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Granite Stone Cookware Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021

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More and more people are moving away from synthetic non-stick cookware towards healthier cooking options. If you are seeking to cook and eat healthier then you need to purchase granite stone cookware. There are many benefits of using granite stone cookware. Not only does the non-stick surface make cooking enjoyable and convenient, but it is easy to clean afterward. Also, today’s granite stone cookware has a high-grade natural mineral non-stick coating. Granite Stone offers a wide variety of cookware but in this article, we are going to look at the top 10 best granite stone cookware review and the buying guide.

Top 10 Best Granite Stone Cookware Reviews and Features

1. GraniteStone Nonstick Cookware Set

Topping this list of best granite cookware stone review is GraniteStone Nonstick Cookware Set. The GraniteStone pan has an even heating surface that cooks food to brown perfection such as thick slabs of steak. This cookware set has multilayer nonstick which offers easy tossing and flipping and allows healthy cooking. Also, the GraniteStone frypan is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning a breeze. What we like about GraniteStone Nonstick Cookware Set is the cool touch handles meaning that remains cool to the touch when you use them over the stovetop. This helps eliminate the risk of discomfort and burning which is caused by hot handles.

When you purchase this cookware set you will get the necessary pieces that help you to prepare, cook, and serve a delicious meal. They include 8.5” fry pan, 10.25” fry pan with lid, 5 qt. stockpot with lid, 2.5 qt saucepan with lid, and 1.5 qt saucepan. All the cookware set are PFOA free which helps you cook healthy meals and stay healthy.


  • Non-stick and non-durable
  • Oven safe and dishwasher safe
  • The cookware is PFOA free
  • Even surface heating which results in evenly and perfectly cooked food
  • Has cool touch handles which eliminate accidental burns
  • The granite cookware is three times coated with granite stone finish, mineral coating, and pressed aluminum


  • Complaints that the saucepan are smaller than normal
  • Does not offer 100 percent nonstick results

2. Granite Stone Pots and Pans with Ultra Nonstick 100% PFOA Free Coating

Granite Stone Pots and Pans Set has a nonstick cooking surface that is coated three times and reinforced with diamonds, which helps to deliver ultimate food release. This Granite Stone cookware does not need butter or oil which provides for healthier eating. Also, it is derived from diamonds and reinforced using diamonds, which make the pan free of PFOS, PFOA, cadmium, and lead for a healthy cooking experience. Granite Stone Pots and Pans with Ultra Nonstick 100% PFOA Free Coating is super durable as it is reinforced with diamonds, which makes it withstand whisks, spoons, and spatula.

It includes a complete kitchen in a box such as deep frying pans, skillets, saucepans, steamers, and bakeware pans. This granite stone cookware has an ultra non-stick feature that delivers great tasting food. Granite Stone and Pans are dishwasher safe meaning that you will spend less effort and time in cleanup.


  • Easy cleanup
  • Dishwasher safe
  • PFOS, PFOA, cadmium and lead-free
  • Oil and butter-free for a healthy meal
  • Made from the strongest materials which make it durable to withstand metal utensils


3. Granitestone Diamond 10 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

GraniteStone Diamond Nonstick Cookware Set comes with a nonstick cooking surface which is coated 3 times and reinforced using diamonds that deliver ultimate food release. It is elegant yet practical and is nonstick, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and dishwasher safe. This nonstick cookware set does not need butter or oil which offers healthier eating. Also, it offers hassle-free 1-2-3 clean up. GraniteStone Diamond Nonstick Cookware Set is dishwasher safe which offers effortless cleanup and does not affect the exterior or interior of the saucepan.

It is made of aluminum construction that ensures even heat distribution all around the cookware surface. One feature that makes this cookware set stand out is that it has pans and pots which are compatible with all cooktops. GraniteStone Diamond 10 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set is beautiful and makes a statement in every kitchen. It is metal utensil safe and has a scratch-resistant surface.


