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Hello everyone. First of all I apologize for making an individual post for this. I posted these points in my youtube's channel community page to spread the game around and some people considered it would be a good idea to share here. I want to offer some perspective and insight for other potential new players that want to give this game a try in 2021, and maybe some perspective for veterans too who want to give their opinions or corrections about it.

My name is Shal and I've been a content creator for another game for some time. Lately, I've been desperate for something fresh and different to what I usually play, and a friend of mine showed me Another Eden. At first the idea of playing a hero gacha game was very unattractive but she insisted and I tried it. Two and half months later I've finished the main story of the game until Chapter 84, Mythos Chapter 10, cleared every episode and collected all 8 Void Weapons, so that gives you an initial idea of how strongly hooked I got into the game.

I've been quietly watching community interactions here in reddit and discord, especially the way they are managed, and the way the developers of the game interact with players either by responding to their feedback, or simply replying to casual localization questions from people who show interest. For some of you this might sound like a given or something you are used to get so it's nothing special. For an outsider this is a blessing and something I shamefully admit I'm jealous of. Having devs listening to what a community thinks, providing spaces for them to engage and actively respond to individuals is not as common as most people think it is and should not be taken for granted. I'm currently in the process of recording footage to make this same post in video format and attract more people, but I'm struggling trying to go back to certain catchy parts without having to restart. Bit of an oversight from me and if anyone has tips about this I'd be grateful.

I've edited my original community post to fit it here a bit better (bolded text). If you are new to the game and you are interested in knowing the unbiased perspective of another new player, these are my thoughts:

Lore is a central point of Another Eden. Having the ability to enjoy the dialogues and the world's development will have direct impact in our ability to enjoy the game 20 or 30 hours later as it was intended. The game doesn't offer the ability to skip cutscenes so if you don't want to experience the stories the game offers you will be spamming your finger against the screen for hours and this will certainly be extremely boring to do. If you stick through it until the end in this way, you will find yourself unimmersed and detached of everything that's happening around you, and void of purpose except for collecting very rare waifu/husbando upgrade items. The stories themselves are not absolute masterpieces, but they are very engaging and well-written, with a great sense of humor and a lot of cultural references. The localization team has made an incredible job here and they are worth praising. In my opinion, end-game is the weakest part of Another Eden, and you are doing yourself no favor by rushing to it at the cost of skipping stories or side content. As examples I'd like to mention the development of Anabel and Deirdre as my personal favorite, or the light but moving story of Terry, Sylvia and their neighbors in the Time Mine episode. Every episode has been extremely memorable to me, some more than others, with some very unexpected and welcomed surprises like girly Helena.

This is completely my opinion, but the music was the one element that got me entirely hooked into the game. It blows my mind. The quality is tremendous. It has a ton variety and is almost criminal how undervalued it is. As soon as I started Arc 3 of the main story I was barraged by a different boss music after every new boss I encountered. I actually commented to my friends about this thinking "did they really make a new song for every fight?". That is insane and they are all amazing. Notable mention to "Prayer of the Holy War" which made me not want to continue the fight for some good 20 minutes and I cannot believe this song is barely used twice in the game. Big Gonjuro bgm too. If I had to provide just some feedback, it would be giving players the choice to remove random battles bgm, or keep it as it is. They are all excellent songs, but after 50000 random battles you start getting a bit bored of it (especially when it interrupts that beautifully made Elzion, Forest of Forgetfulness or B.King's Castle music). The weird part is that they've intentionally made it this way in some parts of the game, to preserve the atmosphere of the moment, and it really adds up. I understand this varies from one player to another but having the choice would be a great addition.

