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Fire Chief (City of Batavia), PROM #







SALARY:  $77, - $93, annually (), City of Batavia.

VACANCY:  The City of Batavia has one (1) position currently held by a provisionally appointed employee, who may be appointed on a permanent basis if found reachable on a civil service list established as a result of this exam.  This examination is also being held to establish an eligible list to fill future vacancies, which may occur during the life of the eligible list.

An eligible may receive only one permanent appointment from this list. Once appointed, there will be a Probationary Period of 8 to weeks based on performance of duties. During this probationary period the Department Head has the ability to terminate employment, without cause.

                     LAST FILING DATEDECEMBER 13,

                     EXAMINATION DATEJANUARY 20,

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must meet the following requirement on or before the last filing date:

Applicants must have two (2) years of permanent, Competitive status as a Fire Captain with the City of Batavia Fire Department, having served continuously in such capacity prior to the last filing date, and must continue such employment through the period leading to the date of appointment from this Eligible List [PLEASE INDICATE ALL RELEVANT EXPERIENCE ON YOUR APPLICATION].



NOTE – FILING FEES: (The acceptance of your application is dependent upon your following these instructions accurately):

A fee of $ is required for each separately-numbered examination for which you apply.  The required fee must accompany your application.  The fee may be submitted in the form of either CASH or CREDIT CARD (if delivered in person), PERSONAL CHECK or MONEY ORDER, (if by mail).  Personal Checks and Money Orders must be payable to the GENESEE COUNTY TREASURER.  Please write the examination number(s) on your personal check or money order.  YOUR APPLICATION FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED if you do not meet the requirements for admission to the examination. Compare your qualifications carefully to the requirements stated on the announcement and file only for those examinations for which you are clearly qualified. A waiver of application fee will be allowed if you are receiving unemployment and are primarily responsible for the support of a household.  In addition, a waiver of application fee will be allowed if you are determined eligible for Medicaid, or are receiving Supplemental Security Income payments, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Family assistance or Safety Net Assistance, or are certified Job Training Partnership Act/Workforce Investment Act eligible through a State or local social service agency.  All claims for application fee waiver are subject to verification.  In order for us to verify your eligibility for an application fee waiver, you must complete a “Request for Fee Waiver” form and submit it with your application by the close of business on the Last Filing Date as indicated on the Examination Announcement. The “Request for Fee Waiver” form can be obtained at Genesee County Human Resources, 15 Main Street, Batavia, NY or from our website,


Responds to and assumes command at all major fires and other emergencies;

Directs the operation of departmental in-service activities;

Plans, directs, and schedules the activities of all firefighting units to achieve maximum coverage;

Directs the inspection of multiple dwellings and places of public assemblage to point out and assist in the correction of fire hazards and to insure compliance with fire prevention laws and ordinances, and prepares written records and reports as required;

Reviews reports and makes inspections to determine the condition and efficiency of all firefighting units;

Directs and inspects the maintenance of repair of all firefighting equipment and apparatus;

Directs and inspects routine building maintenance of fire stations;

Maintains discipline and promotes the morale of the fire department;

Plans and assigns personnel for specialized firefighting and fire prevention duties;

Recommends the purchase of supplies and the replacement of firefighting equipment;

Attends meetings and conferences and addresses interested groups as part of a planned program of fire prevention education.

SUBJECT OF EXAMINATION: A written test designed to evaluate knowledge, skills, and/or abilities in the following areas:

1.   Administrative Supervision

2.   Educating and Interacting with the Public

3.   Fire Administration Job Simulation Exercise

4.   Fire Emergency Job Simulation Exercise

5.   Preparing Written Material



Administrative Supervision-These questions test for knowledge of the principles and practices involved in directing the activities of a large subordinate staff, including subordinate supervisors. Questions relate to the personal interactions between an upper level supervisor and his/her subordinate supervisors in the accomplishment of objectives. These questions cover such areas as assigning work to and coordinating the activities of several units, establishing and guiding staff development programs, evaluating the performance of subordinate supervisors, and maintaining relationships with other organizational sections.

Educating and Interacting with the Public-These questions test for knowledge of techniques used to interact effectively with individuals and/or community groups, to educate or inform them about topics of concern, to publicize or clarify agency programs or policies, to negotiate conflicts or resolve complaints, and to represent one's agency or program in a manner in keeping with good public relations practices. Questions may also cover interacting with others in cooperative efforts of public outreach or service.

