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Alliance - Windseeker - Morning/Day Raiding Guild - Mon/Wed/Fri 11am to 2pm EST - Alt/Kara runs ocasionally on Tues/Thurs

T4 - Fully cleared, on farm.
T5 - 4/6 SSC, 1/4 TK

We use an EPGP loot system, with a weekly decay.

About Us:
House of the Rising Sun consists largely of members who’ve been Day Raiding since the beginning of Vanilla Classic all the way to now.

We are a morning/day raiding guild on the Alliance side of Windseeker(PvE). Our goals come down to two things mainly. Firstly, to foster a community of people who play earlier in the day for whatever reasons, be it working from home, playing from another country, or simply an excess of time and beyond. The time in the day in which we play is what brings us together. Secondly, to progress, clear, and farm all raid content all the way through Sunwell.

What we’re looking for:
We want to hear from all interested players and countinue building our community, but we’d be particullarly interested in hearing from Hunters and Warlocks.

If you have any interest in joining us, please contact Jac#8679 on Discord, or find me in game. Jacdaar on Windseeker.


World of Warcraft Classic: 10 Ways To Recruit Guild Members

By Chris Stomberg


Multiplayer games like World of Warcraft Classic revolve around community. Here are 10 classic strategies for recruiting players into your WoW guild.

Building a guild from the ground up is one of the most harrowing tasks to accomplish in World of Warcraft Classic. Meeting new people can be a stressful experience on its own. Mix the added discomfort of trying to convince strangers into joining a guild and you've got a great recipe for anxiety. Nevertheless, creating and fostering a guild is also the most fulfilling activity the game has to offer.

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At their core, multiplayer games revolve around community. Without these communities, multiplayer games would be no different than any other single-player alternative. The great thing about forming your own guild is that it's your very own community. It's your own small corner of the World of Warcraft universe where you and your friends can joke around, poke fun at each other, and share your mutual love for the game. But these wonderful societies can't exist without guild members. In order to find them, you'll have to spend a lot of blood, sweat, and tears searching through the game's player base. Here are 10 common ways to find players that could become the pillars of your community.

10 Trade Chat

By and far away, trade chat is the most common recruitment method of every guild. If you've played World of Warcraft, no doubt you've seen the countless, paragraph-length messages from players looking to bolster their guild's ranks. While this may seem like a route so obvious it hardly needs mentioning, crafting a guild recruitment message that appeals to your target audience is a key action that sets apart the guilds that succeed from those that fall to tatters. Your guild recruitment message should tell players a little about your guild's purpose, the kind of camaraderie they can expect, and the benefits membership has to offer. For example, including 8/8 BWL in your recruitment message tells players that your guild has experience raiding and can offer new recruits a chance at high tier loot.

9 PUG Runs

If your guild plans to raid but doesn't have a full raiding roster yet, one of the best ways to fill your missing slots is by conducting guild PUG runs. Let the players on your server know that your guild is planning to raid at a specific time and is looking to fill a number of empty slots.

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Creating a Discord or other means of communication for this purpose can be especially helpful. If your PUG run goes well, you may have some of the strangers you brought along decide that they enjoyed the raid so much that they would like to raid with you again.

8 Real-Life Friends

By now, most or all of your real-life friends have likely noticed your frequent unavailability. Between leveling alts, farming consumables, raid nights, and PvP, Classic WoW's time commitment is hard to miss. If they ever mention something about your absence, there's never a better opportunity to tell them about what makes you love Classic WoW so much. In fact, you'd love it even more if you could share it with them. Try to convince them to at least give it a try, and if they do make an alt to play alongside them from time to time. Real-life friends make for almost automatic inclusions into your guild and will help you establish the community you're craving since they know you so well in person.

7 Who List

Using the who list for recruitment is pretty much the equivalent of cold calling. Some people find it outright rude and will immediately put you on their ignore list. But when you're first starting out, you might not have better options. Sort your who list by players in different zones and send whisper guild recruitment messages to anyone who isn't already in a guild.

