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MacBook vs. MacBook Pro: how to pick between Apple’s two $1,299 laptops

I badly need a new computer. The last time I bought one was in the summer of 2011, not long after the MacBook Air’s first (and only) redesign. It was perfect timing: my last MacBook, the white plastic kind, had wiring literally sticking out of it after taking a spill. And Apple had just dropped the Air’s price down to $1,299 — the same price I believe my original MacBook had cost.

It’s now six years later, and Apple is hitting that pricing sweet spot again in a big way. Not only does the super-slim MacBook start at $1,299, but so does the new MacBook Pro. And since the MacBook Air, still selling for $999, is woefully out of date — with a low-res screen that’ll look bad next to any current smartphone — $1,299 is essentially the starting price for a modern Mac laptop. So I’ve been wondering: if I want to spend $1,299 again, which one should I get?

I’ve been testing both laptops for the past few weeks, and while I don’t think there’s an easy answer for everyone, what’s impressed me the most is just how capable the tiny little MacBook has become. If you’re heading off to college or just want a great laptop for typical laptop tasks — watching YouTube, browsing the internet, working at a coffee shop — this is going to be an excellent choice.

But the MacBook Pro is subtly better in a number of ways: it’s better for watching movies, better for editing movies, and is just generally a bit more flexible and future proof. I’m surprised by just how much the entry-level MacBook Pro can handle — but how far that’ll get you depends on how serious of a workload you intend to throw at it.

First I want to talk about the MacBook, because it’s changed the most since I last spent some time with one. This year’s model has the exact same design as the prior two versions, but there’s nothing to complain about there. It’s so small and light that I’m constantly surprised when picking it up, as though I’m cradling some special device that expands into a real computer when I open it.

The MacBook has a 12-inch screen, and, at $1,299, comes with a 1.2Ghz Intel Core m3 processor (of the latest generation, Kaby Lake), 8GB of RAM, Intel’s integrated HD Graphics 615 GPU, and 256GB of flash storage.

Ever since the current MacBook debuted, there’s been concern around its use of low-power processors. The upside is that they’re better for battery life and mean the laptop stays cool and doesn’t need a fan — perfect for watching videos. But the downside is that the MacBook tends to operate slower than the laptops we were used to, getting sluggish when trying to do too many things at once.

I’m happy to say that’s no longer the case. Or, at least, it hasn’t been in the time I spent with the latest MacBook. I’ve had Slack, Tweetbot, Airmail, TextEdit, and Chrome all open at the same time and occasionally had a second monitor hooked up while working at the office, and the MacBook never felt sluggish. I’ve even been able to use Photoshop (I put one dog’s head on top of another dog’s head, to prove a point to a co-worker), edited some large RAW photos in Lightroom, and was even able to cut up a short 4K video in Premiere. Photoshop was as smooth as I could ask for, and Lightroom — always a heavy app — responded with only occasional hesitation. Premiere ran surprisingly well, though playback broke down with each adjustment I put on top of the clip.

My biggest gripes with the MacBook — and I wouldn’t necessarily characterize them as “big” — are around the movie-watching experience. The 12-inch screen is just fine for doing work, but it felt noticeably smaller when watching videos after years of sitting in front of a 13.3-inch laptop. The screen’s colors are a bit duller than the MacBook Pro’s, too, though I don’t think you’d notice unless you have the two computers side by side. The bigger problem is the MacBook’s stereo speakers, which sound less like stereo speakers and more like a single center channel fired straight up into the air. It’s workable, but sometimes distracting.

It’s also worth remembering that, aside from the headphone jack, the MacBook only has a single USB-C port, which also has to be used for power. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s an occasional frustration that means you’ll absolutely need to buy an adapter or two for any peripherals you might own. (You’ll even need one to charge your iPhone.)

During my testing, battery life averaged out to a bit under six and a half hours. That’s a little lower than I’d like (and much lower than Apple’s estimated 10 hours of battery life), but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone using the MacBook mostly for handling notes and emails, and not watching too many videos, was able to eke another hour out of it. (Using Safari instead of Chrome would probably help, too.) Either way, I suspect it’ll last long enough to get through a day of classes.

