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Fallout 76 Legendary Crafting Guide

Our Legendary Crafting Guide is here to help all players keep up with all the recent changes in Fallout 76. The latest major update — Steel Reign — added quite a few things to the game. It seems that Bethesda accepted the players’ suggestion and made a crafting system that provides a simpler way to upgrade items and allows a lot of creativity in players’ builds.

How Does Legendary Craft Work Now?

The legendary crafting system allows players to apply legendary mods to almost any item. So you can take a weapon, armor, or power armor and make it legendary by using Legendary Cores and Legendary Modules. To do so, go to your crafting bench and hit the appropriate button to start crafting. From there, find the item you want to make legendary and add the mod you want to it. It is that simple. However, you still need the right crafting components.

Legendary Modules can be purchased from Purveyor Murmrgh. In order to find him, go to The Rusty Pick bar. You will need a gas mask to do it — there is one in the Charleston Fire Department. When it comes to Legendary Cores, you can find them in a few different ways. For all details about it, make sure to check our guide on How To Get Legendary Cores In Fallout 76.

The developers made the Legendary Craft System to give players as many options as possible. The many different items that can be created will most likely be enough to fit all existing playstyles. Steel Reign also lets players have Legendary Power Armors now, which means they can now go for aristocrat builds, food builds, bloodied builds, and more!

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Fallout 76 Legendary Crafting: How to craft legendary weapons and upgrades

The Fallout 76 Steel Reign update is here, and one of the biggest new features it brings is the Legendary Crafting system.

This new system will allow you to breathe new life into your normal items, by turning them into legendary items!

Additionally, you will be able to re-roll attributes of your existing legendary items and change their star ratings, which can be upgraded and downgraded.

The Legendary Crafting system will give players much more flexibility when choosing what they want to do with their gear and will make even some less valuable items usable.

Fallout 76 Legendary Crafting: How does it work?

Fallout 76 Steel Reign legendary crafting guide

If you are already familiar with the crafting system in Fallout 76, then you probably already know all the basics and this should not be that hard for you to understand.

The Steel Reign update introduces a new crafting component, named Legendary Cores, whose sole purpose is to craft "Legendary Upgrades" which you can apply to your items.

You can obtain Legendary Cores as rewards by completing Seasonal Events, Public Events, and Daily Ops.

In order to craft Legendary Upgrades, you will need to combine Legendary Cores with a few Legendary Modules, which you can purchase from Purveyor Murmrgh, which you will pay with Legendary Scrips.

In order to start using Legendary Crafting, you will need to visit weapon and armour workbenches

The new system will allow you to craft 1-, 2-, and 3-star Legendary Upgrades, and the more stars the more materials will be required to craft them.

Here's how these upgrades work, as explained by Bethesda:

  • Applying a Legendary Upgrade to a normal item will turn it into a legendary version of that item, with 1, 2, or 3 randomly assigned legendary attributes, depending on the tier of Legendary Upgrade you applied.
  • Applying a Legendary Upgrade to an existing Legendary Item can increase or decrease the number of legendary attributes that item has, again depending on the tier of Legendary Upgrade you apply. Here are examples of each option:
  • Upgrade: Modding a 1-star item with a 3-star Legendary Upgrade will turn it into a 3-star version of that item with 3 random attributes.
  • Downgrade: Modding a 3-star item with a 2-star Legendary Upgrade will result in a 2-star version of that item with 2 random attributes.
  • Re-roll: Modding a 3-star item with a 3-star Legendary Upgrade replace all 3 of the existing item’s attributes and apply 3 new ones at random.

Additionally, the new Legendary Crafting system introduces an ability to craft Legendary Power Armor pieces, which can also be upgraded, downgraded, and re-rolled.

Fallout 76 Steel Reign legendary crafting guide

To apply Legendary Power Armor upgrades, all you need to do is to visit any  Power Armor Station and apply modifications to a Power Armor set of your choosing.

Almost all Legendary attributes and effects which are applicable to normal armour can be added to Power Armor as well, but there are some which can not, and they are listed below:

  • Auto-Revive: Chance to revive using a Stimpak
  • Acrobat’s: Reduced fall damage
  • Improved Sneaking: Harder to detect while sneaking
  • Diver’s: Grants underwater breathing
  • Unyielding: +3 to all stats (except END) when low health
  • Weightless: 90% less carry weight, does not affect that Chameleon mutation
  • Limb Damage: Reduced Limb Damage

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Legendary Crafting in Fallout 76. Now all that has left is to craft the best possible gear start doing Steel Reign's questline!

