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120Pcs Extra Long Nail Tips with Box, Clear XXL Straight Tapered

The 120pcs clear stiletto nails offers 12 different sizes with 10 nails of each size that fit most fingers, which is individually numbered 0-11. You can start applying nail tips to your nails. Then, you can shape and decorate the nails however you like!


Material: Traceless plastic

Color: Clear

Professional salon quality, 12 sizes, each sizes has 10pcs

No.0: 10PCS 1.78 inch * 0.54 inch 

No.1: 10PCS 1.74 inch * 0.50 inch 

No.2: 10PCS 1.70 inch * 0.47 inch 

No.3: 10PCS 1.66 inch * 0.68 inch 

No.4: 10PCS 1.59 inch * 0.43 inch 

No.5: 10PCS 1.54 inch * 0.40 inch 

No.6: 10PCS 1.50 inch * 0.39 inch 

No.7: 10PCS 1.44 inch * 0.36 inch 

No.8: 10PCS 1.39 inch * 0.33 inch 

No.9: 10PCS 1.33 inch * 0.30 inch 

No.10: 10PCS 1.21 inch * 0.26 inch 

No.11: 10PCS 1.17 inch * 0.24 inch


New design for nail art lovers, novel and beautiful.

Made of high quality ABS,durable ,sturdy and natural.

The top of nail is ultra thin,fit your original nails, more comfortable and natural and save the sanding time.

The end of the nail we make it thickness,improve the impact resistance of nails and keep better shape.

Package Included:

120pcs/box extra long nail tips 


Extra Long C Curve Half Cover Nail Tips, 500 PCS Clear XXL Super Long Straight Square Shape Tips for Acrylic False Fake Nails, 10 Sizes

Extra Long C Curve Half Cover Nail Tips, 500 PCS Clear XXL Super Long Straight Square Shape Tips for Acrylic False Fake Nails, 10 Sizes


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Product Details

  • 【Premium Material】 Extra long c curve nails are made in high quality brand new ABS material, no toxic, no smell, no harm to your nails, providing you a safe and comfortable nail art doing experience. High transparent clear nails offer more elegant effect.
  • 【Upgraded U shape Tips】The super long XXL U shape nails are upgraded on the basis of c curve false nails, the length has been upgraded to XXL French nails. You can modify its shape or length according to your needs. The square ending tip design makes your nails more elegant.
  • 【10 Sizes each 50pcs】10 different super long sizes, each size comes with 50pcs nails packed in one transparent bag and marked number, convenient for you to distinguish when you use it. If you mess up the nails, you can check the numbers marked on the nail tips also. Total 500pcs super clear square straight nail tips, enough quantity for use. 10 different sizes could fit for most fingers.
  • 【Simple Operation】The fake acrylic nails are easy to trim, paint, apply and nice holding the color without separating or streaking. The acrylic nail is in moderate thickness, sturdy, not easy to deform. And with thinner root makes the c curve stick easier and more natural.
  • 【Multiple Uses】Great for professional nail specialist or nail art learner, suitable for nail salons display and DIY nail art at home, it also could be wonderful gift to your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters, and excellent for Halloween, Christmas Parties, Costume ball, Weekend dating and various party etc.
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎7.13 x 4.72 x 1.69 inches (18.1 x 12 x 4.3 cm); 4.97 Ounces (140.9 grams)
UPC ‏ : ‎733444290156
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎XY
ASIN ‏ : ‎B0936RXFNY
Number of Pieces500, 50



Shape : Half Cover Extra Long C Curve Clear French nail tips
Clear U shape Square Straight Nail Tips for acrylic nail
Material : Brand new high quality ABS
Quantity: Total 500pcs super long XXL acrylic nails
Package: each size 50pcs pack in one transparent bag marked number
Size: Upgraded Super Long XXL total in 10 different sizes


1.File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick;
2.Clean nails of any polish oil with acetone-based polish remover;
3.Select the correct size nails for each finger;
4.Apply glue to nails;
5.Apply thin layer of glue to nails;
6.Starting at cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds;
7.File and shape your new nails if needed.

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How to choose the correct nail tip

Multi award-winning tech, Katie Barnes, serves up advice on choosing the right nail tip for your client…


Most nail tips are manufactured out of plastic such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene monomers (ABS), a durable yet flexible material that can be shaped into a smooth surface that resists yellowing. When purchasing tips, seek virgin plastic which doesn’t contain recycled material when the plastic is re-melted and reused, otherwise it can cause quality issues such as cracking. Well-less, full or half-well is personal tech preference but there can be various benefits for each:

Well-less tips are the fastest and most versatile tip because they can be applied anywhere on the nail plate and don’t require blending and are perfect when creating an enhancement with a smile line.

Full-well tips have the largest contact point and can be seen to have the best grip. The large surface area is suitable for most clients, but is particularly good for camouflaging bitten nails and other imperfections because the well can cover up to half of the natural nail plate. Full-well tips require the most blending so are best covered with coloured product.

Half-well tips offer less coverage on the nail, so they’re quicker to apply and blend than full-well tips.



Just like sculpting nails using a nail form, for the perfect tip fit it can often be necessary to tailor your tips to fit your client’s nail. The most important thing to remember when sizing your tips is to always oversize, not undersize.

Correct sized tip

The width of the tip should fit from sidewall to sidewall for proper strength and structure. If you’re in between sizes, always go up a size and customise the tip to fit by filing or cutting the tip.

Too small tip

By using a tip too small, as well as not creating a correct structure, this will leave a vulnerable area of natural nail with no product, that is more likely to get damaged while also causing discomfort to your client and give them that ‘pinched’ feeling on their nail plate.

When choosing the tip size, if you have any gaps at the side walls  or when you press the tip to check the fit onto the nail and you can see pressure on the nail plate or the nail tip seems forced, the tip is too small.

Oversizing your tip but not tailoring it to fit, will also cause problems by leaving excess tip that will potentially cause your client discomfort or give them something to pick.

The length of tips will restrict you if your client wants very long enhancements or you are entering a competition with extreme lengths and minimum measurements, this will then require you to sculpt an enhancement.

Sidewall Structure

Ensure you chose a tip that doesn’t compromise the lateral wall structure. Many tips have a natural curve or arch in the side walls which will create a weakness and can be more common in almond shaped tips. It is important to choose a tip that provides you with a straight sidewall. I often like competition style tips because they are thin, easy to pinch if required and have parallel, straight side walls.

Straight side wall square

Straight side wall almond

Tip fitting for different natural nail shapes

Deep C-Curve

Some clients have nails with a naturally pronounced C-Curve. This deep C-Curve can make tip fitting difficult. Average tips will not lay tight in the nail grooves and can leave a gap at the contact point, so there is a tendency to select a tip too narrow for the nail.

First, examine the client’s nails and choose a tip with a C-curve that most closely matches the natural C-curve of the client’s nail plate. You can file a deeper C-Curve into a nail tip at the smile line area. If you file your tip ultra-thin prior to fitting, you can also shape your tip more easily into a curve as it will be more flexible.

Flat nail

To fit a flat nail, it is important to have a flexible well. You can achieve this by cutting a small ‘V’ in the tip, as you may with a nail form. You can also use a file to remove the corners on a naturally deep C-Curve tip for flatter nail plates.

While it’s not always practical to have a wide variety of tips in your kit, it is beneficial to have several different choices and know how to tailor these to suit different nails.

Love Katie B x




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