To me, that’s what this laptop feels the most suited for. If you’re heading off to college, the MacBook seems like it should get you through four (or, hopefully not, five) years of work without issue. Going for the lighter computer is always a good call when you’re moving around a bunch, too. I still noticed the MacBook’s two pounds of weight when carrying it in my messenger bag, but it never got to be a problem during my commute.

Then there’s the MacBook Pro, which is maybe the more traditional and versatile of the two laptops. It’s much more in line with the MacBook Air’s legacy: it has a higher-power processor, multiple ports (though two out of three of them are still USB-C), and a bigger screen. It’s not really a “pro” machine, it’s just a laptop that’ll ensure you get by when doing somewhat more demanding tasks.

There’s really a lot to like about the MacBook Pro. It’s smaller than the Air, despite having the same 13.3-inch size screen. And while it isn’t as remarkably tiny as the MacBook, it’s small and light enough to not really feel like a “pro” machine (which, again, I’d argue it’s not). The bigger screen also feels significantly roomier after coming from the 12-inch MacBook. Its colors are ever-so-slightly more vibrant, too, and the laptop’s speakers are a big improvement over the MacBook’s. And while this model of the Pro doesn’t include Apple’s fancy new Touch Bar, I don’t consider that a loss; the feature just isn’t that useful yet. The only thing you really miss out on with this cheaper model is Touch ID for logging in and buying things from iTunes, the App Store, and the web.

For $1,299, the MacBook Pro comes with a 2.3Ghz Intel Core i5 processor (also Kaby Lake, but not ultra low power), 8GB of RAM, Intel’s integrated Iris Plus Graphics 640, and 128GB of flash storage. Yeah, just 128GB: to get the price down on the Pro machine, Apple cut down its storage, so there’s only half as much as you’d get from the MacBook. Having lived with a 128GB MacBook Air for the past six years, I’ll say that putting up with this tiny amount of space is doable (especially thanks to cloud storage) but occasionally headache inducing. If you’re trying to cut costs, living with a 128GB drive is not the worst trade-off. But you will absolutely hit that limit at some point, so you’d better get comfortable with deleting apps and offloading files to storage drives or the cloud.

To me, the bigger downsides to the Pro are hits to its portability: added weight and reduced battery life. On weight, it’s about the same as a MacBook Air — three pounds — and while that’s not exactly heavy, I started to feel it over my shoulder much sooner than the MacBook, which is a full pound lighter. That’s not a problem if you’re mostly going to use your laptop around the house or office, but it’s a bit more of an issue for students or anyone frequently on the go.

The Pro’s battery life is even more of a problem. I got an average of just over five hours — compared to almost six and a half for the MacBook, while doing the same exact tasks. The longest battery life I got with the Pro was about six and a half hours, and that really felt like the upper limit for me. That’s far beneath the 10-hour average that Apple estimates the computer will get. If you’re going out for a while, plan on bringing a charger.

Of course, part of the reason for the bigger size and reduced battery life is this computer’s higher-power processor. In theory, it’s much faster than what’s in the MacBook. And its graphics unit should be more capable, too.

In practice, though, these things aren’t all that noticeable. Perhaps they would be as the two computers aged a bit more. But at the moment, I’m not seeing any big distinctions in the two computers’ day-to-day tasks: browsing the web, watching videos, answering emails — nothing was any faster on the Pro. The only difference was that, occasionally, the Pro’s fans would start to blare.

Where the processor’s improvements do come into play is during more intensive work, such as photo and video editing. Lightroom was snappier — though it still showed very slight delays when touching up photos with the brush tool — and Premiere was able to deliver smoother previews of the short 4K test clip I was editing.

But I’m not confident that the processor and integrated GPU in this laptop will be enough for bigger projects. And I’m quite sure that actual pros won’t be able to get by with a $1,299 machine. Which kind of makes me wonder: who is this entry-level “pro” machine for?

Even after three weeks with these computers, I find choosing between the two of them to be difficult. If you must have the technically better and more capable computer, the $1,299 MacBook Pro is the way to go. You’ll appreciate the extra screen size and its added vibrance, the better speakers, and the extra power. You’re on your own with the whole 128GB of storage thing, though.

But if you’re planning to regularly move around with your laptop, I don’t think any of the MacBook’s shortcomings should hold you back from picking it up instead. Having twice as much storage will make using it a bit easier, since you’ll spend less time managing files; the computer’s processing power has caught up in a big way; and its battery life is significantly better.

