Christmas school door ideas

Christmas school door ideas DEFAULT

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the classroom is so delightful! And in 2020, we all need an extra strong dose of delightful, don’t you think? If you’re teaching in-person, this is definitely the year to go all out with your winter or holiday classroom doors. Distance learning keeping you apart? Mark your favorites for next year, and know that no matter what, your students still know how much you care. Now, get ready to get inspired!

1. Poster Frame Inspiration

All three of these winter and holiday classroom doors are easy to make, using a poster frame as a cool 3-D element. Check out our video walk-through to learn how it’s done.

2. Sweet Snow Globes

Winter Classroom Doors Lessons With Laughter1

Use clear plastic plates to make personalized snow globes for your door. Then have students use them as inspiration for a writing assignment: “The Day I Spent In A Snow Globe.”

Source:Lessons With Laughter

3. 3-D Tree

The terrific thing about winter classroom doors like this one is the versatility. Getting ready for Christmas? Add decorations and some presents underneath. Settling into the winter months? Go with snowflakes and maybe add a winter bird or two.

Source:Conversations in Literacy

4. Swingin’ Snowman

Winter Classroom Doors Abigail Pinterest

This cheery snowman is simple enough for any teacher to create. Make this door last beyond the holidays by substituting a swing of pine branches for the lights!


5. Snow Bird

Winter Classroom Doors Christina Pickrell Pinterest

Show off the wide variety of learning that’s going on in your classroom with this winter door idea that will last all season long.

Source:Christina Pickrell/Pinterest

6. Fa La La La Llama

Winter Classroom Doors Haning With Mrs Hulsey

Lllamas are suddenly everywhere these days, so why not add one to your classroom door? This one is cute as a button!

Source:Hanging With Mrs. Hulsey/Instagram

7. Penguin Stacking

Winter Classroom Doors Amy Clark Pinterest

Penguins are always a welcome sight for kids, so they’re the perfect choice for winter and holiday classroom doors. Have kids help you make and personalize them.

Source:Amy Clark/Pinterest

8. Oh Deer!

Winter Classroom Doors Rebecca Foster Pinterest

Uh oh! This deer is having a little trouble, but we bet he’ll make kids laugh anyway!

Source:Rebecca Foster/Pinterest

9. Perky Penguin

Here’s another penguin, and one that’s actually pretty simple to create with big sheets of butcher paper. The 3-D beak is a nice touch.

Source:Art With Mrs. Nguyen

10. Gone To The Beach

Even Santa needs a day off now and then! We love the detail of real seashells along the bottom of this door.

Source:Teacher’s Brain Blog

11. Mele Kalikimaka

Like the tropical take? Give your door a Hawaiian spin with a palm tree instead of a pine.

Source:Mrs. Geiger’s Third Grade Class

12. Take A S-Elfie

Turn your door into an interactive photo spot. Every kid in school will want their own elfie selfie!

Source:Lucky Little Learners

13. Rudolph In The Dark

Winter Classroom Doors Creativity is Contagious

Need a simple door with big impact? This one is sure to get a chuckle out of everyone passing by.

Source:Creativity Is Contagious

14. Out Of This World

A snowman made out of planets? This is one of the cleverest holiday classroom door ideas we’ve seen yet!

Source:Carole White/Pinterest

15. Science of Snow

Science teachers will love this option. Not only is it pretty, it’s educational too.

Source:Stephanie Massey/Pinterest

16. O Chemis-tree

One more for the science lovers! This is an easy door to put together, but the pun makes it a real winner.


17. Appy Holidays

Winter Classroom Doors Art Shayna Marissa Pinterest

Line your door with black butcher paper, then let your students have fun coming up with “apps” for this techno-savvy idea.

Source:Shayna Marissa/Pinterest

18. Singing Reindeer

We’re not sure, but we have a feeling this reindeer might be singing a bit out of tune. His heart’s in the right place, though!

Source:Bryanna Michel/Pinterest

19. Handprint Tree

This tree has a couple of cool personal touches. Kids’ handprints cut from construction paper make up the fir needles, plus each ornament is decorated with a photo of a student!

Source:Apex Elementary Art

20. Spread Christmas Cheer

Help Buddy the Elf get the word out: singing is a sure way to spread holiday cheer!

Source:Jennie Knight/Pinterest

21. The Nutcracker

Read kids the story of the The Nutcracker, or show a video of the ballet, to help them understand why these figures are a symbol of the holidays.

Source:Rewa Blackstar/Pinterest

22. Reindeer Stable

Winter Classroom Doors Apex Elementary Art

Pssst… we don’t think these reindeer are entirely honest! They’re pretty adorable, though.

Source:Apex Elementary Art

23. Worth Melting For

Winter Classroom Doors Lauren Martinez Pinterest

Olaf is here to spread holiday cheer! Oh, and he also likes warm hugs.

Source:Lauren Martinez/Pinterest

24. Not Such a Bad Little Door

What would Christmas be without the Peanuts characters? The holiday classic is full of timeless messages that kids of all ages can appreciate.


