blinks three times. Then release it. Ignite the engine and wait 20 minutes. If you have trouble finding the reset button, consult your manual. It’s usually located beneath the steering wheel.
  • If that doesn’t work, then Philadelphia drivers should Inflate all tires to 3 PSI over their recommended amount, and then deflate them completely. Finally, inflate them to the recommended tire pressure.
  • The last strategy we’ll cover is to turn your vehicle off, disconnect the positive battery cable with a wrench, turn the car back on and then honk the horn for about three seconds. This will discharge any remaining power stored in the vehicle. After that, you’ll want to reconnect the car, turn on the battery, and see if your tire light has gone off.

Let the Lexus of Cherry Hill Service Team Help!

Learning how to reset your tire pressure light can be very helpful in the event it doesn’t turn off. If you’d rather have someone take a look for you and confirm there are no issues with the system or your tires, schedule service with Lexus of Cherry Hill. With our available service specials, it’s easy to save more on the services you need in Voorhees.


VIDEO: Toyota TPMS, Lexus TPMS relearn procedures – how to solve “set button” issue

With the right TPMS tools and knowledge, TPMS relearn procedures can be easy to service. However, failing to perform a complete TPMS relearn procedure can result in failure of tire pressure readings and TPM system failure. Based on customer phone calls and emails to tech support, the most difficult relearn process is Toyota and Lexus, which requires an OBD relearn procedure. An advanced TPMS diagnostic scan tool, such as the VT56 and VT55 is required to perform an OBD relearn.

Sometimes, the relearn procedure fails even after the steps are properly performed because of the “SET” button, which is located below the steering wheel or in the glove box in some Toyota models.  When the button is pressed, the system tries to locate the sensor ID’s that are already stored. The “SET button” can be used when performing a tire rotation that have different tire pressures in the front and rear, changing or adjusting the tire pressure, or changing tire size, or when tires are replaced.  However, when replacing a sensor or installing a second set of wheels, an OBD relearn must be performed. The OBDII module connection will program the new sensor ID numbers into the vehicle’s ECU. Then, the relearn procedure can be performed.

If the “SET” button is pushed, and a relearn must be performed, the ECU must be unlocked in order for the relearn procedure to work correctly. An advanced TPMS scan tool, such as the VT56, has an “UNLOCK ECU” button under the service TPMS menu that can help turn the button “OFF”. After using the “UNLOCK ECU” option within the tool, the relearn procedure can be properly performed using the relearn procedure steps that are explained within the tool.

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Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor Reset

The tire pressure warning system in your Lexus is what determines when one or more tires is low on air. This is extremely helpful because it’ll prevent you from having to manually check your tires, making your commutes in and around North Andover, Peabody, and Danvers, MA, more convenient.

Once you fill the tires to correct the pressure, you’ll have to reset the Lexus tire pressure sensor. We’ll explain how to do that below. Read our informative guide, and contact us at Ira Lexus of Danvers if you have any questions.

Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor Reset

When to Reset the Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor

As you’ve learned, the Lexus tire pressure warning system helps you stay safe on the roads. It can alert you when the tire pressure drops below the recommended pressure so you can add air to the necessary tires.

This way, you can avoid a potential blowout when driving so you, your passengers, and everyone else on the roads are as safe as possible.

To ensure your vehicle’s tire pressure warning system is working as accurately as possible, you’ll need to reset the Lexus tire pressure sensor. Whenever the tires are rotated or get filled with air, this is required.

You’ll also need to install new tire pressure warning valves and transmitters with routine tire maintenance, such as:

  • When the tires are replaced.
  • When the wheels are replaced.

When this happens, new ID codes have to be registered into the tire pressure warning computer. Then, the sensor in the tire pressure warning system will have to be reset.

Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor Reset

How to Reset the Tire Pressure Sensor in Your Lexus

Resetting the Lexus tire pressure sensor is a quick procedure that only takes a few minutes. This way, you can get back to cruising the town in little time.

In order to the reset the tire pressure sensor inside your Lexus, you’ll want to complete the following steps:

  1. Fill the tires to the appropriate air pressure. You’ll want to do this when the tires are “cold” or when the vehicle has been sitting for at least a few hours.
  2. Turn the engine switch to Ignition ON mode.
  3. Use the arrow keys to filter through your vehicle’s settings on the multi-information display until you see the “TPMS” screen.
  4. Press and hold the button that looks like a black circle until the tire pressure warning light blinks slowly three times.
  5. Wait a few minutes, and then turn the engine off.

