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Rescue Body Aluminum Truck Bodies

All aluminum one piece constructionYes  Smooth construction (recommend paint)Yes  Smooth construction (recommend paint) Yes Diamond plate construction Yes Diamond plate construction YesDiamond plate construction with smooth doors (recommend paint on doors) Yes3" I-beam crossmembers thick on 12" centers YesHeavy duty 3" I-beam mounting sills thick (on some models)Yes Heavy duty 4" channel mounting sills thick (on some models)Yes Enclosed roof construction with rear door YesPopular SizesStandard FeatureOption8' 6"L x 82" W (fits long box, single wheel box delete trucks)Available 8' 6"L x 96" W (fits long box, dual wheel box delete trucks)Available 9' L x 94" W (fits 60" CA, dual wheel cab and chassis trucks except Dodge)Available 9' 2" L x 94" W (fits 60" CA, dual wheel cab and chassis trucks including Dodge)Available 12' L x 94" W (fits 84" CA, dual wheel cab and chassis trucks)Available 12' L x 96" W (fits 84" CA, dual wheel cab and chassis trucks)Available 40" Overall unit heightAvailable 60" Overall unit heightAvailable Increase/decrease length of bed (up to 24') YesIncrease/decrease width of bed YesIncrease/decrease unit height by 6" intervals YesFlooringStandard FeatureOption Aluminum diamond plateYes  Aluminum diamond plate YesTie Down SystemStandard FeatureOption# Stainless steel recessed rope rings Yes# Recessed swivel tie rings YesTow-Rax tie down system on YesAluminum E-track tie down system YesFrame Mounted Hitch OptionsStandard FeatureOptionDrop hitch - tube type (10K cap.)  YesHeavy-duty rubber cushion adjustable hitch YesHeavy-duty drop hitch - tube type (14K cap.) YesElectrical and WiringStandard FeatureOptionEnclosed electrical wiring with connectionsYes 11 Sealed beam marker lights (9 on 80" wide unit)Yes Extra marker lights Yes2 Sealed beam stop/tail/turn lightsYes Extra stop/tail/turn lights YesL.E.D. light packageYes 2 Sealed beam stop/tail/turn lights and two reverse lights in headache rack  Yes2 L.E.D. stop/tail/turn lights and two reverse lights in headache rack  YesL.E.D. Backup lights YesElectric brake kit and wiring YesInside compartment lights (sealed beam) YesInside compartment lights (11" round light) YesInside compartment rope lighting YesEmergency light Package ("Whelen" and "Code 3" packages available) YesHavis-Sheilds Magna fire adjustable pole halogen lights Yes12 Volt H.I.D. (Intensifies in just 30 seconds and draws only 6 amps) Yes ( Volt) Model (use with generator or inverters) YesLarge selection of other emergency lighting and light bars YesSide OptionsStandard FeatureOptionSide body boxes and upright side boxes of different sizes built into bodyYes Recessed tool box on top of side boxes (4" deep) YesCustom compartment configurationsYes Compartment shelving (solid or adjustable) YesCompartment shelf dividers (solid or adjustable) YesRecessed aluminum fuel intakes YesRollup Doors (ROM brand) YesRecessed doors with rubber gasket sealsYes Double pan doors YesStainless steel T-handle latches on all doors YesStainless steel double catch paddle latches on all doorsYes Large D-ring latches on all doors YesSweep out compartments YesDri-Deck on compartment floors YesMaterial matching rolled fender flaresYes 20" Long built in rear underbody boxes (size can be increased or decreased) YesAbove deck side height (2", 4", 6", or 8" tall)Yes Factory matching paint YesMisc. OptionsStandard FeatureOptionAbove ladder rack Yes8" Diamond plate step bumper with gussetsYes 8" Grip strut step bumper with gussets YesV-notch in step bumper YesInternal "Hanney" hose reals YesS.C.B.A. Bottle holders and compartments YesRunning boards and side steps to match body (require factory installation) Yes

Used Rescue Trucks Listings

Used Heavy Duty Rescue Trucks for Sale

Rescue vehicles are specialized for human rescue purposes. They are generally highly customizable based on their intended use and the environments in which they operate. Many fire departments and other emergency services have multiple types of rescue vehicles at their stations.

Determining the right rescue truck for your needs and your budget is a must. That&#;s why we offer rescue vehicles with varying features and capabilities. We have standard EMS rescue vehicles to transport patients short distances as well as wet rescue trucks with firefighting and medical transportation capabilities all in one. The type of rescue vehicle you need depends on the types of emergencies you encounter, which is why we maintain a wide selection in our listings.

Search Used Rescue Truck Listings

At Fenton Fire, you can view many different types of used rescue trucks for sale. Our listings feature tried and true rescue vehicles in great working order and at great prices. Plus, we add new listings to our website every day.

Our vehicle categories include used 4&#;4 rescue trucks, walk-in rescue trucks, heavy rescue trucks and more for sale. Browse rescue vehicles from trusted brands including Pierce, SVI, HME, KME and Spartan.

If you have questions about rescue truck specifications or would like help determining which rescue vehicle is right for you, we would love to help. We understand that choosing the right vehicle is crucial to successful rescues, and we&#;re dedicated to supporting you in your work. Interested in financing? Learn how Fenton Fire can pre-qualify your department.

Learn more about Fenton Fire

Sell Your Used Rescue Vehicle

Want to sell your rescue truck or other emergency vehicle? Fenton Fire makes sure you get the most bang for your buck. If your rescue vehicle meets our criteria for quality and functionality, we list your vehicle on our website and serve as the point of contact for all interested buyers. If your vehicle doesn&#;t sell, don&#;t worry. We only charge advertising fees if your vehicle gets sold.

To get started, fill out our seller&#;s listing form. Be sure to include plenty of photos of your vehicle&#;s interior and exterior. Vehicles with the highest quality photos tend to sell the fastest. Contact us with questions at

List Your Fire Truck for Sale

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Used Light Rescue Trucks and Heavy Rescue Trucks For Sale

Non Walk In, Walk In Style Rescue Trucks

The used light rescue trucks & heavy rescue trucks for sale on our website are specially designed to carry life saving tools, equipment and firefighting rescue personnel to the scene. Rescue trucks respond to traffic collisions, vehicle extractions, building collapses and in some cases actual fire scenes.  Some rescue trucks may be non walk in providing an abundance of compartment storage for rescue tools and equipment. Walk in style rescue trucks still offer ample storage but also provide an area to carry firefighters to the scene and in some cases offer an area for command operations. Please use the links below to view the specifics of each used light or heavy, non walk in or walk in used rescue truck for the individual used fire truck for sale. Our inventory changes often so be sure to check our website regularly for new listings of used rescues for sale by Fire Line Equipment, apparatus service, fire truck part specials and fire service industry news and updates related to firefighting apparatus.

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Poudre Fire Authority Walk-In Heavy Rescue Walk-Around Video

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