For someone really serious about editing or graphics work, I’m not sure that either of these computers will be right for you. You’ll probably want to spend more on a MacBook Pro, or else look to Windows where there are often better deals. In fact, if you’re not tied to the Mac, Microsoft’s very good Surface Laptop offers similar specs to the MacBook Pro, but with twice the storage, for $1,299. And for $100 more, Razer offers a laptop with a faster processor, four times as much storage as the Pro, and twice as much RAM. (Though, in all cases, you’ll still have to spend more to get better graphics.)

For me? I’m leaning toward the Pro, but I’m not sure the entry-level model is the one I’ll get. And I have a strong suspicion that’ll be the case for a lot of people: if you want a $1,299 Mac laptop, pick up the MacBook. But if you’re looking at the Pro, you may find yourself wanting a bit more — and ultimately, spending a bit more to spec it out.


Best Buy is offering an aggressive discount on the 2017-era MacBook Pro on Thursday only. The entry-level configuration, with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB, is on sale for $999 -- that's $300 off of the standard retail price. (Note that this is the non-Touch Bar edition that has the controversial butterfly keyboard.) 

The retailer has also discounted two other configurations, including a considerably higher-end model with an Intel Core i7 processor and 512GB SSD for $1,799. 

Disclosure: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Here are the three configurations Best Buy has on sale:

2017 MacBook Pro with Core i5 and 128GB SSD: $999 (save $300)

Sarah Tew/CNET

The entry-level configuration -- discounted by 25 percent -- is a certified bargain. Selling for the same $999 as the less powerful 2017 MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro has Apple's Retina display and comes equipped with a seventh-gen dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB of SSD storage and 8GB of RAM. You are highly unlikely to find this machine at a lower price.

Read more.

2017 MacBook Pro with Core i5 and 256GB SSD: $1,149 (save $350)

Sarah Tew/CNET

This model, which has twice as much storage as the base config, is discounted by $350, so you're paying $1,149 instead of the usual $1,499 price. Apart from the SSD, it's identical to the entry-level configuration.

read more.

MacBook Pro with Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD: $1,799 (save $400)

Sarah Tew/CNET

This configuration might be the best deal of the three. Best Buy chops $400 off of a pretty deluxe configuration with a faster Core i7 processor, twice the RAM and a 512GB SSD. This model typically costs $2,199.

Read more.

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MacBook Pro (15 inci, 2017) - Spesifikasi Teknis


Touch Bar

  • Touch Bar dengan sensor Touch ID terintegrasi



  • Layar Retina
  • Layar 15,4 inci (diagonal) dengan lampu latar LED dan teknologi IPS; resolusi 2880 x 1800 pada 220 piksel per inci dengan dukungan untuk jutaan warna
  • Skala resolusi yang didukung:
    • 1920 x 1200
    • 1680 x 1050
    • 1280 x 800
    • 1024 x 640
  • Kecerahan 500 nit
  • Warna luas (P3)


  • 2,8 GHz
    Prosesor Intel Core i7 quad-core 2,8 GHz, Turbo Boost hingga 3,8 GHz, dengan cache L3 bersama sebesar 6 MB
  • 2,9 GHz
    Intel Core i7 quad-core 2,9 GHz, Turbo Boost hingga 3,9 GHz, dengan cache L3 bersama sebesar 8 MB


  • 256 GB
    SSD terpasang berbasis PCIe 256 GB
  • 512 GB
    SSD terpasang berbasis PCIe 512 GB


  • Memori terpasang LPDDR3 2133 MHz sebesar 16 GB


  • 2,8 GHz
    Radeon Pro 555 dengan memori GDDR5 2 GB dan peralihan grafis otomatis
    Intel HD Graphics 630
  • 2,9 GHz
    Radeon Pro 560 dengan memori GDDR5 4 GB dan peralihan grafis otomatis
    Intel HD Graphics 630

Pengisian Daya dan Ekspansi

Empat port Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) dengan dukungan untuk:

  • Pengisian daya
  • DisplayPort
  • Thunderbolt (hingga 40 Gbps)
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 (hingga 10 Gbps)

Papan Ketik dan Trackpad

  • Papan ketik berukuran penuh dan berlampu latar dengan:
    • 64 (AS) atau 65 (ISO) tombol termasuk 4 tombol panah
    • Touch Bar dengan sensor Touch ID terintegrasi
    • Sensor cahaya sekitar
    • Trackpad Force Touch untuk kontrol kursor yang akurat dan kemampuan mendeteksi tekanan; mengaktifkan klik Bertenaga, akselerator, gambar yang sensitif terhadap tekanan, dan gerakan Multi-Touch.


