Star table topper pattern

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The Midnight Star Table Topper
The Midnight Star Table Topper
The Midnight Star Table Topper
The Midnight Star Table Topper

Inside: Midnight Star Table Topper

Are you ready to finish your Midnight Star Table Topper?

If you’ve been following along then you will have all of your blocks ready to assemble.

And I’ve included two ways to finish the quilt.

One way to finish is without batting. This kind of finish is sometimes called a knife edge finish and using this method makes it a summer quilt because there is no batting.

For those who like a more traditional quilt with batting and binding, I’ve also included details on how to finish with this method.

Putting the Quilt Together


This tutorial requires that you make three different types of blocks. Below are links to the tutorials that show you exactly how to master these three blocks. I’ve also listed the exact number of these blocks needed for this tutorial.

The Process:

Sew your blocks in rows as shown below. The first and last row are sewn identically, but the seams are pressed in opposite directions. Note: All of the row assembly diagrams are in the FREE Midnight Star Table Topper Pattern. The link for the pattern is at the bottom of this post.

Press all the top row seams to the left, the second row seams to the right, and the third row seams to the left, the fourth row seams to the right, and the fifth row seams to the left.

The second row of the Midnight Star Table Topper
The middle row of the Midnight Star Table Topper.
The fourth row of the Midnight Star Table Topper
The fifth and last row of the Midnight Star Table Topper

Sew your rows in order. Note that the fourth row will have to be rotated to make the design. Because of the way you have pressed your seams, they should nest at each intersection. Note: The above diagram is not the assembly diagram, please refer to the PDF pattern available below for actual assembly instructions).

If your seams don’t nest, that’s a big clue that you are using the wrong row, or have it turned upside down.

Use pins or Wonder Clips to hold the rows together as you attach them one at a time. Press.

Your quilt top is done and should measure 20-1/2″ x 20-1/2″.

Finishing the Quilt

Finish #1 – The Knife Edge Finish

This method is a great finish for a quilted item that does not need batting, like a table topper or wallhanging. You could also use batting that is very thin, like a piece of flannel.  This method is sometimes called the “Pillowcase Method.”

This quilt top finished size is 20-1/2″ x 20-1/2″.

Step 1.

Cut a 20-1/2″ x 20-1/2″ piece of fabric for the backing and pin it right sides together to the quilt top.

Using a 1/4″ seam, sew all the way around the outside of the block, leaving a 2″ section open. Backstitch at each corner.

Turning a Quilt inside out

Pro Tip: Use a walking foot if you have one. Your feed dogs will try to pull the bottom fabric through the machine slightly faster than the fabric on top. A walking foot will prevent this. If you don’t have one, pin carefully and ease to fit.

Step 2:

Clip the corners of the packet. This will help reduce bulk when you turn it inside out.

Step 3:

Turn the packet inside out and gently push the inside corners out using a tool like a chopstick. Turn the seams of the open side of the packet in, pin in place, and press. Take care not to roll the backing to the front—this is a crisp edge.

Step 4:

Hand sew or machine stitch the opening.  Your quilt is done!

Finish #2 – Quilt and Bind

Another option for finishing the Midnight Star Table Topper is to quilt and bind it. I chose to do this method because I wanted my quilt to have several uses.

For instance, I might want to use it as a wall hanging during the winter months. It would also be a great table topper following Christmas and until Valentine’s Day (I love seasonal table decor!)

Step 1:

Cut a piece of backing 24″ x 24″. This will allow for almost any type of quilting.

Step 2:

Cut a piece of batting 24″ x 24″ and make a quilt sandwich using the backing from Step #1.

Spray baste or pin to secure the layers.

Pro Tip: This is the perfect opportunity to use fusible batting. No pins or spray basting required.

Step 3:

Quilt in your favorite style. For my quilt I chose to quilt a simple wavy line. I did my quilting on a domestic machine and used the Grid Glider from Sew Steady.

It’s a polyester mat that allows my quilt to flow smoothly through the machine. During the quilting process it kept my stitches moving along smoothly. To learn more, watch this short video.

Step 4:

Bind the quilt using your favorite binding method.

Get the FREE PDF Pattern

The Midnight Star Table Topper with all the tutorials is available free to you as an instant download. You will be redirected to a page where you will need to enter your email in order to receive your FREE pattern.

Click Here to Get the Free Midnight Star Table Topper Pattern


New And Exciting Strata Star Table Topper To Make


Quilting Cubby | October 12, 2016 | Table Runners and Table Toppers

Strata Star Table Toppers For All Seasons And Any Occasion.