25. Snoopy’s Christmas

Here’s another Peanuts-inspired door, this one featuring Snoopy’s award-winning doghouse decorations!

Source:Fouke Elementary School via Facebook

26. Warm up with a Latte

Winter classroom doors aren’t just for the elementary crowd. This one would be a big hit with middle school and high school students.

Source:Amanda Davis/Pinterest

27. Elves At Work

Show off all your little elves by putting their faces on your classroom door. The “Elves Ahead” sign is optional… but awesome.

Source:Teacher’s Brain Blog

28. The Grinch

The Grinch is beloved, and for good reason. This simple door shares one of the best sentiments of all.

Source: Mrs. Orman’s Classroom

29. Gingerbread House

Winter Classroom Doors Lucky Little Learners 2

Why stop at the door when you can create a whole house? This idea is actually pretty easy to pull off, once you get your hands on some big sheets of butcher paper.

Source:Lucky Little Learners

30. Walk-In Snow Globe

We love winter and holiday classroom doors that have larger-than-life designs. It make it feel like you’re stepping into a storybook!

Source:Jessica Newton/Pinterest

31. Crazy Snowmen

Your kids will have so much fun showing off their personalities with this wintertime door full of unique snowman faces.

Source:Apex Elementary Art

32. The Polar Express

Winter Classroom Doors Mrs Ormans Class

Wow! We’re not saying you necessarily need to go all out with your door, but The Polar Express is always a good place to start.

Source:Mrs. Orman’s Class

33. Plastic Cup Snowman

Winter Classroom Doors Janice McCarthy Pinterest-001

These plastic cup snowmen are easier to create than you might think. (Watch a how-to video here.) The addition of lights to this one really sets it apart.

Source:Janice McCarthy/Pinterest

34. The Ugly Sweater

Get in on the ugly holiday sweater trend by turning it into classroom door décor. The more bling, the better!

Source:Jennifer Guariniello Brewer/Pinterest

35. Home Alone

Ahhhhh! We’re loving this ode to Home Alone, one of everyone’s favorite holiday movies.

Source:Lindsey Engler/Pinterest

36. Penguin Heads

This is another great idea for featuring your students! Just put their faces on the penguin heads.

Source:Katie Smith-I Want To Be A Super Teacher/Pinterest

37. Gingerbread Men

Winter Classroom Doors Apex Elementary Art 2

A roll of aluminum turns your classroom door into a baking pan. Have your kiddos design their own gingerbread people!

Source:Apex Elementary Art

38. Elf on the Shelf

Oh, that sneaky Elf On The Shelf! You never know where he’s going to show up next.

Source:Jessica ‘Mueggenborg’ McCollough/Pinterest

39. Peeking Polar Bear

Turn a photo frame into a window for an happy polar bear to peek through! Then add your students’ names on snowballs below.

Source:Tara Lynn/Pinterest

40. Winter Kindness

It’s also always a good time to promote kindness in your classroom. This door design will last until spring flowers start to bloom.

Source:Gardening Mom

41. Snow Much Fun

Winter Classroom Doors Smalltown Teaching Instagram

Simple but effective, don’t you think? Have your students make their own snowflakes for a hands-on activity.


42. Igloo and Bubbles

Why yes, that is a polar bear blowing bubbles and take-out containers turned into an igloo!

Source:Violeta Elquemastemole/Pinterest

43. Fleece Navidad

Cuddly little lambs wish “ewe” a happy holiday season. Such a charming idea!


44. Hippopotamus for Christmas

Only a hippopotamus will do! Be warned, though: This song will get stuck in your head.

Source:Marci Walbourn/Pinterest

45. Triple Dog Dare

As A Christmas Story taught us, no one turns down a triple dog dare… even when they really should. Poor Flip!

Source:Rachel R/Pinterest

Looking for more ideas? Check out 14 Ways To Brighten Your Classroom During The Dreary Winter Months.

Plus, 22 Winter Crafts That We Want To Try Right Now.

45 Heartwarming Classroom Doors for Winter and the Holidays



Impressive Holiday Door Decorations (30 Unusual Ideas)

Decorating the front door for Christmas Holidays in winter is great fun and popular. I am sharing some very unique and best ideas for Holiday door decorations that are impressive and unusual. These ideas include classroom door, front door/ entryway, office door, outdoor and more DIY projects that are crafty.


Christmas is right around the corner, and today I have planned on helping you out in creating a warm welcome for your family and friends, and especially Santa for Christmas this year. The idea is to express your joy by decorating your Christmas doors with bright and warm colors to attract as many blessings as possible. The Holiday Door images mostly explain themselves but I will guide you through the basics. These ideas are theme based and are fun to do with kids at school as well as home. Kids are super excited to show their creative side in Christmas, and these impressive Holiday door decorations are just right for that energy for entrance and kid’s bedroom doors.


