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6WB digital cluster retrofit for '17 F15 - my experience

If you're considering upgrading your instrument cluster, here are my thoughts and experience.

I took delivery of my X5 in April '17. Today, I love everything about my X5, but initially it was not like that. There were few things that just bothered me. Most of them I fixed simply by coding the vehicle. In addition I installed RaceChip Ultimate, roof base support system, and some other stuff. But, the thing that bothered me the most was the instrument cluster. My car is pretty loaded and it came with the 6WA cluster. The half analog half digital display setup just didn't work for me. Not sure what BMW was thinking about when they designed this one. Either give me a nice looking full analog display or a full digital one.

So I decided to upgrade to full digital 6WB cluster. I've spent roughly 2 weeks searching for the best deal. Here are the places where you can find one: 1) Ebay, cost is ~$2500 (coding not included); 2) your local BMW dealership, cost is ~$2800 with no coding and installation included and ~$3200 with coding and installation included; and 3) Bimmer Tech, cost $2200 (coding included). Obviously, I decided to go with Bimmer Tech. Before ordering I had a ton of questions. I've dealt with Nelson and he was very responsive and answered all of them. After getting all the info I needed, I decided to pull the trigger and buy it. I got the part in 3 days. Installation was quite easy having in mind that I've never done it before. It took me 10-15 minutes to remove the old one and install new one. Now, I could probably do it in less time but first time I wanted to make sure I don't mess something up so I took my time. After this, I scheduled a coding session with Bimmer Tech technician. You do this online, pick your date and time, install some software from Bimmer Tech, connect via Skype at scheduled time and viola, they do the coding in less than 20 minutes. Awesome experience. My cluster looks great, works flawlessly and no issues at all since I installed it (almost 2 months ago).

The bottom line is that I would recommend upgrading and if you decide to do it, go with Bimmer Tech. This is your best option by far. Here is the link if you're interested:

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Amplifying your driving experience is not a whim—it’s means making the absolute most of your BMW’s potential. And the 6WB Digital Instrument Cluster is exactly what your car needs to reach the next level of comfort and confidence within your virtual cockpit.

The digital gauge cluster is fully digitized. It has different setups for three driving modes — Comfort, Eco Pro and Sport modes (together with Sport+ mode).

The center portion of the digital dash can show your car in real time — when some of your doors are opened, it is accurately displayed on the panel. When you turn on navigation, the instructions will be also indicated on the instrument panel cluster.

Please note that in vehicles with Head-Up Display (HUD), after installation, navigation directions will be shown on the 6WB cluster, not on the HUD.

To know more about the digital dashboard BMW features, please identify your car. The details of the custom gauges cluster installation will give you a general overview of what instruments are needed and how much time it might take. You can also have a look at our video on how to change the car instrument cluster to a digital one.

Drive a 3/4 Series F3x BMW? If after entering your VIN you see this product isn't compatible with your vehicle, it may still be possible to add a 6WB cluster to your car. Please get in touch with one of our team for more details.

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Originally Posted by BlueeyesredpandaView Post

Curious to see if this is an actual E60 because he never showed his car in his instagram or his video.

He(Sqwerize) has other videos, don't know if they show the car. But his first video uploaded in the comments he says the gauges have been tested on E90, and he is planning on selling them also.

Edit: The guy above(Sqwerize) said his version will cost $1000 Euros

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Digital cluster e60 bmw

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ID4motion Cluster Blue Sport Theme Update BMW E60

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