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The 10 Rarest Daredevil Issues Of All Time (& How Much They Cost)

Daredevil aka Matthew Murdock is one of Marvel Comics' most established characters. After the less than stellar film starring Ben Affleck, the Man Without Fear had his stock rise again with the critically acclaimed Netflix series starring Charlie Cox.

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Since then fans have been clamoring for Cox to parlay his role to the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and bring the Devil of Hell's Kitchen back to glory on the big screen. Daredevil would certainly be a great addition to the MCU's roster, which also means a spike in demand for collectible Daredevil comic books.

10 Daredevil # ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$18, Mid~$60, High~$+ | Record Sale: $1,

This issue marks the first appearance and origin of Elektra Natchios, Daredevil's quintessential love interest and occasional antagonist. Aside from the character's introduction, the issue is also famous for incorrectly spelling Elektra's name as "Elecktra" on the cover, which actually adds to its appeal as a collectible.

It's also the first issue where Frank Miller -- credited as a pivotal author for Daredevil's character who all but revitalized him -- made his writing debut on the title. This classic debut issue for both Miller and Elektra was also reprinted in (above, right) with a variant cover.

9 Daredevil #43 ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$6, Mid~$20, High~$80+ | Record Sale: $1,

This issue showcases the first battle between Daredevil and Captain America. It's a classic crossover issue that retains its value fairly well if one's copy is very good to near mint condition.

Finding the comic will prove to be a challenge for Daredevil completionists, though, since Captain America collectors are also likely on the hunt for it. But for its price range, this issue can be considered a bargain since you're essentially getting two characters' big crossover fight for the price of one issue.

8 Daredevil # ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$9, Mid~$25, High~$+ |  Record Sale: $2,

The first appearance and origin of the master assassin and sadist Bullseye is a highly coveted issue among Daredevil comic book collectors. With the (currently) last season of Netflix's Daredevil showcasing a version of the character, the price of this key issue has great potential to spike beyond its current fair market price.

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If Bullseye also makes a return to the MCU -- whether in a series or a movie -- in the near future, then now might be a perfect time to strike and add this gem to your collection!

7 Daredevil # ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$5, Mid~$15, High~$70+ | Record Sales:  $4, & $5,

These key pair of comic books features a classic battle by Daredevil with Dr. Doom that spans two issues. The powerful despot of the Kingdom of Latveria is a classic Marvel villain many fans suspect and anticipate would appear in the MCU at some point.

His recent monumental eponymous firs solo comic book run proves that Dr. Doom is still a fan-favorite supervillain despite multiple misfires in Fantastic Four films, especially in the abysmal Fant4stic ()

6 Daredevil #4 ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$30, Mid~$95, High~$+ | Record Sale: $6,

This issue marks the first appearance of the Purple Man aka Zebediah Kilgrave, an often forgotten Marvel villain played to terrifying effect by David Tennant on Netflix's Jessica Jones.

Unfortunately, the deviation from the source material prevented Purple Man from appearing alongside the Devil of Hell's Kitchen as he was relegated more to Jessica's story. But on the flip side, Tennant's brilliant performance catapulted Purple Man from obscurity to stardom which, of course, also jacked-up the selling prices of his key comic book issues.

5 Daredevil # ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$15, Mid~$50, High~$+ | Record Sales: $5, & $7, 

Any classic comic book featuring Spider-Man is sure to draw the big bucks, and this series of Daredevil issues are no exception. Aside from being the first appearance of Spider-Man in Daredevil's books, this issue also marks the debut of the Masked Marauder, a relatively obscure villain whom the two heroes encounter.

The legendary late comic book artist John Romita Sr. also does his first artwork on Spider-Man on issue #16, which adds to its appeal to collectors.

4 The Amazing Spider-Man #16 ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$55, Mid~$, High~$1,+ | Record Sale: $17,

This Spider-Man comic book issue marks the first meeting between the eponymous character and Daredevil engaging in battle. This only happens because Spidey is mind-controlled by The Ringmaster.

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One of the prime movie franchises that fans want Daredevil to appear on is the MCU's Spider-Man series, which would be perfect since Daredevil operates in Hell's Kitchen, NY which is basically a stone's throw away from Spider-Man's base of operations in Queens, NY.