  • Easy to clean up and use
  • It is oven safe up to 500° F
  • Large 10 piece nonstick pans and pots
  • The cookware is induction compatible
  • Metal utensil safe and scratch-resistant
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • The granite stone cookware is dishwasher safe


4. Granitestone Diamond 10 Piece Nonstick Pans and Pots Set

Another product to feature on our granite cookware stone review is GraniteStone Diamond 10 Piece Nonstick Pans and Pots Set. This granite stone pans and pots set have a nonstick cooking surface which is coated 3 times and reinforced using diamonds to deliver ultimate food release. It is made to be lightweight, dishwasher safe, scratch-resistant, and nonstick. The good thing about GraniteStone Diamond Nonstick Pans and Pots Set is that it is compatible with all cooktops such as stovetops and induction.

Besides, it is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean the exterior and interior of the cookware. This GraniteStone cookware is built to last for many years, which is why it comes with 10 years warranty. On purchase, GraniteStone Diamond Cookware Set comes complete with 10.25” and 8.5” fry pan, 2.5 qt and 1.5 qt saucepan, and 5 qt stock pot that comes with a lid.


  • Has a superior nonstick coating
  • Dishwasher safe and oven safe
  • Cleaning the cookware is a breeze
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Stainless steel handles stay cool to the touch
  • Healthier cooking with no fat or oil needed


5. Granitestone 2660 Granite Master 10 Piece Cookware

Granitestone 2660 Granite Master 10 Piece Cookware is nonstick which means that you can prepare your favorite dishes with no oil. This cookware not only saves you space but allows you to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. The Stack Master Cookware Set comes with interchangeable lids which include 3 tempered glass lids that can be used interchangeably across different skillets, saucepans, fry pans, and stockpots.

Moreover, the Granitestone 2660 Cookware are PFOS and PFOA free. It has solid stainless steel stay-cool handles that offer a solid and safe grip. Because it is dishwasher safe, you will spend less time cleaning up. Granitestone 2660 Granite Master 10 Piece Cookware is not just oven safe up to 500° F but also compatible with all cooktops such as electric, gas, and induction.


  • Oven safe up to 500° F
  • Comfort grip, cool-touch handles
  • This pans and pots are always space saving
  • Dishwasher safe for easy and quick cleanup
  • Features stay-cool handles which eliminate the risk of minor burns
  • The cookware is PFOA free which offers healthy eating


  • Does not offer accurate nonstick result

6. Granite Stone Diamond Classic Blue Pots

In this granite cookware stone review, our next product is Granite Stone Diamond Classic Blue Pots. This granite stone cookware is super durable to withstand metal utensils, spoons, spatulas, whisks, and electric beaters, thus delivering years of nonstick use. The ultra nonstick feature ensures there is no butter or oil needed which offers healthier eating.

It is compatible with electric, glass, and gas cooktops and is oven safe up to a sizzling 500° Fahrenheit. The stainless steel handles are designed for both lefties and righty and have a unique Y shape which allows heat to escape so that the handle stays cool to the touch. Another feature we like about Granite Stone Diamond Classic Blue Pots is the even heat distribution which has no hot spots or dead zones.


  • PFOS, PFOA, cadmium, and lead-free
  • The ultra non-stick provides for hassle-free 1-2-3 cleanup
  • Oven safe to 500° Fahrenheit
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty
  • The granite stone cookware provides for oil-free cooking


  • Complaints that the pan wraps when heated on high temperature

7. Graniterock Cookware Scratch Proof Granite coated PFOA Free

Graniterock Cookware Scratch Proof Granite and coated PFOA Free is no-stick cookware which means that you do not need to spend time scrubbing the utensils. This cookware comes with cool-touch handles which eliminates discomfort while reducing the risk of accidental burns. The triple food-grade granite layers offer maximum durability and prevent heat or age-induced warping. It includes 8.5” and 10.25” fry pan with a lid as well as a 5-quart saucepan, 2.5-quart saucepan, and 1.5-quart saucepan with a lid.

Graniterock Cookware Scratch Proof Granite coated PFOA Free is also 3 times coated with a mineral coating, pressed aluminum, and granite stone finish. Additionally, it is PFOA free which means that you can stay healthy by cooking and eating healthy. We also love this cookware because it can be oven safe up to 500° Fahrenheit.