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Fallout 76: The Best Perk Cards For Crafting

Crafting is an essential part of survival in Fallout 76. Shortly after taking their first steps out of Vault 76, players must learn the basic rules of crafting as they make themselves a weapon and armor. As players traverse Fallout 76's wasteland, they come across plans to help increase their crafting capabilities.

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Soon, they find themselves knowing how to craft high-grade armor and powerful weapons. The downside to having all this knowledge is that players need specific perk cards to build these weapons and armor. While traversing the wasteland, players should be mindful of the perk cards they choose if they want to become a crafting king.

10 Contractor

Contracting can be expensive and time-consuming. Building the right base can leave players with very few materials to craft their weapons or armor. However, layers won't have to worry about running out of materials when crafting their base with the Contractor perk.

When maxed out, this perk drops the material cost of all workshop items by 50%. This is great for items like turrets that require a lot of different materials.

9 Home Defense

The C.A.M.P is an essential part of surviving in Fallout 76. From the beginning of the game, players get access to the C.A.M.P device to build their own base out in the wasteland. Anyone who has played the game knows that once a C.A.M.P is built, it can be destroyed.

That's why the Home Defense perk is important for crafting. This perk allows players to build expert-level turrets and traps when it is fully upgraded, adding defense to the base.

8 Chemist

Chems can be important to a player surviving in the wasteland. Some increase attack damage, while others increase a player's damage resistance. There is a long list of hems that players can find and craft, and many players have taken to crafting these chems and selling them at their camps.

With the Chemist perk, players get double the number of chems when they craft them. This perk is amazing to use with Super-Duper, and can get players a ton of whatever chem they craft.

7 Power Patcher

Power armor is a standard for many players and comes with a variety of bonuses. It gives players immunity to fall damage and limb damage, and increases maximum carry weight. These benefits come from just the chassis. With additional armor, players can gain amazing damage and energy resistance.

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Wouldn't it be nice if these pieces also had better durability? That's where the Power Patcher perk comes in. With this perk, equipped power armor loses its durability at a 60% slower rate. It also makes power armor cheaper to repair.

6 Armorer

Armor the most essential item needed to avoid taking a ton of damage, and the Armorer perk is amazing for those players who find themselves always getting in harm's way. Each level has a different effect:

  • At level one, this perk card allows players to craft advanced armor mods.
  • At level two, crafting armor will require fewer materials.
  • At level three, all armor crafted by the player will have increased durability.

Of course, repairing armor is a different story, and will require an entirely different perk card.

5 Makeshift Warrior

Players who are going for a melee build will benefit from the Makeshift Warrior perk, which actually has two effects. The first effect slows the rate at whichmelee weapons break by up to 50%. This is incredibly useful when wandering the wasteland, as without it, melee weapons break quickly and need repairing often.

Secondly, this perk allows players to craft better melee weapons and craft better mods. This will help players deal more damage with their enhanced melee capabilities.

4 Gunsmith

Similar to Makeshift Warrior, the Gunsmith perk slows the rate at which guns break by 50%. This is especially great for automatic weapons, which lose their durability rapidly.

Just like Makeshift Warrior allows players to craft better melee weapons, this perk allows them to craft better guns and mods. This is often more useful than Makeshift Warrior, since it seems more players have a tendency to choose guns instead of melee weapons.

3 Weapon Artisan

While it is important to be able to craft weapons that are powerful and all modded out, it is also important to keep those weapons maintained. Some players might choose not to craft their weapons and let the RNG gods hand them something good.

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No matter where a weapon comes from, though, it will eventually break and need repairing. The Weapon Artisan perk allows players to repair any weapon up with up to 200% durability. Even players who aren't using perks like Makeshift Warrior or Gunsmith won't need to worry about durability.

2 Fix-It Good

It's already been established that armor is important for anyone looking to survive in the wastelands of Appalachia. Like weapons, armor's durability will degrade over time. It is important to craft good armor, but it is more important to maintain this armor for future use.

The Fix-It Good perk allows players to repair their armor and power armor up to 200% durability. This perk is important for the average adventurer, as well as those who prefer the benefits of power armor.