Holiday Door Decorations


Holiday door decorations




Santa Door Decoration

Make a Santa Door out of paper cutouts. So easy and cute!


Santa door decoration


Night Before Christmas Door

Background: Use Black craft paper to cover the entire door. Draw trees, buildings, moon and stars and Santa’s sleigh on different colored craft papers to create a scene and use cotton balls for snow.

via Bridgeforth Middle School


christmas night door


Holiday Door Decoration

Gorgeous door decoration ideas that will make a statement via Michaels.


Holiday door decoration


Santa in Christmas Door Decor

Cover the upper half with white craft paper. Use a brick design wall paper or a wrapping paper to form the smoke chamber/ chimney. Use felt, crepe paper and fabric to create stockings, fireplace and Santa’s pant and boots.


santa in chimney christmas door


Elf the Selfie Funny Door Decoration

A fun idea for photo lovers.


Elf door decoration


Pete the Cat Holiday Door

This is fun to create with kids who love “Pete the Cat” books.


Pete the cat holidays


Santa Elf Christmas Door

Since Santa was busy so the kids decided to dress up the elf as Santa for their Holiday door decoration. The materials that you require are; off white craft paper for the face, red craft paper for the body, hat, stripes on the tights and shoes, green craft paper for the stripes on the tights and to cover the door for the background, Cotton for the hat, buttons on the shirt and belt and shoes, Black craft paper for the belt, a black marker to outline everything and to draw the details on the face and glue to stick everything in its place after drawing and cutting.


santa cum elf christmas door


Snoopy Winter Door Decoration

Another fun door decoration project that involves paper, sharpies and cutouts with glitter for shine to finish it off.


Snoopy winter door decoration


Santa’s Workshop Holiday Door

A creative door made with puffy paints and acrylic paints on a craft paper on the door.

via Cottonwood Chronicles


Santa's workshop


Twin Ginger Bread House Door

If the kids have their room side by side or whether your’re spending Christmas this year with your neighbors, this project is a blast. You will need lots of brown paper to create the house and use toilet paper roll, wrapping paper roll or bamboo sticks to create candy cane with red ribbon. And make candies out of jar lids. Wreaths with a bow are a simple addition, easily available at dollar store.


Twin ginger bread house christmas door


Santa’s Factory Door

For the background use full scape brown craft paper to cover the door the side walls and the roof. Use styro foam to make the triangle part of the roof. Color the paper plates and then stick them or you can pin them on the styro foam. Use white craft paper to make the frame of the window and pink craft paper to make the curtains. Use white card paper to make the snowy borders and fill the walls with details like ginger bread man and twirl candies or candy canes and wreaths.


santa's factory christmas door


Gingerbread House Door 2

Another creative take on the gingerbread man.


ginger bread house christmas door


Brown craft paper for the door and the wall. White and Purple grease paper for the roof. Cut the twirls from a wrapping paper. The sticks on the sides of the door can be made from tissue paper roll or bamboo sticks wrapped up in a striped wrapping paper. Yellow craft paper for the windows and black craft paper for the frame of the window. Stuff a transparent polythene bag with pink crepe paper and fix a stick inside it and stick it on the wall. Use green craft paper to make the wreaths and the tree and red craft paper to make the bows. Red and white craft paper can be used to make the gloves.


ginger bread house christmas door


Snowman Globe Christmas Door


snowman globe chistmas door


Snowman Doors

Here’s a fun way to make a snow man without using snow for your Holiday door decoration this year. Gather up all the kids for this fun and exciting activity at Cupped Snowman door.  You can also have everyone make a snowman face to create a snowman door.


snowman door decoration


Holiday Door Snowman

Holiday door snowman is an easy and interesting way to express the season greetings. Just follow the instructions in the video and i bet it’ll be a peace of cake to liven up your Christmas party. This idea is furniture friendly and it can be undone without any harm to your door.


Christmas door snow man


Upside Down Reindeer Door

Pink craft paper to cover the background. Draw a flying rein deer on a brown card paper just like in the image and use black craft paper to cut the hoofs of the legs. Stick the rein deer upside down. Use white craft paper to cut the eyes and color a little green in the center. For the lights first cut a thin stripe from the craft paper and stick it in curves and turns, around and over the rein deer. then cut small bulbs from different colored craft papers and stick them one by one just like in the image. The rest depends on what you wanna express this year on Christmas.


Upside Down Rein Deer Christmas Door


Reindeer Door Decoration


Reindeer door decoration


Nut Cracker Christmas Door

The tutorial from Nut Cracker Christmas Door gives you a fine description on how to convert your door into a nut cracker.

However it involves a lot of wood cutting so you’ll need a strong hand or a carpenter for that. the attaching part i think you can handle it on your own.


nut cracker christmas door


Polar Bear Christmas Door

tutorial HERE to create paper snowflakes and polar bear winter scene.


