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[ kon-fi-duhns ]

/ ˈkɒn fɪ dəns /

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full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing: We have every confidence in their ability to succeed.

belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance: His lack of confidence defeated him.

certitude; assurance: He described the situation with such confidence that the audience believed him completely.

a secret that is confided or imparted trustfully: The friends exchanged many confidences over the years.

(especially in European politics) the wish to retain an incumbent government in office, as shown by a vote in a particular issue: a vote of confidence.

presumption; impudence: Her disdainful look crushed the confidence of the brash young man.

Archaic. something that gives confidence; ground of trust.



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Idioms about confidence

    in confidence, as a secret or private matter, not to be divulged or communicated to others; with belief in a person's sense of discretion: I told him in confidence.

Origin of confidence

–; Middle English (<Middle French ) <Latin confīdentia.See confide, -ence

synonym study for confidence

1. See trust. 2. Confidence,assurance both imply a faith in oneself. Confidence may imply trust in oneself or arrogant self-conceit. Assurance implies even more sureness of oneself; this may be shown as undisturbed calm or as offensive boastfulness.



Words nearby confidence

confessor, confetti, confidant, confidante, confide, confidence, confidence game, confidence interval, confidence level, confidence limits, confidence man Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc.

Words related to confidence

certainty, poise, morale, courage, determination, tenacity, spirit, assurance, faith, trust, hope, resoluteness, heart, self-possession, nerve, dash, élan, sureness, grit, presumption

How to use confidence in a sentence

  • Put your foot down, and the car plows forward with the confidence of internal combustion.

    Polestar 1 Review: A hybrid grand tourer worthy of its $, price|Matt Burns|August 10, |TechCrunch

  • Men, on the other hand, generally tend not to suffer such qualms and, as a result, seem more willing to aspire to challenging positions, with the hope and confidence that they will grow into the job.

    Why every woman should learn the rule of thirds|Nandita Bakhshi|August 6, |Quartz

  • He was alternately starting and coming off the bench, and whether it was his role or his confidence or something else entirely, things just … weren’t clicking.

    Lonzo Ball Makes His Teammates Better — And Zion Makes Lonzo Better|Jared Dubin|August 6, |FiveThirtyEight

  • If their confidence wavers, they’ll pull their money out and stop using the bank.

    ‘Lights Out’: A new book investigates how and when things fell apart at General Electric|Rachel King|July 21, |Fortune

  • As confidence in government decays because of mismanaged pandemic responses, trust will likely shift to the local level.

    Beyond covid lies a new normal—and new opportunities|Jason Sparapani|June 30, |MIT Technology Review

  • But locals there say any money deposited is thrown into an unlocked cupboard behind the tellers, hardly inspiring confidence.

    ISIS’s Futile Quest to Go Legit|Jamie Dettmer|January 5, |DAILY BEAST

  • For his part, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has expressed his “full confidence” in Representative Scalise.

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright Was Worse Than Scalise|Ron Christie|January 2, |DAILY BEAST

  • What designer West lacks in productivity, he more than makes up for in pure, unadulterated confidence and blind anger.

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Balmain Campaign: High Fashion Meets Low Culture|Amy Zimmerman|December 23, |DAILY BEAST

  • The FARC has a long way to go to win the confidence of the Colombian people.

    Did The U.S.-Cuba Deal Help Drive A Rebel Ceasefire in Colombia?|Richard McColl|December 18, |DAILY BEAST

  • Mailer would argue, for example, that timidity does more harm to the novelist than donning a mask of extreme self-confidence.

    Mailer’s Letters Pack a Punch and a Surprising Degree of Sweetness|Ronald K. Fried|December 14, |DAILY BEAST

  • With childlike confidence he follows the advice of some more or less honest dealer.

    The Pit Town Coronet, Volume I (of 3)|Charles James Wills

  • We have been in the profession some years, Mr. Pickwick, and have been honoured with the confidence of many excellent clients.

    The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. 2(of 2)|Charles Dickens

  • She embraced Otteline; and gave him her hand to kiss, with repeated expressions of future confidence in the husband of her friend.

    The Pastor's Fire-side Vol. 3 of 4|Jane Porter

  • Her work is full of life and strength, and her touch shows her confidence in herself and her technical knowledge.

    Women in the fine arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D.|Clara Erskine Clement

  • Not more than one adult worker in ten—so at least it might with confidence be estimated—is employed on necessary things.

