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Below is an in depth review from our customer Kayla who was kind enough to document her entire experience with our kitchen countertop epoxy kit from her initial search for a product, installing it, to the product in actual use after several weeks of it being installed. We think this in addition to our standard and now seemingly dull instructions that you can find on the actual Product Pagewill give you all the information you need to know about the quality of our product and what's involved in applying a new finish to your kitchen countertop.

Kayla's Application Instructions and review of the Kitchen Countertop Epoxy Kit

If you're just joining us, I've been documenting the our average kitchen refresh. Today is a big deal because today is all about my favorite update, the countertops, AND a review of a pretty awesome product from Armor Garage.

I probably spent the most time researching what to do about the countertops than I did on all the other projects we tackled combined. First, we considered just replaced them completely. After a few hours on Home Depot's website, trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, we decided it wasn't worth the time or money. Plus, we reasoned that the counter tops were still in very good condition; no cracks, no stains, no water damage.

Just oh so yellow.

I moved on to counter top resurfacing/refinishing/making less ugly kits. The price point was more reasonable and we would be the labor so we could save there too. Once I started looking into them and reading reviews, I was still on the fence. I didn't want to learn a painting technique. The Rustoleum kits are popular but the actual process was a nightmare.You put on a coat of adhesive and then dump a bajillion and one tiny pieces of "granite" onto it. You put on so much, in fact, that you are required to VACUUM UP the extra. Nope, nope, NOPE. I knew I would have tiny pieces of granite all over my house and in everything for the rest of forever. Plus, with all the sanding, dumping, sanding, more vacuuming, and finally sealing it would mean the kitchen would be shut down for the rest of forever too. I kept reading reviews and there were so many reports of the poly top coat yellowing, staining easily, and the finished product chipping very easily. So after I did all that work and vacuuming, there really wasn't much of a guarantee that it would hold up to day to day use. My kid puts his cups in the sink by whipping them at it and his aim is not too fabulous. They will receive wear and tear.

Finally, in the depths of the internet, I stumbled on Armor Garage and the clouds parted, the sun came out, and birds began to sing.

Armor Garage specializes in industrial floor epoxy and garage flooring. Their floor coatings are military grade. Large vehicles, heavy equipment, airplanes, you name it- they all drive on top of their product every day. Clearly whatever product they offer needs to be tough, durable, and stain resistant. And they happened to offer a kitchen counter top kit.

They had my attention.

I started googling for reviews, pictures, tutorials and was surprised to not find very many. The ones I did find were excellent, as were all the before and after photos included on their website. I concluded that many people didn't look to a flooring company for a kitchen counter top resurfacing kit and sent an e-mail to the company with a few questions I had about the product. I explained that I hadn't been able to find many reviews, and that I would be more than happy to provide one after we completed our project.

As it turned out, they have been wanting to add a step by step tutorial and asked me what color I wanted to use. Then they sent me a kit. Can we say customer service?

A couple weeks later, two separate shipments arrived at my door. When shipping paints and other chemicals, expect a slower shipping window because of regulations that need to be followed. After I unpacked the boxes this is what was included:

kitchen epoxy countertop

From the left: 4 in. roller tray, paint brushes (2), corner roller for granite epoxy, 3 in. roller handle, 3 in. roller cover for base coat/topcoat (2), special effects roller for granite epoxy, 1 qt. primer, 2 qt. stone epoxy, 1-2 coats clear top coat, instructions. The only items not included that we used were painters tape, plastic sheeting to cover the front of the cabinets, some extra roller trays. Since we were already in DIY mode, they were all things we already had on hand. Easy! To get started, Mike quickly removed the old caulking from the counter tops behind the sink. We were going to replace it anyway and it made it easier to get a cleaner line

when we taped. We also wiped down the counters to remove any grease, dirt, etc., that would keep the paint from adhering correctly. We had one shot at this, and weren't planning on messing up. Next, we taped off/covered anything that we didn't want covered in granite epoxy.

kitchen countertop epoxy

We paid special attention around the edges of the sink and made sure there was a good seal. Finally, we were ready to PAINT! This was a huge moment for me. I may or may not have hovered with the camera and drove Mike a little crazy. I should also be clear that since Mike's painting skills > my painting skills, he was the official painter. I declared myself photographer, item fetcher, inspector, window opener/closer, and cheerleader. We used a brush to cut in first and followed up with the included 3 in. roller.

