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The Ideal Playthrough for Borderlands 1

The ideal playthrough
So, there are a lot of newer people just getting into the game, and there are still a lot of ways to wind-up over or under-leveled for the area you want to play. I’ve recently gone through a new playthrough, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I think would be the best way to access all of the DLCs while staying as close to the surrounding mission level as possible.

This guide assumes the behavior of patch is in effect.

Playthrough 1
The only thing you need to worry about here is keeping an eye on the level of the story mission.

Arid Badlands:
In general, do all or most of the side-missions until you defeat Sledge, and then move-on into the Dah Headlands. Level by the Headlands.

New Haven/Rust Commons:
Once at New Haven, head out to find Tannis. Be sparing with your side-missions, and only do them if you need to level-up. 23 - 25 by the time you Seek out Tannis, 26 - 27 by the time you make the Secret Rendezvous at Jaynistown.

The goal here is to be done with PT 1 at about level 32 - 35, depending on how many Lance and Guardians you can skirt past at the end.

Playthrough 2
Playthrough 2 is really the keystone to everything subsequent. Think of PT 1 as the introduction, and PT 2 as the real meat of the game. You’ll get a better feel for your character, and start to specialize and make your build distinct.
Plus, completing PT 2 enables the global scaling for the main game, DLC1 and DLC 4.

The same formula used in PT 1 applies here, except that we have Knoxx sitting out there with a hard starting point of level

Dahl Headlands:
I usually do most of the side-missions here, but I try to reach New Haven around level

New Haven/Rust Commons:
I like to reach New Haven at 42, and then make-sure I’m at Jaynistown in Rust Commons East at about level 46 (basically as soon as I’ve killed Krom and handed that piece to Tannis, I head over to do the “Secret Rendezvous” mission.)
Rakk Hive and Taylor Kobb are about Old Haven - Salt Flats and beyond will be around

The goal, then, will be to finish PT 2 as close to level 50 as possible.

My last run left me at level 52 after defeating the Destroyer. I skipped nearly all side-missions after the Headlands, and dodged as many fights in the Descent and Eridian Promontory as I could, since Lance and Guardians give a ton of XP.

This actually put me at a good level for the bosses and encounters along the way. I was matched-level with the Rakk Hive and nearly everything afterward, and the Destroyer fight was long despite the 2 level difference. Update: Since the real-time scaling for the Main Game now kicks in when you reach the Vault, the Destroyer will adjust relative to your level, and due to the way this adjustment works, he will actually be two levels above you, now, rather than being stuck at 50 like the olden days.

Moxxie PT 2.
The way Moxxie acts toward you and some of the things she says in Knoxx imply that the player has gone through her trials prior to starting Knoxx. This also gives a little reprieve from the story-focused structure, and awards a free skill point.

I actually leveled-up from my run of the Prove Yourself mission, leaving me at level 53 going into Knoxx. This was mostly due to challenges I completed while in the arenas. Leveling up from this a rare occurrence.

Knoxx PT 2
Knoxx PT 2 hard-starts at , and the initial stages can be very challenging for a level 50 player. Being a level or two above will leave it interesting without it being punishingly difficult for a player who still has the largely hodge-podge gear that comes from minimal farming.

I entered at 53 and found I was on-level for nearly all of the key areas. I may have been a level above the first shock-trooper barricade, but that fight is ridiculous when you’re proper level, so the difficulty felt about normal.

I was going through Lockdown, which is on-par with the enemies there, and 56 when I got to General Knoxx, which was on-par with him.

The Gen. Knoxx fight was a good challenge with my mediocre gear, and the level I was at.
I should note that I sharply avoided doing almost any side-missions.

Killing Knoxx leveled me up to

Loot Larceny
With the main story mission of Knoxx done, (and the patch in effect) there are no more hard level starts left to worry about.

The only concern now is that there are elements of DLC 4 that reference DLC 1, so to keep the story consistent, do Zombie Island PT 2 before you do Robolution PT 2.

My first playthrough post-scaling-patch left me at level 66 when the last Clap Trap had fallen and all was said and done.