3 Daredevil #7 ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$70, Mid~$, High~$1,+ | Record Sale: $40,

The criminally forgotten and underrated Namor the Sub-Mariner is another Marvel character who is rumored to become part of the MCU sooner than later. He's a chief rival of the Fantastic Four, a founding member of the Defenders, and the powerful ruler of Atlantis. Part of the delays may be the existence of the DC Extended Universe's Aquaman, who is too similar to Namor.

This Daredevil issue marks Namor's first appearance alongside Daredevil and has the highest price based on its fair market value estimate of $,$, for a graded copy. The issue also debuts Daredevil's signature red costume, making it a two-in-one bargain.

2 Daredevil #2 ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$60, Mid~$, High~$1,+ | Record Sale: $48,

Yet another Spider-Man tie-in, this issue features Electro, one of webhead's recurring villains, as well as the guest appearance of the Fantastic Four in the Daredevil comic books.

This issue could also be a solid basis for Daredevil to appear in a future Fantastic Four film in the MCU, since he's hired by the superhero team as their lawyer during this story. After seeing how the Netflix show balanced Daredevil's vigilantism and courtroom proceedings, this crossover could be reasonably adapted into some form in the big screen.

1 Daredevil #1 ()

Price Range By Grade: Low~$, Mid~$1,, High~$10,+ | Record Sale: $52,

This issue, of course, marks Daredevil's first appearance and origin story, which was loosely adapted in both the film starring Ben Affleck and later on in the successful Netflix series.

As the chief supporting characters from Daredevil's debut comic book, it's only fitting that the first appearances of Foggy Nelson and Karen Page coincide with the titular character, which makes this essentially the holy grail of Daredevil comics. Also, fans were ecstatic to watch these two characters interpreted on the aforementioned Netflix series.

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Key Issue
Second appearance of Electro
Store Date
June 10,
Cover Price
Stan Lee
Stan Lee
Jack Kirby, Joe Orlando
Vince Colletta
Sam Rosen
  • 2, Sales FMV $,

    Daredevil #1

    First appearance of Daredevil (Matt Murdock); Origin of Daredevil; First appearance of Karen Page; First appearance of Foggy Nelson

    Guide Watch

    • FMVs
    • $9,
    • $23,
    • $36,
  • Sales FMV $74,

    Daredevil #2

    Second appearance of Electro

    Guide Watch

    • FMVs
    • $
    • $
    • $3,
  • Sales FMV $12,

    Daredevil #3

    First appearance of The Owl

    Guide Watch

    • FMVs
    • $
    • $
    • $1,
  • Sales FMV $10,

    Daredevil #4

    First appearance of The Purple Man

    Guide Watch

    • FMVs
    • $
    • $
    • $1,
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Value of Daredevil Marvel Comics

Daredevil Marvel Comics Price Guide

While the movie was a flop, the Netflix TV show has reignited interest and created new key issues, such as DD #4 (1st Purple Man).

Find out the value of your comics below by clicking any link or image. Or have us appraise them.

Daredevil Marvel Comics #1 (April ):
The Man Without Fear Debuts!

Daredevil #1 (April ): The Man Without Fear Debuts! Click for values
Daredevil #1 is on our Hot Comics you must invest in list. Click to find out whyDaredevil #1 is on our Hot Comics you must invest in list. Click to find out why

Record sale: $38,
Minimum value: $

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

The first appearance by everyone's favorite Hornhead occurred in his very own title.

Marvel jumped right in with Daredevil, believing the character to be strong enough that the comic-buying public would latch on immediately.

They hedged their bets somewhat by making the title bimonthly from Daredevil #1.

Daredevil Marvel Comics #2 (June ): Electro/Fantastic Four Crossover

Daredevil #2 (June ): Electro/Fantastic Four Crossover. Click for values

Record sale: $26,
Minimum value: $40

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

In Daredevil #2, Stan Lee and Joe Orlando combine to give us a very odd sort of comic book story.

The Fantastic Four engages Matt Murdock, Attorney at Law to help them with some legal paperwork regarding the lease of the Baxter Building.