kitchen countertop epoxy kit

kitchen epoxy countertop

The directions specify that the base coat is slightly textured and it's true. It dries with a finish that reminded me of plaster. We opted for two light coats to make sure we applied it evenly and covered completely and let it dry to the touch between coats.
I was in love already. I was in love with a base coat. That, my friends, is how much I was ready to see the dreaded yellow go.
Once those coats had thoroughly dried, we were ready to start the fun part- the granite epoxy!
The directions warned that the paint would have a milky blue color out of the can and that is EXACTLY how I would describe it. Using the corner roller, Mike cut in small sections, and then rolled.

kitchen epoxy countertop
kitchen epoxy countertop

We (meaning Mike), found it was easiest to go very slowly and we never had any splatter problems. The directions clearly stated to lift the roller when you came to the end of a stroke instead of rolling again. It kept it manageable. This coat took the longest to dry, but it was totally worth it.

We just had to be sure to remember the edges and sides. This was also, in my opinion, the smelliest step. We didn't want to open windows or run fans that would stir up dust and dog hair so we got out our trusty plastic sheeting and created another kitchen crime scene. It kept the fumes in the kitchen and out of the rest of the house.

We waited as long as we possibly could to let it dry; meaning even when we KNEW it was dry, we still held off on putting everything back a little bit longer. Mike touched up the paint around it and applied the new caulking in the meantime. The instructions said to let dry 24 hours, but we used an abundance of caution simply because they looked so much better and who wants to mess that up?
I mean really�.

kitchen epoxy countertop

They SHINE. That is a HUGE difference in my world. The "avalanche" color kit we chose is neutral and has a little bit of all the colors we have introduced into the kitchen. I could not be any happier with how painless this process was and the final results! I have been waiting on posting this for a couple weeks so I could give an update on how they are holding up. Answer? Like a dream. I spilled ketchup and tomato sauce on them and wiped them with water and no stains. I dropped a Tervis mug this morning reaching for my coffee mug on the top shelf. No cracks, no chips, no damage. I've also been checking the side of the section closest to the stove for any heat damage and nada. One of the things that drew me to the kit was the fact that their top coat is 2o mils THICKER than the average kit. I think it really shows. If you are interested in purchasing, you can order direct from the company

For Absolute Black we strongly recommend ordering the extra thick topcoat, which comes in a special version epoxy that is already extra thick and extra hard. It is incredibly durable and saves you a step since you are actually applying a topcoat. Prep and application of the primer is the same as above. For the epoxy you will receive a Part A & Part B. The mix ratio is 2 parts A to 1 Part B. We recommend mixing 30 ounces of A and 15 ounces of B in a small pail. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes till the color is uniform making sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the pail to make sure all the Part A & Part B is mixed together. Apply with roller. First coat will be streaky, allow first coat to dry 10-20 hrs and apply second coat. A third coat can be applied if needed or desired. Allow the final coat to dry to the touch before using and go easy on it for the first 5 days, after that the coat is as hard as nails.Sours:

How to Repair and Refinish Laminate Countertops

Tired of your worn-out laminate countertops? Weary of looking at the same old stains and battle scars? Does the color remind you of a bad childhood dream?

Take heart, intrepid homeowner, there’s good news. You can repair your chipped and aging laminate countertops using simple techniques and, in some cases, common household products you probably have around the house.

If you're looking to give your countertops a whole new look but are watching your budget, you can completely transform them for less than $300. Refinishing kits and tough peel-and-stick vinyl coverings are tailor-made for the DIYer, and the results are dead ringers for real granite slabs.

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Here are the DIY Basics for updating a kitchen countertop with tile.

Want to spend even less? Paint laminate tops to make them look like granite, using your creative chops to produce beautiful, durable results you'll be proud to show off. As a bonus: You’ll be recycling your countertops while they're in place, keeping your old counters out of landfills and contributing to sustainability.

Minor Fixes

Small scratches, gouges and chips can be fixed with laminate repair paste or a color-matched repair pen, available at most hardware stores and home improvement centers. Choose the color that most closely matches your countertop color. $8.

