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43 birthday ideas for a fun and socially distant celebration

Birthdays are usually a time to celebrate with your friends and family, but since most of us are practicing social distancing, those fun gatherings aren't exactly possible. Instead, we have to think outside of the box and get creative to make the people in our life feel like royalty on their special day.

We rounded up a list of the best quarantine birthday gifts and ideas that includes everything you'll need to pull off a successful quarantine birthday while keeping your distance. From Happy Birthday yard signs, birthday cakes you can send right to their doorstep and hilarious quarantine birthday cards, we've got you covered.

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Happy Birthday yard signs

Since a lot of us aren't quarantined with all of our closest friends and family members, an easy and fun way to celebrate is with Happy Birthday yard signs.

1. Oriental Trading Company Happy Birthday Yard Sign

Place this colorful birthday yard sign set across the street or directly in front of their home to send them a huge celebratory surprise.

2. Oriental Trading Company Personalized Cupcake Sprinkles Yard Sign

This cupcake sprinkles yard sign is perfect for the birthday boy or girl — or anyone who loves sweets!

3. Honk Birthday Yard Sign

Many people have taken social distancing rules very seriously. To show your appreciation on your loved one's birthday, simply drive by their home while they're outside and honk away! Others can join in on the fun when they see this colorful sign out front.

4. Colorful Happy Birthday Yard Sign

This colorful Happy Birthday yard sign is bright, compact and bound to make anyone smile as they walk or drive by.

5. Customizable Quarantine Birthday Sign

If you're short on time this printable download from Etsy is easy, silly and affordable.

Birthday cake delivery

1. Bake Me A Wish! Birthday Cake

If you can't be there to enjoy cake together, have one delivered as a special surprise. Bake Me a Wish's popular birthday cakes come in a wide range of delicious flavors to suit everyone's taste. From strawberry funfetti to triple chocolate brownie, there's a celebratory dessert for everyone.

2. Bake Me A Wish! Jumbo Birthday Cupcakes

Do they prefer cupcakes? Go for this jumbo birthday cupcake basket, which comes with a chocolate cupcake, a vanilla cupcake, a strawberry jam-filled cupcake and a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese filling. Each one says "Happy Birthday" for a festive touch.

3. Baked by Melissa Sweet Birthday Gift Box

The little ones will enjoy these cute bite-size cupcakes. They come in a wide range of flavors from tie-dye to peanut butter and will make anyone smile on their special day.

4. Carlo's Bakery Strawberry Pastel Rainbow Cake

For a pop of color, send them this stunning six-layer strawberry pastel rainbow cake from the famed Carlo's Bakery. It's filled with strawberry buttercream icing, topped with confetti sprinkles and made with rainbow-colored vanilla cake!

5. Mrs. Fields Happy Birthday Big Cookie Cake

You can never go wrong with a classic cookie cake from Mrs. Fields, which you can have delivered straight to their door.

6. Dylan's Candy Bar Bash Cake

Believe it or not, you can have your cake and eat it too! Dylan's Candy Bar's Bash Cake is a tabletop, cake-shaped piñata made of milk chocolate, filled with mini milk chocolate covered pretzels and makes for a delicious and tasty centerpiece. It comes decorated in a ribbon and includes a matte to bash your way through. The Bash Cake is inches tall, 7 inches wide and has a shelf life of nine months!

Birthday gift baskets

1. Harry & David Classic Birthday Basket

Who doesn't love tasty treats on their birthday? This birthday gift basket from Harry & David is filled with delicious sweets. Think red licorice, jelly beans, vanilla shortbread cookies and more.

2. Cookies by Design Butterfly and Daisy Birthday Cookie Bouquet

This adorable bouquet of cookies is as sweet as it is beautiful. Anyone from Mom to Grandma would enjoy this edible work of art.

3. Edible Arrangements Happy Birthday Fruit Basket

If the birthday girl or boy enjoys eating healthy (even on their birthday), send them this happy birthday fruit basket from Edible Arrangements. It includes an array of cantaloupe, grapes, honeydew melon, pineapple and strawberries.