Fire Administration Job Simulation Exercise-This job simulation exercise tests for the ability to develop and maintain fire department programs and activities. The questions will be based on a simulated set of administrative issues that a Chief Officer may be asked to analyze and respond to in a working day. The questions cover such areas as organizational relationships, planning, staffing, managing resources, budgeting, public relations, rules and regulations, and political and social concerns impacting the fire service.

Fire Emergency Job Simulation Exercise-This job simulation exercise tests for the ability to manage an emergency incident. The emphasis is on command-level actions and decisions in handling the incident from start to finish. The questions will cover such areas as principles and tactics of firefighting, accountability at a fire scene, hazardous materials, cause investigation, emergency medical care, community relations, and the incident command system, including interacting with other agencies and the media.

Preparing Written Material-These questions test for the ability to present information clearly and accurately, and to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensibly. For some questions, you will be given information in two or three sentences followed by four restatements of the information. You must then choose the best version. For other questions, you will be given paragraphs with their sentences out of order. You must then choose, from four suggestions, the best order for the sentences.

A Guide for the Written Test for Fire Chief/Assistant Fire Chief is available at the New York State Candidates not having access to a computer or the internet may request copy of the test guide from the municipal civil service office conducting this examination using the contact information found elsewhere on this announcement.

CROSS-FILING:If you have applied for other local government or state examinations, call or write to each civil service agency to make arrangements no later than two weeks before the date of the examinations.  You must notify all local government civil service agencies with whom you have filed an application of the test site at which you wish to take your examinations.  The “Cross-filer Form” for Genesee County can be obtained at Genesee County Human Resources, 15 Main St., Batavia, NY or from our website,

NOTE: Religious Accommodations, Persons with Disabilities or Active Military: If special arrangements for testing are required, please indicate this on your application. An explanation of your need for special testing accommodations must be attached to your application.  If due to disability – medical documentation must be provided.

ACTIVE MILITARY MEMBERS: Any member of the armed forces of the United States who has duly filed an application to compete in a scheduled competitive examination but was deprived of the opportunity to compete in the examination due to active military duty could be provided with a special military make-up examination.

Current members of the Armed Forces may apply for Veteran’s credits by filing an “Application for Veteran’s Credits” (Form VC-1).  The “Application for Veteran’s Credits” can be obtained at Genesee County Human Resources, 15 Main St., Batavia, NY or from our website at, Proof of military status must also be presented and verified in order for consideration of granting of “conditional” Veteran’s credit.  Acceptable proof may include a military I.D. card, military orders, or other official military document that substantiates active military service at time of exam. This documentation and VC-1 Form must be received prior to the establishment of the Eligible List for this examination.  The “conditional” status of the additional credits will remain until proof is provided indicating that the service was in time of war and that the veteran received an honorable discharge, or was released under honorable circumstances.

VETERANS: Additional credits are available to veterans who meet certain established requirements.  Veterans who have not exhausted their credits should make application for their use, if desired.  A COMPLETED APPLICATION FOR VETERANS CREDITS (FORM VC-1) AND a COPY OF SEPARATION PAPERS (FORM DD) MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE ELIGIBLE LIST FOR THIS EXAMINATION IS ESTABLISHED IN ORDER TO UTILIZE ADDITIONAL CREDITS.  DISABLED VETERANS MUST SUBMIT, IN ADDITION, A COPY OF FORM VC-3 (AUTHORIZATION FOR DISABILITY RECORD). The “Application for Veteran’s Credits” can be obtained at Genesee County Human Resources, 15 Main St., Batavia, NY or from our website at,

ADDITIONAL CREDIT AUTHORIZED:  Additional credits shall be allowed for children of firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty, as “child” in this section in competitive examinations for original appointment.  (a) On all eligible lists resulting from competitive examinations, the names of eligible persons shall be entered in the order of their respective final earned ratings on examinations, with the name of the eligible person with the highest final earned ratings at the head of such list, provided, however, that for the purpose of determining final earned ratings, children of firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty shall be entitled to receive an additional ten (10) points in a competitive examination for original appointment in the same municipality in which his or her parent has served.  (b) Such additional credit shall be added to the final earned rating of such child, as the case may be, after he or she has qualified in the competitive examination and shall be granted only at the time of establishment of the resulting eligible list.