  • Oven safe up to 500° Fahrenheit
  • Cool-touch handles that prevent accidental burns
  • The high-grade aluminum conducts heat evenly and efficiently
  • The cookware is dishwasher safe which makes clean up a breeze
  • It is PFOA free which helps you stay healthy by eating healthy


  • The frying pans can be sticky

8. GRANITESTONE Stackmaster Scratch Resistant Granite Coated

Are you tired of using a cookware set which is hard to cook and clean? In this granite cookware stone review we have GRANITESTONE 2716 Stackmaster Cookware set featuring at number 8. It comes with a cooking surface that is constructed from a high-grade granite stone material which is free PFOS and PFOA free. This allows you to cook healthy dishes healthily. GRANITESTONE Stackmaster Scratch Resistant Granite coated Dishwasher Safe is coated 3 times with natural rock mineral which is nonstick.

As the name suggests, this cookware set is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean. This extensive granite stone cookware set has 6.18 square frying pan, 6.5 round frying pan, 5.75 qt, and 0.75 qt saucepan. Though it is composed of many pans and pots, it is designed for easy and smart storage.


  • The nonstick cooking surface that works better with the use of butter or oil
  • Cool handles allow you to hold on to cookware while cooking
  • Versatile cooking set for many styles
  • Granite coated anodized aluminum
  • PFOS and PFOA free
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe


9. Granitestone 2610 Pans and Pots Nonstick Granite-Coated

Granitestone 2610 Pans and Pots Nonstick Granite-coated is another top cookware that is 3 times coated with pressed aluminum, mineral coating, and granitestone finish. It has 5 piece set and 14 piece knife set that completes your kitchen. The frying pans are lightweight and made of high-grade aluminum construction which conducts heat evenly and efficiently.

GRANITESTONE Stackmaster Scratch Resistant Granite coated Dishwasher Safe has a high-grade natural mineral coating, which offers a super non-stick cooking experience. Also, it is oven safe up to 260° Celsius. This Granitestone cookware is PFOA free meaning that you can cook healthy meals with it.


  • It is granite durable offering years of service
  • Has even surface heating
  • Dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze
  • Cool-touch handles which get blistering hot
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit


10. Granite Stone Diamond Non-stick Aluminum Cookware Set

Granite Stone Diamond Non-stick Aluminum Cookware Set is the final product to feature on this list. It features stainless steel stay-cool handles that grip easily and are ergonomic. The mineral-infused granite surface allows ultimate release which means that everything slides off the saucepan, which means you do need butter or oil. Additionally, it is easy to clean Granite Stone Diamond Cookware Set because all you have to do is slip them into the dishwasher after every use and they will be clean within no time. The good thing about Granite Stone Diamond Non-stick Aluminum Cookware Set is that they are free from PFOS, PFOA, PTHE, Calcium, and Lead.


  • Oven safe up to 500° F
  • It is PFOA free and guarantees no release of harmful chemicals
  • The high-grade natural mineral coating offers a non-stick cooking process
  • Has a lightweight design which offers a comfortable cooking experience


  • Too high heat can lead to sticking

Granite Stone Cookware Buying Guide

Granite stone cookware is durable and efficient and can be used for most kitchen needs like frying, baking, and cooking. Many types of cookware are sold on the market today. Before you spend money purchasing any type of cookware you must consider the type of material that is used on that particular item, including the Celsius point of heating. The materials used to construct the cooking surface should be non-toxic and capable of spreading heat evenly. It is also important you look at the bottom of the cookware and ensure it is flat. Stone cookware which has uneven bottom can make noise and vibrate on the glass surface in case you are using an induction cook-top to cook. If you want to cook healthy, make sure that you choose cookware which is wrap-free, non-sticky, and PFOA free.

The best granite stone cookware should have a lid with enough weight such that it stays fixed on pans and pots and does not fall off or vibrate because of internal pressure while cooking. Another feature you should consider while buying the best granite stone cookware is whether they come with a sturdy handle or not. If stone cookware has a handle that is poorly attached there is the possibility that it will vibrate under high pressure. You must consider the customer reviews before you make a purchase. This will give you the right information about how good or bad a product is, which will help influence the final purchasing decision. The following are other factors you should consider while choosing the best granite stone cookware.

