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Manual V2-CH Chirper Transmitters Rees Scientific Environmental Monitoring Systems Whitehead Road Ext. Trenton, NJ
Chirper transmitters Introduction: The V2 line of Chirper transmitters consists of probe attached, one-way communication devices that periodically transmit data to a system connected receiver. Incorporating unique identifiers and working in the lower frequency /MHz frequency band, Chirper transmitters are ideal for the crowded lab environments found in today’s businesses. Connecting a Chirper Base to the System Before an endpoint Chirper transmitter can be connected to the system, the other end of the line, a chirper receiver, must be attached to the system. Whether you are connecting a BASE-Net, BASE-Zigbee, or any other Chirper base to the system refer to the standalone instructions regarding these components for system installation. Connecting a Chirper Transmitter to the System Once a Chirper base has been added to the system the addition of a specific transmitter is as easy as selecting it from the drop-down list. In the figures below the BASE receiver is connected on IP: 1) Select the Chirper Base MPX selection module from the drop-down list
2) Each Chirper Base can support up to 16 Chirper transmitters. Select the Chirper Base designation number from the input list in the upper-left-hand corner. Note: The Chirper Base designation number is not the same as an input number on the system and only serves as a means of organization for a specific Chirper Base. Once a module has been selected you can assign an input number to it on the system. 3) Use the serial number on the side of the Chirper transmitter to select it from the drop-down list.
4) Assign an input number and probe type to the transmitter. Once a module has been added to the system it behaves like any other input. Use the Workstation software to further program the input for alarms and reporting. FCC ID: IFDRSCH The enclosed device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions (i.) this device may not cause harmful interference and (ii.) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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Rees Scientific - Automated Temperature Monitoring - Wireless & WiFi Systems


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Rees Scientific offers customized wireless configurations to meet the various needs of each of our corporate partners and prospective clients.

Another Improvement to our Wireless Family!


Z3 WiFi is our latest version of the WiFi system which provides a seamless user experience and protects critical information.

Z3 WiFi Benefits:

  • Same great reliability, security and flexibility as the Z3 Wireless System
  • Battery powered – outlets not needed
  • Enterprise WiFi capable option (PEAP-MS-CHAPv2) - works with existing infrastructure
  • Industry’s first IPv6 capable monitoring system
  • Designed to reduce the overall installation process
  • Great for remote sites
  • Enhanced customer convenience and flexibility
  • Compatible with all existing Rees Systems
  • Works with the full line of Rees Scientific sensors

The Z3 modules use an advanced Zigbee protocol tha


The Z3 modules use an advanced Zigbee protocol that is optimized for efficient communications.  They have greater stability of Mesh wireless infrastructure and reduce/eliminate battery alarms.  The Z3 wireless system offers increased number of data logging modules per network device and encrypted communication.  


  • Pave the way to add third generation modules to your system
  • Module has a smaller footprint (module is 25% smaller)
  • year battery life
  • Reduce/eliminate battery alarms
  • Fewer Offline events
  • Increased modules per network device
  • Greater flexibility moving equipment
  • Faster deployment
  • More efficient and reliable communications
  • Encrypted communication
  • Improved Reliability

View sensor conditions of your unit right from the

View sensor conditions of your unit right from the Rees Scientific LCD display data logging module.  Ideal for health clinics, hospital pharmacies and many other healthcare facilities that house vaccines in their refrigerators.  Monitoring the temperature of vaccines is a crucial task that is regulated by many different government health organizations.   The Rees Scientific LCD module complies with the guidelines of vaccine storage and handling from CDC, NIH, NIST, AAP and PHAC. 

  • Display sensor condition(s) (Temperature, Humidity, etc. )
  • Each module supports up to 2 sensors
  • Differential Pressure Module available
  • Local audio and visual (LED) alarm available
  • Ability to inhibit local alarm at module
  • Centron Monitoring System will continue to alarm & dial out as programmed
  • Available in Zigbee or WiFi
  • Works with legacy Centron hardware and Rees Cloud Systems
  • Available with Snap-Cert calibration certificate

Our WiFi system provides the same great reliabilit

Our WiFi system provides the same great reliability, security & flexibility you’ve come to expect from the company you trust. It’s designed to reduce the overall installation process, the new line of WiFi transmitters utilize your existing infrastructure to minimize site impact and get the system running fast. It’s available with our full line of sensors including temperature, humidity, light, differential pressure, etc.

The next generation of Rees Scientific Wireless En

The next generation of Rees Scientific Wireless Environmental Monitoring, V.2 Wireless provides DSSS transmissions, data buffering at transmitter level, low battery alarm & two way communication with self-healing mesh networks.  