These strata star table toppers are so exciting. As you discover a new design, it just spurs you on to make one right away. The design looks incredibly complicated, yet it’s almost too easy. Unlimited fabric options make this a perfect stash buster. Use Batiks, solids, florals… any fabric choice looks simply amazing with these toppers.


If you love water color but have never had the patience to work it out, don’t give up. Fabric strips positioned within the Strata Star using florals create a beautiful water color. Especially effective with Batiks. Use similar fabrics to create this striking design.

strata star water color batiks


Contrasting batiks are especially effective.

Strata Star Constrasting Batiks

It’s fun choosing the fabric for the strips.  Use four, five and even up to seven different fabrics. The size can easily be adjusted. Starting from around a 32″, 34″ and even up to a 45″. The size depends on how wide the strips are which can be 2″ width or more. Deep shades of golds and orange make a rich Strata Star for your autumn table.


Quilting Board

A striking twist topper in Autumn florals! This one measures 37″ x 37″ from point to point. Use it on your table or over the back of a couch.

Spinning Star table top twister

Seen on Etsy

Black and cream is always striking and would also look great as a wall hanging framed with a border.

strata star table topper Moda Little Black Dress

Ebay Strata Star Kit

A bright and fresh summer breeze.

strata star table topper Summer Breeze

A beautiful display in Holiday fabric.

strata star holiday fabric

Seen On Pinterest

Click Here For The Free “Strata Star Table Topper” Tutorial

Here is a free download of the Strata Star table topper pattern, which is also called Swirling Stars. This design of table topper is often known as Spinning Stars, or even Card Trick. There are also some very good tips in this tutorial that will help towards making sure your Strata is a success, such as using spray starch on the strips to help keep the fabric nice and crisp. When pressing, be sure to press and not iron.

To cut the strips you can use the Fons and Porter Easy Diagonal Sets ruler as shown on the video, so that the patterns match up with the larger triangles. Or turn a square ruler on point, and use tape to easily see markings and cut the right sizes.

Click Here To Download The “Swirling Stars Card Trick Table Topper” Pattern

Watch this video tutorial. Easy to follow step by step instructions to make the perfect Strata Star table topper.

The Strata star topper offers endless creative projects. Anyone can make one, even beginners!


About The Author

Quilting Cubby
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Spinning Star Table Topper

Choose Fabrics for Any Season!

This gorgeous table topper is often called Strata Star, Spinning Star and Card Tricks. The version below in green is called, appropriately, the Irish Star.

Irish Star Table Topper

Photo courtesy of Creative Quilt Kits.

The table topper is beautiful in any colorway. We especially like it made up in batiks.

Strata Star Table Topper

Photo courtesy of Dolly at Quilting Board.

This project is quite easy to construct, despite its complex look. Once you get started, you may find yourself making a topper for every season!

Spinning Star Table Topper

From Country Cottage Treasure (a kit is available while supplies last).

The following video will walk you through the steps of making a 32″ table topper.

The size of your topper can easily be changed by adjusting the number of strips used or by making the strips wider or narrower. Just keep the strips all the same width so they line up properly once cut into triangle shapes.

If you don’t already have a triangle ruler (get the Fons and Porter Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler used in the video here), a square one will work just as well. Turn it on point and use tape to mark off the dimensions on the ruler so it’s easy to align and cut just the right size.

Strata Star TopperThis version was found on Pinterest. No credit given.

An easy way to finish your topper is to stitch all layers together and turn it, then stitch the opening closed. You can also bind it with bias strips, which is the method specified in the following tutorial for a 32″ topper.

The tutorial is from Vicki Purnell at Vickie’s Fabric Creations. Be sure to visit her site for more great free tutorials.

Click here for the free “Swirling Stars – Card Trick Table Topper” PDF tutorial.

Spinning Star Table TopperFound on Pinterest from Creative Quilt Kits.

This lovely version in calicos is 45 inches across and has more strips than the others.

Star Spin Table Topper

Photo courtesy of Dogwood Quilter at Quilting Board. A short tutorial is included.

Spinning Star Table TopperFrom Candace at Squash House Quilts.

Strata Star Topper

Topper found on Pinterest.

Sprinning Star TopperFrom Shirley Anne’s Heart.

Sprinning Star TopperFound on Etsy, from Hollister Lady Quilts.

Christmas Table Topper

From Sweet Tooth Quilts.










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