PUBLIC SERVICE LOAN FORGIVENESS: College graduates with student loans may be eligible to have part of their loan paid for after being employed in a full-time position at Genesee County. Additional information is available at

SENIORITY CREDITS: Candidates who pass the written and qualifying tests will have seniority credits added to their scores as follows:

Less than 1 year                                          0 points

1 year up to 6 yrs.                                         1 point

over 6 yrs. up to 11 yrs.                               2 points

over 11 yrs. up to 16 yrs.                             3 points

over 16 yrs. up to 21 yrs.                             4 points

over 21 yrs. up to 26 yrs.                             5 points

PLACE TO FILE: To get an application, come in or send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Genesee County Human Resources, County Building I, 15 Main Street, Batavia, NY or download from website: Phone , Ext.

Applications mailed to us must be postmarked with a date no later than the last filing date indicated on this announcement.

All correspondence will be sent only to the address provided on the application for examination. It is your responsibility to inform the Genesee County Human Resources office of any change of address. Correspondence returned for incorrect address will not be forwarded.  All address changes must be submitted to the Genesee County Human Resources office in writing.

APPLICANTS: Please contact this office three days prior to examination if you have not been notified by us, as to your eligibility to participate in this examination.

This examination is being prepared and rated by the New York State Department of Civil Service in accordance with Section of the Civil Service Law.  The provisions of the New York State Civil Service Rules and Regulations dealing with this rating of the examination will apply to this test.




Sours: //

Genesee County Fire Departments

Judge Road
Oakfield, NY
[email protected]

Main St
PO Box
Alexander, NY
[email protected] 

City of Batavia
18 Evans St.
Batavia, NY
[email protected]  

Town of Batavia
Lewiston Road
PO Box
Batavia, NY
[email protected] 

10 Hunter Street
PO Box
Bergen, NY
[email protected]

Old Telephone Road
East Bethany, NY 
[email protected] 

East Main Street
PO Box
Byron, NY
[email protected] 

East Main Street
PO Box
Corfu, NY
[email protected]

Alleghany Road
PO Box
Darien, NY
[email protected] 

East Pembroke
Main Road
PO Box 44
East Pembroke, NY
[email protected] Elba
4 South Main Street
PO Box 12
Elba, NY
[email protected] 

Indian Falls
Allegany Road
Corfu, NY 
[email protected]

4 Clay Street
LeRoy, NY
[email protected] Oakfield
20 Albert Street
PO Box
Oakfield, NY
[email protected] 

South Lake Road
PO Box
Pavilion, NY
[email protected]

Main Road
Corfu, NY
[email protected] 

South Byron
PO Box 30
South Byron, NY
() [email protected] 

Main Road
PO Box 56
Stafford, NY
[email protected] 

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Robert Burdette-Fire Chief, Hired Robert Burdette

Chief Burdette began serving the Grand Blanc Community in as an on-call firefighter. In  , he was the first full time firefighter hired by the fire department and in he obtained his present position as chief. Since joining the fire department, Chief Burdette has continually advanced his knowledge of firefighting techniques, leadership principles and management through continued education. He earned an Associate of Science degree in fire science from Kaiser University in He holds certification for command positions in all hazard incident management, certified by the National Transportation Safety Institute and completed the School of Fire, Staff and Command, Executive Leadership Program from Eastern Michigan University. He is an active member in the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the International Association of Arson Investigators, The Michigan Fire Chiefs Association, Southeastern Michigan Fire Chiefs, and many more organizations.

Kent Maricle - Deputy Chief, Hired Kent Maricle

Deputy Chief Maricle began his career in the fire service as an on-call firefighter and has advanced to his present title. He completed his State of Michigan firefighter certification in and his fire officer certification in   Deputy Chief Maricle is also certified through the Michigan State Police in fire investigations and is a member of the International Association of Arson Investigators, International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Genesee County Fire Chiefs Association.  He has received certifications
for Hazardous Material Technician, Urban Search and Rescue Technician and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Troy Brancheau - Battalion Chief, Hired Troy Brancheau

Battalion Chief Brancheau received his State of Michigan firefighter certification in  Nine years later in , Battalion Chief Brancheau received his certification as an Emergency Medical Technician, and in , he earned certification in performing rope, building collapse, trench, and confined space rescues. Before becoming a battalion chief, he received his state certification for Fire Officer in