Polar Bear christmas door


Ginger Bread Man Door

This Christmas go for simpler and elegant door decoration with this Ginger bread man door hanger idea, it uses a flat bar aluminum stock for the shinier effect.

Follow the instructions and make sure you are as strong as a rock because there’s lots of bending involved.


ginger bread man door hanger


Santa Minion Door Decor

A minion Santa wishes all the kids this Christmas a very merry Christmas.


Minion Santa Christmas Door


Snowflake Holiday Door


To make this amazing looking snow flakes for your Holiday door decoration just follow the link.

The tutorial uses acrylic snow flakes bought from the store and spray glue and glitter.


snow flakes christmas door


Gift Wrapped Door


Since most of us don’t have time to go to the store and buy stuff and be creative.

This season don;t be worried because this DIY Gift Wrapped Door Decoration is just a 5 minute thing. All you need is wide ribbon and a bow.


gift wrapped christmas door


Grinch Front Door

A fun way to decorate the entryway with Grinch cutouts and felt.


Grinch front door


Christmas Doors

More fun door decoration ideas.


Christmas door decorations


DIY Holiday Door Decoration


creative door decoration


DIY Christmas tree front door


DIY Christmas tree front door


Winter door decoration


Winter door decoration


Most of these projects are without a source, as I found them via Pinterest and google with no original source.

If you are the right owner of these creative ideas, let me know so I can give you credit for your outstanding projects.


Holiday door decorations




Decorating with lights - String light projects

Decorating with lights





winter wreath ideas

35 Best Winter Wreaths





best Christmas mantels

25 Best Christmas Mantels





Updated regularly whenever I find unique ideas.

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  1. Thank you for including my Santa door in your article! It is by far my favorite door of all the ones I have created. 🙂

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51 Winter Classroom Decorations to Spruce Up Your School for the Holidays

Winter will be here before you know it. If you haven’t yet decorated your classroom for the season, now’s the perfect time to do it. A little holiday decor can help students get excited for winter break without completely losing focus in class.

Need some inspiration for decorating your classroom, door, or hallway this holiday season? We’ve compiled a list of the 51 best school winter decorations—25 for classrooms or hallways and 26 for doors—along with five fun holiday activities to play with elementary students!

25 Decorations to Turn Your School into a Winter Wonderland

Searching for Christmas or holiday decorations for your school or classroom? These 25 DIY decorations are sure to bring the warmth of the yuletide season into your classroom and get kids excited about the holidays.

1. Christmas Cozy Corner: Put up some paper stockings, a Christmas tree, and a fake fireplace to give your students a holiday-themed reading corner.

2. Glitter Mason Snow Globes: If you’re tired of the same old store-bought snowglobes, make your own using this how-to guide!
3. Snow Paint: You can use this DIY snow paint for decorating your classroom or making fun crafts with your students.
4. Snowflake Art Craft: No two snowflakes are alike, and neither are these creative wall decorations. This is the perfect way to get students in the holiday spirit while decorating your classroom.

5. Winter Wonderland Pretend Play: Put together these crafty wintertime decorations (including a pretend ice skating rink and snow blocks) for a holiday class party.
6. Santa’s Stuck! Wall Decoration: Oh no, Santa got stuck in the chimney! Will your students help him get out? Put this crafty decoration up on your wall, then have students fill in their ideas for helping Santa.
7. Marble-Painted Penguins: How adorable would these penguin crafts look on your classroom wall for homemade decorations?
8. Pegboard Christmas Tree: This yuletide-themed pegboard is both festive and functional.
9. Winter Hat Bulletin Board: Deck your bulletin board out for the holidays with fuzzy hats and snowflakes!
10. Snowy Tree Table Decoration: If your classroom setup uses tables instead of desks, this decoration can make for a festive centerpiece.
11. Mitten Wreath: Make a cozy-looking wreath out of paper mittens, then read the winter-themed The Mitten by Jan Brett aloud to your class.
12. Festive Classroom Library: Line up stacks of brown or white books, then decorate them with construction paper to make cute little snowmen or reindeer!

13. Salt Dough Ornaments: Make these DIY ornaments with your students and hang them up in your classroom until winter break. Then, your students can take them home for their own holiday decorations.
14. Winter Shelf Decor: Bring winter right into your classroom with this paper mache DIY table decoration.
15. Life-Size Gingerbread House: This life-size gingerbread house can be a great place for your students to play pretend or take a break between lessons.
16. Watercolor Dreidels: Color these dreidels in your class, then hang them up for artsy and festive DIY holiday decorations.
17. Snowflake Bulletin Board: This wintery bulletin board uses a quote attributed to Dr. Seuss to ask students an important question: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
18. Plastic Cup Snowman: With plastic cups and a few household items, you can make an impressive geometric snowman for your classroom!
19. DIY Advent Calendar: An advent calendar can be a great opportunity to teach students the days in the month while counting down the days until winter break.
20. Tiny Christmas Tree: If you don’t have room for a big Christmas tree in your classroom, consider putting together this mini alternative.
21. Wooden Snowflake Ornaments: You can make these wooden snowflake ornaments as a class to include your students in holiday decorating. Plus, the snowflake theme makes for a great opportunity to teach students about individuality and inclusion.
22. Holiday Snow Village Decorations: Whether you need Christmas party decorations or just something for a table centerpiece in your classroom, this DIY snow village is a crafty, budget-friendly option.
23. DIY Pinecone Tree: A full-sized Christmas tree might not fit in your classroom, but this mini pinecone tree definitely will!
24. Snowman Bowl: You can put treats, pens and pencils, or other classroom must-haves in this DIY holiday bowl.
25. Paper Plate Christmas Tree: Paper plates, paint, construction paper, and glitter are all you need to craft a Christmas tree for your classroom wall.