    The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice|Stephen Leacock

British Dictionary definitions for confidence



a feeling of trust in a person or thingI have confidence in his abilities

belief in one's own abilities; self-assurance

trust or a trustful relationshiptake me into your confidence

something confided or entrusted; secret

in confidenceas a secret

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Other Idioms and Phrases with confidence

In addition to the idiom beginning with confidence

also see:

  • in confidence
  • take into one's confidence

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antonyms for confident


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What are other ways to say confident?

The adjective confident emphasizes the strength of the belief or the certainty of expectation felt. Positive implies emphatic certainty, which may even become overconfidence or dogmatism.Certain suggests that there are definite reasons that have freed one from doubt. Sure, the simplest and most general term, expresses mere absence of doubt. 


How to use confident in a sentence

Things looked anxious for a bit, but by this morning's dawn all are dug in, cool, confident.




adjectivebrazen, insolent


adjectivebrazen, insolent

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"Oh, sir, I will indeed be worthy of the confidencethat you have shown in me!" Her eyes moistened; her variable color came and went; her dress heaved softly over the lovely outline of her bosom.

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"She shall prove herself worthy of your generous confidencein her.

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And this brings me to a point on which I have, ever since I landed in the United States last November, observed a strict silence, though sometimes tempted to break it, but in reference to which I will, with your good leave, take you into my confidencenow.

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Lightwood replies that he was consulted certainly, but could give no opinion which would pay off the Bill of Sale, and therefore violates no confidence in supposing that it came of their living beyond their means.

'Waiting?' says Eugene over his shoulder, in confidence, with the Analytical.

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There is an excess of refinement in the idea of disabling the people to continue in office men who had entitled themselves, in their opinion, to approbation and confidence; the advantages of which are at best speculative and equivocal, and are overbalanced by disadvantages far more certain and decisive.

These considerations, and the influence of personal confidences and attachments, would be likely to induce every new President to promote a change of men to fill the subordinate stations; and these causes together could not fail to occasion a disgraceful and ruinous mutability in the administration of the government.

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All his sanguine expectations, all his confidence had been justified.

how eloquent, at least, were her wishes on the side of early warm attachment, and a cheerful confidence in futurity, against that over-anxious caution which seems to insult exertion and distrust Providence!

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"Is it the immediate object of this confidence, that you may at once ascertain that, with my knowledge?"

"It is, that if Miss Manette should bring to you at any time, on her own part, such a confidence as I have ventured to lay before you, you will bear testimony to what I have said, and to your belief in it.

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Although Mrs Nickleby had been made acquainted by her son and daughter with every circumstance of Madeline Bray's history which was known to them; although the responsible situation in which Nicholas stood had been carefully explained to her, and she had been prepared, even for the possible contingency of having to receive the young lady in her own house, improbable as such a result had appeared only a few minutes before it came about, still, Mrs Nickleby, from the moment when this confidence was first reposed in her, late on the previous evening, had remained in an unsatisfactory and profoundly mystified state, from which no explanations or arguments could relieve her, and which every fresh soliloquy and reflection only aggravated more and more.

These were proud times for Mrs Nickleby; never was anybody half so discreet and sage as she, or half so mysterious withal; and never were there such cunning generalship, and such unfathomable designs, as she brought to bear upon Mr Frank, with the view of ascertaining whether her suspicions were well founded: and if so, of tantalising him into taking her into his confidence and throwing himself upon her merciful consideration.

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"I very soon took my old friend into my confidence. He introduced me to her family, and gave me the countenance of his honorable character.

So the young girl's parents received me as their future son-in-law without, as yet, taking their friends into their confidence.

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Synonyms of confidence in English:


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1‘I have little confidence in these figures’


trust, belief, faith, credence, conviction

reliance, dependence


distrust, scepticism

2‘she's brimming with confidence’


self-assurance, self-confidence, self-reliance, belief in oneself, faith in oneself, positiveness, assertiveness, self-possession, nerve, poise, aplomb, presence of mind, phlegm, level-headedness, cool-headedness, firmness, courage, boldness, mettle, fortitude


doubt, uncertainty

3‘the girls exchanged confidences about their parents’


secret, private affair, confidential matter, confidentiality, intimacy


Confidence synonyms for

See also synonyms for: confidences

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How to use confidence in a sentence

Men, on the other hand, generally tend not to suffer such qualms and, as a result, seem more willing to aspire to challenging positions, with the hope and confidence that they will grow into the job.