Robolution gives us a nice bookend to stop on, and from here we have the entire main game and all DLCs in real-time scaling, and we can go back and do all the side-missions we left behind, and have fun farming for uber gear, as well as return to PT 1 for skillpoints and backpack SDUs.

|Main Game PT 1| --> |Main Game PT 2| --> |Moxxie PT 2| --> |Knoxx PT 2| --> |ZI PT 2| --> |Robolution PT 2| --> |scaled PT free-play everywhere!|


List of main-game story and side-missions, to help prevent confusion:

I would do:

Arid Badlands
Basically everything until you kill Sledge, then head into the Dahl Headlands.
Do Shock Crystal Harvest and Moe and Marley for the artifacts; you’ll want them.

Dahl Headlands
I usually skip the Ludicrous Speedway and Skagzilla, the former because Scythids freak me out, and the latter because I usually don’t have the ammo.
I make sure to do Ghosts of the Vault for the artifact.

New Haven
I’ll do Corrosive Crystal Harvest and King Tossing on PT 1, because the artifact is important and the Spy can be a very nice SMG if it spawns with good stats.
I’ll sometimes skip it in PT 2 depending on what my level is.

Rust Commons West / Crazy Earl
Seek out Tannis, then find Crazy Earl. Do Get off My Lawn for Earl and then Hair of the Dog in Treacher’s Landing. Once you come back he’ll send you off to Krom’s Canyon. You don’t need to do the Explosives Lesson mission. Go ahead and do it if you’re under-leveled for Krom’s Canyon, though Treacher’s Landing will probably take care of that.

Krom’s Canyon
I do all the side-missions here: Two Wrongs Make a Right is the Reaver mission, which is the second half of that zone, and you find a Claptrap rescue mission and can get all the dog food for Earl Needs Food… Badly, while making your way to Reaver.

Rust Commons East
I tend to skip the Middle of Nowhere missions entirely, and head straight to Jaynistown once I get the Secret Rendezvous mission. If you’re hurting for levels, the Middle of Nowhere missions will open-up about this time (starting with: Middle of Nowhere No More from Helena Pierce,) so do a few of those until you’re on-level again.

Trash Coast
I head here as soon as I’m done with Taylor Kobb. I go in, fight the Rakk Hive and then I leave. This place can over-level you quickly. There are a lot of missions in here, most from the Middle of Nowhere, but there will be plenty of time to do them later.

Old Haven
You’ll usually be a little under-leveled for this mission when you get it, so wait until you have Not Without my Claptrap from Tannis before you head here. This will let you do it in one trip, and get the Claptrap rescue while you’re at it. I usually do the Bandit Brothers: 3 Keys mission for the heck of it; since I pass through the needed areas, anyway, and a brief sojourn back to the Headlands is always fun.

Salt Flats-beyond
From here it’s largely plot-missions. Avoid killing too many enemies if you can avoid them, as it’s easy to over-level off of Guardians and Lance.


Build the Monster, fight the Assassins, and get going to the Tollway.

Drop the roadblock.

Go find Moxxie and get the Racer

Drop the two roadblocks and reach the Sunken Sea.

Sunken Sea
Enter Lockdown Palace. Feel free to look around a little for some chests on the way to it, but be warned, Drifters give a ton of XP.

Rescue Athena and get back out.

Athena’s missions
Once you’ve rescued Athena and gotten back to T-Bone, she’ll send you back to Ridgeway, which will then send you back to Sunken Sea.
You can hit-up Kyros and Typhon now, but killing both of them on the same character will cause them to stop spawning. Not killing them will prevent you from being able to fight Ajax as a side-mission later, so make your choice. If you join a player who has This Bitch is Payback Part 2 active (the Ajax mission,) you can get Ajax spawning in your game without having to complete Part 1 (the Kyros / Typhon mission.)

Once you have the code, return to T-Bone and she’ll send you to the Fathoms, which will then take you to Road’s End.
Kill Knoxx, raid the armory and return to T-Bone.

You’re free to do it as you like, but this is the formula I’ve had the most success with in terms of staying on level as much as possible.

