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Mark Anthony Cayanan

Mark Anthony Cayanan

Mark Anthony Cayanan is from the Philippines. They have an MFA from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and are now studying for a PhD at the University of Adelaide. Among their previous publications are the poetry books Narcissus (Ateneo de Manila University Press, ) and Except you Enthrall Me (University of the Philippines Press, ). They teach literature and creative writing at the Ateneo de Manila University.


Unanimal, Counterfeit, Scurrilous


Paperback, 21 x cm
Published April

Unanimal, Counterfeit, Scurrilous is a work of wild erudition and rococo elaboration, a collection of poems that loosely channels the dynamic of desire and inhibition in Thomas Mann’s novella Death in Venice.

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News Media.

The Poetic Repercussion:
A Poetic & Musical Narrative ()

The Poetic Repercussion” returns Mark Anthony Thomas to his literary roots with the follow-up to his first book, “As I Look.” Soul-stirring and adventurous, this poetic and lyrical triumph narrates through the fundamental and elemental areas of culture- venturing through nature, love, politics, philosophy, athletics, education, spirituality, hip hop, racism, war, and a multitude of interlinking themes. Inspiring and entertaining, “Repercussion” blends traditional and cross-cultural literary styles with contemporary works of poetry, prose, spoken word, and music. Metaphorically set in a “Psychiatrist's Chair,” Thomas shares candid, personal, and fictional tales and songs through “tracks” and 20 “interludes.” The energy and depth of one of America's young prominent voices has never been more evident.

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Book Tour: December - June

Honors: Getty Images Mishmash Global Winner Video, "In This Shop" (); Georgia Author of the Year, Finalist-Georgia Writers Association (); Poetry Book of the Year-LA Black Book Festival (); Poetry Foundation National Best Sellers List ()

Recommended By: BET, Rolling Out Weekly, APOOO Book Club, Cleveland Crusader,, New Pages Alternative, Mahogany Book Club, Infinite Greek Magazine, Colorado Urban Spectrum, New Voice of New York, VIP Atlanta Book Club, Black Collegian Magazine


The Poetics of Mark Anthony

Don’t forget to tell them

how much they mean to you,

because life is short,

and it feels good to know

they know

they are loved

the way

they deserve to be.

Let go of your past,

so you can travel lightly

into the future,

carrying only

what you need

to see the world

with new eyes,

and enjoy

the moment

for what it is.

It takes a lot of self-love in order to be selfless in love.

A real relationship
is always between two people
who are unafraid
to be vulnerable
and flawed
in front of one another,
since love shines brightest
when it is needed most.

She trusts enough

in my love for her,

she knows she can get angry with me,

and I will not walk away.

I will wait until the storm passes,

because I know she isn’t her anger.

She is only human, and so am I.

The need to control

kills the moment,

as only spontaneous things

are real,

and unscripted,

and free,

so let go,

and enjoy this moment

as it happens,

and watch

yourself smile.

Some people say poetry is useless,

but poetry inspires thoughts,

and thoughts inspire actions,

so be careful

because one day,

she might read a poem,

and leave you

because she realized

there was something better out there,

and she deserved it.

If you want somebody

to read a poem deeply,

tell them to read it like a text message

sent from an ex

in the middle of the night,

and suddenly

they understand everything

about subtext, nuance,

and symbolism.

She could call me


day or night,

and I would smile

just to see her name

lighting up

my screen

like moonlight.

You know you’re with the right one,

whether your with a friend or a lover,

when time passes so quickly between you,

a year feels like a day,

and a day feels like a heartbeat.


Poetry books anthony mark

30 Poems From Mark Anthony's "The Beautiful Truth" That are a Must Read

Mark Anthony's, "The Beautiful Truth" shares a collection of poems Anthony wrote over the years. The book is an amazing collaboration of different types of work put together. He ties all the poems together in a beautiful way.

Here are 30 of my favorite poems from his book:

1. Whatever you do

"Whatever you do, my dear,/

you must find a way/

to become the hero/

of your own story."

2. I know how lonely it is

"I know how lonely it is/

waiting to find/

the right one;/

when everybody else/

seems so happy,/

but one day/

you will look back/

and cherish this time/

discovering who you are,/

before the day you became forever/

part of somebody else."

3. What she wanted

"What she wanted/

more than anything/

was to be loved/


by somebody/

with eyes/

that saw all of her,/

and not just/

what they/

wanted to see."

4. Of course you deserve better

"Of course you deserve:/

you are everything/

and like no one else;/

look at how much/

you love in secret,/

and dream of a better world,/

that better world, my dear, is you."

5. If you are lonely love

"If you are lonely, love,/

just remember/

there is somebody out there,/

just as lonely as you are./

And one day you will meet,/

fall in love,/

and laugh together/

about the days/

when you both/

were young/

and lonely,/

and waiting/

for each other/

to arrive."

6. All of her demons

"All her demons/

made her stronger/

because her angels gave her/

the courage to win."

7. How beautiful a thing

"How beautiful a thing/

the heart is,/

when we have the courage/

to show it."

8. Most of us need

"Most of us need/

a fucked up relationship/

at some point/

in our lives,/

just so we can learn/

what we don't want,/

in order to pursue/

what we do."

9. Forgive me

"Forgive me/

if I find you beautiful,/

but know that I see you/

beyond your body,/

as I listen to your mind,/

and am inspired by your spirit./

For many,/

love is only skin deep,/

but for me,/

that is just the beginning."

Why do you always

"'Why do you always/

look at me that way?'/

'Like what?'/

'You know, smiling/

like you do.'/

'How can I look at you,/

and not smile?'"