26 Holiday-Themed Door Decorations for Your School

Door decorations, like the bow on top of a Christmas present, give your room that special extra something extra when it comes to decorating. Keep these 25 beautiful holiday doors in mind as you look for decorating ideas to prepare your classroom for wintertime.

1. Fa La La La Llama: Deck the halls with this adorably festive llama—the perfect way to make your classroom merry and bright!
2. Santa’s Workshop: Bring Santa’s workshop to your school for all of the little elves in your classroom with this Christmas-themed door decoration!

3. Pete the Cat: If your students love Pete the Cat, put up this classroom decoration that puts a festive holiday spin on the children’s book character.
4. “Elfie” Decoration: Your kids can take an “elfie” with this clever decoration for doors that have windows.

5. Candy Cane Wreath: This candy cane wreath is the perfect Christmas decor for classroom doors and looks good enough to eat, too.
6. It’s “Snow” Secret…: Who doesn’t love a good snow pun? Nerd out with this cheesy yet sweet door decor.
7. Feliz Navidad: Wish your children happy holidays with this festive school door decoration, complete with cacti adorned with Christmas lights.
8. Polar Express: Hop aboard The Polar Express with this impressive and festive hallway decoration!
9. Silly Rudolph Door: Have you ever wondered what Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer looks like in the dark?

10. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Good grief! How could any other decor compete in a holiday door decorating contest against this Peanuts-themed adorableness?
11. Polar Bear: This door is “bear-y” adorable and sure to fit right in with the rest of your holiday decor.
12. Winter Wonderland: With this decoration, your students can go walkin’ in a winter wonderland as they come into class each morning.
13. Frozen-Themed Door: Kids will love seeing this cartoon favorite waving to them from the classroom door. Plus, since this door decoration isn’t tied to a holiday, you can keep it in your classroom all winter!
14. Pumpkin Pie: It’s pumpkin spice season, so hang up this decoration and celebrate the yummiest time of the year!

15. Ugly Sweater: This decoration will make your classroom door the guaranteed winner of any ugly sweater contest!
16. “What’s This?”: This Nightmare Before Christmas-themed door features Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws, a spooky twist on Santa, for classes who are still feeling the Halloween spirit.
17. Santa’s Nice List: Old St. Nick has checked his list not once but twice, and this year, every student in your class made the nice list!

18. Deck the Palms: It may sound like wishful thinking, but this decoration will bring beaches and warm weather to your classroom during the snowy winter months.
19. Gingerbread House: Learn how to build a gingerbread house class door from scratch with this DIY video.
20. Styrofoam Snowman: Build a snowman out of disposable cups, then hang him up on your door for all to see.
21. Nutcracker: Invite a larger-than-life nutcracker to your classroom with this beautiful door decoration outside your classroom.
22. Reindeer Door Decor: This design is simple yet classy, and perfect for teachers who have limited time for decorating but still want to make their door look beautiful.

23. Snow Smart!: We know your students are “snow” smart! Remind them with this punny decoration.
24. Snowflakes Falling in the Forest: This simple door decor can help you teach your students how, like them, each snowflake is unique and wonderful in its own way.
25. Island of Misfit Toys: Turn your classroom into the Island of Misfit Toys with this crafty decoration.
26. Oh Deer!: Poor Rudolph and the other reindeer ran into some trouble while hanging up Christmas lights! This door decoration is sure to bring laughter to your classroom.

5 Winter Activities for Celebrating the Holidays with Students

The holidays are a time to have fun and celebrate with friends, family, and peers. Use these five holiday activities so your students can participate in the festivities with their classmates:

  • Left-Right White Elephant Game: This game puts a fun twist on the white elephant tradition and sends your students home with a gift for the holidays.
  • Multicultural Holiday Celebration: Use this Edutopia guide on celebrating holiday traditions to help all students feel included in yuletide festivities.
  • Pin the Heart on the Grinch: Help the Grinch find his heart and feel the Christmas spirit with this fun classroom activity.
  • Check the Halls Scavenger Hunt: Can you spot a snowman, a candy cane, and a menorah around your school? Play one of these scavenger hunts with your students to find out!
  • Winter Obstacle Course: Put together this indoor obstacle course for cold weather to help your students get their wiggles out before winter break.