Special note: While in a vehicle, you will receive substantially less experience than you would otherwise.
Special notes on dealing with over-leveling:…6&postcount=16
New Special Note: Jaredhite’s tool for fixing glitches and adding replayability:…d.php?t= – This can allow you to reset your level to your current main-game mission, which can be handy if you’ve accidentally over-leveled too far.

This linky gives details of levelling triggers and DLC hard-set starting levels.

( * P / 2) = Yummy
Nothing is ever finished.
Nothing is ever finished.
Nothing is ever finished.
Goddess-elemental // Mr. Stabby // Puncho and Lefty // ODST //|RED TEXT BONUS LIST||The Ideal Playthrough||Starting Levels and Triggers
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Borderlands Remastered Infinite XP Trick for Start of Game

By William Parks


Players that want to level up quickly in Borderlands remastered can use this simple infinite XP trick to max their levels at the very beginning of the game.

With the announcement of Borderlands: Game of the YearEdition, Gearbox looked to offer players, both veteran and novice, a new take on an old experience. Indeed, fans are now diving into this remastered version of the original Borderlandsand are powering up their characters with loot and levels. However, some may wish to bypass the leveling process entirely, and an infinite XP trick makes that possible very close to the beginning of the game.

How to Reach Max Level Early in Borderlands Remastered

Performing the Borderlands infinite XP trick requires a bit of setup, as players will need to have in the range of k to k in cash. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to go about collecting endless money quickly at the start of the game.

The process for farming money at the beginning of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition starts with advancing the story quest to the point where a player is asked to get a power coupling to repair the first med vendor. At any point after receiving this mission, players can fast travel to T-Bone Junction and start to farm for cash.

Once in T-Bone Junction, the starting area from The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC, players should run the route articulated below, collecting money and loot on their path. Ultimately, this route will lead the player to a red chest, and all of the loot collected can be sold for a significant amount of money. When a player has reached the end of the route, they should simply save, quit, log back in, sell everything they have looted, and repeat the process until they have the desired amount of money.

  1. Open the three lockers in the starting building in T-Bone Junction. Exit and go immediately west to loot four more lockers against the west side of the building.
  2. Go east and then north through an alley to find a bin. Following the stairs down will lead to two safes. Follow the path and jump across the gap to 3.
  3. Drop down to find three lockers. Follow the path to 4.
  4. There is a red chest and several Borderlands remastered lootable containers here. Enter the building to find a safe, and then save quit to begin the route again.

With cash in hand, players can now begin the infinite XP trick, which is a good, early-game alternative to Borderlands remastered's XP farming techniques. This trick can be done any time after the Fix'er Upper quest has been received near the beginning of the game, and it can be executed at any vendor. That said, using the first med vendor in Arid Badlands is recommended because it sells minor healing kit cheaply.

Essentially, this trick abuses the Merchant of Death challenge, which grants 20k XP for selling 1, items. Using this method, players can receive this XP reward over and over until they have reached their desired level, and then they can be on their way to claim Borderlands remastered SHiFT codes. The process is as follows:

  1. Buy minor health kits until inventory is full.
  2. Sell minor health kits.
  3. Buy new minor health kits until inventory is full. Do not buy back the ones sold previously, these need to be newly purchased health kits.
  4. Repeat this process until the Merchant of Death challenge is at 1, of 1, items sold. Be careful not to complete the challenge until reading the following steps.
  5. Now, buy one more health kit and sell it to complete Merchant of Death and receive 20k XP.
  6. Buy this health kit back. This will reset the Merchant of Death counter to 1, of 1,
  7. Save quit and log back in.
  8. Repeat steps for easy XP.

To note, it can take some time to reach 1, items sold at the outset, around minutes, but the XP trick can be done very quickly thereafter. From there, the game's world is a player's oyster, and they can begin to pursue other goals, like using a Borderlands remastered glitch to farm legendaries.