4. Milk Bar Assorted Cookie Tin

Milk Bar is known for its mouth-watering cookies, and this cute tin would make a perfect gift. It includes six individually wrapped cookies: a "compost" cookie, a cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate-chip cookie, a corn cookie, a blueberry and cream cookie, a chocolate-chocolate cookie and a festive confetti cookie.

5. Harry & David Birthday Pears and Apples Gift

Another thoughtful but healthy option is this pear and apple gift basket. It comes with five royal Verano pears, two seasonal apples, and a pre-printed Happy Birthday corner card.

6. Hickory FarmsBest Birthday Wishes Gift Box

If they prefer more savory snacks, this gorgeous gift box has them covered. It comes with beef sausage, smoked gouda, a block of cheddar cheese and more.

7. Gourmet Gift Baskets Champagne and Truffles Gift Basket

If you really want to surprise them, this basket is totally splurge-worthy. It comes with your choice of bubbly drink and an assortment of cookies, truffles and toffee.

8. Gourmet Gift Baskets The Ultimate Beer Gift Crate

If beer is more their thing, you can't go wrong with this cool crate. It comes with five cans of beer and salty snacks for a perfect pairing.

Birthday gift boxes

1. Birthday In A Box

This "birthday in a box" gift is thoughtful, cute and includes tons of goodies! This gift box comes with a sparkling gold birthday crown, a birthday cupcake scented bath bomb, a sweet lollypop, a pinwheel to blow and make a wish, confetti to toss, an "I'm kind of a big deal" pin and a thoughtful birthday card.

2. Birthday In A Box Gift Set

If they have a sweet tooth, this delicious candy box will be the gift that keeps on giving. It's packed with everything from cotton candy popcorn to fruit taffy and double chocolate chip cookies.

3. Happy Quarantined Birthday Gift Box

This quarantine birthday gift box is fun and practical. It includes a wine tumbler that can be personalized and one item of your choice (options include a monogrammed keychain, a can cooler and a bath bomb).

4. Dear Ava Birthday Spa Gift Box

If you know they've been stressed out, a spa gift box may be the perfect quarantine gift to give them on their special day. This box from Dear Ava comes with a lavender soy candle, two bath bombs, lip balm and soap.

5. FromYouFlowers One Dozen Birthday Balloons

What's better than a box of chocolates on your birthday? A dozen colorful balloons!


Happy Birthday banners

1. Quarantine Birthday Banner

Imagine this beautiful banner hanging above an array of breakfast food as they walk down the stairs on their birthday.

2. Honk Birthday Banner

Decorate the front of their house with this colorful "honk" banner so everyone knows to wish them a happy birthday on their special day.

Quarantine birthday cards

1. Finest Alcohol Quarantine Birthday Card

If they enjoy the finer things in life, tease them a bit with this comedic card about hand sanitizer.

2. Happy Birthday Social Distancing Card

If they love dogs, they will be thrilled to open this card on their birthday!

3. Quarantine Birthday Card

Since it's likely that your friend or family member might be a tad bummed their birthday is "canceled" this year — make light of the situation and make them laugh with this card.

4. You vs. Paper Quarantine Birthday Card

It's no secret that there's been a toilet paper shortage all over the country, therefore this funny card shows just how much you mean to them.

5. No Sharing Cake Birthday Quarantine Card

There's always a bright side to every situation — and not having to share their cake this year is definitely one of them.

6. Singing Happy Birthday Quarantine Card

Now more than ever, it's important to wash your hands. This card plays on that in a cute and funny way!

7. "No One Else I'd Rather Isolate With" Quarantine Birthday Card

If you're celebrating a quarantine buddy's birthday, this is a sweet option to give them on their special day.

8. "Let The Good Times Roll" Birthday Card

This chic pink card reminds them to see the positive side of life and keep rolling with the punches.