Once hardened, you won’t have the opportunity to sand any excess without damaging the surrounding laminate, so fill each blemish carefully, and don’t overfill. The object is to camouflage the defect.

Stains can be removed using a paste made from baking soda and water. Put the paste on the stain and let it work for a couple of hours — don't rub. Gently wipe off with a paper towel.

For more stubborn stains, try a little nail polish remover on a clean rag (use white rags so you won't get fabric color on the countertop). Other solvents to try include paint thinner, denatured alcohol and acetone. Use sparingly.

Strokes of Genius — Painting Your Laminate

Transform your laminate countertops using paint — the ultimate DIYer’s friend. Faux granite is one of the most forgiving of all decorative painting projects — the mottled look is easy to get using sponges and a dabbing motion, and you can just keep going until it looks right. It’s ideal for large surfaces, such as countertops.

Take note: The quality of your finished countertop job is very dependent on how good your prep work is. Follow these guidelines:

  • Clean the countertop with soap and water to remove dirt and smudges. TSP works great for reliable cleansing but isn’t the most environmentally friendly product; instead, opt for a commercial “green cleaner,” or make your own from equal parts warm water and vinegar.
  • Follow with a wipe of denatured alcohol. Don't touch the countertop again! Your fingertips have oils that contaminate pristine surfaces.
  • Got a curious kid or a cat that sheds? Keep kids and pets out of the work area.
  • Remove old caulk from seams around sinks and faucets.
  • Repair chips and large cracks (more than 1/8-inch wide) with a two-part epoxy putty. Let the putty dry thoroughly, then sand the putty smooth.
  • Apply painter's tape to everything you don’t want to paint, including your sink, faucets and backsplash. Make no mistake — applying painter’s tape is more of an art than folks often realize. Take your time and make sure there’s good adhesion in all those little places, such as where a faucet base touches the countertop.
  • To ensure maximum adhesion for the base coat, de-gloss the entire countertop with 100-grit sandpaper. Wipe up the residue with a tack rag and check for any missed spots with a flashlight.
  • Apply a good-quality oil-based primer and let dry for at least 4 hours.

To get a granite look, you'll apply at least three different shades of paint, working from light to dark, or vice versa. The first coat is your base coat and should completely cover all surfaces.

Add subsequent layers with a sponge, dabbing in random patterns. Here are some tips:

  • Study real granite at any home improvement center. If you find samples you like, note the various colors and hues so you can reproduce them at home.
  • Apply coats while the previous layer is still slightly damp. That way, the colors will blend slightly.
  • Add grain with a feather lightly swiped across still-damp paint. Use this effect sparingly.
  • Add veins with a fine-tipped artist brush dipped in a contrasting color — pure white or black are good choices. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Lightly sprinkle pinches of gold or silver glitter flakes over the last coat of paint (but before applying the protective topcoats). Natural granite often features flecks of quartz embedded in the stone.

After painting is complete, apply at least two acrylic polyurethane topcoats, using a dense foam roller.

Countertop Refinishing Products

Pre-assembled kits help the DIYer get all the ingredients together. Most kits include pre-selected paints so the final color blend is realistic.

  • Armor Garage specializes in tough coatings for garage floors, but their expertise extends to refinishing products specifically for laminate countertops. Each Armor Granite kit covers about 50 square feet of countertop, and includes all brushes, rollers and finishing coatings.

    This product offers thicker coatings than typical countertop refinishing products, and the finish is heat-resistant — a rarity for painted finishes.

    Armor Granite kits are pricier than most, and colors are somewhat limited. Prices range from $279 to $$320, depending on the color of the finish.
  • Giani Granite paint kits come with various tones of paint that you apply one at a time to create that mottled, granite look. Two coats of clear sealer (included) protect the paint.

    There's a wide variety of colors to choose from, and a paint kit with topcoat, color layers and protective finishes is only $70.
  • Countertop Transformations from Rust-Oleum is designed specifically for laminate countertops. The kit features stone-like chips that are sprinkled onto the wet surface of the base layer to create a granite-like texture.