Christmas Bulletin Boards & Door Decorations

Hello, teachers! We’ve spent countless hours searching the interwebs for creative Christmas bulletin boards and classroom door decorations.  Hope these ideas make your classrooms festive and bright!

Grab this fun gingerbread activity for your bulletin boards!

gingerbread life cycle

Reindeer it’s what every bulletin board and door display needs! The belly of the reindeer flips with science and language art activities.


Holiday Express Train Bulletin Board display with writing prompts via our TpT shoppe

Christmas lights garland includes this cute free template.

free printable light bulb template

free printable christmas light template

Trees via Back to the Drawing Board

Great texture in this first bulletin board. Tree-mendous Christmas via Hand-Me-Down Ideas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a cameo from The Grinch via Create my Event

Run Run Rudolph! via Kindergarten’s 3 Rs

Gingerbread House via Mrs. Morrow’s Kindergarteners

These personalized Christmas lights would make lovely bulletin boards via The Roberts Gang

Santa Needs Exercise via PE Central

Books Make You Bright via Ms. T’s First Grade Class

Holiday Town via Little Scientists at Work

Santa Bulletin Board via Garden of Praise

Reading Lights up the Mind via Milford Public Schools

Handprint Tree via Kinder Teacher

3D Reindeer Display via Tales from an Open Book

Polar Express Door viaThe Centered School Library.  Would be great for a Polar Express party!

He’s Making His List Door Decor via DLTK.  December is always a good behavior month, right?

Santa Door via The Lees.  Adorable.

Have a Sweet Holiday Door Decor via Way Good Day.  I have a feeling that Kit Kat would be stolen…

Santa Door via Iron County MCF.  Love the texture on Santa’s beard.

Gingerbread Entry Way via Stephanie Lawler {uploaded to Pinterest direct from her classroom}- She needs a blog!

Singing Reindeer via Nicole Goding {This is a card, but would make a great door!}

Edtable locker labels and name tags!


locker labes and name tags


Stop by our ChristmasWriting Activities for Christmas projects to fill your bulletin boards!

Need more ideas for Christmas activities and crafts for your classroom?

Stop by our Christmas gallery.


Stay connected with us here at The Classroom Creative:

Have a great idea and want to share it? Whether you have a blog or not, we’d love for you to submit an idea here!

Remember, if you are a blogger, or teacher/parent {without a blog} we’d love for you to submit an idea! Those with clear photographs are best suited for our site.


Merry Christmas,


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Ideas door christmas school

If you need some inspiration for your front door to decorate this Christmas season, we can show you some of the ideas we have that will surely make your front door welcoming this coming Christmas. It is pretty much a sure thing that your entry door will be seen by at least a few people, so why not make it merry and bright? Give your door a makeover this season with these Christmas door decorating ideas that we have.

Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Witty Christmas Door Decorations

This is quite witty and funny! Having a half-body of Santa trapped in the door. Hang some stockings and wreaths to complete the look.

Eye Catching Christmas Door Decorations

Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Welcome your guests with this eye-catching deco-mesh wreath with small Mickey and Minnie mouse stuffed toy.

Have a wonderful Christmas

Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Here’s another mickey mouse themed ribbon wreath in a cane shape. This is a lovely way to greet your guests this holiday season.

Classic Front Door

Give your home a warm and grand entryway with this door wrapped with evergreen and adorned with black and white colored reindeer, ribbons and ornaments.

Wonderful Christmas Door


This is a very wonderful way to design your front door in every occasion. This is perfect if you are near farms or if you like the feeling of having nature just at your front door. A very creative and inviting way to do to your front door.

Simple DIY Ribbon Door

Here’s a quick and easy last-minute Christmas door decoration idea for busy bodies. You just need a huge red ribbon to wrap the whole door. Beautify it with silver burlap ribbon in the middle.

Colorful Christmas Front Door Decoration

The bright colors of green, red and white will surely give your door a fresh and inviting look.

Ribbon Wreath

Christmas Door Decorations

A very nice combination of color for a Christmas wreath. Red, white and silver just look good when mixed up together. Perfect to hang from dark shade colored front door as this will surely make your wreath stand out.

DIY Christmas Door Hanger


This is a good idea to create with your kids. Try to think of something about Christmas and write it down to hang at your doorknob. A fun way to do with your kids.

The Grinch-inspired Christmas Door Decorations


A simple paper Christmas tree cut out that you can hang at your front door or decorate with to your Christmas tree. Paint it with your desired design and hang it with a nice red ribbon.

Minion Santa Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Minion Santa Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Want to decorate your door with your favorite character? Turn your door into minion this Christmas by decorating it with red white, black and yellow paper and form the character. This is such a fun idea for classroom doors.

Polar Express Holiday

A polar express in your classroom? This is a creative way to welcome your students and colleagues this holiday.