  • Wi-Fi
    Jaringan nirkabel Wi-Fi 802.11ac; kompatibel dengan IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth
    Teknologi nirkabel Bluetooth 4.2


Dukungan Video

Secara bersamaan mendukung resolusi asli sepenuhnya pada layar bawaan dalam jutaan warna dan:

  • Hingga dua layar dengan resolusi 5120 x 2880 pada kecepatan 60 Hz dalam lebih dari satu miliar warna
  • Hingga empat layar dengan resolusi 4096 x 2304 pada kecepatan 60 Hz dalam jutaan warna
  • Hingga empat layar dengan resolusi 3840 x 2160 pada kecepatan 60 Hz dalam lebih dari satu miliar warna

Output video digital Thunderbolt 3

  • Output Native DisplayPort melalui USB‑C
  • Output VGA, HDMI, dan Thunderbolt 2 didukung menggunakan adaptor (dijual terpisah)


  • Speaker stereo dengan rentang dinamis tinggi
  • Tiga mikrofon
  • Jek headphone 3,5 mm

Baterai dan Daya2

  • Web nirkabel hingga 10 jam
  • Pemutaran film iTunes hingga 10 jam
  • Waktu siaga hingga 30 hari
  • Baterai lithium-polymer bawaan 76 watt jam
  • Adaptor Daya USB-C 87W

Persyaratan Kelistrikan dan Operasi

  • Tegangan listrik: 100 V hingga 240 V AC
  • Frekuensi: 50 Hz hingga 60 Hz
  • Suhu operasional: 10° hingga 35° C (50° hingga 95° F)
  • Suhu penyimpanan: -25° hingga 45° C (-13° hingga 113° F)
  • Kelembapan relatif: 0% hingga 90% non-kondensasi
  • Ketinggian operasi: teruji hingga 3.000 meter (10.000 kaki)
  • Ketinggian penyimpanan maksimum: 4.500 meter (15.000 kaki)
  • Ketinggian pengiriman maksimum: 10.500 meter (35.000 kaki)

Ukuran dan Berat

  • Tinggi: 1,55 cm (0,61 inci)
  • Lebar: 34,93 cm (13,75 inci)
  • Tebal: 24,07 cm (9,48 inci)
  • Berat: 1,83 kg (4,02 pound)3

Sistem Operasi

macOS High Sierra
macOS adalah sistem operasi yang menjalankan semua yang Anda lakukan di Mac. macOS High Sierra menghadirkan berbagai teknologi canggih dan fitur yang kian disempurnakan ke Mac Anda. Ini adalah macOS di level tertinggi.
Pelajari lebih lanjut mengenai sistem operasi terbaru


Fitur aksesibilitas membantu penyandang disabilitas memaksimalkan MacBook Pro baru mereka. Dengan dukungan bawaan untuk penglihatan, pendengaran, kemampuan fisik dan motorik, serta pembelajaran dan literasi, Anda bisa membuat dan melakukan berbagai hal luar biasa.
Pelajari lebih lanjut mengenai Aksesibilitas

Fitur-fitur meliputi:

  • VoiceOver
  • Zoom
  • Tambah Kontras
  • Kurangi Gerakan
  • Dikte
  • Kontrol Pengalihan
  • Teks Tertulis
  • Teks ke Suara

Aplikasi Bawaan4

  • Foto
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand
  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote
  • Safari
  • Mail
  • FaceTime
  • Pesan
  • Peta
  • Catatan
  • Kalender
  • Kontak
  • Pengingat
  • Photo Booth
  • Pratinjau
  • iTunes
  • iBooks
  • App Store
  • Time Machine

Isi Kotak

  • MacBook Pro 15 inci
  • Adaptor Daya USB-C 87W
  • Kabel Pengisi Daya USB-C (2 m)