    A critical step is de-glossing the existing surface to ensure good adhesion. This kit includes a diamond-embedded sanding block specifically made for thorough de-glossing.

    Kits come in many colors. You'll pay $250 for a kit.
  • Countertop Tranfauxmations is a tutorial — not a full painting kit — that guides you through the process of painting your countertops. You get an instructional DVD, a guide to paint combinations (using Benjamin Moore paints), a brush and a dabbing sponge for $45. Or, spend $15 to download the instructional video from the website.



Cover Your Assets

Not that artistic? Peel-and-stick vinyl sheets from EZ Instant Makeover mimic real granite, even stainless steel and nickel finishes. A 3-by-12-foot sheet is $90.

You can apply the sheets in minutes, although good surface prep is vital, as any defects will show through the sheet. De-glossing your countertop surface (and wiping up any dust with a tack rag) helps long-term adhesion.

Abuse Won't Cut It!

As you might imagine, DIY painting, refinishing kits and stick-on products are tough, but they're not invincible.

  • Don't set hot items on them — use a trivet or hot pad.
  • Don't cut or pound on them — use cutting boards.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.

Pro Services for the Un-Handy

Like the idea of a low-cost kitchen makeover but don’t trust your thumbs? Pro refinishing services will re-do your laminate countertops for you. You get all the benefits — no tear-out, fast turnaround and a complete budget-friendly countertop redo — at a slightly higher price. Plus, you'll have an experienced pro doing the work.

You'll pay $400 to $650 for an average kitchen countertop refinishing, and the pros will be in and out of your home in about four hours. A five-year warranty is standard.

  • Get-A-Grip products are made for refinishing cabinets, ceramic tile, and both laminate and cultured marble countertops.
  • Munro Products specializes in cabinet refinishing, but also makes a system called SurBond for refinishing laminate countertops.
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Best Countertop Paint Kit

A little renovation and reinvention is a positive thing – John Rzeznik

Even though your kitchen is the center of your home, it wasn’t meant to last forever. Tastes change, paint fades, and gradually the fixtures and fittings begin to look old and tired, and when this happens most of us start to think that maybe it’s time to just bite the bullet and install a new kitchen.

But you don’t have to rip your kitchen out in order to give it a new lease of life, with a little elbow grease and know-how you can easily modernize, upgrade and change the way it looks in a couple of days.

Changing the way your kitchen looks doesn’t have to complicated and even though it might seem a little intimidating and scary, it’s actually incredibly easy and straightforward to give it a makeover, drag it firmly into the present, and embrace the future with, as John Rzeznik so eloquently said a little renovation and reinvention.

The ideal way to begin your kitchen transformation is by plowing your creative efforts into changing the way your countertops and cabinets look.

And to give you a head start and help you to hit the ground running, we’ve put together a list of the best countertop paint kits so that you can finally stop procrastinating about it and take the first step on the journey to getting the kitchen that you’ve always wanted.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and it’s time to start working on your “new” kitchen…

Top 5 Countertop Paint Kits For 2021

Giani Countertop Paint Kit

Giani was founded on a simple premise, to in their own words “rescue and relove” your home with practical, budget-friendly paint kits that’ll help you to renovate it from top to bottom.

They believe that with an idea and the will to make it happen, anything is possible which is why in less than a decade, they’ve gone from a small, start-up firm to one of the most respected, and trusted names in home renovation.

Available in four different colors (Bombay Black, Chocolate Brown, Sicilian Sand, and Slate), this Giani Countertop Kit has been designed to make your kitchen counters look the way that you’ve always wanted them to.

Using the kit is simple, and it includes everything, the primer, paint, rollers, and brushes that you’ll need to follow the easy three-stage process of transformation to the letter. Giani even throws in a practice board, so that you’ll be fully prepared and ready to confidently meet the challenge of reinvigorating your countertops head-on.

Each kit is made to cover up to thirty-five square feet of surface, and Giani confidently predicts that if you use their product, the average countertop project should take no longer than four hours to complete. With a sixteen-hour drying time and fourteen-day curing (until the paint is fully hardened and ready to handle everyday use) time, within a fortnight of making your first brushstroke, your kitchen will look like new and be ready for whatever you, and life, has in store for it.