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For over 35 years, Rees Scientific has been the most compliant continuous environmental monitoring system in the industry. Our system can monitor the temperature of any storage from + to °C. We monitor critical equipment such as stability chambers, refrigerators, freezers, LN2 Tanks, incubators, animal holding rooms, ultra-low freezers, cold rooms and clean rooms. Our systems monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure, lighting control, carbon dioxide, oxygen, light and air changes per hour.


Our automated temperature monitoring system offers the most diverse methods of delivering data in the industry.  We offer wired, Zigbee wireless, WiFi or a hybrid of all.  Systems can easily be installed on your network or on the ReesCloud.  Our sales and engineering team can partner with you to implement the best system according to your needs and requirements. 


As an ISO certified & accredited Company, Rees Scientific is constantly upgrading policies, procedures, and protocols to comply with today’s highly regulated environments.  We offer a full array of validation, calibration and training to fit each client’s specific needs and requirements. We employ regionalized sales and service engineers who are fully qualified to solve the most difficult of technical problems, and most of whom are armed with well-stocked vans containing all critical components.  Lastly, regardless of where you are located, our live 24/7/ technical support team ensures requests are responded to promptly and closed out correctly. As the market leader in environmental monitoring, Rees Scientific can help you meet today’s toughest standards for FDA, CDC, WHO, GxP, AABB, Joint Commission, USP <>, USP <>, ASHP, CAP and other regulatory bodies. Today, we continue to lead the field, taking cues from our clients and their environmental challenges.  Our goal remains sharply focused to ensure that your critical equipment and devices are monitored and maintained to set a standard every second of every day without exception and without fail.

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Rees Scientific

Rees Scientific

Environmental Temperature Monitoring

Rees Scientific was established in and was the sole provider of automated temperature monitoring systems at the time. They specialise in monitoring your critical equipment and protecting your valuable research.

Rees Scientific works with a wide range of industries, from Pharmaceutical to Blood Banking, Laboratory Animal Research to Biotech and Hospitals, Rees Scientific has become the standard by which other monitoring systems are judged.

Blood Bank Monitoring

Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience, Rees Scientific has positioned itself as the leader in Blood Bank monitoring worldwide through continuous product development and technical innovation.

Rees Scientific Environmental Monitoring systems were developed specifically with hospital blood banks in mind. In meeting today’s toughest standards for monitoring and total support documentation, Rees Scientific systems can turn any hospital blood bank into a complete command and information centre.

In addition to keeping your products safe 24/7/, Rees Scientific Environmental monitors provide up to date information on your entire lab. Whether a routine report or specific unit interrogation, every Rees Scientific System report gives you detailed, easy to understand and accurate accounts of all transactions within your monitoring system.

Pharma and Biotech

As an ISO company, Rees Scientific is constantly upgrading policies, procedures and protocols to comply with today’s highly regulated environments.

The continually expanding line of monitors is matched only by the around the clock service and support team.

Always expandable, divisible and network compatible, Rees Scientific systems provide you with alarm notification, programming flexibility, rich documentation and a host of other features.

Rees Scientific set the standard for validation and compliance having partnered with many of the fortune 50 international Pharmaceutical companies whose products have become household names.


You all have critical equipment (refrigerators, freezers, incubators and more) that need to be monitored and maintained. Each department’s staff spends a considerable portion of their day recording temperature, humidity, pressure and flow readings. Automating environmental monitoring increases accuracy, provides early warnings to address problems before they occur, maintains regulatory compliance, and allows staff to focus on other critical tasks.


Repositories often handle millions of specimens including cell banks, tissue, sera, plasma, slides and nucleic acids. Freezer alarms, on- and off-site notification, documentation and validation are critical components of a successful repository. As with most businesses, repositories are seeking a competitive edge when bidding on large contracts. Having Rees Scientific as a partner can help your organisation complete its mission statement and provide quality storage for your clients’ valuable and often irreplaceable specimens.

Forensic Labs

Requirements for storage, monitoring, and data collection of DNA evidence has increased in the last decade. The media attention and public awareness of the role of crime labs has increased dramatically. A quality assurance program is a vital part of achieving and maintaining accreditation. Installation of the Rees Centron monitoring system ensures that no evidence has been lost or degraded and is a valuable tool to achieve quality assurance and operations in evidence processing and storage.

Contact us if you would like further information on Rees Scientific or view more of our Life Sciences range.



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Rees Cloud Wifi Self-Install (Pre-Programmed)

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