William Larsen – Captain, Hired William Larsen

Captain Larsen completed his certification as a State of Michigan firefighter level 2 in In , he received his certification as an Emergency Medical Technician and in finished the Paramedic licensure, and he earned certification in performing rope, building collapse, trench, and confined space rescues.  Captain Larsen continued his advancement in emergency medicine by obtaining his paramedic instructors permitted in He is certified through the National Fire Protection Association as a level II inspector and plan examiner.  Also, Captain Larsen received his Michigan certification for Company Officer in  

Bradley Hutchison – Captain, Hired Bradley Hutchison

Captain Hutchison began his career working in the U.S. Air Force as a Crash-Fire Rescue Technician. When he left the service, Captain Hutchison joined the Grand Blanc Township Fire Department as an on-call firefighter and received certification from the State of Michigan for firefighting in He also completed his certification for Emergency Medical Technician in , his certification for level 3 Fire Officer in , and confined space and rope rescue in

Chris Hyde – Lieutenant, Hired, .Chris Hyde

Lieutenant Hyde joined the Grand Blanc Township Fire Department in September after spending two years in an Explorer Post that was co-sponsored by the Grand Blanc Fire and City Police departments.  He received his certification as a firefighter in June of and certification with the National Incident Management System in November He has been certified as a driver’s training instructor since July In , he completed his certification for Incident Command Systems level , , and

Chris Keller - Lieutenant, Fire Marshal, Hired                                                                    Chris Keller

Fire Marshal Keller has received numerous certifications during his time with the Grand Blanc Township Fire Department. In , he received certification from the State of Michigan as a Firefighter and a level 1 certification for fire inspector from the National Fire Protection Association. In , Fire Marshal Keller also received his certification for Inspector level 2 and Plan Examiner from the NFPA. Fire Marshal Keller is a certified fire inspector for the State of Michigan and is a National Registered Emergency Medical Technician since In , Fire Marshal Keller completed the Fire Officer certification through the State of Michigan and is a certified Child Safety Seat Technician since Fire Marshal Keller holds memberships in the Michigan Fire Inspector Society, International Association of Arson Investigators and is the IAFF Local president. 

Jeremy Oxford - Lieutenant, Hired Jeremy Oxford

Lieutenant Oxford joined the Grand Blanc Township Fire Department in May Since , Lieutenant Oxford has dedicated his career toward the fire service and has served as a firefighter, EMT, and sergeant for other departments. Lieutenant Oxford is a lifelong learner and pursues all opportunities professional and educational advancement. In May , he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety Studies with a minor in Professional Communications. He is a proud graduate of Eastern Michigan University's Fire Staff and Command Executive Leadership Program, Class of In , Lieutenant Oxford became a Fire Instructor I and currently serves as Secretary of the Genesee County Training Committee , coordinating and facilitating progressive training for the county. In , Lieutenant Oxford completed his Fire Officer III certification. He conducts fire inspections and has maintained NFPA Inspector II and Plan Examiner certifications since Lieutenant Oxford has been a licensed EMT since and has completed several advanced certifications in Incident Command Systems. He is an active member of many professional organizations including: The Michigan Fire Inspectors Society and Michigan Chapter of International Association of Arson Investigators. He continues to dedicate his life and his career toward the community and fire services. 


FD Staff

The Grand Blanc Township Fire Department is staffed by 35 part-time and four full-time dedicated firefighters who answer your call for help any time of the day or night. The main station is staffed 24/7/ with part-time and full-time firefighters, who respond to every incident. Full-time firefighters work rotating hour shifts as the company officer and engineer. Part-time firefighters workstation shifts, attend training twice a month and respond from their homes or workplaces to any large incidents. Each firefighter has completed the Michigan Firefighter I & II Academy, which takes about hours. That includes instruction in firefighting, search and rescue, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials, incident management and more. Many of our firefighters have more advanced and specialized training

Like the overall Encompass Rating System, the Culture & Community Beacon is designed to evolve as metrics are developed and ready for integration. Our partnership with Feedback Labs and Guidestar by Candid, and other partners including Fund for Shared Insight, GlobalGiving, and Keystone Accountability, enables us to launch the first version of this beacon with Constituent Feedback information collected on Candid's site.

Feedback practices have been shown to support better Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion outcomes, an essential area of assessment that we intend to further expand and develop in the future. Feedback Labs has documented several studies which indicate that beyond achieving organizational goals, nonprofits that are attentive and responsive to concerns and ideas raised by beneficiaries establish stronger relationships with the people they serve, promote greater equity, and empower constituents in ways that can help to ensure better long-term outcomes. You can find resources to help nonprofits improve their feedback practices here.


County chiefs genesee fire

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