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Notice:Jess, please grant us the gift of the official skins from your series of Minecraft Diaries, Mystreet, and other.

This page is for official skins from Jess' roleplays.

Please do NOT contribute if:

  • You are unaware of a skins authenticity.
  • Found this skin online.
  • Are pretty much not Jess or Jason (or anyone with access to the exact skins used in the roleplays)

Official Skins[]

Hey guys! This is the real Aphmau (Jess

Thank You Jess!

Official Skins Minecraft Diaries Season 1[]



-S1- Cadenza


-S1- Garroth Unmasked


-S1- Kawaii-Chan


-S1- Katelyn


-S1- Jeffory


-S1- Laurance After Nether


-S1- Lucinda


-S1- Malachi

Ghost Malachi

-S1- Nicole


-S1- Sasha


-S1- Zane




A lot of skins from season 1 of Minecraft Diaries can be found in the Minecraft Comes Alive mod. The list of the characters who had skins from that mod can be found below:

  • Kiki
  • Kenmur
  • Emma
  • Merida
  • Donna
  • Molly
Sours: https://aphmau.fandom.com/wiki/Skins

Aphmau Skins App for Minecraft PE

Aphmau Skins App for Minecraft PE
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Aphmau is one of the most popular Minecraft streamers on YouTube, hosting over 10 million subscribers to her YouTube Channel. Most fans are drawn to her positive and upbeat attitude and always-happy-sounding voice. Some players are so fond of her, they want to use her Minecraft skin! Luckily, we have found the skin template needed to install on your Minecraft client so you can play as the famous YouTuber. You can download and install it with the instructions below.

Aphmau's Skin

The image file below is the skin that Aphmau currently uses. To download it for use in your Minecraft client, start by right-clicking it and selecting Save Image File.

Aphmau's skin in Minecraft template.

How to Install

Installing a skin in Minecraft is now easier than ever. However, it is important to note that this will only work on the Java Version of Minecraft. At the moment, there is no way to install custom skins in the Bedrock Edition. When you're read to install the skin, use the image and follow the instructions below. The instructions are color-coded for simplicity.

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  • Step One (Yellow Arrow): In the Minecraft Client, click on the Skins tab to navigate to it.
  • Step Two (Red Arrow): In the Skins tab, click New Skin to open the page where you can import a new skin.
  • Step Three (Blue Arrow): In the New Skin page, click Browse to open the file explorer.
  • Step Four (Green Arrow): In the file explorer, navigate to the folder that contains the skin file (usually in your Download folder) and double-click it to select it.

Once you've done that, click Save & Use to finish importing it to your game and use it as your skin!

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Sours: https://progameguides.com/minecraft/aphmaus-minecraft-skin-template/

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Skin aphmau minecraft

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