Fairly mediocre. The cost of the premium currency is slightly overpriced and the rates of non Fateful banners (basically paid exclusive banners) too low. The worst part though, by far, is the lack of a pity system. This is actually unforgivable for a 2021 game, not even for spenders. What is the rationale behind this decision I honestly don't know. You could spend thousands of dollars chasing a unit and simply never get it (I've gotten to know the tragic story of a certain member of this community chasing Radias in the past, for example). This is very off putting for some and I sincerely hope WFS finds a way to integrate this system in the game that works for them in the financial sense. On the good side, there aren't many things the game encourages you to spend money on except completely new characters. Some of the strongest characters in the game are just sidegrades of previous or base versions of them you can farm for free, given you have the patience and luck. This is something I want to emphasize on because I've read a lot of people say this is easy to do but depending on your luck you might never be able to sidegrade a character, so be mindful of this if you decide to give the game a chance. You will often read that free characters are strong enough to clear the entire main story (and they certainly are), but on the realistic side of things for a new player just getting into the game and not familiar with game mechanics and more complicated stuff, this can be a very titanic task to achieve. The free currency obtained in game is aplenty in the early to mid stages of the game and it starts to progressively dry out ever so slightly as you reach end-game and start running out of achievements to complete. I'm personally just getting into this phase so I cannot properly quantify the severity of this issue and what kind of complications brings to someone who has completed everything. The game also offers players (except Steam users) the possibility of obtaining free currency or dungeon entries by watching up to 7 ads per day. I have mixed feelings about this system, but it's generally positive for the player. The quality of the ads is questionable at best, but I don't know what say does WFS have in the selection of them so I'll give them a pass. If you are someone who can simply ignore them or laugh at how bad they are and enjoy the freebies, you will be fine.

Not the easiest I've ever seen, but also not the hardest. It's a turn based game after all so how hard can it be? The AF system (something like a time stop where you can freely use and combo abilities in quick succession for the duration) is the most demanding one in terms of execution will certainly put you to test on this regard, especially later on. It is fun to fine tune your team and skill order, play around your speed stat, and execute everything properly is very fulfilling. It requires some degree of skill to do but not that much, and as you play more you also become better at this execution as well. It is a fun and rewarding mechanic if performed correctly. A potential downside of this system is its extreme power which as consequence can turn the player (consciously or unconsciously) overly dependent on it to beat content. If that's good or wrong is obviously subjective but in my opinion it opens opportunities for individuals to create fun artificial challenges for themselves or just enjoy an easier experience through the story. Once again, having options and giving the player the control to choose however they want to play is an excellent approach. The RNG in some fights can be quite irritating sometimes, especially turn order and enemy targeting. It's to be expected from this kind of RPGs. Some fights are (at least from my limited experience) intentionally designed to encourage players to pull for a specific character. Examples that come to my mind are Death/Hell Ogres in Battle simulator. I'm aware there are probably many ways to deal with them, but these 2 enemies are the absolute bane of my existence with extremely punishing and apparently unfair mechanics and until then I never felt the need to pull for a character before.

It's solid. There are several difficulty spikes through the main story, but they are generally there to remind players to upgrade their weapons and armors, or to teach them about buffs and debuffs, elemental or type weaknesses and other battle mechanics they intentionally or unintentionally ignored until then. Most of the main story content is several years old by now and with modern units the game is practically a breeze even for beginners, but this will only carry you so far without some effort put into learning the basics. Mythos Chapter 10 is an example of this, increasing the difficulty dramatically versus the previous 9 chapters. Be prepared for some slow and easy parts and some quite challenging surprises throughout each of the different Arcs and Episodes. The game is generally well paced. I never felt like something was unachievable with my currently available tools, but several times I had to backtrack a bit to upgrade some gear and adjust my team which is intended and fine.

  • The game's performance:

Kind of mediocre too. The installation and update times are extremely long. The storage used is high. The starting loading time is way too long and some menu elements like the achievements menu take very long times to access. I'm no expert in this sense so I cannot provide feedback on how to correct it, but the loading times in specific are a bit annoying as it can take up to 3 minutes to reset your game in some cases. I've also encountered issues where moving your characters immediately after loading up the game causes freezes and fps issues forcing you to restart again. Another thing I have to mention about this is the inability to load the game in 2 or more devices without having to completely reinstall the game everytime time you launch it. You can transfer your account, but the installation time is so long it's not worth doing. It would be fantastic if in the future we could do this.

Warning: Take potentially anything I could say in this section with grain of a salt. As i said before, this in my opinion the weakest part of the game, but not because it's bad but because the rest of the game is just so incredibly fun. End-game it's what you would expect. Long grinds and achievement hunting in the form of superbosses and item/character collections. There are 2 currencies that let you enter to specific dungeons a certain amount of times a day, where you can obtain powerful combat upgrades, and tomes you can collect to sidegrade characters into their 5* versions, or their other styles (basically additional versions of a character with different skillsets and looks). The loot pool at the end of each dungeon is extremely polluted and the odds of obtaining something specific are very very low, so think of the process as a potentially months long grind. The good thing is that everything is farmable, including the newest additions and styles, instantly on release. The bad part is that you still need to acquire at least one version of the character through gacha before you can sidegrade to the rest, but I like to think of this one of the only ways the developers actually can monetize the game effectively. Dungeon entries (tickets) recharge over time until their max capacity. After you've completed most of the hard stuff and all side-content in the game (or if you decide to skip it and just focus on collecting characters), the game is actually not demanding in time. You can spend tickets very quickly (but inefficiently) in no more than 10 or 15 minutes a day, and log off. This could be a very good or bad thing depending on your available time, but even if you are able to play 12 hours a day the game still offers months of content for you to enjoy and it's constantly adding new stuff.