  • Giani countertop paint has been formulated to be durable and is easily able to stand up to the rigors and demands of life in the kitchen.
  • It’s a multi-surface paint that has been designed to be used with and cover almost every type of countertop. From Formica to granite, marble to butcher’s block, and granite to laminate, whatever your countertop is made from, this kit will make it possible for you to remodel it.
  • And it’s made right here in the USA. An American based company that does everything the American way? What’s not to like?
  • It’s an affordable and easy to use solution to ripping your kitchen out and starting all over again. With a little time, patience, and help from Giani, you’ll finally be able to have the kitchen that you’ve been dreaming about.


  • Even though Giani claims that their paint is simple to use and easy to apply, there are some disgruntled would-be renovators who have complained that it’s neither as straightforward to use nor as easy to apply as Giani seems to think that it is. And, a small minority have also vigorously challenged Giani’s claims of how durable their countertop paint is, as it hasn’t lasted anywhere near as long as they hoped it would, and started to show signs of damage and wear and tear within the first year.

Nuvo Hearthstone All-in-One Cabinet Makeover Kit

No, we haven’t lost our minds, and yes we know that it’s a cabinet makeover kit, but as well as completely changing the way that your cabinets look, this Nuvo paint kit can also take care of your countertop.

Made by Giani, it’s another all in one kit that’s been designed to help you pull your kitchen out of yesterday and transplant it into tomorrow.

A low VOC (volatile organic compound) and odor water-based, acrylic paint and primer, Nuvo is an all-one cover that’ll update and upgrade your kitchen countertops and cabinets in a day. Designed to be applied and to dry in just twenty-four hours, Nuvo has a soft, satin finish that’ll withstand all of the daily punishment that even the busiest kitchen can hand out.

Everything that you need to get stuck straight in and start painting your kitchen fixtures (rollers, paint, and brushes) is included in one handy box, so as soon as it arrives, you won’t have any excuse, you’ll just have to pick up a paintbrush and get started.

You don’t even need to do any preparation work before you can begin applying Nuvo to your cabinets and countertop, just open the cans and begin to paint, And as it includes enough paint to cover one hundred square feet of kitchen fixtures, you’ll run out of surfaces to cover before you run out of Nuvo.


  • As it’s a low VOC and low odor paint, as long as you have the windows and doors open while you’re applying it, you won’t even need to wear a mask.
  • It’s made to be a single day endeavor. Apply the paint to your kitchen fixtures, and in twenty-four hours from the moment that you crack open the first can, the paint on your kitchen fixtures will be dry and you can start using them again.
  • While you might feel more comfortable applying multiple coats of paint, with Nuvo you’ll only ever need one. And as there’s enough paint in the kit to cover one hundred square feet, you’ll be finished remodeling your countertops in next to no time.


  • As it’s been made for cabinets and isn’t strictly a countertop paint, you should only use Nuvo on wooden (laminate, Formica, and hardwood) or metal countertops. As long as your countertops are made from either, you’ll be good to go with Nuvo, but if they’re made of granite or stone, then you’ll need to avoid Nuvo and find a different renovating solution for your kitchen.
  • A number of reviews have highlighted the fact that in some circumstances, Nuvo can crack when it first drys, which isn’t the look that anyone wants when they’re focused on improving and enhancing their kitchen.

Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit

That unwavering passion that drove Rust-Oleum’s founder Robert Fergusson to develop the world’s first rust-proof paint after making an accidental observation at sea still drives Rust-Oleum to this day.

Whenever they see a problem, they work diligently to find a solution and refuse to give up until they’ve perfected it.

A complete solution for transforming any counter-top in five easy to follow steps (the kit includes an instructional DVD that’ll guide you through the process, step by step) Rust- Oleum’s straightforward and affordable alternative to countertop replacement can change the look of your kitchen in a single weekend.

Designed to make any of the countertops look like natural stone, Rust Oleum’s countertop makeover is durable and, according to the company, will last for years. In fact, if you’re not completely satisfied with the kit and the way it makes your kitchen or bathroom look, Rust-Oleum will give you your money back. That’s a level of confidence that it’s hard to argue with.