Once the above steps are completed, you’ll want to drive around for a bit to see if the light turns off. It’s recommended to drive about 25 miles (or 10 to 30 minutes) until the tire pressure is displayed on the multi-information display screen.

Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor Reset

When the Tire Pressure Warning System May Not Work

After resetting the tire pressure warning system, the warning light may appear again. In this case, there’s a malfunction with the system that needs to be addressed. For instance, if the above-mentioned ID code doesn’t get registered, then the warning system won’t work correctly from the get-go. If you experience any of these issues, contact us or schedule service online.

Other examples of the tire pressure warning system not working accurately include:

  • Outfitting your vehicle with non-genuine Lexus wheels.
  • Replacing a tire with a non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) one.
  • If tires not equipped with tire pressure warning valves and transmitters are used.
  • If there’s a lot of ice and snow on the vehicle, especially around the wheels and wheel housings.

Performance of this warning system can also be affected if you’re near a TV tower, electric power plant, gas station, or other facility that generates strong radio waves. If the information isn’t displayed correctly from the radio wave conditions, then continue driving. Once you get away from those interferences, the system should function as normal.

Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor Reset

Tire Pressure Quick Facts

Want to learn more about the tire pressure system? Curious to discover what PSI is needed for your vehicle’s tires? Then read our tire pressure FAQs to learn more!

What is the Tire Pressure Warning System?

The tire pressure warning system of your Lexus is a built-in feature that lets you know when one or more tires is below the manufacturer-recommended PSI. This way, you can inflate your car’s tires before potential issues arise.

How Do I Know My Car’s Tires Need to Be Inflated?

There are several ways to know if your car’s tires need to be inflated. First, you could see either a blinking or solid light on your vehicle’s dashboard that looks like an exclamation mark inside a horseshoe.

You can also check your vehicle’s tire pressure through the multi-information display screen. You’ll see a number next to each wheel. This way, you can see which tires are running low on air pressure and fill the proper ones.

What PSI Do My Tires Need?

The manufacturer-recommended PSI can differ from model to model. Generally, most tires need anywhere from 30 to 35 PSI.

To see what PSI your Lexus needs, check the owner’s manual. You can also check the sticker on the frame inside the driver’s door.

Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor Reset

How Our Service Center Can Help

If after resetting your vehicle’s tire pressure sensor system and you continue to have issues, let our team help. Staffed with a team of factory-trained technicians, you can rest assured our team is prepared to handle whatever your Lexus may need.

They’re happy to look at your Lexus, run diagnostics, and perform any necessary maintenance to get your vehicle back in top shape.

Plus, thanks to our flexible service hours, keeping your model healthy has never been easier. In addition to our regular business hours, we also offer these flexible appointment times:

  • Early-bird hours
  • Saturday appointments

To schedule a service appointment at the time that’s most convenient for you, fill out our online appointment scheduler or contact us today!

Our Service Amenities

On top of offering quick, detailed service for your Lexus, our service center offers several amenities, such as:

  • Wi-fi access
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Rideshare and loaner vehicle options

We also offer a variety of rotating service specials. Whether your Lexus needs routine maintenance, wheel alignment and new tires, or anything else, you may be able to receive service for less than imagined.

Our specials change regularly, so make sure you’re frequently checking back to see if there’s a special for the service your Lexus needs!

More Than Service: On-Site Parts Center

Need parts for your DIY project? Want a fresh set of wheels before the seasons change? Our on-site parts center has you covered. Here, our team can get you all the genuine OEM parts you need.

Benefits of using genuine parts instead of aftermarket parts include:

  • They’re built for your model, so you know they’ll be a perfect fit.
  • They’re high quality, so you can rest assured they’re more likely to last longer than aftermarket parts.

Fill out our parts request form and our team will gather your requested parts in little time.

Want help installing them? No problem! Our service team is happy to help.

Schedule Lexus Service Today

If you’re having any issues with resetting the Lexus tire pressure sensor, then contact us at Ira Lexus of Danvers. Our certified technicians will take care of the issue quickly and efficiently. This way, you can be back on the roads of North Andover, Peabody, and Danvers, Massachusetts, in no time.

So, don’t wait. Schedule service with us today!


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2011 Lexus ES350 (TPMS) Tire pressure monitoring system reset

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