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Brand Name : XUNATA Strip type : SMD Waterproof : No LED Chip Brand : Epistar LEDs Number/M : 60/90/120Leds/m Occasion : Garden Power Source : DC Voltage : 12V Certification : ce Certification : RoHS Average Life (hrs) : 5000 LED Chip Model : SMD5630 Model Number : Led strip 5730 5630 Power Generation : Always On Color Temp(K) : 3000-10000k Item Type : Strip Specifications (light beads / m) : 60-120 Power Consumption (W/m) : Other Description: Product Name: SMD 5730/5630 LED Strip Color Tempreture:3000-3500K(Warm White) / 4000-4500K (Natural white ) /6000-6500K(Pure White) /7500-10000K(Cold White) Emitting Color:White,Warm White,Cold White Size: 500cm(5M) x 10mm x 0.2cm Product Features: 1. Superb right 5730 /5630 SMD LED, high intensity and reliability. 2. Long life span 50,000 hours 3. Power: About8-9W/m (60Leds) , 10-12W/m(90leds) , 12-15W/m(120leds) 4. Flexible ribbon for curving around bends 5.Completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem 6.Ultra-bright but running at low temperature 7.Low power consumption 8. Led Quantities : 60leds/m , 90leds/m ,120leds/m 9.No Waterproof Note: 1.Soldered is very normal in a electronic products,not any quality problem. The led strip may soldered by pcs to 5m length,if you mind this,do not place order. 2.We provide IP20 No Waterproof and IP65 Waterproof 2 kind of LED Strips for Choice. Package include: 1 roll*5m Led strip (not include any controller,connector or power supply) MOHON TULIS WARNA PILIHAN, UKURAN DAN EMAIL DIKOLOM PESANAN !!! Produk ini Orginal tidak barang KW atau barang China abal-abal, Jaminan uang kembali sepenuhnya bila Produk tidak sesuai diskripsi. S & K membeli produk ini WAJIB SETUJU dan MEMBACA sampai tuntas : • Produk dikirimkan dari China bukan dari Indonesia. • Estimasi pengiriman 20-36 hari. • Dilarang mengajukan pengembalian barang karena barang sudah dikirim dari China. • Pesanan otomatis selesai diterima oleh system dalam 15 hari. • Garansi 100% uang kembali bila dalam 45 hari barang belum diterima. • Cek Tracking No. Resi China Post di 17track.net Maaf chatting via Shopee slow respon... Layanan live chatting 24jam

Sours: https://shopee.co.id/Epistar-Chip-SMD-5630-Led-Strip-Light-5M-60Leds-90leds-120leds-m-Non-Waterproof-Commercial-5730-i.161406689.2496287185

Flex Strip 5630 Mono

Technical Data

IP classification:


Power source:

24 VDC

Electrical connection:

2x cable with 2-PIN to open wires (20 m reels without supply cables)

Maximum quantity per power input:

5,04 m

Average lifetime*:

50.000 h at L80/B10

Operating temperature range:

-10° C till +45° C

Width x height:

10 x 1,5 mm


all 6 LED (7,95 cm)

*With correct installation and a suitable thermal management.

Photometric Data

LED type:

SMD LEDs 5630/5730

Luminous flux:

white 2400 Lumen per m

neutral white 2400 Lumen per m

warm white 2100 Lumen per m

super warm white 2100 Lumen per m

Colour temperature:

white 6000 K

neutral white 4000 K

warm white 3000 K

super warm white 2700 K



Beam angle:



Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive.

Sours: https://www.proled.com/en/products/product/proled-flex-strips/flex-strip-5630-mono/
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LED strips SMD 5630 and SMD 5730

Consider the most powerful LED Strip SMD 5630 and SMD 5730. They are much inferior to the popularity of other modifications on the diodes 3528 and 5050. Set them only on the heat sink in the form of the aluminum profile or on the surface, capable of take the heat.


Power led strip 5630 and 5730

Comparison LED strip 5630 on the other with the second topComparison LED strip 5630 on the other with the second top

Power consists of the number of installed diodes 1 meter, this parameter specifies the labeling. But this rule can be used only for company which capacity of 0.5 watts. In the store you are primarily interested in low-cost diode strip on the 5630, which in one and a half times cheaper than others. This is in contrast to the price means that used outdated low-quality Chinese-made 0.15 watts. Price on average 200 rubles. per square meter, even such products are easily detected by the absence of the manufacturer’s name. On branded, such Era, Gauss, Navigator LEDs are not used.

