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With almost every school and school district enacting some sort of virtual learning or distance learning this fall, let’s lighten things up with some of the very best distance learning memes out there!

If you need a laugh, check out this post of the funniest online learning memes!

I think we can all agree on this: it’s been a heck of a year.

And, if you’re a parent of young kids, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon.

Our school district, and many others, have made the decision to have their families undertake distance learning for the fall. At least for the first nine weeks, but possibly longer.

Just to get our definitions straight, distance learning, which is also called e-learning, virtual learning or online learning, is a form of education in which the main elements include physical separation of teachers and students during instruction.

Distance learning also utilizes various technologies to facilitate student-teacher and student-student communication.

I won’t debate the pros and cons of distance learning in this post, but I DID want to collect some of the very best and funniest distance learning memes to share with you all.

There is a treasure trove of hilarious and spot-on memes out there about virtual learning distance learning. They all feel so true and usually bring a smile to my face.

Because, as always, it’s good to know we’re not alone.

So here are some of the funniest and best distance learning memes out there! Enjoy!

Online Learning Memes

distance learning meme

text: “Luke, you must learn the ways of the force”

“I’m ready, Obi Wan.”

“Ooookay. Let’s see here. After you’ve logged in, you’re gonna want to go to the student portal and click Jedi….”

distance learning meme

text: me trying to find out…

how to use distance learning.

distance learning meme

text: How I started homeschool vs now


distance learning meme

text: Me when my kids’ school first introduced their distance learning plan:

at the time it sounded like a good idea

virtual learning meme

text: Home schooling day 1: We’re 11 mins in and all is going well

virtual learning meme

text: My kids’ new teacher is so awesome. I should really get her something nice….

…add to cart

virtual learning meme

text: Working moms who are trying to homeschool kids and work (day 1…day 5)

remote learning meme

text: day 4: I saw a parent scraping off the “terrific kid at…” sticker off their minivan.

remote learning meme

text: The whole country would be tested by midnight if chick-fil-a was running the drive thru testing centers


distance learning meme

text: schools: We’re shutting down. Keep your kids home.

Parents: Keep them in my house? Where I live?

distance learning meme

text: You get to homeschool! And you get to homeschool! Everybody gets to homeschool!

distance learning meme

text: Teachers trying to keep up with virtual teaching, parent emails, virtual department meetings, virtual school wide meetings, their own children and the coronavirus etc.

(in squeaky voice)

I’m fine.

distance learning meme

text: When someone asks me how virtual school is going.

I’ll tell you how I’m doing.

Not well, b&*%^!

distance learning meme

text: And just like that, homeschooling became mandatory.

distance learning meme

text: Teachers trying to start virtual teaching with no experience or prior training.

I am % certain that I am 0% sure of what I’m going to do.

text: When your husband is teaching chorus on zoom,

you are holding a google meet and your daughters are trying to get into seesaw and find painting supplies for a project…

distance learning meme

text: teachers: just log into zablezoot, scroll down to the zorkle app and have the kids work on the assignments sent through kracklezam or check the links posted in zumblekick.


virtual learning meme

text: parents in

“stop trying to make education happen”

distance learning meme

text: After teaching my kids for three days, just wanna know who to submit my retirement papers to.

text: Parents trying to figure out whether they should send their kids back to school or stick with remote learning.

distance learning meme

text: And just like that…

nobody ever asked why teachers need a fall break, spring break or the entire summer off again.

distance learning meme

text: Me in my kid’s daily zoom meeting trying to learn second grade math

distance learning meme

text: When a teacher is asked to reflect on their time during distance learning…

I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.

distance learning meme

text: Me teaching math to my kid during quarantine:

If Joe Exotic is in jail for 22 years and Doc Antle has 3 wives, how many gallons of sardine oil did Carole Baskin pour on her husband before she fed him to the tigers?


That’s it! Over 20 of the very best distance learning memes I could find!

My whole family laughs at these hilarious memes and I hope they bring you as much joy as they do us!