Never give up

"Never give up/

on your dreams,/

my darling,/

for they are/

your birthright,/

and you owe it/

to the world/

to become/

the Queen,/

you are."

She wasn't afraid

"She wasn't afraid/

to run with the wolves,/

for she too/

was wildly in love/

with the moon."

She was always

"She was always/

a little crazy,/

which is why/

I understand her/

so well."

A strong women

"A strong women/

may have suffered,/

but heals herself in time,/

and her smile reflects/

the depth of her experiences,/

and is the true source/

of her beauty./

A strong women learns/

from her pain,/

and knows that feeling/

is what makes us/

uniquely human./

A strong woman learns/

to trust the universe,/

and follow her heart/

wherever it may take her,/

because she knows her strength/

will carry her,/

and that everything will be okay/

in the end."

Her scars

"Her scars/

are a beautiful map/

of her past/

that lead her/

to me."

Tell me why you love me

"'Tell me why you love me,'/

she said./

'Because,' he said, 'I have/

no other choice.'"

Then one day

"Then one day/

she just decided/

she would live/

for herself,/

and not for others/

and nobody/

had the power/

to make her unhappy,/

ever again."

The moon

"The moon/

was never as beautiful/

as when I saw it/

in your eyes."

You deserve the love you give

"You deserve the love you give,/

the smiles you bring,/

the happiness you share./

You deserve the kisses you leave,/

the embraces you gift,/

and the life you've always wanted."

I hope that before you go to bed each night

"I hope that before you go to bed each night/

you think back on your day,/

and remember something beautiful that happened,/

something that made you laugh or smile,/

something that reminds you/

why this life is worth living;/

it is important to remember/

all of the little things, my love,/

in prayers and in poems,/

so they don't ever disappear."

She sat in a small café

"She sat in a small café/

reading a book of poems,/

and everything in the poem/

matched everything she felt in her heart,/

so that it was a mirror of her soul;/

and she loved the twilight/

between dreams and the world,/

knowing that the moon rises over Paris,/

exactly as it does in poems."

If I wrote you a book

"If I wrote you a book/

in the language of love,/

would the words reach your heart,/

and lift the veil of sadness/

that hides your true face?/

And once you saw my words/

were only paper and ink,/

and that there is only me/

to hold you,/

would it be enough/

for to make you smile,/

and remember love,/

or would you ask me//

to write you/

another book?"

She loved

"She loved/

and lost,/




and healed;/

she survived,/


then thrived,/

and thrived,/

and thrived."

A strong woman

"A strong woman/

will never put up/

with your bullshit,/

and that is why/

you chose her."

Let me break this down for you

"Let me break this down for you in poetic terms:/

she is the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars,/

meaning everything, meaning the person/

without whom, your life would not be complete;/

without whom, you would be just another lonely traveler,/

hitchhiking the empty streets at dusk,/

still searching for the light in her eyes/

to show you the way home."

Once she let go of her past

"Once she let go of her past,/

she found herself/

flying into a beautiful future/

that greeted her with open arms,/

as if it had always been/

expecting her."

All the little things about her

"All the little things about her that she sees as flaws,/

I consider part of who she is, and beautiful;/

and if she could only see what I see,/

she'd know there is no such thing as imperfection/

when you love somebody completely,/

because everything is part of what makes her/

who she is, and she the one I adore."

Sometimes people

"Sometimes people/

grow more beautiful/

each moment/

you speak with them,/

as they reveal/

their inner beauty,/

and spark,/

and you can/

actually feel/

the magic/

of their soul,/

as it speaks/


to yours/

in a language/

that is as timeless/

as it is rare."



lasts as long/

as you need it to,/

until you learn how to treat yourself/

as well as he should have."

The beautiful truth

"The beautiful truth is/

I love who I am/

when I am with you."

Source: Anthony, Mark. The Beautiful Truth. 1st ed. New York City: LOVE INC., Print.

Poetry Recommendations for Beginners

Mark Anthony (writer)

American author

Mark Anthony is an American author who lives and writes in Colorado.


Anthony wrote a number of novels based on Dungeons & Dragons published worlds, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, and Ravenloft.[1] His first such novel was Crypt of the Shadowking in The Harpers series, and he has written several short stories as well.

Anthony had written a novel about Drizzt Do'Urden called "The Shores of Dusk" by the time Wizards of the Coast acquired TSR; however, Wizards opted not to publish Anthony's novel in favor of bringing back R. A. Salvatore to write about Drizzt, beginning with The Silent Blade ().[2]

Anthony is best known for The Last Rune series, which he developed to explore the idea that reason and wonder need not exist in conflict.[3] Recently[when?] he has written a trilogy under the pseudonym Galen Beckett, beginning with a novel The Magicians and Mrs. Quent, whose blurb, similarly to The Last Rune, claims that the book was written to given an answer to the question "what if there was a fantastical cause underlying the social constraints and limited choices confronting a heroine in a novel by Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte?".[4]

Partial bibliography[edit]

The Last Rune series[edit]

  • Beyond the Pale ()
  • The Keep of Fire ()
  • The Dark Remains ()
  • Blood of Mystery ()
  • The Gates of Winter ()
  • The First Stone ()

The Magicians and Mrs. Quent series[edit]

  • The Magicians And Mrs. Quent () (as Galen Beckett)
  • The House on Durrow Street () (as Galen Beckett)
  • The Master of Heathcrest Hall () (as Galen Beckett)

Forgotten Realms novels[edit]

Dragonlance novels[edit]

Ravenloft novels[edit]


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