The first and most important feature to consider while choosing the best cookware is safety. For your safety and health, the three things you do not want in your cookware are PTFE, PFOA, and Lead. This is why you must choose granite cookware that is free of these toxic chemicals. While purchasing a granite stone cookware, make sure that it is indicated PFOA, Lead, and PTFE free. This will give you the peace of mind that toxins will not enter your food even if you use high heat.

Granite stone cookware is made to be durable. However, if they are dropped it can lead to chipping while prolonged heating can damage the coating as well. Because you will be saving money, make sure that you choose cookware which can last for many years.

Another important factor to look at is the nonstick capabilities of the cookware. Granite stone cookware has porcelain coating which does a wonderful job of preventing food from sticking. Because they are non-stick then you will find it is easy to clean granite stone cookware. Thanks to their coating, this cookware will preserve the smell and taste of your food.

Frequently Asked Question FAQs:

Question:What is granite cookware?

Answer: Granite cookware refers to a type of enamelware which is constructed with a stainless steel core and has glass coating. Most granite cookware comes with porcelain enamel which is fused at 2000 F. The benefit of this is that it creates a non-stick surface that is inert and non-porous.

Question:Which is the best granite cookware stone?

Answer: Granitestone cookware is the best non-stick, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, oven safe, and granite durable which are made of aluminum. This cookware includes triple food-grade layers that offer maximum durability, thus preventing heat or age-induced warping. The benefit of this is that you will have a great cooking experience without scrubbing or scraping.

Question:What are the benefits of using granite cookware stone?

Answer: Granite cookware stone has a myriad of benefits. For example, granite cookware stone is lightweight compared to cast iron. Also, it is made of an aluminum core and carbon steel which heats up very quickly. This can help fasten the cooking time. Compared to cast iron, this cookware type does not rust. Another benefit of granite cookware stone is that it does not emit harmful chemicals into the food, which might jeopardize your health.

Question:Is it safe to use granite cookware stone?

Answer: Yes. Granite cookware is healthy to use because they do not emit harmful chemical, making it safe for cooking food. Many cookware available on the market use butter and oil but Granitestone cookware such as pan can fry without butter or oil. Moreover, granite cookware is safe to use at a higher temperature while its heat resistance protects users from burn.

Question:How do you clean non-stick granite cookware?

Answer: It is easy to clean non-stick granite cookware. The ingredients you will need for this process include baking soda, sponge, and 1/4 cup of warm water. First, pour water and baking soda in the granite utensil. Second, use a sponge to mix water and baking soda to form a paste. Third, rub the paste on the granite cookware. Note that granite cookware stone is dishwasher safe which is why you should wash it by hand. Fourth, rinse the utensil until the gunk is gone.


Granite stone cookware is the best cookware for a wonderful cooking experience. This cookware is not only dishwasher safe and easy to clean but also highly durable and PFOA free. The above list shows a variety of healthier granite stone cookware that you can choose from, which offer features that allow oil-free cooking as well as non-toxic chemicals in the non-stick coating. Overall granite stone cookware shows more versatility and durability compared to other non-stick cookware. Hopefully, the above article on granite cookware stone review will serve you well while looking for healthy pans and pots to purchase.

Best Deals Granite Stone Cookware For This Week

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South Carolina State Stone – Blue Granite

South CarolinaSC Facts & FirstsSC State Symbols SC State StoneThe South Carolina State Stone, Blue Granite, is unique to the Midlands and the Piedmont region of our state, where granite can be found in abundance. When the bill designating this symbol was passed in 1969, legislators declared that it had been used "to beautify all areas of South Carolina" and was thus the most appropriate choice. It was even used in the 1908 construction of the South Carolina Statehouse, pictured below.

SC Statehouse

( Rob Hainer © Do Not Use Without Written Consent )

Often referred to as Winnsboro Blue Granite or simply Winnsboro Blue, this light-blue or gray-colored stone was quarried in Fairfield County between 1883 and 1946. Granite is an igneous stone, meaning that it was formed when magma (or molten rock) was trapped beneath the surface of the earth. There, it intermingled with other stones and particles (in this case, flecks of mica and quartz), cooling very slowly and then crystallizing.