Holiday Ornament Door for Classroom


Fill up your door with this snowman inspired decoration idea. Cut out paper circles and write names of you class mates and stick it at your door. This is perfect for classrooms as the students will surely enjoy decorating it.

Lighted Snowman Christmas Wreath

A simple yet lovely DIY Christmas wreath for your front door. The Christmas light, ribbon and the monogram letter give the wreath a magical touch.

Festive Christmas Entrance


Simple design with a touch of Asian fusion. The golden ornaments and red wide stash looks like a Chinese kind of decoration. Celebrate your Christmas with an Asian touch.

Snowman Cups and Reindeer Decor

Looking for ideas for office or school door decorations? This delightful christmas door decoration might give you inspiration. Decorated with snowman and snowflake cut-outs and quirky reindeer, this is so fabulous to look at.

Front Door Deco Mesh Decorations


A very inviting decoration for your front door. This will surely attract everyone if they see the life-size Santa Clause welcoming visitors at your door. The red and green ruffles did a great touch to match up the life-size Santa Clause. Feel the Christmas season everyday with this lovely decoration for your front door. Mix up Christmas gift boxes, garlands and add two snowmen for look out.

Reds, Lights, and Penguins


Cute Classroom Christmas Door


Looking for a classroom decoration? This is great to teach your students how to create Christmas decorations. Attach to your door all of the reindeer designs of your students. This is a great way to show the creativeness of the students.

Flip Flop Christmas Wreath

Here’s a creative way to decorate your front door using your flip flops. Form a few pairs of red, blue and aqua blue flip flops into wreath. Adorn it with snowman cut out and snowflakes to make it even more beautiful.

Santa Christmas Decor Idea

Here’s an easy Santa christmas door hanging decor made of wooden pallet, painted with red and black. Complete it with “ho ho ho” wordings, buttons and burlap ribbon.

Shiny and Glimmering


A very nature-y elegant kind of Christmas theme for your front door. The Christmas lights create a sparkly effect. The bundles of twigs and branches attached above the door gives a very nature love effect.

Colorful Hanging Christmas Door Ornament


Christmas door decoration. This is a hand-painted wooden decoration. This is great if you want to show your creativeness plus it is a unique design to hang to your door.

Natural Garland and Wreath


Simple front door design. Gather up some garlands and place them through the edge of your door. Then hang a Christmas wreath at the center to your door, top it with a shiny star and this will be just as easy and simple. A very rustic feeling from the wooden furniture. The traditional colors of Christmas pop out against the wooden color of the front door. Perfect if you have the same wooden house.

Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger

Enjoy this beautiful Christmas wreath made of snowflakes ornaments.

Wooden Pallet Noel Sign


Try painting wooden plywood with a red one and write a word or your name with a white paint to achieve somewhat a Santa Clause colored theme. Place it near your door for people to admire. Add more beauty to it by placing ornamental lanterns, and wreath.

Inviting and Classy Christmas Door Decorating Ideas


A very simple door decoration idea. Collect leaves and dry them up to stick them up at your front door. Red would be perfect like the one on the picture as it will surely shine through the door glass.

Green and Natural


A very green-y way for a Christmas door decoration. Stick to the shades of green and have that forest-y feel from your front door. Perfect if you love nature as it is just relaxing to look at.

Burlap Ribbon


Merry Christmas red and lime green mesh ribbon decoration for your front door. The balance of colors makes an inviting sentence along with the Merry Christmas message that is written on the mesh.

Simple DIY Christmas Door Decor


Simple decoration for this coming holiday. All you need are 3 sets of cardboard, line them up with a red ribbon stash and write a “ho” in each card board to form a “ho ho ho” sign. Then hang it to your front door to show people your creativity.

Pinecone Wreath

Try something from the nature this year. Hoard all the dried pine cones and form them into wreath. Paint with white and voila! You’ll have this wonderful wreath!

Frosty the Doorman

This snowman Christmas door decorations is best for children’s room. Aside from the fact that it is easy to achieve, this can be fun as well. Just a few paper cut-outs and bright red ribbon, you’ll get this beautiful snowman door!

Jack Skellington Decor

Try something new this Christmas season. Invite your friends and guests with this uniquely amazing Christmas decorations for your door. Themed with Jack Skellinton, this cute combination of purple, green and black ribbons, plus the skellington ornaments would surely make your house spookingly inviting.

Simple Holly and Berries

Simplicity is beauty, they say and that’s quite true with this little ornament. Pine needles designed into little Christmas tree, decorated with hollies and berries and a bright red mesh ribbon to complete the look.

Grand Entrance

Want a grand entrance for your door? You might want to consider this beautiful, grandeur Christmas door garland decorations. Decorated with bright red, green and a dash of candy cane ornaments, this will definitely give luxurious touch to any entrance.

Green and Fruity


If you have a grilled front door like this one, you can add lemon limes between the grilled lines as it will make your door livelier with the yellow color contrasting to your wooden door. Add a Christmas wreath below to top of your front door decoration.