Well? Which one was your favorite?

Honestly, this was one of my favorite posts to research and write. There has been so much hardship during these last six months, but as always, it helps to look at the bright side.

Another way to look on the bright side of these strange times is with a new hobby! In that vein, I created a comprehensive list of hobbies (+) to help you make the most of these long days at home.

Namely, we are most definitely NOT ALONE!

From the looks of it, we are ALL looking for moments of levity amidst all the craziness of the last few months.

And I’m so glad we have funny online learning memes to help us find humor in these crazy times.

Do you have a distance learning or virtual learning meme you love?

What is your family’s plan for remote learning? I hope you have found something that works for your family!

Leave a link in the comments. We’d all love to see it!

Pinterest, google and reddit also has a lot of funny distance learning memes if you are looking for more laughs!

Thanks so much for reading all about our Distance Learning Memes {The Most Relatable Memes on Distance Learning and Virtual Learning}.

Have a lovely day!


18 memes about virtual school that parents need right now

We all hoped to leave the hot mess that was behind us and hang up our teacher hats in —because, let&#;s be honest, teachers are saints and we&#;re. not. worthy. Unfortunately, that hasn&#;t been the case for everyone. If your kids have been subjected to another round of distance learning and you think you might actually lose your mind, you&#;re not alone. Same goes if you&#;ve been coping by escaping to the bathroom to scroll through Instagram memes. Because if we don&#;t laugh, we&#;ll cry—in front of our kids&#; teachers, and all their classmates. Consider these virtual school memes your daily dose of pandemic self-preservation.

1. At least the little ones are entertaining?

2. Soooooo, you like stuff?

3. It&#;s not going to happen!

4. I just presented a work deck to my kid&#;s 2nd grade class. What day is it?

a meme about home schooling that has Mary Poppins looking chipper as Day 1 and Miss Hannigan holding a cocktail as Day 5 for a roundup of the best virtual learning memes


5. SOS!

6. A riddle: How many devices can one network sustain before mom smashes the router?

7. Remember when our only job was feeling guilty about their excessive screen time?

8. Relatable.

9. Off to a great start.

Top of the morning to you!


The square-root of 9 is red wine. 

We&#;re thriving over here.


Wait, what&#;s a fraction again?

I&#;m so good, thanks for asking.


Maybe they&#;ll be nicer if I make them call me Mrs. Mom&#;

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homeschool memes

We are sharing funny homeschool memes because now, a large majority of the United States schools are doing remote learning.

Mandatory Homeschool Meme

And while yes, remote learning differs from homeschooling – to us public schoolers this is literal home school!

Somewhere out there is a kid who brought home the class pet homeschool meme

Virtual Schooling

Virtual school is now regular school.

Years ago our kids did virtual school. We moved to an amazing school district so back to public school they went.

virtual learning mom meme

Now here we are in the midst of the Coronavirusquarantine and we are back to going to virtual school.

School Closed for the Year

The Texas schools here most likely will remain closed thru the end of the school year.

homeschool meme How is homeschool going - students suspended, teacher drinking, lunch lady quit

Like I’ve said since the beginning of this craziness, we have to keep our sense of humor and we are doing that thru funny memes.

First day of homeschool meme

Funny Homeschool Memes

So like all of the other hot news topics, we bring you the best funny homeschool memes. Laugh, enjoy and share – especially with your teacher friends!

Who is taking first day of homeschool photos - homeschool meme

You are not alone in this forced homeschool journey. View a map of all of the school closures.

This is History in the Making

We have to remember that this situation is history in the making. America is shutdown.

Someday our kids will have kids those kids will be bored and want to go somewhere. This is our kids

Thankfully our school district is great about helping us homeschool and virtual learn during this period of time. If not, my kids would be learning about the gang war because that’s the history I know.

Homeschool day 4 forget the war of , today we are learning about the east coast west coast war of Homeschool meme when mom teaches

I don’t know 4th grade math, but will survive with Khan Academy.

