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  Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [trainer +22]
Unzip the contents of the archive, run the trainer, and then the game. During the game you will be able to use the following keys:

NUMPAD1 -immortality

NUMPAD2 – unlimited stamina

NUMPAD3 -unlimited use of spells

NUMPAD4 -unlimited supply of souls

NUMPAD5 – infinite amount of disposable items

NUMPAD6 – increasing the level of humanity

NUMPAD7 – infinite amount of materials

NUMPAD8 -indestructible elements of equipment

NUMPAD9 -no risk of bleeding

NUMPAD + -the main character cannot be poisoned

NUMPAD- -the main character may not be cursed

NUMPAD0 -single attack kills enemy

F1 -increase the Vitality (vitality)

F2 -increase the Attunement (alignment)

F3 -increase the Endurance (stamina)

F4 -increase the Strength (strength)

F5 -increasing Stamina parameter (skill)

F6 -increase the Resistance (resistance)

F7 -increase for Intelligence (intelligence)

F8 -increasing the Faith (belief)

F9 — increase the level of souls (F10 it decreases)

PAGE UP -more souls

PAGE DOWN -less souls

HOME -disable all facilities

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Sours: https://www.ggmania.com/gimmecheat.php?cheat=21193

Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer

15 Options · Game Version: v1.01-v1.03+ · Last Updated: 2020.11.26

Note: Single player mode only.Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Spell Usage
Num 3 – Infinite Stamina
Num 4 – Max Humanity
Num 5 – Infinite Items
Num 6 – 100% Drop Rate
Num 7 – Immune to Poison
Num 8 – Immune to Bleeding
Num 9 – Immune to Curse
Num 0 – One Hit Kill

Ctrl+Num 1 – Infinite Souls
Ctrl+Num 2 – Add Souls
Ctrl+Num 3 – Set Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 4 – Zero Weight
Ctrl+Num 5 – Infinite Equipment Durability

  1. “Infinite Items” takes effect when you consume items. Item quantity must be greater than 1 for it to work.
  2. “100% Drop Rate”: This option will also set humanity to max.
Sours: https://flingtrainer.com/trainer/dark-souls-remastered-trainer/
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Supported versions: v1.0.0.0, v1.0.2.0 (steam and not steam) and maybe other.