With a century of expertise in formulating and creating the sort of paint that’s been made to protect any surface, if there’s one brand that you can entrust the safety and look of your kitchen or bathroom to, it’s Rust-Oleum.

And with everything that you’ll need to completely reinvigorate your countertops in one box, changing the look of your kitchen has never been made easier.


  • The kit covers up to fifty square feet of countertop and can be used on laminate, wood, or metal trim.
  • It includes detailed step by step instructions and an instructional DVD, and if you run into any additional problems, Rust-Oleum also has a dedicated helpline who will be happy to assist you if you call them.
  • The formula is reinforced with HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection to prevent build-ups of, and guard against mold, mildew, and other odor-causing microbes.
  • And if you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with the kit, Rust-Oleum will either give you your money back or direct you to one of their products that will do the job you want to do, and providing it’s of a similar value, will swap that product for the kit.


  • Some less than happy renovators have complained that the kit didn’t live up to their expectations, wasn’t easy to use, and didn’t cover the square footage that Rust-Oleum claims it will.

Majic Paints Diamond Hard Acrylic Enamel High Paint

Since nineteen twenty, this Ohio based company has been providing solutions for any and every paint dilemma that professionals and amateurs may have to face in their decorating lives.

Believing that everyone should live colorfully, they have a color for everything and anything that you’ll ever want to take a brush to.

That said, you’ve probably already decided on a paint scheme for your countertops and know how you want them to look and as such can almost certainly dispense with Majic’s color charts. Made to be easy to apply with just a brush and a little grit, this low odor, non-flammable water-based paint is designed to dry and level to a beautiful, smooth, and glossy finish.

Designed to be applied to masonry, metal, and wood, there isn’t a countertop surface that this paint can’t transform with the aid of a brush.

Best of all though? You don’t need to be a trained painter or a master of the art of renovation in order to apply it. All you need is a brush, a little determination, and the will to make your kitchen and countertops look the way that you’ve always wanted them to.


  • Easy to use and simple to apply, Majic has been made to cover any surface, inside or out, and is a perfect way to remodel your countertops.
  • Designed to dry to a diamond-hard finish, it’s durable and can easily cope with all of the adversity that either kitchen or bathroom based life can, and will, hurl at it.


  • It’s made to be hard and resist any and all of the trauma that it’ll be subjected to, but it takes a while for Majic’s paint to fully cure, and it can take a couple of weeks until it’s fully ready to deal with the entire spectrum of modern, home-based adversity.

Daich Quart Spreadstone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit

A world leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance paints and decorative stone covering, Daich combines cutting edge chemistry and nature’s most enduring product to produce the sort of stone finishes that can, and will, transform the look of any countertop.

Easy and economical, Daitch’s kit includes everything that you need to change the way that your countertops look.

Offering the sort of shimmering natural accents and colors that are only found in natural rock, in just three-roller based applications, you can completely remodel your countertops and make them look like they were carved by masonry artisans.

All it’ll take to make that change is a weekend of your time and Daich’s formidable countertop kit.

Widely acknowledged and regarded as being among the very best at what they do, Daich provides the answers to home renovation that make your life easy. They keep things simple so that you can just get stuck straight into the job and finish whatever it is you need to do, quickly and confidently.


  • Made to keep things simple, with Daich you just need to use a roller, sander, and clear finish to achieve the sort of countertop look that you’ve been fantasizing about.
  • Designed for use with wood, metal, and masonry, it’s an all-purpose countertop transformation kit that doesn’t discriminate against any material, and teats any and all countertops the same way. As a fixture that needs to be updated.


  • It’s a long-lasting, durable countertop kit that everyone who uses it, loves. For once, it’s a kit that does everything that it claims, and says, it will and there are no downsides

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Paint Kitchen And Other Countertops?

That depends entirely on whether or not you’re just going to paint them or want to completely texture them using a countertop kit.

If it’s the former, as most countertop paints don’t require the usage of a primer, or the removal of old paint or surfaces, all that you’ll need to do is use painters tape to completely box off the area that you’re going to paint, ensure that any and all windows and doors are open so that the area you’re painting is properly ventilated and then use a paintbrush to slowly but surely apply the paint to the surface of the countertop.

While most brands are happy to try and sell you on the fact that you’ll only need to apply one coat, in reality, that’s never the case.