The Chinese come in two versions:

  1. on 0,15W, 12 lm, is used in conventional maize work well;
  2. to 0.09W, 6 lumens, are used in the new model of maize, disgusting work.

I do not recommend buying diode 0.09 watts. LED strip on them usually produces 360 lumens per meter and is cheap compared to the other. It is better to buy a proven LED Strip SMD 5050 on .

Compare the power 5630 and 5730 with other types.
The table shows the power consumption depending on the density-type LED elements. Under the manufacturer and model of written power of a single LED.

per meter
Branded 0,5WChina

Proprietary high-power LEDs can also be of different capacity, such as the Korean LG and Samsung can be 0.3 W, while the new crystals may be 1W. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Now you can easily make purchases in foreign online stores, so keep in mind that if you cheat, you will return the money back is difficult, to the same and no guarantees. In the table below I have given the characteristics of the most popular bands. Luminous flux cheap ICE diode from the Chinese is 6-12 lumens, while a good brand to 40 Lumen.

On the table you can see that the weak branded LED strip 3528 may be of luminous flux China on 5630.

Compare the lighting performance

3 different color temperature, luminous flux3 different color temperature, luminous flux

The table shows the number of lumens per meter, depending on the density of LEDs. Under the manufacturer and the type of written power of a single LED.

per meter

The table shows the average parameters for the neutral white light indicator will be different stores within the range of -10 to + 10%. Sellers usually overestimate options cheap and rarely recognized as low, although it is evident in the price.

If you do not want to bother with the selection and calculation of lighting, choose a ready-made kits. Specialist in the store will take into account all your wishes, all select and calculate, form a ready-made kit with installation instructions.

Mounting and installation Features

Small profileSmall profile

LED strips 5630 and 5730 require aluminum heatsink for cooling, it is necessary at a power greater than 10 W/m. aluminum radiator cost is the price of one meter of strip, so it is sometimes more cost effective to buy the weak, than to put on a powerful cooling system. For this weak and sold in the form of more conventional double, connected in two narrow wide.

Overheating threatens you active degradation of LEDs, that is a rapid decrease in brightness. The service life of the right vendors to write brightness decrease by 30%. After the end of life, it just shines so brightly on. .

Particularly good cooling requires waterproof strip coated with silicone sheath. Silicone prevents the outside of the heat removal.

What does the marking, such as 5630?

Compare LEDs 5630Compare LEDs 5630

It indicates the size of its housing, but not performance. Case size is 5.6 mm. 3.0 mm. The standard housing can adjust the LED chip, a powerful or weak. The table shows the designation of the LED and its size.

Questions From readers

Dual LED tape width twiceDual LED strip width twice

1. How to do without cooling.
To me often turn to the issue of such a plan, we have bought 25 meters of powerful strip, but the store did not tell us that it is necessary for cooling. Buy Aluminum profile for LED strip is expensive, and it does not fit in the developed design, it will be ugly hang on the wall or ceiling. They certainly have a corner, waybills, Mortise, might have something to choose the best. In this situation, there are two options, that the power does not exceed 10 W/m:

  • reduce the supply voltage on the power supply;
  • use a conventional dimmer 12 volts, which will reduce the brightness.

2. The difference between the power supply from the driver.
Many people ask the difference between the power LED lights and strips? The difference is that the lamp driver is installed, a current source, that is, defining current resistor is installed inside the power supply. It turns out that the driver is designed only for a certain number of diodes.

LED strip supply voltage from the power supply resistance, which sets the current is on the strip. For every 3 led a resistor element, so you can cut only in designated areas, three pieces each. This makes the design of LED lighting affordable and easy.

3. What to buy, cheap and good at the same brightness?
For example, you buy a LED strip for illumination on the ceiling or room lighting. Firm will last 2-3 times longer than the Chinese. Because the diodes are certified in accordance with international requirements, and the Chinese have almost no information is present on them, but most of the bad reviews about the work they are even products. If you do not want to redo the lighting after a few years of work, all apart, buy a new one and put it instead of the old, to spend your time or pay for a job, buy a brand. Good enough strip until the next major overhaul of your entire apartment.

Sours: http://led-obzor.com/led-strips/led-strips-smd-5630-smd-5730

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5630 led strip

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5050 vs 2835 vs 5054 vs 5630 LED strip comparison, difference - How much power they take?

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