  • Collabs and Optional content

Exceptional. From all the games I've ever played that have had collaborations with others, this has to be the best one. The Persona and Tales collabs in Another Eden are beautifully executed pieces of art and should serve as example to other titles about how to do them. I could be wrong, but the collabs seem to have been carefully selected with some criteria in mind. For example the characters actually fit in the world of Another Eden. They don't look out of place. They are also permanently active from very early into the game, which makes me think there was a special process behind as these kind of events tend to have a limited duration due to licensing and other business stuff, in detriment of players who join a game much after. Each collab has a solid storyline, mini games, grinds and challenging content included into them. They merge incredible well with the main cast too. All the characters in them are free, and they are actually extremely strong additions from the very beginning and well into the end-game. Most importantly, they serve their purpose well. I played Tales of Xillia in the past so I was familiar with Milla, but never played Berseria and after meeting Magilou (and Velvet too yeah) that's something I'm going to rectify. Aside from collabs, the game has dozens of hours of optional content to pick from. The best part of all is that absolutely nothing is miss-able. Cat battles, fishing, gathering, a theater, hidden super bosses and even an MMORPG inside an RPG, among many many other activities.

It's light and welcoming. Light in the sense that it doesn't take itself too seriously, but it's mature enough to keep common online behaviors in check. It is a community regulated by its own players where even official Staff of the game participates on. It's diverse and many players enjoy creating or belonging to small groups called "Churches" where they express their love and excitement for specific characters by simply stating they are part of it. I personally find it very wholesome, and for any new player looking to make new friends this is the perfect way to break the ice and find other like-minded players. I've never seen an instance of excessive toxicity, although I'm sure it has happened but the people in charge seem opportune enough to deal with them. The fan art is great, but lacking. There is not enough Anabel or Myunfa fanart, and this is a crime. Aside from that there is not much I can say for now. My time in there has been very enjoyable, despite not participating much yet, but if you are less socially inept than me you will have a blast.

I've spent a fair amount of time promoting the game within my circle and viewership, specifically its music, which most people have completely fall in love with. Despite both games being so drastically different and both aimed to so different types of players, I've found out the reception to be quite positive and I'm happy to contribute some new players to this vast world and community. I want to finish saying Another Eden is not a flawless game, but most of those flaws are not really game-killers and can be polished as long the passion and drive to make a superior game and experience remains. I think WFS has it, and it's easily seen in the high quality of a game style that many companies would not dare to give a chance, in an era of gaming where many players would not dare to try.

I'm looking forward to interacting with people more, and maybe in the future make content for Another Eden. Thanks for taking your time to read and one special thank you to "MPG" for being an entry bridge for me into the community.

Save Chronos Stones for powerful characters & characters that you like.

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Current another eden Tier list

Top damage dealer of every element(this is more accurate)

upcoming banners for global version.
Tsukiha Extra Style is currently the top DPS now.
She is basically one woman army & does it all.

  • Has Pierce zone
  • Auto apply pain on enemies at the start of the battle.
  • Buff team with Critical damage
  • debuffs 45% Piercing and Wind type resistance
  • Has a finisher that can do 700m+ damage
Are there English versions of those lists by chance? Can’t really make anything out.

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Some of the guides on the subreddit might help:

Particularly Living_Green's character guides and TheMike0088's f2p summon guide here:


I just use Google translate for altema.
(Looks like Shanie's translation got fixed.. IIRC she turned into Cyanide before xD Poor Shanie, she didn't deserve this lol)
edit: wrong poison, and it still shows on some pages

There's also a nice Unit breakdown doc from AE discord:
Very helpful when you get a new meta.

@EchoNull @flokemon Thanks guys!

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Current Game(s): Genshin Impact, Another Eden, Witcher 3, Idle Mafia (my boring, kill time game)

Thanks people for these references.