1 Super-Duper

Super-Duper is an absolute necessary perk for anyone who is looking to craft items (especially chems and ammo). This perk gives the player a chance to get double of anything they craft, and it works with everything including weapons, armor, and even food.

Using this perk when crafting ammo can get a player a ton of extra bullets for their weapons. When maxed out, the chance of getting double the crafted item is 30%. That doesn't sound like much on the surface, but it seems to activate more often than players would expect.

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Fallout 76 Crafting

Fallout 76 Crafting Materials

The Fallout 76 Crafting Materials List credit goes to the Reddit user u/Cipencjusz who has been collecting this data. This Material list will apply across all platforms this game is available on, PS4, XBOX1 and PC.

AluminumAluminum scrap0.1
Ballistic FiberBallistic Fiber Scrap0.112
BoneBone Shards0.05
CeramicCeramic Scrap0.05
ConcreteConcrete Scrap0.05
CopperCopper Scrap0.1
CorkCork Scrap0.03
CrystalCrystal Shards0.110
AdhesiveExcess Adhesive0.05
Fiber opticsFiber Optics Bundle0.0510
FiberglassFiberglass Spool0.05
GlassGlass Shard0.05
GoldGold Scrap0.059
LeadLead Scrap0.1
GearLoose Gears0.1
ScrewLoose Screws0.03
SpringLoose Spring0.1
SpringLoose Spring0.1
PlasticMolded Plastic0.05
Nuclear MaterialNuclear Waste0.110
AsbestosRaw Asbestos0.16
ClothRaw Cloth0.05
FertilizerRaw Fertilizer0.1
LeatherRaw Leather0.05
RubberRaw Rubber0.05
SilverSilver Scrap0.057
SteelSteel Scrap0.05
AcidWaste Acid0.05
AntisepticWaste Antiseptic0.1
OilWaste Oil0.1
WoodWood Scraps0.05
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Crafting fallout 76


Fallout 76 has crafting much like Fallout 4 and works in a lot of the same ways. The biggest difference is crafting will be one of your go too systems in the game and for this reason, it has had a bit of a improvement.

Much like the previous game you can craft weapons, ammo, food, armour and other items like stacks of components. You craft by using the different Junk you can find while exploring Appalachia and these are then broken down into base components which can then make you a new shiny weapon.

The biggest difference to crafting compared to Fallout 4 is that in Fallout 76 you will only start off with a couple of basic items and need to learn new items which you can do so in a couple of ways. Cooking recipes and plans for items can be found not through levelling up but in following ways:

  • Looting from the world such as inside containers or just on desks or tables. Often some are near crafting stations in the world.
  • Bought from a vendor.
  • Earned from scrapping other items like weapons and armour (usually mods)
  • Rewards from Quests or Public Events.

You are able to modify weapons as well through the various crafting stations which will help you improve items for the next time you are in combat. This will allow you to add things like scopes to weapons or resistances or buffs to armour pieces. Mods are usually learned by scrapping weapons or armour you find but you can also buy mods to attach to items.

C.A.M.P crafting items such as walls, turrets, power armour station etc need to be found as well to be able to build more of your base up. You start out with a few basic recipes can expand your range but completing quests or finding plans.

The different crafting stations include:

Crafting Recipes

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Fallout 76 - The Fixer - 10 Legendary Crafting Rerolls

Fallout 76 Wiki Guide

Unlike Fallout 4, players will only start out knowing how to craft the most basic items, must learn how to craft new items in various ways. Plans and Recipes can be earned through different means - but leveling up will not unlock them. Instead, you must find them in the following ways:

  • Loot from containers or in the world itself - often placed near or on crafting stations.
  • Bought from robot vendors, many of which can be found at Train Stations.
  • Learned from scrapping important items like weapons and armor.
  • Rewards from Quests or Public Events.

Through crafting, you will also be able to mod existing items to further serve you in combat, and you'll be able to make new additions to weapons or mod armor with increased resistances. Like plans and recipes, new mods can either be learned from scrapping weapons or armor, or you can find - or even buy existing mods to attach without having to craft them.

The same holds true for base building, as you'll be only to be craft meager items to begin with when building a base using our C.A.M.P., but more additions can be found in the world.

The different crafting stations include:

In This Wiki Guide

Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is the online prequel to the Fallout franchise. Here, every surviving human is a real person. Work together, or not, to survive. Under the threat of nuclear annihilation, you’ll experience the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe.
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