Quarantine birthday gifts

1. UrbanStems The Unicorn Bouquet

There's nothing like a classic bouquet of Happy Birthday flowers after weeks of staying inside. This unique but gorgeous piece from UrbanStems is called "The Unicorn" for its vibrant mix of purple, lilac, and pink flowers.

2. Towel Selections Women's Turkish Terrycloth Robe

Another thoughtful gift to send someone for their birthday is this cozy terrycloth robe from Towel Selections. It's affordable, comes in over 20 different colors and has over 2, positive reviews (plus an impressive star rating) on Amazon, so you know it's going to be a good one. This brand also offers the same robe with a hood.

3. Anthropologie Capri Blue Volcano Iridescent Jar Candle

Help them relax at home with this popular candle from Anthropologie. Not only does it smell good, but it also makes a great décor piece.

4. Anthropologie Lustered Coupe Glasses

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Just because they're stuck at home doesn't mean they can't enjoy themselves on their special day. Gift your friend or family member this set of four stunning lustered coupe glasses to help them get the party started.

5. "Cravings: Hungry for More" Cookbook by Chrissy Teigen

If they like to spend time in the kitchen, give them some cooking inspiration by sending them a cookbook for their birthday! Crissy Teigen's "Cravings: Hungry For More" is a The New York Times Bestseller and includes fun recipes like fluffy popovers with melted brie and blackberry jam.

6. Cards Against Humanity Game

If they don't already own this game, Cards Against Humanity is a great quarantine birthday gift. It's easy to play and is guaranteed to have the group howling with laughter.

7. Apple iTunes & App Store Electronic Gift Card

Since most of us are probably binge-watching shows and reading books more than ever before, an Apple iTunes gift card is a great present. They can buy or rent films, music, books or even audiobooks.

8. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Stripe Throw

This cloud-like throw blanket will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning. The Barefoot Dreams CozyChic blankets are great because the fabric doesn't shrink, pill or wrinkle, which makes it perfect for snuggling up on the couch for a movie or during family game night.

9. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

A lot of us are working from home for the first time and probably dealing with an entirely new work environment. To help them stay on track during office hours, get them this pair of noise-canceling headphones from TaoTronics. They're just as good as more expensive brands but a fraction of the cost!

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Make a Personalized Poster For Your Boyfriend

Finding or making a personalized gift for your boyfriend can be really hard! Will he like it? Will he think I've "spent" enough on it?

Our "loves" poster maker helps you create a fun and unique personalized poster gift for your boyfriend celebrating all the fun and special things about you both. I promise you it's going to look awesome and I think he'll really love it!

Create a personalized poster gift for your boyfriend

All you've got to do is

  • Think up a list of things you love doing together as a couple
  • Pick a color scheme that's perfect for him
  • Print it at home and frame it to create a gorgeous gift

My boyfriend absolutely loved it and thought it was very original. Thanks so much!" Katie

Here's one I made for Tobias about things we love. Yeah, I admit we're kinda geeky, we love the Natural History Museum. But you can put whatever you want on your poster.

Create a personalized poster gift for your boyfriend

I was blown away by how easy it was to make my poster! It would have taken me hours messing around on the computer to make it myself." Vicki, Missouri

Make My Poster Now

personalised poster preview
Please wait while generator loads

Questions and Answers

I have no idea what to write in my poster. Can you help?
Sure - check out my poster examples for inspiration.

How do I print and frame my poster so that it looks as nice as in your photos?
It's actually pretty easy. See my specific printing and framing tips. Here's what a past customer had to say:

I hate it when things don't turn out as good as what they look like in the photo, but this actually turned out better than I expected and my husband loved it! Vicki, Missouri

Is my printer good enough?
Almost certainly. The trick is to use good quality paper. See my printing tips.

What if I buy it but then it looks bad when I print it?
I'll give you % of your money back immediately, no questions asked. Just email me.

What are the print size options?
8 × 10 inches is a popular size for photo prints, so it's a good choice if you want to print your poster at a photo print shop. Also it's usually easy to find 8 x 10" photo frames.
× 11 is a common printer paper size in the USA, so it's a good choice if you live in the USA and you want to print your poster at home.
A4 is × millimeters or × inches. It's a popular printer paper size in most countries other than the USA.
After you purchase you can download your poster in all 3 sizes for no extra cost.

