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From pentagrams to dragons and symbols of goddesses, there are plenty of beautiful designs to choose from when it comes to pagan and Wiccan tattoos. 

Getting a pagan or Wiccan symbol tattooed is a permanent way to honor your spirituality and belief system. While the symbols associated with these two sects of theology are striking, it’s important – as with any tattoo – to know the meanings behind the image before getting inked.

First, paganism and Wicca are not one in the same. Wicca is a newer part of paganism, but there are many different sects of paganism, also known as polytheism.

Paganism Vs Wicca

The term “pagan” was first used to describe people who followed polytheism as their religion, which means the worship of multiple gods, thousands of years ago. 

While this form of religion is old and has taken many different practices throughout history and cultures, different factions of paganism have been gaining popularity in the last few decades.

Learn Religions has highlighted some of the most common branches of paganism that have resurfaced, including Egyptian Paganism,

“Typically these traditions, sometimes referred to as Kemetic Paganism or Kemetic reconstruction, follow basic principles of Egyptian spirituality such as honoring the Neteru, or deities, and finding a balance between man&#;s needs and the natural world.”

If the ancient Egyptian culture and religion fascinates you, click here for more on tattoos inspired by ancient Egypt.

The importance of nature, its impact on all of our lives, and how we coexist with the natural world around us is a popular thread that runs through many pagan beliefs.

Druidism, a modern spiritual movement that has its roots in pre-Christian Celtic culture, generally promotes harmony and connection with the natural world.

Another branch of spirituality that is on the pagan tree is Wicca. 

Wicca, like Druidism, is a nature-based form of paganism.   

As History explains,

“Rituals in Wicca often include holidays centered around phases of the moon; solar equinoxes and solstices; elements such as fire, water, earth and air; and initiation ceremonies.” 

The pagan world is steeped in tradition and history, and as such there are many incredible symbols, with equally incredible meanings, that are woven through these belief systems.

The Pentagram 

One of the most common Wiccan tattoos to get is the pentagram, as it represents the Wiccan belief system. 

As Learn Religions explains,

“The pentacle is a five-pointed star, or pentagram, contained within a circle. The five points of the star represent the four classical elements [earth, air, fire, and water], along with a fifth element, which is typically either spirit or self, depending on your tradition.”

The circle around the pentagram represents protection and the circle of life.

It’s not only wiccans that take the pentagram as an important symbol – Satanists refer to it as the Sigil of Baphomet and it represents carnality and earthy principles.

The key difference to the two symbols is placement – one point is facing up in the Wiccan symbol, whereas two points are facing up in the Satanic symbol. So, make sure you get your tattoo situated correctly for what you want it to represent.

The Triquetra

The Triquetra – meaning triangle and depicts three interlaced arcs – is one of the oldest symbols in Celtic history, dating back to as early as BC, according to Ancient Symbols.

While it was originally used to symbolize the triple goddess of the maiden, the mother, and the crone, it has since evolved to represent many three-pronged situations, from Christianity’s the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, to the three fundamental elements of air, water, and earth.

“In modern times, the triquetra symbol has become a favorite design element in knot-work, jewelry, emblems, logos etc. as a symbol of anything three-fold e.g. the cycle of life (life-death-rebirth), the promise of a husband to his wife (love-honor-protect), the family (father-mother-child), the passage of time (past-present-future) and many more. The circle that is often interlaced with the triquetra represents the bond between the three elements,”

Ancient Symbols

The Triple Goddess

Another Wiccan symbol that represents the maiden, the mother, and the crone is the triple goddess, seen as the three phases of the moon – waxing, waning, and full. This symbolizes the important phases in a woman’s life as well as the divine feminine.

Norse Rune Symbols

If you’re a fan of small tattoos, and Norse paganism is your particular cup of spiritual tea, rune symbols could be the collection of tattoos for you.

As explained on Norse Mythology for Smart People, it was Odin himself who, after undergoing an intense ordeal, brought the ruins to mankind.

“Presumably, then, after Odin discovered the runes by ritually sacrificing himself to himself and fasting for nine days while staring into the waters of the Well of Urd, it was he who imparted the runes to the first human runemasters.”

While the runes are the first writing systems developed and used by the Norse and other Germanic populations, there could also be a magical connotation to them.

As explained on the National Museum of Denmark,

“According to the sagas, runic inscriptions held magical powers. With the aid of inscriptions, you could predict the future, protect a person against misfortune, imbue objects with different qualities, or you could write down conjurations, curses, and spells.”