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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How to Level Up Fast In Borderlands Remastered

Borderlands Remastered offers fans of the original game a chance to re-experience the beloved looter shooter once more ahead of the Borderlands 3 launch later this year. With great levels come great responsibility - and even better loot - which is why some players are resorting to this infinite XP trick to get those gains fast. 

Using the unlimited XP trick is a little particular, there a few things you need to know to make sure it's done correctly. Before getting started, it's important to note that players will need anywhere between , - , bucks of in-game cash for this to work, though getting said cash is less daunting than it sounds.

To first get the money, players will need to get to the part in the story where they are asked to get a power coupling to repar the first med vendor. This will unlock the T-Bone Junction fast travel location, making the hunt for cash super effecient. 

Once in T-Bone Junction, follow the below steps: 

  1. Open all three lockers when you first enter the starting building in T-Bone Junction, then immediately go west to open up four more against the western part of the starting building.
  2. From there, go east and then north, through an alley where you'll find a bin. Follow the stairs down until you run into two safes, then continue on the path to drop across a gap to the next location.
  3. Once jumped, drop down into the area below to find three different lockers. 
  4. Head northeast until you run into a red chest and several containers (lootable). 
  5. Enter the building to find the safe.

Hit save quit and repeat the above steps for an easy way to farm money in order to get the infinite XP workaround.Before taking on this particular trick, players must have first completed the Fix'er Upper quest (which is at the beginning of the game). It's also not vendor-specific, which is helpful.

How this works is it takes the Merchant of Death challenge, which equates 20, XP by selling 1, items. With the cash in hand, follow the below steps: 

  1. Completely fill up inventory with minor health kits, the cheapest item in the game.
  2. Buy and sell, repeatedly
  3. DO NOT STACK, buy and sell only
  4. Repeat until at 1, of 1, items sold. DO NOT complete the challenge to 1, 
  5. By another minor health kit, sell it, then buy that particular health kit once more (this resets the counter back to 1,).
  6. Save quit and log.
  7. Log back in: lather, rinse, repeat about 7 more times for max level.

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.





Borderlands Remastered Farm Fast XP and Weapon Proficiency

By William Parks


Players that wish to reach maximum level and weapon proficiencies in Borderlands: Games of the Year Edition have some very good options available to them.

Certainly for many fans, the official reveal of Borderlands 3 was the biggest news to come out of Gearbox's recent PAX East panel. That said, some players were undoubted thrilled by the company's showcase of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, a remastered version of the original Borderlands. Now, Borderlands remastered is available, and those that are jumping into the game for the first time may be wondering how to farm quick XP and weapon proficiencies in the late game.

How to Farm XP in Borderlands Remastered

Players that are interested in hitting max level in Borderlands: Game of the Year Editioncan do so easily by spending some time in the Eridian Promontory. This area is unlocked just before the final bos, by normal progression through the story.

In this location, players will find a number of Guardian enemies, which have substantial shields but very low health. Killing a smaller Guardian in Playthrough 2 will grant around 8k XP, while eliminating a large one offers a whopping 26k XP. As such, players can reasonably expect to go from Level 50 to Level 69 in around 45 minutes by farming Guardians.

As mentioned, Guardians have limited health when their shields have been breached, and thus having a strong shock weapon, such as a shotgun, sniper, or SMG, is key to efficient farming. Alternatively, the Vengeance legendary pistol has a chance to bypass shields and absolutely shreds Guardians. The Borderlands remastered Knoxx Armory glitch is one way players can go about trying to acquire the Vengeance machine pistol.

Additionally, those that are playing as Borderlands' Mordecai class have another very useful tool for killing Guardians at their disposal. Specifically, the Trespass skill from the Sniper tree gives a chance to penetrate shields and can lead to easy one-shots on these enemies.

How to Farm Weapon Proficiency in Borderlands Remastered

Borderlands features a progression system alongside traditional leveling in its weapon proficiencies. Under this system, each weapon can be leveled up to 50 in order to earn additional bonuses, and a killing blow with a weapon grants proficiency for that particular type.

For those looking to increase proficiencies, the Rakk Hive in Trash Coast is a good option. The strategy is simple here: get the Rakk Hive to low health, switch to a weapon of the desired type, and land the kill with this weapon to raise proficiency for that type.