The level of confidence in their understanding of issues, which participants were asked to report at the start of the experiment, was drastically reduced after they tried, and failed, to demonstrate their understanding.




nounputting regard in as true


nounputting regard in as true


nounimpulsiveness; nerve

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Why You Don't Feel Confident When You Speak English

Frequently Asked Questions About confidence

How is the word confidence distinct from other similar nouns?

Some common synonyms of confidence are aplomb, assurance, and self-possession. While all these words mean "a state of mind or a manner marked by easy coolness and freedom from uncertainty, diffidence, or embarrassment," confidence stresses faith in oneself and one's powers without any suggestion of conceit or arrogance.

the confidence that comes from long experience

In what contexts can aplomb take the place of confidence?

While in some cases nearly identical to confidence, aplomb implies a manifest self-possession in trying or challenging situations.

handled the reporters with great aplomb

When could assurance be used to replace confidence?

The words assurance and confidence are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, assurance carries a stronger implication of certainty and may suggest arrogance or lack of objectivity in assessing one's own powers.

handled the cross-examination with complete assurance

When might self-possession be a better fit than confidence?

The words self-possession and confidence can be used in similar contexts, but self-possession implies an ease or coolness under stress that reflects perfect self-control and command of one's powers.

answered the insolent question with complete self-possession


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Confidence synonyms


Trust, dependence, or confidence


Reliance on something in the future; hope:


The definition of assurance is an affirmation and commitment.


The state of being certain or convinced of something; complete assurance; confidence:


Self-confidence is a person's belief or trust in their own ability.


The attitude of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it; quality of being fearless or brave; valor

faith in oneself


The quality of being established as true:


Morale is the general mood of a person and whether he is confident, motivated and willing to perform tasks.


Carriage; bearing, as of the body or head


Faith, esp. religious faith


The definition of optimistic is a feeling or attitude of being positive or hopeful about the future.


Power assigned to another; authorization:


The definition of a conviction is someone being found guilty of a crime or having a strong belief in something.


The ascertaining or fixing of the quantity, quality, position, or character of something:


A certain indefinite number; certain ones (of)


The quality or state of being diffident; timidity or shyness.


Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage.

privileged communication

A communication made under certain circumstances, as in a legislative proceeding, such that it is not actionable as slander or libel


The definition of a secret is something kept from public knowledge or the knowledge of a specific person.


The definition of peremptory is demanding people do things your way and do them now or a final judgment or decision, especially one made by a court.


The definition of unabashed is a confident person, or someone who is not embarrassed, or something that is not concealed.


(Music) Brilliant technique or style in performance.


(Eccles.) A small table at the side of the altar for the bread, wine, etc. used in the Eucharistic service


(Uncountable, US) A person's credit rating or creditworthiness, as represented by their history of borrowing and repayment (non payment).


Reliance (on another) for support or aid


(Countable) An act of insolent and shameless audacity.


A playing card of the suit hearts featuring one or more heart-shaped symbols.


A short, personal communication placed as in a newspaper


The quality or state of being positive; certainty; assurance


​(uncountable) A strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat.


Apprehension is defined as when you are nervous and scared about something or about what might happen.


The greatest longitudinalstress a substance can bear without tearingasunder, - usually expressed with reference to a unit area of the cross section of the substance, as the number of pounds per square inch, or kilograms per square centimeter, necessary to produce rupture.


(Informal) The quality of being cocky


The act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner; that species of pride which consists in exorbitant claims of rank, dignity, estimation, or power, or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree; proud contempt of others; lordliness; haughtiness; self-assumption; presumption.


An animal's heart, liver, lungs, and windpipe, used for food


Spirited quality; vigor; verve


A cool place, time, thing, part, etc.


The definition of confident is to be certain about something or feeling sure of yourself and your abilities.


A ground or reason for presuming; evidence that points to the probability of something


A pervasive or essential attitude, quality, or principle:

tour de force

A feat requiring great virtuosity or strength, often deliberately undertaken for its difficulty:


(Obs.) Apprehension or fear


Distrust is defined as a lack of trust or confidence.


Confidence in oneself, or in one's own ability, talent, etc.


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