Woven in with this is the super villain Electro, fresh from his appearances in The Amazing Spider-Man, who DD encounters when he busts up a stolen car ring that Electro is running.

Valuable and scarce in higher grade.

Daredevil Marvel Comics #3 (): First Appearance of The Owl

Daredevil #3 ( August ): First Appearance of The Owl. Click for values

Record sale: $8,
Minimum value: $20

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

In Daredevil #3, we are introduced for the first time to The Owl, who tries to engage the law firm of Murdock and Nelson to defend him in a tax fraud case.

Foggy says no, but Matt agrees to take the case.

When The Owl doesn't show up for the court date, Matt goes to investigate.

Bada boom, bada bing, Matt finds out that The Owl is up to no good, and ends up battling his goons as DD.

Daredevil #4 by Marvel Comics. Click for values
Daredevil #4 is on our Hot Comics list. Find out more hereDaredevil #4 is on our Hot Comics list. Find out more here

Daredevil #4
1st Appearance of the Purple Man

Record sale: $7,
Click to check values

Value of Daredevil Marvel Comics #7 (April ):
DD Battles Namor and Gets His Red Costume

Daredevil #7 (April ): DD Battles Namor and Gets His Red Costume. Click for values

Record sale: $24,
Minimum value: $10

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

In Daredevil #7, Matt puts on his slick, new, all-red DD costume, and battles Namor, eventually convincing him to turn himself in.

But of course, the bureaucratic NYC justice system is too slow for the hot-headed Prince of Atlantis, who busts out of jail after only 24 hours, to return home and resume his duties there.

Click here to see the value of Daredevil Comics #12

Daredevil #12

Record sale: $1,
Click to check values

Click here to see the value of Daredevil Comics #15

Daredevil #15

Record sale: $1,
Click to check values

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Why This Guide is AWESOME for Wannabe Comic Investors

If you have either tried (and failed) to make money flipping comic books, or are frustrated by the huge array of choice out there, then this is the eBook for you.

It's packed with 32 in-depth analyses of easy-to-buy and sell comic books from the Bronze to Modern ages.

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Daredevil Marvel Comics # (): Team-Up With Spider-Man

DD had previously encountered and battled Spider Man in The Amazing Spider-Man #16, with Spider Man hypnotized into attacking DD.

The Spider-Man crossover makes these two issues highly prized by collectors of both these series.

Daredevil # Origin Story Retold

Daredevil # Origin Retold. Click for value

Daredevil #38
Origin Retold

Record sale: $2,
Click for value

Daredevil Marvel Comics #81 (November ):
Black Widow Meets DD

Daredevil #81 (November ): Black Widow Meets DD. Click for values

Record sale: $
Minimum value: $1

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

Daredevil may have more famously been linked with Elektra, and Karen Page.

But in Daredevil #81, he first encounters the Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, former Soviet agent and former lover of Cliff Barton, aka Hawkeye.

One of our picks for Black Widow movie comic book investment ideas.

Daredevil and the Black Widow #92 (October ):
Black Widow Gets Co-Star Status

Daredevil and the Black Widow #92 (October ): Black Widow Gets Co-Star Status. Click for values

Record sale: $
Minimum value: $1

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

It didn't take long for romance to blossom between DD and the Widow, and to team up as crime fighters.

The title change beginning with this issue would last until Daredevil #, by which time the relationship had ended and the Widow would join the Avengers.

The Black Panther (T'Challa) also makes an appearance in this issue.

Daredevil Marvel Comics # First Appearance of the Silver Samurai
(Villain in The Wolverine movie)

Daredevil # First Appearance of the Silver Samurai (Villain in The Wolverine movie). Click for values

Daredevil #
Villain in the The Wolverine movie

Record sale: $

Click for values

Daredevil Marvel Comics # (March ):
First Appearance of Bullseye

Daredevil # (March ): First Appearance of Bullseye. Click for values

Record sale: $1,
Minimum value: $10

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

By the mid-'70s, Daredevil Marvel Comics had changed.

Somewhat grittier and less-focused on Matt's legal practice, with the Widow long since departed, DD was by now a bit more "urban" in tone.