Can I print a different size other than the ones you offer?
Sure! Take your downloaded file to a print shop and they'll be able to print it in whatever size you ask them to.

What if I give it to them but they don't like it?
I'll give you % of your money back immediately, no questions asked. Just email me. Seriously.

What's your guarantee or returns policy?
Our "love it" guarantee: If the recipient doesn't LOVE their poster, email me and I'll refund every penny immediately, no questions asked, no matter how long it was since you purchased.

Why should I pay for this when I could just make it myself?
If you've got the skills, go for it! Just don't underestimate how many hours it will take (hint: probably 2 hrs, and even then it might not look quite right). Just to give you an idea: when I created this poster-maker it took me 2 hours just to find the perfect font, and then about 1hr to create each of the color palettes. But then again maybe I'm just a perfectionist.

Example Poster Wordings

Not sure what to write on your poster? Don't panic, once you start writing your list the ideas will flow!

Here are some questions to help start your brainstorm:

  1. Where do you like to go together?
  2. What is your favourite meal to share or restaurant to go to?
  3. Where do you like spending your holidays together?
  4. What sports do you watch together?
  5. What TV programs do you both enjoy?
  6. Names of your pets
  7. Things you like to talk about (planning holidays, politics, books etc)

The poster looks best with lines, but you can split an idea over two lines if it looks better. Just play with the formatting and enjoy! Your boyfriend is going to love all the thought you've put into his gift!

Here is the wording from our poster if you like that format and just want to modify each line to suit you guys.

Steph and Tobias love
Lazy Sunday afternoons
Reading in bed
The natural history museum
Date night pizza
Planning our next holiday
Friday movie night
Walking in the peak district
Mango ice cream
Holidays in Thailand
Road trips
Walks in the rain
Chocolate Lindt balls
The national trust
Our two little munchkins
Spending the rest of our lives together

As an alternative, you could write a "Remember When" poster celebrating all the fun and special memories you've shared together.

personalized remember when poster boyfriend gift

Printing Your Poster

Is my printer good enough?

Most home inkjet printers these days are excellent quality, even the cheaper ones. The key to getting really good quality prints is to use the right paper

What kind of paper should I use?

canon semi gloss photo paper

I recommend using matte photo paper. The vibrancy of the colors and crispness of text you get when using photo paper are leagues ahead of what you get using regular office paper. Ideally you should use the same brand of photo paper as your printer, or else stick to a well-known brand like Canon, HP, or Epson.

If you're giving an unframed print as a gift, then it's important for the paper to feel thick and high quality. It's worth getting the best quality matte paper that you can afford, like "Canon Luster Photo Paper" or "Canon Semi Gloss".

If you're giving a framed print as a gift, then the thickness of the paper is less important so long as the colors are vibrant. In that case a thinner photo paper like "Canon Matte Photo Paper" would be a good option - that's the paper I personally use most of the time.

Can I just print it at Kinkos instead?

Yes! That's a good option too, and many of our customer choose to do this.

Framing Your Poster

What type of frame

Personally I like "matted" frames, which are ones that have a white border around the poster. I think they look great, and they also make your gift feel bigger and more substantial. If you ever visit an high-end photography gallery you'll notice that this is the type of frame that they use, simply because they look fantastic.

diagram showing frame matting

Where to buy a frame

In the USA, you can get a great-looking frame for about $ I recommend
8 x 10" photo frames from Amazon
8 x 10" photo frame from Walmart

In the UK, the best place I've found to get frames is Hobbycraft. You can get a 30 x 40 cm frame (to hold an A4 poster) for about £

More Personalized Boyfriend Gifts

Posters for Other Occasions


Social media shoutouts may be easy, but nothing beats an old-fashioned birthday card via snail mail or hand delivery. The best thing about a homemade birthday card is that it can be tailored to the recipient’s interests and for non-milestone birthdays, like 36 or Even better, you don’t have to go out to shop for one at the last minute. These homemade birthday cards are the perfect way to show how much you know your loved one, and pair great with birthday gift ideas! 