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lol....what the heck is this Thille AS thing? It's like they wanted to make her even more OP, but then decided it maybe wasn't such a good idea and switched from bonus damage over 80% HP to under 80%, and under 50%.

Yeah. I'm thinking 9 lives badge is going to be good for her.

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Upcoming Content


Note: There is content on this page that has not yet released in the Global version. If you do not want spoilers, stop here!

Note: There is content on this page which has been machine translated from Japanese. Some content on this page may not be using the Global release terminology and/or may be incorrect after translation.

Please help correct any errors you may see, thank you!

The following is content currently released in the Japanese version which is expected to be released for Global based on the release date list from Gaym[1].

An estimated time, with update interval of 10 days after last known update date, has also been included on when to expect the content in Global based on Japanese release dates (2017-04-12 Japanese Release Date); however, this timeline is entirely speculative and should not be taken as law. Keep in mind that the publisher shifts JP updates, and sometimes joins them for Global.

VersionContentNew Characters5★ Rate Up
1x 1.0%
2x 0.8\0.8%
3x 0.8\0.4\0.4%
Japanese Release DateEstimated Global Release Date +10d
  • Manifests: Hozuki, Hismena
  • Fishing buffs:
    • exp gain increased, some bait prices decreased, triple catch rate increased
101000191 s2 rank5 command.png

101050091 rank5 command.png
101040111 rank5 command.png
2021-06-24 2021-10-16
101060131 s2 rank5 command.png
101060131 rank5 command.png

101000241 rank5 command.png
101000251 rank5 command.png
2021-07-17 2021-10-26
  • Episode "The Three Thousand World Ark of the Ocean Abyss" Chapter 1
  • New fishing
101050141 rank5 command.png
101030071 s2 rank5 command.png
2021-07-29 2021-11-05
  • Boss Rush: Fire and Xenon Trials added
101030121 s2 rank5 command.png
101030121 rank5 command.png
2021-08-18 2021-11-15
101030071 s3 rank5 command.png
2021-08-30 2021-11-25
  • Zeviro (Another Style)
  • True manifests: Suzette
    • 2nd harder fight with weapon
    • More enhancements to skills, makes them independent from weapon
    • Adds stat boosts to weapon.
101030131 s2 rank5 command.png
101030131 command.png
101040031 rank5 command.png
101040031 command.png
2021-09-15 2021-12-05
  • Purgatory Ensemble: "Scythe of Reincarnation and Corpse Flowers of Flame"
  • Twin Destinies Encounter + Brilliant Encounter
101070111 command.png
101000251 s2 rank5 command.png
2021-09-30 2021-12-15
  • Mythos: 霊長の理と枢機の天秤 (The Apex of Reason and Scale of Important Affairs) Chapter 1/7
  • True manifests: Shion, Mighty
  • Lord of Mana QoL improvements
  • Paid 100% 1 or 2 banners for Isuka + Dewey
101020071 s3 rank5 command.png
101020071 rank5 command.png

101020031 rank5 command.png
101000041 rank5 command.png
2021-10-14 2021-12-25
  • Mythos: 霊長の理と枢機の天秤 (The Apex of Reason and Scale of Important Affairs) Chapter 2/7
    • Parallel Time Layer Encounter: Purple Spearmaster (Alter Suzette?)
      • Characters occupy separate party slot
      • May have different element, weapon, light\shadow type, etc.
      • Can be also obtained by upgrade from normal character and vise-versa
      • Exclusive "Another Zone" mechanic all Different Time layer chars possess:
        • Skill that is usable once per battle, after becomes normal skill
        • Strengthens pre-set attack\elemental zone
        • Zone can't be overridden by other zones
        • Lasts for few turns, after end returns base zone.
      • Individual for each character passives, only active when in "Another Zone"
2021-10-end 2022-01-04
  • Mythos: 霊長の理と枢機の天秤 (The Apex of Reason and Scale of Important Affairs) Chapter 3/7
2021-11 2022-01-14
  • 2.11.30+ Mythos: 霊長の理と枢機の天秤 (The Apex of Reason and Scale of Important Affairs) Chapters 4-7
  • ?.??.?? Episode "The Three Thousand World Ark of the Ocean Abyss" Chapters 3 and 4
2021-??-?? 202?-??-??

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I, too, did not remain indifferent in her presence. The characters of both complemented each other, in general - an ideal couple. So, they go on a picnic in the forest.

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