Granite has many uses beyond that of kitchen tile and counter tops. Granite blocks with irregularities can be used in the construction of coastal jetties, which help prevent beach erosion. Granite is also cut into blocks for curbstone and building facing as well as carved into monuments, such as the grave monument for General Francis Marionpictured here.

General Francis Marion Monument

( Gazie Nagle © Do Not Use Without Written Consent )

A 1909 document from the Board of Public Works of Charleston reported that more than 28,000 linear feet (5.3 miles!) of granite curb were placed along its streets that year. Another 12,000 square yards of granite block were used to pave Charleston streets in the traditional cobbled style.

South Carolina has historically been one of the nation's top producers of granite. Granite weighs approximately 180 pounds per cubic foot, so transporting it by rail is the most efficient means. The Rockton and Rion Railway, based in Fairfield County, allowed large quantities of stone to be transported all over the country, where it was then used in building construction.

Buildings from Columbia all the way to Philadelphia were built from the stone mined at the Kincaid-Anderson Quarry, pictured below. Local granite companies and the Rockton and Rion Railway made it possible for this small farming community to jump headfirst into the Industrial Revolution.

Anderson-Kincaid Granet Quarry

( Pelham Lyles © Do Not Use Without Written Consent )

A 1893 publication by Clinton-native Thornwell Jacobs describes South Carolina's State Stone as "the silk of the trade." A prized stone, it was used in the 1912 construction of Songbird Manor, the first home in Fairfield County to boast an indoor bathroom. Prior to the mine's official operation, this beautiful stone was used in the 1803 construction of the Little River Church, located only a mile from the modern quarry. The foundation, steps, and even the fenceposts were all carved from blocks of Blue Granite.

More about Blue Granite


What is Granitestone BLUE?

The “BLUE” is the latest range of cookware from Granitestone, claiming to be the best non-stick cookware in the series so far. The key features of are Granitestone BLUE “Affordability” and “ULTRA Non-Stick” material. According to the official review, Granitestone Blue cookware lets you cook gourmet family meals everyday!



Granitestone BLUE Review | Does Really Work?


Granitestone BLUE Material

The promoters claim in the official review that each Granitestone Blue cookware has a pressed aluminum disc and a stainless-steel induction plate at the bottom to conduct the heat evenly across the Granitestone Blue cookware. The advantages of “ALUMINUM” are that it has excellent thermal conductivityis light weight and most importantly “AFFORDABLE” when compared to Stainless Steel and Copper Cookware. It is the Aluminum that makes the Granitestone BLUE AFFORDABLE.

The cookware is further coated with three layers of “Granite Blue” finish which claims to be ULTRA non-stick.

But then ALUMINUM also has got its disadvantages. Aluminum is not as tough as Copper and Stainless Steel and tends to warp in high heat. Aluminum is also very reactive to Alkaline and Acidic food.

Granitestone BLUE Features

Vented Lids

The Granitestone BLUE cookware is oven rated up-to 500 degree Fahrenheit for perfect roasting. All cookware come with “vented” tempered glass lids to prevent boil over. While vented lids are great as they let they prevent boil over and rattling, not all users prefer vents on lids. Reviewersmention that some cooking methods call for sealing the lid completely to make the food cook faster and properly.



What are the Advantages of the Granitestone BLUE Cookware?

No Rusting

Since the cookware is coated with porcelain there is no question of the cookware getting rusted.


Inert Material

The porcelain that is used as the coating in the Granitestone Blue cookware is inert, and does not react to the acidic and alkaline food that is cooked in it. The cookware material being inert, does not alter the taste of the food being cooked. Provided proper care is taken to ensure that the coating does not peel-off from the Granitestone Blue cookware.


Free of Harmful Material

The Granitestone Blue Cookware is free of harmful materials like PFOA.


Easy Cleanup

The Granitestone Blue Cookware is easy to clean thanks to the smooth glossy surface.