Daredevil # introduces Bullseye, who would prove to be a very durable and popular villain in the Daredevil canon.

Daredevil # (May ): First Frank Miller Daredevil Issue

Daredevil # (May ): First Frank Miller Daredevil Issue. Click for values

Record sale: $
Minimum value: $1

Check Values | Have Yours Appraised

The less said, the better. Yes, this is worth quite a bit of money, and you are either of the cult of Frank Miller or you are not.

DD # was one of the first Bronze Age comics to jump up hugely in value in a collector's market that had by then become part of the industry, and for that, it also has historic value.

Daredevil Marvel Comics # First Appearance of Elektra

Daredevil # First Appearance of Elektra. Click for values
Daredevil is one of our must-buy Hot Comics series. Click to read moreDaredevil is one of our must-buy Hot Comics series. Click to read more

Daredevil #
Origin and First appearance of Elektra

Record sale: $1,
Click for value

Check out our Elektra Comics price guide here

Daredevil Marvel Comics # Death of Elektra

Daredevil # Death of Elektra. Click for values

Daredevil #
Death of Elektra

Record sale: $1,
Click for value

This issue also is the first crossover of The Punisher in DD comics.

Daredevil # First Appearance of Typhoid Mary. Click for values

Daredevil #
First Appearance of Typhoid Mary

Record sale: $
Click for value

History of Daredevil Marvel Comics

Daredevil, AKA Matt Murdock, fought crime as an adult to help avenge the death of his father, a prize fighter named "Battlin' Jack Murdock" at the hands of some gangsters who were unhappy with Jack's refusal to throw a fight.

Have Your Daredevil Marvel Comics Valued!

If you've got some Silver Age or Bronze Age copies of Daredevil, especially #1, #2, #3, #7, or #, then click here to have them valued FREE by Sell My Comic Books!

DD was really most like a certain hero who'd been a DC mainstay for 25 years by , most like a certain dark and serious fellow who spent his life eradicating crime to avenge his parents' deaths, most like a certain Caped Crusader.

In essence, Daredevil was Marvel's attempt at Batman, but in a red suit. He even had horns that in silhouette look quite a bit like Batman's ears. (Listen, don't tell Stan Lee I said that.)

Matt Murdock had been hit on the head, you see, as a child, with a container of toxic and radioactive chemicals that fell from a truck as he saved an old man who was about to be hit by the truck. He woke up without sight, but with super abilities.

Blind or not, Battlin' Jack trained him to box and helped him develop his body. The super-abilities he'd gained in the accident combined with his training so that  blind, he was a better acrobat than most sighted tumblers could ever hope to be. 

Daredevil was, throughout the Silver and Bronze Ages, a comic of consistently high quality. Some of the best writing and artwork of Marvel's glory years appeared in Daredevil, including scripts by Stan the Man himself, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Steve Gerber, Tony Isabella, Marv Wolfman, and Frank Miller.

There were pencils by Bill Everett, Wally Wood, John Romita Sr., Gil Kane, Frank Miller, and of course, the greatest DD artist of them all, Gene Colan. Legends and greats, all of them.

More of our Comic Price Guides

Have Your Comic Books Priced For Sale Today

Sours: https://www.sellmycomicbooks.com/daredevil-marvel-comics.html

Daredevil comic books issue 2

This item is not in stock. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available.

1st Edition - Volume 2 - 1st printing. Collects Daredevil ( 1st Series) #, ANNUAL #1, and FANTASTIC FOUR ( 1ST SERIES) #

Written by Stan Lee. Art and cover by Gene Colan.

In celebration of his 40th anniversary, this follow-up to last year's best-selling ESSENTIAL DAREDEVIL Vol. 1 collects some of Daredevil's greatest moments.

Struggling with his dual identity and the temporary loss of his powers, DD battles a who's who of classic foes - including Stilt-Man, the Masked Marauder, the Beetle, Cobra, Mr. Hyde, the Trapster, the Exterminator, the Unholy Three and the Jester.

Guest-starring Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, Captain America and Thor!

Softcover, pages, B&W. ALL AGES

Cover price $

Sours: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?q=Daredevil+2

Value daredevil #2

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