With these strategies, players should have little trouble getting their level and weapon proficiencies to the maximum. From there, they can continue to farm gear in Borderlands remastered, or they can patiently wait for Borderlands 3's release date.

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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A Bloodborne remaster has been rumored for quite some time, but now it seems that a full-fledged Bloodborne sequel could also be in the works.

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William Parks is an editor at Game Rant with a background in visual arts. Upon graduating from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, William entered the realm of fine arts administration, assisting curators, artists, and fine art professionals with the realization of contemporary art exhibitions. All the while, William’s passion for games remained. William’s first console was the NES, but when he was eight, it was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Game Boy that fully cemented his interest in the format. This interest reached a height with MMORPGs like Asheron’s Call 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and World of Warcraft, on which William spent considerable time up until college. Now, William enjoys playing Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch with his daughter and finding time to sneak in the newest From Software game when possible. So too, an interest in Magic: The Gathering has persisted since William’s youth, and he can frequently be found watching Magic streams on Twitch and reading over the latest set spoilers.

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Easy leveling 1 borderlands

Well I don't know if this is early in the game but it still feels like im in the beginning. I'm lvl 17 and im at the part where I have to kill sledge and also I've done like side quests already. Leveling up is kinda slow for me right now and would like to know where's the best place to level up

Making an effort to complete in-game challenges as you're going along can help you level up faster. For a list of challenges, hit Y when looking at your quest log.

Just keep doing the side quests, and killing things in your way.

By the time I finished the game I was level

Look, all I'm saying is don't fold the maps.

Kill some lost cave skags and bug thingies. Those net a lot of exp!


Host an online game with your character, and just wait till someone joins in. I was having real problems killing Sledge and then just hosted a game and was messing about in the mine getting experience, some level 30ish guy joined me and it made all the enemies stronger, all the loot better and you get exp when they kill things as well, got up 3 levels in about half an hour.

PSN: cristo-mcr

Try to fight only enemies that are within 1 or 2 levels of your character's current level, since enemies of a lower level to your character yeild less EXP (and if they are too low then they don't yeild any EXP at all).

"The MLG-followers on these boards are like frat kids, except frat kids aren't complete social-rejects." -SGB, 04/09/

At an early level the best way to get some decent weapons (note I said decent, not great) and level up at the same time is to farm Lost Cave (I think that's the one with the shock crystals, right?). Enter into the cave, make sure you hit that New-U station to save then just go all the way to the end of the cave killing everything in site and grabbing everything in site. Once you reach the end of the cave wait maybe 3 to 5 minutes then head back along the path to the beginning, you want to wait because it will allow all the skags, bandits and crawly bug things to respawn. When you get back to the beginning sell off any unwanted weapons you picked up, exit to the main menu and restart.

If you do this enough times you should be on your way to a pretty good built up character. Especially if you do like another poster suggested and complete some of the challenges.

Join a high level game and ask them to kill one enemy for you. You'll go up like two or three levels.

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So where should I grind from lvl , , etc.?

With all the DLC, and sidequests, grinding is really pointless. If you just play the game, you'll get to level 61 (or 50 if you don't have Knox) in no time. Focus on sidequests, and then story. Anytime a sidequest becomes available, do it instead of the story. Leveling up to level 50 prior to finishing the game on playthrough 1 will be a waste of your time. Playthrough 2 offers way more experince, money, and better weapons. So you're better off pushing through playthrough 1 as quickly as possible because the rewards in playthrough 2 (and even playthrough ) are so much more rewarding.

Playrhough 1 is more of a tutorial of where everything is, so that you can play the real game in playthrough 2. But, even then, once you beat that you'll find better loot in Playthrough

I would definitely recommend that you finish both playthrough 1 and 2 prior to doing the Knox DLC. The weapons you can find in that are simply amazing. But, you have to beat the game twice to get them.

All of this of course is just my personal opinion on the matter.

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Borderlands - Fast Leveling Glitch - 20,000 XP A Minute

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