10-Years Warranty

The Granitestone Blue cookware is covered by 10-years warranty. So if the cookware develops any issues, the company will replace it. But there is big “BUT” with this. You have to make sure that the issue like coating coming off, the pans warping etc. should not be due to improper use of the cookware.


Disadvantages of Granitestone BLUE Cookware

Eggs Stick

All those users who tried eggs complain that the eggs stick to the pan. Then you have to scrape the pan to remove burnt egg – not good since this will damage the porcelain coating.


Burns Food

The Granitestone Blue pans heat up pretty fast and you could end up burning the food. Reviewers suggest heating on lo/medium heat to keep the food from burning.



Pans Warp

The biggest complaints reported by the Granitestone Blue cookware users is that the pans warp when they are heated. The Granitestone Blue pans bow in the middle causing the butter to accumulate at the edge of the pan.


Uneven Heat

The eggs run at the edges and does not cook properly as there is not much heat. The heat distribution is uneven on the larger pans.


Too Thin

The Granitestone Blue pans are too thin and look like the ones bought at the dollar store, one reviewer complains. One reviewers points to the fact that Granitestone Blue is not compatible with glass stovetops.


Heat Retention

The porcelain used in the Granitestone BLUW is thin and known to possess poor heat retention properties.



Since the Granitestone BLUE cookware is made of porcelain, the material is fragile compared to other non-stick cookware. The cookware has to be handled very carefully and certainly cannot be “abused” as claim in the official review. The Granitestone Blue cookware’s porcelain coating is prone to chipping easily.



False Claims

According to the reviews, the promoters of the Granitestone Blue make utterly false claims related to various features of the cookware. For example the promoters claim that you can use metal utensils with the Granitestone Blue cookware, but this not true. Wooden or plastic utensils are recommended to be used with the Granitestone Blue cookware.


Not So Non-Stick

The Granitestone Blue Cookware is not as non-stick as claimed by the manufacturer. Users report that in-fact the porcelain coating is at the lower end of the “non-coating” surfaces.


Is it really “Granite” Stone?

Nope, our product experts reveal that promoters use the name GRANITE for marketing purpose. There is no actual graniteused in the Granitestone BLUE cookware. The Granitestone BLUE is actually an with a “granite” finishing done with porcelain enamel. Many reviewers say that this is a misleading advertising as there is no disclaimer on the official website that the cookware does not contain real “granite stone” and that it is just a finish.



Dishwasher Safe…But is it?

The official review mentions that you can put the Granitestone BLUE cookware in the dishwasher, but our product experts cation against doing it. Harsh ingredients and the the high temperature of the dishwasher can take a toll on the non-stick coating of the Granitestone BLUE cookware. Dishwashers are known to scratch the surfaces of the cookware like the Granitestone BLUE. It is recommended to hand wash the Granitestone Blue cookware with non-abrasive sponge. You should let the cookware cool completely before washing. Users mention in their reviews not to immerse the hot Granitestone Blue cookware in cold water also do not use any cleaners to clean the cookware.


12-Piece Set is an Overkill

Many reviews mention that the 12-piece set is overwhelming for a a small family. The official website does not have an option of buying a scaled down version of the set which would come in handy for smaller families.


What do I get?

Get the 12-Piece Granitestone Blue Cookware Set for $200 at the Official website



T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware SetHard Anodized AluminumCeramic Coating$113.4311000+ Reviews4.5 Star Rating
Cuisinel Store Cast Iron Cookware 11-Pc SetCast IronNo Coating$189.992000+ Reviews4.6 Star Ratings Out of 5
Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware 12-Pc SetHard Anodized AluminumTeflon No-Stick Coating/td> $147.783500+ Reviews4.5 Star Out of 5 Ratings
Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized, 17 Piece SetHard Anodized Construction Quantanium Nonstick InteriorNon-Stick Coating$199.001800+ Reviews4.6 Our of 5 Ratings



Our Verdict

So should you buy the Granitestone Blue?, well not really. Granitestone Blue is not the only “Granite FINISH” cookware out there in the market, there are several of them. We would recommend the tried and tested T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set.

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