MacBook Pro dan Lingkungan

Apple menerapkan pendekatan siklus hidup produk menyeluruh untuk menentukan dampak terhadap lingkungan. Pelajari lebih lanjut mengenai MacBook Pro dan Lingkungan

MacBook Pro dirancang dengan fitur berikut untuk mengurangi dampak terhadap lingkungannya:

  • Layar dengan lampu latar LED bebas merkuri
  • Kaca layar bebas arsenik
  • Bebas BFR
  • Bebas PVC5
  • Bebas berilium
  • Rangka aluminium yang sangat mudah didaur ulang
  • Memenuhi persyaratan ENERGY STAR 6.1
  • Berperingkat EPEAT Gold6

Apple dan Lingkungan
Selengkapnya tentang dedikasi Apple untuk mengurangi dampak terhadap lingkungan dari produk dan proses kami. Atau baca Laporan Lingkungan Produk kami untuk informasi mendetail seputar performa lingkungan setiap produk Apple.


Perangkat Lunak Mac

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Logic Pro X

Layar dan Adaptor

  • Adaptor Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ke Thunderbolt 2
  • Adaptor USB-C ke USB
  • Adaptor Multiport AV Digital USB-C
  • Adaptor Multiport VGA USB-C

AirPort dan Nirkabel

  • AirPort Express
  • AirPort Extreme
  • AirPort Time Capsule

Aksesori Lainnya

  • Kabel USB-C ke Lightning
  • Kabel Pengisi Daya USB-C
  • Adaptor Daya USB-C 87W
  • Magic Keyboard
  • Magic Keyboard dengan Tombol Numerik
  • Magic Trackpad 2
  • Magic Mouse 2
  • AppleCare Protection Plan

Kinerja Akustik

Kadar emisi kebisingan yang dinyatakan sesuai dengan ECMA-109

 Tingkat Daya Bunyi
L W A,m (B)
Tingkat Tekanan Bunyi
Posisi Operator
L p A,m (dB)
Idle1,7 (K V = 0,3)9
Web Nirkabel1,7 (K V = 0,3)9
  1. L W A,m adalah rata-rata tingkat daya bunyi berbobot, dibulatkan ke 0,1 B terdekat.
  2. L p A,m adalah rata-rata tingkat tekanan bunyi berbobot yang diukur di posisi operator (dibulatkan ke 1 dB terdekat).
  3. 1 B (bel) = 10 dB (desibel)
  4. K v adalah penambah statistik untuk batas atas komputasi dari tingkat daya bunyi berbobot.
  5. Kuantitas, L W A,c (sebelumnya disebut L W Ad) dapat dihitung dari jumlah L W A,m dan K v .
  6. Uji web Nirkabel menelusuri 25 situs web populer.
  7. Konfigurasi yang diuji: Intel Core i7 quad-core 2,9 GHz, memori 16 GB, penyimpanan 512 GB, Radeon Pro 560 dengan memori GDDR5 4 GB.

  1. 1 GB = 1 miliar byte dan 1 TB = 1 triliun byte; kapasitas terformat aktual lebih sedikit.
  2. Pengujian dilakukan oleh Apple pada bulan Mei 2017 menggunakan unit praproduksi MacBook Pro 15 inci berbasis Intel Core i7 quad-core 2,8 GHz dengan SSD 256 GB dan RAM 16 GB. Uji web nirkabel mengukur kekuatan baterai dengan menelusuri 25 situs web populer secara nirkabel dengan kecerahan layar diatur 12 klik dari bawah atau 75%. Uji pemutaran film iTunes mengukur kekuatan baterai dengan memutar konten HD 1080p dengan kecerahan layar diatur 12 klik dari bawah atau 75%. Uji siaga mengukur kekuatan baterai dengan memungkinkan sistem, yang terhubung ke jaringan nirkabel dan masuk ke akun iCloud, untuk memasuki mode siaga dengan aplikasi Safari dan Mail yang dibuka dan semua pengaturan sistem dibiarkan pada default. Kekuatan baterai bervariasi tergantung penggunaan dan konfigurasi. Lihat untuk informasi selengkapnya.
  3. Berat bervariasi, tergantung konfigurasi dan proses manufaktur.
  4. iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, dan Keynote tersedia di Mac App Store. Mengunduh aplikasi memerlukan ID Apple dan perangkat yang kompatibel dengan versi OS yang diperlukan untuk masing-masing aplikasi.
  5. Kabel daya AC bebas PVC tersedia di semua kawasan, kecuali India dan Korea Selatan.
  6. MacBook Pro meraih peringkat Gold dari EPEAT di AS dan Kanada.