Peruse these homemade birthday card ideas to get inspired. Many of them can be made with objects you already have around the home, like buttons or birthday candles. Whether you’re a crafty maven or DIY novice, these DIY birthday ideas will have you creating works of art in no time. You may never need to buy another card again!  

Puppy Dog Ear Birthday Card

This puppy dog design from mmmcrafts has a tongue-pull tab and floppy ears. Kids and dog-lovers alike will appreciate this homemade birthday card. For added personalization, write a special message on the doggie ears.

Leafy Card

This DIY birthday card tutorial from The Postman’s Knock is perfect for making a collection of cards to have on hand because it is gender-neutral. It also utilizes items you already have around the house, such as scrap paper and even a paper grocery bag.

Ice Cream Cone Card

The sherbet colors and three dimensional details of this ice cream cone design by Stampin&#; Everything! make this card a delectable treat! Try different colored paper for the sundae of your choice, and don&#;t forget to add the cherry on top!

Scrapbook Sticker Birthday Card

This ingenious DIY birthday card design by One Good Thing couldn’t be simpler. Blogger Jillee used scrapbook stickers to make her own greeting cards in less than 30 seconds. Since the stickers often come in packs of three or four, you’ll have supplies on hand for next time.

Birthday Confetti Card

The confetti details of this design by Blush Crafts might take a little bit longer to arrange and glue, but the end result is worth the extra time and effort. It’s the ultimate card for a girly, crafty girl, and she’ll love that you put so much time into her card! Try pairing the cute confetti card, with a festive birthday mug filled with the recipient&#;s favorite candy. 

Birthday Present Card

Often, homemade cards are decorated with glitter and frills, but the color scheme and simple look of this Playing With Paper card makes it perfect for dads, brothers and sons. Use the same template with different prints and ribbons to utilize this versatile idea.

Birthday Treats Card

The background of this sweet card design by Snippets By Mendi is made with washi tape and a “happy birthday” stamp. The final touches are made with a circle punch and an ice cream cone sticker. This could be great for a young girl&#;s birthday.

Glitter Birthday Card

Who doesn&#;t love a little glitter? This glittery, colorful card made by Creative Me Inspired You is great for kids, but works for every age group. A fabulous birthday card with chunky glitter and rainbow colors really adds to the festivities!

Pop-Up Balloon Card

This cute balloon design from Passionate For Paper calls for strips of leftover paper on the outside of the card, mounted with foam tape for visual interest. When open, the balloons pop up for a fun 3D surprise! Add a birthday wish inside using your favorite stamp and your card is all set.

Woven Wishes Birthday Card

This fun and creative card design by Snippets has the look of a woven basket. All it takes are quarter-inch strips of paper scraps woven through slits in the cardstock. 



3D Cake Birthday Card

This pop-up birthday cake card from Jennifer Maker takes a little extra time, but we promise it&#;s worth it! We love the 3D effect of this card! Choose a variety of fun colored paper to create a unique birthday card tailored to the recipient. 

Cupcake Birthday Card

Paper doilies make an adorable background for this cupcake birthday card design by Kitchen Table Stamper. This is the perfect treat for the sweet tooth in your life! Check out the link for instructions on how to make an adorable matching gift bag.

Washi Tape Birthday Card

Washi tape gets a starring role in this simple design from Omiyage Blogs. Use a variety of colors, widths and lengths to craft a simple but unique birthday candle card. Washi tape also lends itself perfectly to layered cakes and cupcakes.

Nuts About You Card

The nuts and bolts of this manly design from Maggie Made Cards are guaranteed to please the guy in your life! Blogger Maggie spelled out the first word, and then used a stamp marker to color in “about you” from a stamp that says, “finally a day about you.” Using two different stamps expands your stamp collection and looks great on a card.

Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone Card

This post from White House Crafts combines pom poms and a free printable with instructions on how to make a multi-dimensional waffle cone. With an added three dimensional feel, opening a card with so much texture makes for a sweet surprise!  

Tulle and Confetti Birthday Card

Even though this birthday card design from Contagiously Crafty calls for tulle and glitter, the bold sentiments and color scheme keep it from looking too overwhelming. Have the recipient shake the card before opening to see your special message on top the card. 

Dog Birthday Card

Bright, happy colors? Check. Adorable puppies? Double check. This birthday card from Mayholic Design features ombre inks and black gemstones for even more interest. Gift this card to the ultimate dog lover, they&#;ll get a kick (or bark) out of it!

Geometric Birthday Card

Simple and stunning, this geometric design from Simply Stamped features black ink and a pop of color. This is an ideal birthday card for someone who appreciates a nice pop of color. Your creativity and attention to detail will leave them awe-struck. 

Birthday Candle Card

The real candles on this homemade birthday card from Pixels and Glue make it pop with dimension, and can be saved for later! You’ll need to make this one before the big day, however, as the black stamp on vellum needs some time to dry. 

Birthday Banner Card

The Little Koo Blog went for a simple sentiment on top of a pretty patterned paper. Instead of writing in a square, make it more interesting with a banner displayed across the card. Add your unique birthday message within the banner.

Accordion Card

Perfect for those in a long-distance relationship, this homemade card from Happy Go Lucky consists of a whole week of birthday messages. Double-sided tape and repurposed cards add up to a special gift that can be opened every day of the week.

Shaker Birthday Card

A shaker card contains a moving item in the front part of the card, and this shaker card has an adorable birthday wish in the front. For a great birthday card idea, follow the step-by-step instructions by Mohinicraftyz here.

Easy Peasy Birthday Card

This DIY birthday card by Grâce Belle only takes 15 minutes to make and uses minimal supplies. In fact, you probably have all of them on hand right now. Try with hand lettering and an ink pen for a beautiful presentation. Contrast your balloon color with a bright card underneath. 

Geometric Stamp Birthday Card

We’ve all been in that position where we needed to make a quick stop on the way to a birthday party. With this fast design using self-inking stamps from Almost Makes Perfect, you can save yourself a trip and still bring a beautiful card.

3D Balloon Birthday Card

Colorful, three-dimensional balloons are the hallmark of this card fromSTUDIO XTINE. Personalize the card by making the number of balloons match the recipient’s birthday. This card features 25 balloons for a friend’s 25th birthday.

Dahlia Fold Dress Card

The delicate details on this gorgeous paper dress design from Baukje’s Cards and Crafts come from the time spent embossing and dahlia folding on double sided design paper. Give to a fashionista who will marvel at the work put into her paper dress card!

Poker Birthday Card

This creative project dreamed up by Kelly Griglione for Winnie & Walter, LLC can be customized with the birthday year of the recipient using playing cards. It’s absolutely perfect for your bridge partner or poker playing friend.

Minimalist Birthday Card

Kristina Werner used an inexpensive watercolor set for this simple and easy DIY birthday card. You don’t need to be an art major, either. It’s just painting stripes and drawing black lines. Check out her how to video on YouTube for specific instructions!

Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card

Not only is this pop-up, 3D cake card design by Red Ted Art perfect for a birthday, it could also be used for a wedding or any occasion that calls for cake! This cake card needs only a few simple household items (baking not required). 

Washi Tape Candle Card

Baker’s twine, washi tape and a stamp (or really good hand lettering skills) are all you need for this chic and simple homemade birthday card design from A Step In the Journey. With this tutorial, you can whip up a masterpiece in under ten minutes!

A homemade birthday card means that you didn’t have to rely on a Facebook notification to remember their birthday, and that makes someone feel special. With a birthday card this thoughtful, you may want to include a birthday gift as well. If you do want to include a gift, what better way to pair a homemade card than with a personalized birthday gift?


Poster boyfriend ideas birthday

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