So after waiting until the first coat has dried, carefully apply another coat of paint using the same paintbrush. You don’t have to wait until the paint has completely cured before applying the second coat, but you do need to wait until it’s dry.

Always read the instructions on any paint that you’re applying to a surface as they’ll provide estimated curing (any painted surface isn’t properly “dry” and ready for use until the paint has properly cured) time and it’s important to adhere to the time limit that it provides.

However, if you’re using a countertop transformation kit, that’s when things get a little trickier. The problem with these kits is that they generally all work in different ways, which is why their manufacturers always provide comprehensive and easy to follow instructions.

In general, though, they require removing any and all previous grout, need you to fill even the smallest crack on your countertop (if there are any), and to be prepared for a long and involving job.

There’ll be at least three layers of paint and textured paint to apply, and once that’s dried, it’ll usually need to be smoothed down using sandpaper, cleaned using water or an alcohol-based cleaner, dried off, and then you’ll need to apply a coat of clear protective finish to ensure the surfaces longevity.

As we’ve said, that’s just a general rule of thumb, as every transformation kit uses a different, but straightforward (provided you follow the instructions to the letter) application process.

Which Countertop Paint Kit Is The Right One For Me?

This is entirely dependent on how you want your countertops to look. Do you want to simply paint them and give them a fresh, new look?

If that’s the case, then we’d always recommend that you use Majic Diamondhard which is available in just about any color that your imagination can dream up, and will provide a long-lasting, durable finish for your countertop.

However, if you’re leaning toward completely transforming the way that your countertops look and are more interested in creating a stone-based look for them, then we’d have to point you in Daich’s direction.

They’ve made the art of countertop transformation simple, and thanks to their near flawless, straightforward, and easy to follow instructions, with one of their countertop transformation and finishing kits you don’t need any previous painting or decorating experience to completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom countertops.


DIY Countertop Resurfacing Options

Often times you find yourself wanting to update your countertops but you don't have the budget for granite, marble or even quartz countertops so you want to find something cheaper and more of a DIY.

You have updated your kitchen flooring and replaced your appliances. Your cabinets are in great shape, but your countertops leave something to be desired.

Structurally speaking, the countertops are sound; however, they are dating your kitchen. You would love to have new countertops installed, but when you called for an estimate, you discovered you do not have enough money left in your budget to replace them. What are you to do?

Luckily, there are several ways to transform your current countertops without breaking the bank, including real stone countertops and durable concrete countertops.

The following five DIY countertop kits will transform your countertops for a fraction of the price of new countertops. Finally, DIY resurfacing countertop kits are eco-friendly because they keep your countertops out of the landfill.

DAICH Spread Stone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit

The DAICH Spread Stone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit helps you create a stone look to almost any surface, including countertops, MDF, particleboard, plywood, tile, or concrete. Unlike other DIY countertop refinishing kits, Spread Stone is stain, heat, and impact resistant. The countertop finish is mildew resistant and helps prevent the growth of mold. This amazing product is available in ten granite inspired colors, including Sundance, Ironstone, Volcanic Black, Natural White, Yosemite, Oyster, Canyon Gold, Onyx Fog, Lodestone, and Mantel Stone.

This countertop refinishing kit is epoxy free and low VOC, making it perfect for beginner DIYers. Spread Stone Refinishing Kit uses an easy roll on system. The kit contains everything you need, including the coatings and application tools.

The DAICH Spread Stone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit can resurface 30 to 40 square feet of countertop, depending on the application thickness and any surface irregularities. This beautiful countertop refinishing kit can be completed in one weekend.

CX Concrete Countertop Refinishing Kit

The CX Concrete Refinishing Kit for your countertop features low VOCs. This kit uses a cement mix to help you create a stone like finish for your countertops. The concrete countertop kit is both scratch and stain resistant. This amazing product is available in several colors, including Onyx, Cocoa Bean, Sterling Gray, Champagne, and Pearl Gray.

This concrete refinishing kit takes three days to complete, including drying time. The countertop kit uses multiple coats that must dry and set. Drying times can vary; however, it can take 12 hours for each step of the countertop refinishing kit to dry.