Macbook pro 2017 buy

Macbook Pro 2017 Review_

Table Of Contents_

Aimed at professionals, the 2017 Apple Macbook Pro is a more affordable pick from the Apple line-up that you can only get as a refurbishment right now. If you opt for the touch bar model, you might have to pay a bit more than $1200, but if you can do without it, then that price drops down to about $1000. The entry level model comes with an intel core i5 processor, an average battery life of about 10 hours, and a significantly large trackpad that’s pretty nice to use. Get to the end of this review to see why the 13-inch macbook pro is still one of the best apple laptops despite being 3 years old in the market.

Why We Like It – Macbook Pro 2017

The 2017 Macbook pro might be a bit outdated right now, but it’s still got the specs that a light to mid user will be perfectly fine with. The entry level model doesn’t have a touch bar, but it comes with a capable Intel Iris Plus 640 GPU, and a battery life that’s long enough to get you through a day’s work.


  • Sharp retina display
  • Affordable
  • Big trackpad


With the intel core i5 processor, the entry model Apple macbook pro might not have the kind of processing power that some power users might need to get their work done. If this is the case for you, then you might want to consider dishing out a bit more money for the model that includes a dual core 3.5 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake processor, or go for the 2020 release of the apple macbook pro 13. There’s still no touch id on this unit, but RAM is at a healthy 8GB, with storage options being either 128GB or 256GB. By default, the laptop comes installed with OS X El Captain as its operating system, but this can be updated to mac OS High Sierra without any issues.


Available in either silver or space grey, the 2017 update of the Apple Macbook pro features the same sharp retina display that we’ve all come to love. It’s actually similar to what you’ll get with the 15-inch model, or even the apple macbook air 13″ (2011) 1.8ghz. The one thing that might be a bit of a dissapointment is that you only get two USB C ports on this Macbook pro, but if you opt for the more expensive touch bar model, you’ll get two of them on each side of the keyboard for a total of four. The speakers on the not so new macbook are also quite impressive, and the 720p webcam is just about good enough for FaceTime.


If you don’t want to spend $1800 plus on a new macbook pro, or even more for the macbook pro 16, then a refurbished version from Amazon might be the next best option if you’re not interested in any other brand. These refurbished laptops normally undergo a lot of intensive checks before they’re put back into the market, so you shouldn’t worry about whether they’ll be good enough for you. The laptop comes with a 90-day warranty, but only the reseller has the rights reserved and the discretion for the kind of repairs that are covered.

Macbook Pro 2017 Wrap Up

If you can do without a touch bar, 4 USB C ports and a core i7 processor that the 13-inch touch bar model comes with, then the 2017 13-inch Macbook pro should be good enough to cater to your needs. The Macbook pro’s $1000 price tag is more than fair for the kind of value that you’re going to get, so head over to Amazon and make your order.




MacBook Pro 13\

Choose your new MacBook Pro.

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13" (2.3GHz 8GB 128GB) Space Gray$1,299.00$1,149.00$1,260.03$1,299.00$1,099.00$200.0013" (2.3GHz 8GB 128GB) Silver$1,299.00$1,149.00$1,251.46$999.00$1,198.00$300.0013" (2.3GHz 8GB 256GB) Space Gray$1,499.00$1,299.99$1,362.56$1,499.00$1,299.00$200.0013" (2.3GHz 8GB 256GB) Silver$1,499.00$1,299.00$1,445.86$1,299.00$1,398.00$200.0013" (2.3GHz 8GB 512GB) Space Gray$1,699.00$1,629.00n/a$1,699.00n/a$70.0013" (2.3GHz 16GB 256GB) Space Gray$1,699.00$1,624.00n/a$1,699.00n/a$75.0013" (2.3GHz 16GB 512GB) Space Gray$1,899.00$1,824.00n/a$1,899.00n/a$75.00

4096 4097 4098 4099 4100