This collection of symbols makes for amazing hand and finger tattoos. For more about what to consider before getting a finger tattoo, click here.


Dragons have captured the imaginations of people and have been woven through the fabric of many cultures and religions for thousands of years – from Saint George slaying a dragon, to being one of the 12 zodiac signs and representing luck in China.

There is also a sect of Wicca that practices dragon magic.

In this belief system, the Wiccan can call upon a dragon that can help with a certain situation, as explained by Byrdie.

“Similar to calling upon the aide of gods and goddesses, Dragon Magick evokes the power of any one of different dragon personalities that number in the hundreds; the choice of one depends on the desired result.”

For more on the symbolism and meaning of dragon tattoos, click here.

If you want to add some ancient spirituality and magic to your skin with a tattoo, there are many pagan symbols to choose from. Do your research and find the one that most resonates with your beliefs.

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Wiccan Tattoos: Meanings and What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about getting a Wiccan tattoo soon, or one that reflects some other form of your pagan spirituality? Here's what you need to know before you take the plunge and get a pagan or Wiccan symbol permanently tattooed on your skin.

Did You Know?

  • There are plenty of options for Wiccan tattoos, from moon symbols to pentacles to images of gods and goddesses.
  • The pentagram is one of the most common Wiccan tattoos. For many people, it is a symbol of protection and power, in addition to representing the Wiccan belief system.
  • Tattoo art can help you share your spirituality with the world and come closer to your own idea of the sacred and divine.

Why Get a Pagan or Wiccan Tattoo?

People in the pagan community, including those who practice the Wiccan religion, get spiritual tattoos for a variety of reasons. Much like your Christian friend might have a meaningful Biblical verse on her arm, or your Buddhist coworker sports a brightly inked mandala, you might opt to get a Wiccan tattoo to symbolize your spiritual belief system and principles by which you live.

The practice of adorning one's body with spiritual symbols is hardly a new one. Although we don't know exactly when tattooing as an art form began, we do know that frozen bodies from as long ago as 5, years back have been discovered still displaying the ink on their skin. Although it's impossible to say whether these markings were done for ritual, protection, healing, or simply aesthetic reasons, it's likely that there was some sort of spiritual component.

Wicca certainly isn't that old, but that doesn't mean it's not valid. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo to celebrate your beliefs, you'll be carrying on a time-honored tradition. Many people find that through tattoo art, they can share their spirituality with the world, and bring themselves closer to their own idea of the sacred and divine.

Keep in mind, however, that a tattoo is forever—unless you want to go through the costly and painful process of having it lasered off a few years down the road. Before you get your Wiccan tattoo, make sure it's what you really want. If you've just started exploring pagan beliefs, allow yourself the privilege of waiting a while before you get inked; this will keep you from making a regrettable decision that has to be corrected later in your life.

Tattoo Choices and Meanings

The possibilities, when you're getting a spiritual tattoo, are practically endless. Here are a few to consider:

  • Some people choose to get simple conceptual pagan and Wiccan symbols that reflect their beliefs—this could be a triple goddess figure, stars, or nature images, like trees or power animals.
  • Others opt for elemental symbols to represent earth, air, fire, and water.
  • Phases of the moon—In addition to the popular triple moon design, there are plenty of people who have the various phases, from crescent through waxing to full and then waning, inked on their bodies.
  • Maybe you want to get really in-depth, and have a portrait style tattoo of the god or goddess of your tradition, or perhaps your favorite divination tools, such as your Tarot cards or a planchette.
  • Consider designing a protective sigil, or some other celebratory symbol that you can use to enhance your own magical ability.
  • Add symbols from a magical alphabet, runic design, or other lettering to create a piece of art whose meaning is only known to you.
  • Some people opt to get a full-blown spell tattooed on them. You might normally incorporate a moon phase, an herb, and a crystal into that spell. Find images of each of these things, arrange them artfully, and use that as a starting foundation for your tattoo image.
  • For some people, sacred geometry is a source of great spiritual inspiration and power. Sacred geometry is a catch-all term that describes the mathematical proportions which are considered the natural foundation of our universe.

After you've gotten your tattoo, you may want to even bless it or charge it for magical purposes. You can do this by waiting until it's completely healed, and then sitting outside under a full moon. Light your favorite incense, anoint your skin with an oil blend that supports your magical purpose, and focus your intention into your tattoo, effectively consecrating it as you would any magical tool.

