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Bad Dragon

American sex toy manufacturer

A stylised dragon's head in black, white and red, facing left. The dragon's jawbone is in red; on it are the initials "BD".

Bad Dragon's logo

IndustrySex toys
FoundedJune&#;; 13&#;years ago&#;()
  • Jan "Varka" Mulders
  • Brian "Athus Nadorian" Dyer
  • "Narse"
  • "Raith"

Phoenix, Arizona



Area served


Bad Dragon Enterprises, Inc. is an American manufacturer of fantasy-themed sex toys, primarily targeted at members of the furry fandom. Products are sold online and at conventions.

The company also owns imageboard e (and its safe for work database mirror e) and the role-playing website F-List, both of which also cater to the furry fandom.[1]


Bad Dragon was founded in June [2][3] Jan "Varka" Mulders, one of the four co-founders (the others being Brian "Athus Nadorian" Dyer, "Narse", and "Raith"), had begun making sex toys in his university dormitory in Scotland the previous year.[2][4] The company is now based in Phoenix, Arizona.[5]


As of March&#;[update], Bad Dragon offers 67 dildos, 25 penetrable toys, 6 "wearables" (worn over the penis as an extension), 5 packers, 5 "Lil' Vibes" (smaller dildos that accompany a small bullet vibrator), 4 "Lil' Squirts" (very small dildos meant for testing the "Cumtube" feature), and various accessories and merchandise. All of the company's dildos are made of platinum-cured silicone.[3]

The company's products are aimed at fantasy fans, with the creatures emulated including dragons,[6]horses, orcas, chimeras, and werewolves.[3][4][7][8] The website formerly featured a 'biography' of the characters each toy was based upon, alongside an illustration;[5][6][8] as of August&#;15, [update], this feature is only accessible by registered users, with listings for unregistered viewers displaying only pictures of the sex toy in question and details about its physical attributes. Bad Dragon also offers a 3-D interactive model to view certain areas of each toy.

Products are cast by hand and can be extensively customized, including choice of color, the firmness of the toy's material, the addition of a suction cup and the toy's length;[4] the company also offers the option of a "Cumtube", a pressurised tube that runs through the toy and simulates ejaculation with "Cum Lube", a personal lubricant designed to resemble semen.[5][3][8][9]

Customers can also submit their own designs, some of which are chosen for limited production.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

Bad Dragon is featured in the nerd culture documentary Traceroute.[10][11]


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