LocationCoordinatesFirst location before nest4057BDD3-4349C179-C27698EB-BC2F8400Fire Link ShrineC2409534-C26FC8CA-425C7CFB-3FACEE70Second fireBF658EE5-C1204C2D-C27A5D54-3EDFD328Fire near bridge & dragon41DB7C2A-4119276F-C1B57ABE-C0124629Smith42B2C1E2-40ABB878-42D263BC-4015270FNear elevator in churchBFC95560-41E3BD99-42D91A71-3FC9CB94After jump to go to nest to get back to first locationC1FB6EA8-C21D5ECE-42D2AF20-3F267AF0NestC22CCF9F-C1F6C688-42CACA13-3E9BBE28Near first bell (go up)41071270-424936E5-4307774B-C00FBDFCUndead ParishC2012EBD-C2096B75-C27808B9-401B0950DepthsC2CF3481-C2617EFB-C136B251-BFC9A0AAEntrance to BlighttownC3549B4E-C2BEC72B-C1D2BAA4-BFBCD3AFBottom of entrance to BlighttownC365BB56-C2E75727-C2075CD9-3D9741C0Blighttown fireC38C0CB9-C308BA2D-428F7704-3F868A7ENear QueelagC32BEB92-C356B65F-430515E5-BFBAD814Chaos Covenant43095D1B-C37C7934-42C1716F-3F060C4ERoot of the treeC3A6B25A-C3C4391F-42E687C4-C00E6EF6Fire near the tree in Ash LakeC3C29337-C3CC231A-43143C43-3EB278A0Dragon CovenantC42EE01B-C3CF0830-C39F2CFD-3E841EE0Ash Lake Great Magic BarrierC40E3B8A-C3CBDC08-C2FD46BC-BFAF003ENew Londo RuinsNear Ingward42750DF1-C307DE33-40F0BCB2-BC0D6200Near switch after Ingward42C108F8-C317F2C5-C1CAC4C8-BF5173E4Very Large Ember42A07BE3-C31433E8-41B074CB-C0347A0FRickertC1E796EA-C3169E07-4255297E-4008786ADepths Large EmberC2D4BD8D-C28C6920-C1F31596-BD92BF40Blighttown RemedyC33FD222-C3283950-42910CDF-3F9B7B2ASen's FortressAfter knives42A20F46-4269A23C-4390C300-BFBC9CE9Near fire42A20F46-4269A23C-4390C300-BFBC9CE9Before boss42A894D4-42A48000-437EFAB5-BFCB3E1ELogan42DF43CA-41DD99A6-4355ED35-404873B3Anor LondoFirst fire43428B32-4332FFFF-437E7020-3FC9FF45Duke Archives Entrance43598C6A-4346911A-43C70A06-C016CE69Round switch when at top43A86630-4301999A-4380FDEA-3E8B3FD0Before boss44055CA5-430E9999-437EFF3C-BFC8C687Before princess4414D55E-4320FFFF-43804E2F-BF89AEBESmith43E73AB4-4305CCCD-4391BDF1-3F6ECE14Painted WorldNear picture43840087-42C13335-439E0004-3FC90FDCPainted World start43A86630-4301999A-4380FDEA-3E8B3FD0Near dragonC1B6E0BC-428A6776-4451AC34-BE88DD38Switch for statueC1A5968D-42467034-445FB819-BFCB3B98Near doorC1B608DB-4267F722-4456C59F-BC8CE100After doorC1B72873-426974D3-44509F9D-3C095F00End of bridge (boss)C1B561A7-427234A0-442C9FF8-BBF9E200CatacombsEntranceC1295C22-C2B4E906-43347FAC-BFCF4478Darkmoon searing ring4281E9FE-C3034F0B-438D33BE-3CBB8300CatacombsBefore Tomb of Giants4236CA01-C31D75F6-43066F27-BFC9C243Large Divine Ember428401ED-C349579C-431945C5-BEB74CB2Vamos41A99163-C31D8B62-43868926-4047B11FDuke ArchivesEntrance in Anor Londo43587311-434690DD-43C71B9A-C00B70A7First fire436A10E5-4347FAC9-43EF37EB-C0200DBAUpstairs switch4399080C-43904EDA-44074FD2-402172E7Before first encounter43870E2A-43C23E1A-4400E956-C0299574Cell43870E2A-43C23E1A-4400E956-C0299574Big Hat Logan43BB6B46-43659526-4405EBB3-3F7EDEFCLever to disable music43C10780-4371CC82-4409A98E-BFA6FAD8Top door43C1397E-43925F54-4411BB56-40137F22Handle before avelin438F2F57-4398B55D-4404B60D-3F92476BAvelin crossbow chest43895213-438DDF71-44040A11-3F47946CShortcut switch439E7F73-438ACB78-44142FBA-BF274BB8Key to Logan cell4396ED66-438ACB79-441832E9-3F6FAD0CCrystal CaveBefore438C4324-43719C83-442F26BA-400E7EC2Before dragon4309C0D5-4308ABD6-444EBB21-401DFAFABlue Titanite Slab4380EAA5-431FAED1-442A3483-BF935B4EDaemon RuinsLarge Fire Ember42FF793F-C3B141B4-C00FDF39-BEB55368Chaos Flame Ember43D5F6B3-C3981405-426AE186-4003D1C3IzalithFirst fire42E9254D-C3B24C2A-430D630B-401F1898Red Titanite Slab43CD3763-C3C01A08-4391057C-C00F3350Before boss43E0B5C8-C3B45515-43A76E09-C00ECFB8Right boss ring440EFF06-C3DC10AD-43D2AFB0-402B76E3Left ring440A5E0B-C3DC10B7-43DD264D-BF972FD4Center440BFD3E-C3DC48E2-43D5EE85-C014EE92Gwyn's lairstart429DE10B-C289A1C4-42E2D9D0-BFEA7D9CGwyn43D11119-C2E7D8C7-4328E3AB-400D000F
Sours: http://www.arturalekseev.com/post/darksouls1preparetodietrainer

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Trainer

Current Trainers:
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Steam) 7-20-12 Trainer +14
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Steam) 11-21-14 Trainer +14
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Steam) 1-14-15 Trainer +14
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Steam) 6-15-15 Trainer +14
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Steam) 11-25-16 Trainer +14
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Steam) 8-31-19 Trainer +14

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Unlimited Stamina
  3. Unlimited Souls
  4. Unlimited Vitality
  5. Unlimited Attunement
  6. Unlimited Endurance
  7. Unlimited Strength
  8. Unlimited Dexterity
  9. Unlimited Resistance
  10. Unlimited Intelligence
  11. Unlimited Faith
  12. Unlimited Humanity
  13. Max Level
  14. Reset Stats

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  • Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Steam) Trainer Setup.exe
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