4th Grade Math and Science

Homeschool Recess

Homeschool recess may start at am. But that’s the beauty of no real schedule since mom is the teacher.


Mom Teaching Homeschool

Some of us never thought we would be homeschool teachers. Perception of mom teaching homeschool be like:

What homeschool moms are memes about homeschooling kids

Moms Be Tryin

Us moms are doing our best. You have to laugh and smile, even if your child calls you out.

Don’t miss our Teachers Be Like Memes!

Homeschool teacher is now hom - this is a child essay on how homeschool is going. Funny meme about homeschool mom

Parent Teacher Meme

Moms, if you need to have a parent teacher conference with yourself, do it.

Moms, if you need to have a parent teacher conference with yourself, do it.

Kids Not the Teachers or School

Oprah meme everybody gets homeschool

The Teachers were Right

These homeschool memes about kids behavior cracked me up!

if its not the teacher or the school - could it be your kids behavior? homeschool meme

While I am not saying that is never the teacher or the school who is at fault, because unfortunately it often is.


It is easy for us to jump and blame them when it could easily be our kids! Love my kids, but they aren’t always innocent.

Working Moms Trying to Homeschool

Alright working moms, these funny homeschool memes are for you. With schools closing – we are busier than ever.


There are many of us working mom who are trying to homeschool and work at the same time.

Me trying to work from home, homeschool meme about moms

Pray for us. We are doing all we can to juggle work, homeschool, kids, relationships, families – all while social distancing.

Funny homeschool meme about busy mom working and trying to homeschool during coronavirus quarantine

Teacher Appreciation Homeschool Memes

I know teachers do a lot. They don’t get paid enough.

Teacher Meme about Teacher Pay

But after this temporary homeschool virtual learning experience, they will be appreciated even more. And back to school memes will even be funnier next school year!

Teacher Appreciation Week Meme

Pray for teachers, even now. Teachers are having to adapt to distance learning and pivot with no warning.


Even More Funny Homeschool Memes

Here are more funny homeschool memes that I had to share.

School Supplies Meme

Pajamas all day long. I mean, those of us who work from home know this all too well.

 Yearbook Photo Homeschool Meme

Get creative with the homeschool classes! AP Chores is a great help to busy moms. Honors yard work will save you money on lawn care.

Creative Homeschool Classes Home Economics

Now that we are homeschooling and doing remote learning – the kids stealing food from the cafeteria – aka pantry, ALL DAY LONG. RATION KIDS, RATION!

Kids Stealing Food from CafeteriaHomeschool Meme

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

If you were thrown into homeschooling due to the school shut down, just do your best to remain sane.

Be Kind To Yourself Meme It's Okay

During this time, just know that it’s okay.

  • to not know how to homeschool your own child
  • to not know how to work from home
  • to give your child more screen time than usual
  • to make colorful daily schedules and wing it
  • to not magically feel motivated to work out or take on a new hobby and its okay to not feel okay.

This is not normal for any of us. Please be kind to yourself. You are doing great by just loving on your kids, protecting them at home during this time and staying well.

Sending all the love.

Share The Homeschool Memes!

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these homeschool memes bring a smile to your face. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our memes about homeschooling.

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Teeth. I rested my head against her closed teeth and held it for several minutes until she was tired of the forced grin and began to struggle. But she never opened her mouth.

Learning meme virtual

And he was her by the ears and dick. Gee-gee-gee. She started up again, apparently not fucking at all Well, let's go, stop smoking - Long shook his burnt fingers. - Her fingers are already burning.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

To kindergarten at the age of 3, as befits a real kid, since Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov, the elder daughters of the Sedovs, went to the lower grades of the school, and their mother, Sophia, who was tired of sitting at home with the children, went to work. Lesha usually took Vovochka from the kindergarten on time in the evenings, but this time he was delayed.

All the children had already been taken home, only Little Johnny was fiddling with a typewriter on the floor. Natasha, the kindergarten teacher, was not thrilled that one of the dads was late. Sorry.

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