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You can also sort players by level if you're looking to establish a leveling guild. However, don't be surprised when you receive some less than polite replies. Some people are outright mean, but that's just the way of the world. Tell them to have a nice day and move on to greener pastures.

6 Guild Events

Once you've got a couple tens of active members, you can start hosting guild events. Guild events are not something that is seen as often as in the olden days of vanilla WoW, but that might be even more reason to host some. Due to their scarcity, the presence of guild events in your community will set it apart from other guilds. A guild event is any activity that the guild's members partake in, whether it be world PvP, a raid on a capital city, an attempt at killing a world boss, or, most famously, crashing the funeral party of another player.

5 Alt Leveling

Players nearing the pinnacle of their leveling career have often already found a community to call home. As a result, it can be especially useful to try and recruit players of lower levels before they get snatched up by another guild hungry for members. The best way to forge a friendship with low-level players is by leveling alongside them. If you have an alt don't be afraid to reach out to other low-level players you encounter in the world. After a couple of runs through the deadmines, they might just become your newest guild recruit.

4 Premade Battleground PvP

While you might consider this a guild event, it's an especially useful one for meeting like-minded players. Most end game guilds aren't too concerned with PvP. If your guild happens to be a home for PvP fanatics, one of the best ways to find new members is by organizing premade battleground queues.

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Fill most of the premade with members from your guild, then invite a couple of strangers. Don't forget to link them to your discord too. If they enjoy the experience and happen to not have much PvP going on in their own guild, it may turn out that what your guild has to offer is a better fit.

You're going to spam trade chat inside the game, so why wouldn't you spam chats outside of the game as well? Okay, don't spam them unless you're looking to get banned. But sharing your guild recruitment message in the appropriate channels, such as your server's Discord's guild recruitment chat, can reach players that otherwise would have never known you existed. Don't be afraid to tell people about your guild. More than likely, no one is going to ask if you're recruiting. You've got to get out there and tell them!

2 Reward Systems

This may seem like a joke but it's a measure based in reality. People want to be rewarded for their actions, so give them a reward! Anyone who's purchased a guild charter will tell you they paid players gold to sign it. But the charter is just the beginning of a guild. If you want people to stick around, you've got to give them a reason. For most players, that reason is raid rewards. If you're not a super hardcore guild, consider using a loot distribution system such as DKP in order to reward players for their participation.

1 Being Genuine

At the end of the day, you've got to realize that your guild isn't going to be a perfect fit for everyone. In fact, it's probably a perfect fit for only a select few people. The key to building a long-lasting and meaningful guild lies in picking those people out from the thousands of other players. A guild is a community, and every community is only as great as the sum of its members. Don't be discouraged if you lose guild members due to drama, slow progress, or the millions of other possible reasons. If you're persistent and you put hard, honest work into making your dream guild a reality, eventually it will happen. The only way to find other people like you is to be yourself. Don't worry about anyone who can't handle who you are, they didn't deserve you anyway.

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Classic wow guild recruitment