Pentagram Tattoos

The pentagram or pentacle is possibly the most commonly seen Wiccan tattoo. For many people, it's seen as a symbol of protection and power, in addition to representing the Wiccan belief system. The pentacle is a five-pointed star, or pentagram, contained within a circle. The five points of the star represent the four classical elements, along with a fifth element, which is typically either spirit or self, depending on your tradition.

Although it's not something used in all pagan traditions, some magical systems connect different colors to the points of the pentacle. Why not get a colorful pentacle tattoo? In traditions that assign colors to the points of the star, the point on the upper right is associated with air, and is typically colored white or yellow, while the next point down, on the lower right, is fire, which would be colored red. The lower left, earth, is usually colored brown or green and the upper left, water, would be blue. Finally, the top point, representing spirit or self, appears in a number of different colors, such as purple or silver.

In addition to the pentacle itself, some people opt to highlight this symbol with leaves, ivy, stars, or other imagery.

Selecting Your Artist

When you've finally decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo, it's important to make an informed choice about who your tattoo artist will be. First, ask for recommendations from other people who have spiritual—particularly pagan or Wiccan—tattoos. You don't want to find yourself sitting in a tattoo studio with an artist who lectures you on why your belief system is evil.

Next, interview different artists to get a feel for their styles. Ask to see portfolios of the work they've done—many tattoo artists are on Instagram and other social media platforms, so you can look at their artwork from the comfort of your own home. When you finally select an artist whose style fits yours, be sure you tell them exactly what you're looking for. Your artist can either take a design you bring to them and use it, or they can draw something up for you based on your needs and wants—the key is to communicate what your wants actually are. If you don't tell them, they won't know.

Finally, make sure your artist is someone you like and feel comfortable with before you sit down in a chair. They may have suggestions for you as far as placement and proportions, but overall, you're the client and you're driving the artwork. If an artist insists on doing something you hate, or if their shop is dirty or they make you feel unsafe, leave.

Once you've gotten your tattoo, be sure to follow all of the proper aftercare instructions. When it heals up, you'll have a beautiful piece of artwork to help you celebrate your spirituality!


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There is ~*magick*~ everywhere.

It may be , but witches still walk among us. They certainly aren't stalking you in the woods or trying to shove your little brother into their ovens for consumption, but they exist — and thanks to the "modern" trend of tattoo artistry, you can spot them easily. 

Modern day witches typically practice "Wicca," a religion that centers around seeking "oneness with the divine" and all that exists in nature. Just like any religion, there are entities to worship, prayers and rituals to memorize, and ancient symbols that represent different parts of spirituality. 

To help you spot a witch (or at least someone who appreciates The Craft), here are a few tattoos to look out for and what they mean to these spiritual folks.  




The horned god

In the Wiccan faith, this symbol most often represents the "masculine polarity of the universe," and is connected to the ancient gods of "vegetation and the hunt."


The blessing

This symbol represents the blessings of the moon goddess. The tear drops also represent the Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone.




One of the four elemental symbols, "earth" has ties to invoking Mother Earth and is used in spells for abundance, fertility, and prosperity. 





The "water" element is considered purifying and healing, and is often used in emotional rituals as it can "carry away" negative energies. 


Hecate's wheel

Popular among feminist traditions of Wicca, Hecate's wheel is a symbol of her Greek origins, where she served as the protector of crossroads before evolving into a goddess of magick and sorcery. The maze inside of the wheel represents the power of knowledge and life.


The triqueta

This ancient Celtic symbol is said to have a few different meanings that predate its current Christian "Holy Trinity" representation. One theory is that it's the Celtic symbol of feminine spirituality, while another claims that it represents the connection between the mind, body, and soul. 


The pentacle

Often mistaken for the popular pentagram symbol (and also incorrectly associated with evil and demonic powers), the pentacle can be used for protection spells and warding off evil. Four points of the star represent the four elements; the fifth point serves as representation of the spirit or self. 



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Considered to be both magical and mystical, Wiccan tattoos can certainly cause a stir, depending on your point of view. Come learn more about the "Old Path" and its symbolism, then decide for yourself if they're worth all the controversy.

What is Wicca?

Although there are no set rules to Wicca, it's generally considered a Neopagan religion that loosely mixes the worship of nature with magic. Some scholars claim Wiccan practices are an extension of witchcraft, but since members must be initiated into the religion and are urged to keep silent about ritual practices, Wicca remains shrouded in mystery. This undoubtedly gives the practice some of its glamour and appeal.

