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String® shelf system

How to configure the String shelving system

The String System shelving system offers a variety of individual configuration options. The system is based on wire ladders, which can be supplemented at will with shelves, cupboard elements, storage units, shelves and tables. Use this overview to find the right configuration for your home. About the products .

If you cannot find the version you are looking for please contact Customer Service who will be happy to help you.

  1. Ladders
  2. Shelves
  3. Cabinet modules
  4. Tables
  5. Filing
  6. Storage
  7. Outdoor

In addition to the System series, String offers the shelves Pocket , Works and Plex as well as practical accessories from the + series .

1. Ladders:

Floor ladder
The floor ladders made of steel wire form the basis for the String System and can be equipped with appropriate cabinet and shelf elements. The floor ladders can be extended as required depending on requirements and space. They are available in heights of 85 cm, 115 cm and 200 cm and a depth of 30 cm.

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. black | 2. grey | 3. beige | 4. white | 5. brown

Wall ladder
In contrast to the floor ladders, the wall ladders can be screwed to the wall at the desired height and thus offer even more flexibility in the design of the shelving system. The wall ladders are available in heights of 50 cm and 75 cm and depths 20 cm and 30 cm .

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. black | 2. grey | 3. beige | 4. white | 5. brown

2. Shelves:

The shelves can be inserted as desired between the wire conductors using the hooks on the sides and can be rearranged again and again in terms of height and distance without much effort. The shelves are made of MDF and veneer in various colours. The available widths are 58 cm and 78 cm, while the depth can be chosen between 20 cm and 30 cm .

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. walnut | 2. oak | 3. ash | 4. black ash stained | 5. beige | 6. grey | 7. white

Metal floor with low edge
In addition to the MDF shelves, metal shelves are also available from String. They have a perforated surface and can be supplemented with hooks , coat rails or bottle holders from the + series. The low-edge versions are available in widths of 58 cm and 78 cm and depths of 20 cm and 30 cm.

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. black | 2. grey | 3. white | 4. beige

Metal shelf with high edge
In addition to the metal floors with a low edge, the floors are also available with a high front edge, behind which small details are not immediately visible at first glance. This variant can also be combined with elements of the + series and is available in depths of 20 cm and 30 cm.

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. black | 2. grey | 3. white | 4. beige

3. Cabinet modules:

Cabinet module with sliding doors
For all those who want some storage space, the cabinet module with sliding doors . It discreetly conceals objects that should not be immediately visible. The module is available in two different heights for ladders with a depth of 20 cm and 30 cm.

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. walnut | 2. oak | 3. ash | 4. black ash stained | 5. grey | 6. beige | 7. white

Cabinet module with mirrored sliding doors
The cabinet module with mirrored sliding doors can be used especially in the bathroom. It is only suitable for ladders with a depth of 20 cm.

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. white | 2. grey | 3. beige

Showcase cabinet with sliding doors in glass
If you want to showcase good glasses or crockery on the String shelf, we recommend the showcase cabinet with sliding glass doors , which allows a view of the inside of the cabinet module. The showcase cabinet is suitable for ladders with a depth of 30 cm.

String - Manufacturer's series - Shelf system

1. walnut | 2. oak | 3. ash | 4. black ash stained | beige | grey | white

Cabinet module with drawers
In addition to cabinet modules with sliding doors, String also offers elements with two drawers, in which small items of all kinds can be stored. The drawer modules can be combined with 30 cm deep ladders and are available in two different widths.

walnut | oak | ash | black ash stained | beige | grey | white

Cabinet module with shelves
If you want to store files, clothes or larger objects, the cabinet module with shelves is suitable for this purpose. It has two doors with handles and two shelves which can be inserted at the desired height as required. The cabinet module is only suitable for ladders with a depth of 30 cm.

oak | ash | white


With the worktop, the String shelving unit becomes a flexible workplace in the kitchen or office. In just a few steps, the worktop can be hung in wall and floor ladders with a depth of 30 cm and the shelf becomes a desk.

walnut | oak | ash | black ash stained | beige | grey | white

Folding table
Especially in small apartments with little space the folding table from String can be used, which offers space for 2-3 persons. Folded in, it leaves a surface with a shelf of 30 cm. While the top is made of lacquered or veneered MDF, the legs are made of lacquered steel. The folding table can be used between ladders with a depth of 30 cm.

walnut / white | walnut / black | oak / white | ash / white | black / ash stained / black | grey / grey | white / white | beige / beige


Magazine shelf (wood)
Magazines and books can be stylishly presented in the diagonally mounted magazine rack . The shelf is made of lacquered or veneered MDF and is suitable for ladders with a depth of 30 cm.

walnut | oak | ash | black ash stained | beige | grey | white

Magazine rack (wire)
The magazine rack made of wire brings lightness to the shelf and, just like the wooden magazine rack, focuses on books and newspapers. The magazine rack made of wire in ladders with a depth of 30 cm can be used.

black | grey | beige | white

Shoe rack
If you want to use the String System in the entrance area, the shoe rack is a practical addition. It is made of steel, has a perforated surface and is hung diagonally in ladders with a depth of 30 cm.

black | grey | white | beige


Storage insert
The storage insert for the String System offers space for small items in three compartments and can even be planted. It is made of ABS plastic and can simply be hung between ladders with a depth of 30 cm instead of a classic shelf.