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The CX Concrete Refinishing Kit’s topcoat is FDA compliant and food safe, making it a great option for kitchen countertops. No special tools are needed, and the process is perfect for beginner DIYers.

Giani Countertop Paint Kit

If you can paint, you can use the Giani Countertop Paint Kit. Giani paint kit contains everything you need to create an amazing faux stone countertop in just one day. Giani is available in a number of faux finishes, including butcher block, Bombay Black, Sicilian Sand, Chocolate Brown, White Diamond, and Slate. Whether you want to create a marble look countertop, a granite look countertop, or a butcher block look countertop, the Giani paint kit has you covered.

Unlike other refinishing options, this paint kit can be completed from start to finish in one day. Each paint kit covers approximately 35 square feet. The paint used in Giani countertop kits is lead-free, water-based paints and costs approximately $80 per kit.

Giani Countertop Paint Kit may not be able to withstand the demands of a hardworking kitchen. If you plan to use this transformation kit in your kitchen, you may want to apply an epoxy topcoat to help reduce the risk of scratches or damage.

Countertop Transformations

Countertop Transformations by Rust Oleum uses decorative chips to create a texturized stone like finish on your countertop surface. The kit comes with an adhesive base coat, a wetting agent, decorative color chips, and two part topcoat. In addition to this, you will receive an instruction DVD, printed instructions, and all the tools that you need to complete your weekend countertop transformation. Rust Oleum Countertop Transformations is available in four colors, including Charcoal, Java Stone, Onyx, and Desert Sand.

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In just one weekend, you can transform your entire kitchen from drab to fab. Rust Oleum offers two different sized kits, including a 30 square foot kit and a 50 square foot kit. The 30 square foot kit will transform approximately 12 linear feet of countertops and costs approximately $170. The 50 square foot kit will transform approximately 20 linear feet of countertops and costs approximately $200.

Rust Oleum Countertop Transformations kits help you create professional looking results that will provide you years of enjoyment. The durable finish will not dull or fade. The two part protective top coat creates a stain and water resistant protective barrier to ensure your countertops remain looking beautiful.

Armor Granite Countertop Refinishing Kit

From the makers of Armor Garage comes Armor Granite, a kitchen countertop refinishing kit that gives you the look of granite at a fraction of the cost of real granite. Armor Granite Countertop Epoxy Coating features microscopic metal droplets that are embedded in its epoxy. When the product is applied, the droplets spread out reminiscent of granite, creating an amazing countertop.

Armor Granite is available in 13 color options. Each kit covers up to 50 square feet on nonporous, smooth surfaces. You will need more product for porous or irregular surfaces. The average cost of Armor Granite Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Kits is $349.00.

This expert formulation dries super hard and is heat resistant up to 200 degrees. The formula will not wear, crack, yellow, or fade. Within one weekend, you can transform your kitchen countertops.

How to Keep Your Countertops Looking Amazing

To help protect your refinished countertops, always use a cutting board when cutting and prepping food items. A trivet or hot pad should be used to protect your countertop surface from discoloration or damage. Wipe your countertops daily with a damp cloth and dry with a soft, lint-free towel.


If your current countertops are ugly and outdated, but you don’t have the money to replace them, a countertop refinishing kit can transform your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. All you need is some elbow grease and a free weekend to create countertops that look like natural stone.


Kit countertop refinishing

The 7 Best DIY Countertop Refinishing Kits of 2021

Rust-Oleum 258286 Countertop Transformations Kit, Large Kit

The best option for kitchen countertops is the Do-It-Yourself Countertop Coating System from Rust-Oleum, though it's also suitable for use in bathrooms. If your counters are looking dingy or dated, the quick and hassle-free system is an excellent solution. You can even use it to update your kitchen backsplash.

It's available in two sizes (small and large) and four stone colors (Desert Sand, Charcoal, Java Stone, and Onyx). This user-friendly kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, doesn't require any special skills or tools, and is dry to the touch within 12 hours.

When you're finished, you'll have a durable, water-resistant, aesthetically pleasing surface that'll last for years. Plus, the super-strong silicone-epoxy formula won't yellow over time.

The 7 Best Kitchen Carts of 2021

Spray on Countertops - Stone Coat Epoxy

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