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Let's break Wicca down into its simplest elements:

  • The practice of Wicca is largely based on a declaration of ethics: "Do what you will, so long as it harms none".
  • This declaration is enhanced by the Law of Threefold Return that espouses the belief that the energy you put out in the world, good or bad, will return to you three times as great as when it left you. This is similar to the concept of Karma in some Asian religions. As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around.
  • The central figures of Wicca are the God and Goddess, and all initiates become priests and priestesses who strive to create a union with these beings. Some versions of Wicca believe the Goddess alone is the supreme being.

Traditional Wiccan Tattoos and Imagery

The Goddess

The Goddess is a central figure in Wiccan worship, and Wiccan tattoos portray her in many ways.

  • Mother Earth: This characterization features the Goddess as Gaea, carrying the male god inside her womb. This image comments on the belief of some Wiccan followers that the Goddess is the supreme being of the two, and the giver of all life.
  • The Moon: This version of the Goddess portrays her as an opposite yet equal force to the God, who in this instance would be represented by the sun. Here we find shades of the ancient Chinese theory of Yin and Yang; light and dark, positive and negative, and so on.
  • Maiden, Mother and Crone: This is generally considered an extension of the moon imagery. The maiden represents the waxing phase of the moon, the mother becomes the full moon and the crone is the moon in its waning phase. This imagery is sometimes referred to as the "Triple Goddess".

The God

The male counterpart of the Goddess is viewed as her equal in some Wiccan traditions and her subordinate in others. Some sects consider him of no importance whatsoever.His imagery includes:

  • The Sun: As mentioned earlier, this would be the counterpart to the Moon Goddess.
  • The Horned God: Here we have some classic imagery that has been repeated in many cultures through the ages. The Horned God is often thought of as part hunter, part magician. His typical representation is a man with the head of a ram, and hooves instead of feet. Sometimes he has wings, sometimes not. This same imagery has also been used to represent the Judeo-Christian figure of Satan, and has no doubt contributed to some of the negative social views about Wicca.

Sun, Moon and Stars

The relationship of the God and Goddess to the sun and moon aside, not all sun, moon and star imagery is considered a strictly Wiccan theme. This imagery experienced a huge surge in popularity at the turn of the millennium when "New Age" themes became the current rage. Wiccan tattoos might use these symbols in their simplest forms, or use the outlines to create fantasy images for the God and Goddess. There really is no limit beyond the artist's imagination.

Pentagrams and the Elements

No discussion about Wiccan tattoos could ever be complete without touching on the imagery of the pentagram.The pentagram, sometimes referred to as a pentacle, is a five pointed star, often wrapped in a circle. The five points are meant to represent the traditional four elements of earth, fire, water and air, and the non-traditional fifth element of spirit.

To some, the pentagram symbolizes the five elements and their relationship to the Earth and each other as simple forces of nature. To others, the symbol (when shown pointed downward) is attributed an evil connotation often associated with Satanic rituals and worship - although today this is more likely due to its use in modern horror films. Wiccan rituals are surrounded in a deep vale of secrecy that makes it hard to either confirm or deny how the pentagram is actually used.

Bottom line, the pentagram is bound to have a very personal meaning to the person wearing the tattoo, a meaning you won't discover unless you ask him/her about it.


Whether you are a practitioner of Wicca or not, there's no doubt that there is some fabulous imagery involved here that lends itself to creating some awesome tats. Just be sure you understand the meaning of any symbol you might choose to use as a basis for a tattoo, because you're bound to be asked about it.

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Symbols tattoos wiccan

Pagan and Wiccan Tattoos

Gods and Goddesses

The pagan faith celebrates thousands of gods and goddesses that can be portrayed in a symbolic tattoo design. Many Wiccans seek a particular pantheon or deity that might be of Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Roman, or Celtic origin.

If a god is the choice, it's typically a horned one such as Pan, who embodies all aspects of masculinity and sexuality. Women often choose a representation of the triple goddess or Mother.

Many gods and goddesses make excellent choices, and you can even borrow from and merged their likenesses to form a design that fits your personality. For example, Epona is the Celtic horse goddess associated with fertility, while Lenus is a Celtic healing god. You can choose one, both, or a combined design to symbolize your efforts toward reproductive health or desire for a healthy baby.

For the most meaningful tattoo, research and connect with the god or goddess that is most appropriate for your personal needs, situation, and values.

Sours: https://www.byrdie.com/pagan-and-wiccan-tattoos
Wicca - National Geographic

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