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I took the girl by the hand and led her to the very top of our cottage. There was, one might say, a penthouse under the roof, where I often have fun with our maids. There was a huge bed, and a lot of strap-ons, erotic costumes and more. To begin with, I began to undress the girl, kissing every.

And she gave. And I greedily sucked on her wet fingers. And he moaned. when she repeated everything in a new way.

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The strong man entered powerfully, to the very depths, as she loved, and began to hammer her girl with all his passion. After moving in this position. For some time, my aunt pulled her legs up to her shoulders. Peter put his arms around them. The raised female ass and the knees spread now completely unfolded her crotch and made it possible to snuggle closer to her.

Kok-kak got out. I put on a dressing gown without even drying myself. I stuck my feet into the wet slippers, which had already begun to swim.

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Finger, but immediately inserted the tip of the enema, opened the tap halfway and let water into his ass. Seryozha accepted the second enema as calmly as the first, did not even look back and did not ask if there was much left in the enema, as the first time. After the second enema, I again made Seryozha hold the enema in his ass for 10 minutes, then let him go to the.

Toilet. Emptying himself, he noted that his head did not hurt at all, and thanked me.

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Work. I came home, washed for a long time and washed off the manicure, wanting to be completely, completely clean for her man. I even brushed my teeth. The buttocks ached in advance.

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She suddenly fell silent, and I realized that I had touched a string that I shouldn't have touched. He doesn't love me, she said. Again after a long pause. - He never loved me. He always treated me like a thing, like a piece of furniture.

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