[Guild: Midnight Sun] was founded in ‘09. *Trying to rebuild.* Bloodhoof/Duskwood. Alliance.
Main focus is social/leveling for now. Once we have enough members maybe raids etc.
Guild bank has a ton of goodies to help level most professions. …
Class - Protection Paladin
Gear - BiS Blues, Heroic Gear, Karahzan Gear. Defense Capped, Avoidance Capped. Was Guild Main Tank. 5/11 in Karahzan. Run heroics regularly. …
Primordial is a new classic Razorgore-Horde guild looking to recruit new members for TBC. We are a group of veteran players looking to get back into the good old classic days. Willing to take people of all ages and experience with WoW. We will be working on getting a raiding guild together as well as some pvp.Looking to bring back the old family feel of guilds and teach whoever wants help instead of just sending them to videos. Please message TabascoWolf,Heîmdall,Izule,shmack…
<The Velvet Hammer> (Azuresong-Horde) is now recruiting for all levels/classes/specs. We're a newer guild but have a solid core group and looking to build for TBC. PM me for questions/invite.
We are a newly established guild from Singapore. We are formed by a group of friends with the aim of progressing and enjoying end-game content together. We used to raid actively in Retail WoW and are experienced in the game. We also brought in friends who are new to the game to join us in the WoW Classic experience. As we are adults with other IRL commitments, this will be a semi-hardcore guild.
    Good morning all thank you for the add. I wanted to let everyone know that my wife and I plan on starting a casual guild on Alliance Pagle Server for mature like minded individuals . Our goals will be to help each other. Comradery, Leveling, Professions, Dungeons, and hopefully ally with some other guilds for raids in the future. So if this is what you will be looking for in a guild, and would like others to hang out with let me know in the comments or ad my REAL ID Inkslinge…
    Join the Shenanigans Pagle Discord Server!
    Join the Shenanigans Pagle Discord Server!
    Check out the Shenanigans Pagle community on Discord - hang out with 2 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

    1 Comment

    • Still exist ? 🤔
    RP/Pve Focus-Bloodsail Buccanears HOARD
    We set up our discord server to handle BOTH RP'ers and Non Rpers.. In short I picked this server because it gives us every option... you want to RP we can.. you are a non RP'ers thats not a problem.. you want to get into PVP... simply turn it on... you want pve only just don't turn on PVP.. we have a place for everyone and every sytle of play for you to enjoy the game…
    Join the Damaged Inc -Wow Classic Guild Discord Server!
    Join the Damaged Inc -Wow Classic Guild Discord Server!
    Check out the Damaged Inc -Wow Classic Guild community on Discord - hang out with 2 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

    1 Comment

      <Empire> | Alliance | Hardcore PVE | Tue/Wed/Thur 9:00pm-12:00am PST | EPGP with Loot Council for high priority items
      <Empire> is currently seeking players of all classes for high end, hardcore Classic WoW raiding. We aim to be a driving force on cutting edge PvE content for Whitemane as well as a worldwide PvP threat to all red names. Members seeking to be on our main hardcore squad are expected to have excellent attendance, preparation, knowledge of their class, and knowledg…
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      World of Warcraft Classic Community Resources

      World of Warcraft Classic provides players the opportunity to delve into a faithful recreation of the original WoW® experience, but no one needs to go it alone. We’ve gathered together some of the best resources from around the community to help.

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      World of Warcraft Official forums: Make your way over to the official WoW Classic forums to meet up with players like you.

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      • Wowhead Classic: Wowhead has a suite of tools including talent calculator, gear planner, and a variety of strategy guides available for players looking to maximize their experience in WoW® Classic. If you’re feeling extra nostalgic, you can also use Wowhead’s Thottbot visual theme.
      • Icy Veins: Covering the latest WoW Classic news, Icy Veins has a variety of strategy guides and information on classes, professions, dungeons, and reputations.
      • WoW Classic Reddit: Join other WoW Classic community members to discuss your experiences in the game, swap stories, or get help and support from others.
        • Azeroth Noob: A helpful Reddit community for players new to WoW Classic.
      • Classic serves as a community hub of guides, tools, streams and more.
      • Petopia Classic: Learn what Hunter pets are available, their strengths, their diet, and more.
      • WoW is Classic: Keep up to date with the latest Classic news, and find a guild to play with by using their Guild Recruitment tools.
      • Kargoz: Helpful video guides and discussion on all things WoW Classic. Check out the “Picking a Class” guide for a great place to start.
      • Warcraft Tavern: Here you can find and submit WoW Classic Guides, a WoW Classic Talent Calculator, hunter pet resources, and more!


      • Classicast: Hosted by a variety of streamers including Esfand, StaysafeTV, and Tipsoutbaby with a focus on WoW Classic news and discussions.
      • DefTalk / Good Morning Azeroth: Hosted by Defcamp and Melderon this podcast provides interviews, guides, discussions, and more.
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