Storage insert (felt)
The storage insert made of felt with its three compartments helps to create order and at the same time serves as a light sound insulation. The insert is available in three different colours and can be combined with 30 cm deep ladders.

beige | anthracite | light grey


With Outdoor elements made of weatherproof, galvanized steel, String is taking the step outside for its 70th birthday, so that terraces and balconies can also be stylishly organized. The floor ladders are available with a depth of 30 cm, while wall ladders are available in depths of between 20 cm and 30 cm. The shelves are perforated to allow rainwater to drain away easily. The shelves are available with a high (7 cm) or low (2 cm) edge.

Find out HERE more about the outdoor version and the 70th anniversary of String.

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Bathroom Furniture And Storage

Bathroom Storage Furniture

Here at Dunelm, we understand the importance of a tidy space when it comes to maintaining a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom . After all, when you’re relaxing after a long day, who wants to spend time in clutter?. With this in mind, we offer an extensive range of fixed and free standing bathroom storage furniture including bathroom cabinets, bathroom drawers, and bathroom storage units to help keep your essentials organised and your surfaces clear.

Tuck your lotions and potions out of sight with our range of wooden bathroom cabinets and bathroom drawers. Whilst our plain wood cabinets will bring a touch of charm to your home, our white free standing bathroom cabinets benefit from a fresh painted finish that will blend unobtrusively with most decors. Some of our most popular bathroom storage units come in natural wood, white, and grey.

Our mirrored cabinets also double as a handy reflective surface in which to check your appearance as you brush your hair or wash your face, making the most from your bathroom storage. A corner bathroom storage unit or cabinet can work well in smaller bathrooms, and a narrow storage cabinet is equally effective when space is at a premium.

When it comes to bathroom towel storage, our bathroom drawers offer the perfect space for folded towels, keeping them close at hand for immediate use. For a rustic twist, our wicker drawers will make a stylish statement whilst also providing room for fresh towels and a variety of other bathroom products. For smaller bathrooms, our tall and slim bathroom storage units units present a useful storage solution without taking up excessive amounts of space.

For a small toilet or shower room, you’ll need something a bit more compact, that’s why we also stock a range of small bathroom storage units as well as under sink storage and vanity units. Don’t forget to check out our range of hooks, caddies and accessories too!

Browse our full range to find beautiful bathroom furniture to suit you and your home.


White shelf small floor

Shelving units, bookcases & storage options

Organize your space with shelving units for every room

Whatever your storage needs, there’s a KALLAX shelving unit to help you stay organized and keep the little ones safe too (it’s child approved). Use it freestanding, wall-mounted or as a room divider. Try combining with drawers, shelves, doors or boxes for simple storage that adapts to your every wish.

See the KALLAX series
A living room with a room-dividing, white KALLAX shelving unit and a white HEMNES day-bed beside it.
A white shelving unit with doors, potted plants, white storage boxes with lids, white magazine files, children’s books.

Browse coordinated storage furniture


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✅ IKEA Lack shelf no drilling no nails on wall

Flysta is not kallaxTAMGood shelving but squares not as large as kallax/expedit4

Perfect for my comic bookNicholasPerfect for my comic book collection!!5

Perfect for dormKarlaEasy set up and perfect for dorm. Tv sits on top and great storage with separately purchased storage boxes.5

Great Cubby for My daughter"s DormKelleyGreat Storage Cubby for my daughter5

flysta book caseKATHERINEPerfect for storage I laid it on it's side inside closet using as extra storage5

very good system for dispayingVieravery good system for dispaying small things.5

Perfect!JuliaIt fits my closet space and makes everything neat, organized and accessible.5

Perfect FitJAMESWe bought Flysta for the laundry room in our new house. It was the only shelf unit that I could find that was the exact width of the space that we had.5

Great pantry storageLynnWe are very happy with the Flysta set of cubicles. It was extremely easy to assemble and is just the right size to hold storage bins that can be filled with all sorts of food, cleaning products and storage items.5

Beautiful PieceMayraIt's a nice and sturdy piece, great for what I need5

Perfect price and functionBRESKAVery pleased . Found bins to fit it perfectly. Very pleased .5

Perfect addition to my closet!CathyPerfect addition to my closet!5

Fine for what it isGianniIt is exactly what you’d expect from IKEA. It isn’t a beautiful piece fit for a palace but it gets the job done. Sturdy enough for a simple bookcase. Easy assembly.4

Nice shelfSergii K.I bought it to keep my photography equipment. And so far I love it. It was easy to assemble. Plus it's mounted to the wall so I don't have to worry that it will tip over.5

It’s like a mini KallaxDebraI didn’t have room for a Kallax, so I opted for the Flysta, which I did have room for. I opted for the IKEA brands because they are easier to put together and just look better than put-together bought elsewhere.5

Simple and perfect!GINAWe bought this to use as a bookshelf in a small bedroom. Easy to put together, sturdy and comes with wall mounts to keep it from from falling over. Love it!5

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Easy set up and looks goodtamekaVery simple to put together and looks nice5

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Very durable and easy toTeressaVery durable and easy to put together5


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