Snowman and Snowflake Cutouts Door Decorations


Perfect to do to your classroom door. Ask the students to create snowflakes. Collect them and attach it to your classroom door to show their finished product and for everyone to see and admire.

Christmas Door Decorations for Office


If you are an office person, suggest this Christmas door decoration to your officemates for this coming holiday as this will be a fun way to test your creativity outside the office. Instead of using traditional stockings, you can use paper cut-outs. Create an artificial fireplace with artificial “fire”. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

The Traditional Colors


This contains all the traditional colors of Christmas but in a bright way. All this decorations at the edge creates a very happy vibrancy to the eye and adds a welcoming effect to your front door. You can use any color of mesh ribbons and intertwine them, forming a frame to the door. Accentuate it with matching christmas balls and ornaments.

Red and Regal Door Decoration


Red and gold Christmas door decoration. A very good combination of color as it compliments each other, add this to a wooden or darker shade door for it to brighten up and to add some color on to it.

Let it Snow Christmas Door Decor


This is a Christmas sled décor to replace your Christmas wreath for your front door. Design it with “Let it snow” paper cut outs and wrap it with your desired ribbon color, red would be better as it can add up a livelier touch to it.

Fabulous Christmas Door Decorations

Want something traditional? You can stick with traditional colors of green and red. A fabulous poinsettia in a planter plus lantern, stockings hung in a door, simply amazing and adorable! Complete the look with a delightful Christmas wreath.

Candy Cane Christmas Door Decorations

Here’s a colorful Christmas entrance. Decorated with candy-cane themed ornaments and balls, this is surely pleasing to the eye. Perfect for this holiday!

Joy Christmas Door Decor

Greet your guests with JOY. this is a beautiful door decorations that would make your entrance a delightful one. You can partner it with beautiful outdoor Christmas tree in a pot.

Natural Christmas Decorations for Door

You can be creative when decorating your home. you can also use items that are readily available like, uhm, apples? Yes! You can add apples to your christmas door decorations. all you need to do is to put a grand garland made of fresh leaves around the door frame and accentuate it with apples. You can also use other colorful fruits like pear, oranges or lemons.

Classroom Door Decorating Ideas

20+ Beautiful Classroom Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a time of decorations. In fact, decoration has become synonymous with Christmas today. Be it shops, homes, schools or malls. Classroom decoration is one such major preparation which goes on in all schools around the Christmas time. And classroom door decoration is one of them. Whether for Junior High or High School, Christmas decoration for Classroom has always been special.

There are so many themes and ideas flooding the market these days. Are you too looking for Christmas classroom decorations ideas? Then you have landed on the right place. Here, I have listed down the list of best Christmas decoration ideas, which are totally feasible and are also very easy and effortless to do.

For Christmas classroom door decoration you can make creative and imaginative wreaths. Christmas wreaths are one of the best ways to do a door decoration. Well apart from Wreaths, here are some more interesting and creative ideas for Christmas door decorations. Check it out below.

Awesome penguin Christmas door decoration. Pic source

Awesome penguin Christmas door decoration.

Candy cane classroom door decor. Pic source

Candy cane classroom door decor.

Christmas light with kids name on door. Pic source

Christmas light with kids name on door.

Clear plastic cup snowman with light on classroom door. Pic source

Clear plastic cup snowman with light on classroom door.

Cool Olaf holiday classroom door decoration idea. Pic source

Cool Olaf holiday classroom door decoration idea.

Decorative classroom door with paper Christmas tree.  Pic source

Decorative classroom door with paper Christmas tree.

DIY paper Christmas tree at classroom door. Pic source

DIY paper Christmas tree at classroom door.

Elf on the shelf decor on classroom door. Pic source

Elf on the shelf decor on classroom door.

Exclusive santa stuck classroom door decoration. Pic source

Exclusive santa stuck classroom door decoration.

Eye-catching we are unique at snowflakes classroom door decor. Pic source

Eye-catching we are unique at snowflakes classroom door decor.

Gingerbread house door decoration for school. Pic source

Gingerbread house door decoration for school.

Handprint paper cutout Christmas tree on door. Pic source

Handprint paper cutout Christmas tree on door.

Impressive grinch door decorating idea. Pic source

Impressive grinch door decorating idea.

Nice reindeer stable classroom door decoration for Christmas

Nice reindeer stable classroom door decoration for Christmas.

Paper ornaments on door for Christmas. Pic source

Paper ornaments on door for Christmas.

Rudolf on classroom door. Pic source

Rudolf on door.

Santa on the classroom door for Christmas. Pic source

Santa on the classroom door for Christmas.

Science classroom decor at Christmas. Pic source

Science classroom decor at Christmas.

Snowy classroom door decoration. Pic source

Snowy classroom door decoration.

Swanky merry minion Christmas door of classroom. Pic source

Swanky merry minion Christmas door of classroom.

Winter classroom door decor with snowman and snowflakes. Pic source

Winter classroom door decor with snowman and snowflakes.


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