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Faucets - What Would We Do without Them

The sound of the ruffling of the bedsheet. The light thud of feet finding their way to the bathroom. The swoosh of water flowing through the faucet. What are we describing here you ask? This is part of everyone's morning routine. Can you imagine what it is going to be like without the fixture in the wall that gives you access to the water in the tank of your house? Some of us take such simple blessings for granted until one day something goes wrong and the water starts trickling out of the fixture. 

What Blocks These Fixtures

Hard water can be a real issue for us. Not only is it bad for hair and skin but it also affects our kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Hard water contains a lot of salts and when this water remains standing for a while, these salts tend to crystallize and form a hard substance. This flows down along with the water from the tank. When this happens, these salt can get deposited on the inner walls of the pipes as well as the joints and openings of the pipe fixtures. If desalination is carried out at the right time, the extent of damage can be contained but if it's too late, there is nothing much that can be done. Your faucets may not operate as normal while on the other hand they may completely get blocked and stopped working. The same applies to your kitchen sink tap.

What Can You Do?

Using desalination solutions may help if the situation hasn't already gotten out of hand. If it has, your only hope is to have a powerful chemical wash done for your tank as well as the pipes of your home. Once this is done, you can have the taps replaced. Unfortunately, there is no other way around this situation.

What Type of Taps to Buy

There are three main types of taps you can choose from. Your choice should completely depend on your needs and preferences based on the interior of your bathroom. You could choose a single handle tap or a double handle tap if you need to have warm water. The only thing you should keep in mind when it comes to these types of taps is hygiene. You will constantly need to wash and sanitize your tap and its handle or handles to ensure germs are not carried along when you leave after using them. The same applies to the taps in the kitchen as well. The tap in the kitchen could be the most unhygienic considering what happens around the sink. You could explore a handleless faucet that works with the help of sensors such as the RFV1 Sleek Sensor Touchless Hands-free Sleek or if you prefer one with handles, take a look at this product online - Kamal Sink Spray Dixy - Wall Mounted Bib Tap.

Sours: https://www.flipkart.com/building-materials-and-supplies/bathroom-and-kitchen-fittings/faucets/pr?sid=b8s%2Cecr%2Cxpl

Kitchen Faucets

Choosing The Right Fit

To accommodate any size of kitchen, we offer a variety of height-optimized faucets designed to fit underneath any cabinet for easy installation anywhere, with high arc spouts that swivel out of the way when you need more room in the sink for large items or stacks of dishes. No more struggling to fill or clean oversized pots or tall containers! Our commercial style models are scaled for use in the residential space, with features like pull down sprayers and rotating pot fillers to make working in the kitchen a little easier. You’ll never have to worry about backsplash clearance when installing a KRAUS faucet – for maximum installation flexibility, all single handle models are designed with 90-degree forward rotation so that the handle will never hit whatever’s behind it.

A Faucet For Every Sink

We also have options for any room in the house where you might need a sink, including sleek single handle bar faucets that you can pair with a prep bowl to free up space in the main basin, and impressively tall models that you can team with a laundry or utility sink for maximum impact.

Packed With More Features
  • Magnetic Docking: A magnetic lock connects the pull down sprayhead securely to the spout and locks it in place, with no drooping over time.
  • Dual Function: An easy to reach button located on the sprayhead allows you to switch between spray and stream to handle any task.
  • Water Saving: According to the EPA, a leaky faucet can account for more than 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year! KRAUS faucets are made with best in industry components to combat water waste, including eco-friendly aerators that save water and reduce splashing while maintaining a long lasting powerful flow.
  • Reach™ Technology: Our pull down models hit all the right spots, allowing you to reach every hard to get place inside and outside of the sink with a flexible hose and swiveling sprayhead connector.
  • QuickDock Installation: Master the art of installation in 5 minutes flat with faucets featuring a drop-in QuickDock base that installs from above the counter – no need to go underneath the sink!
  • Spot Free all-Brite™ Stainless Steel: Enjoy the time and effort-saving advantage of a low maintenance finish that will never show fingerprints or water spots, and blends beautifully into any décor.

Customize the look of your favorite KRAUS faucet with your choice of finish, from easy to clean all-Brite™ to bold Matte Black to elegant Brushed Gold. Select models are also available as a kitchen set with soap dispensers in matching finish.

Sours: https://www.kraususa.com/kitchen/kitchen-faucets.html
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Four hole kitchen faucets come with an additional spout for sprayer or soap dispenser. The best 4-hole kitchen faucet has embarked to set itself as a custom feature on most kitchen sinks.

You can equip the extra hole with either a soap dispenser or extra sprayer system. This added feature for selection makes the faucet system more user friendly.

Quick Comparison: Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets

Top 10 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet Reviews:

1. Delta Faucet Pilar 2-Handle Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Pilar 2-Handle Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of a durable brass material
  • Available in three different colors
  • Ergonomic design makes this sink easy to use
  • Perfect for any kitchen design
  • 13-inch spout, which is high enough to use smoothly
  • Rotates to 180 degrees for easy usage as well and a better comfort

The 4 hole kitchen faucet comes from the Delta Faucet store. This faucet's design and efficiency are impressive, and the 13-inch spout makes it very comfortable to use.

This faucet comes with a technology that reduces leaks and makes it last longer. You will not have to often replace the faucet, and you can count on it for the long run.

Installation should not be a problem either. It comes with all the instructions you need to make the most out of it. You will enjoy the flexibility of the faucet as well. The high arc can rotate to 180 degrees so you can complete all kitchen tasks you might have at hand. The widespread handle will also help you use the faucet just how you want to with no hassle or inconveniences.

As far as the design goes, you will choose this faucet model in three different colors. It comes in a Venetian bronze shade, a classic chrome shade, and an Arctic Stainless. You can choose which one will match your kitchen design better.

The four-hole faucet is very resistant. The sturdy design is made of a durable brass material that you can count on for the long run. Brass is one of the best materials in the industry when it comes to sinks as it withstands the test of time nicely.


  • Comfortable design
  • Comes in different shades
  • Easy installation
  • Durable material
  • Flexible for all kitchen tasks
  • Widespread handle in ergonomic design


  • Might leak if it is not installed properly

2. Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • This faucet is designed to fit a classic 4 hole, 8in system perfectly
  • There are several colors you can choose from when you purchase this product
  • The resistant metal material will make the faucet last a long time
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty as well
  • The sprayer is retractable and easy to use
  • Ideal for medium size to large size kitchens

Another four-hole faucet that you will love to have in your kitchen is this Delta Windemere model. It is one of those sink faucets that will compliment any kitchen design as long as you have space and a plumbing system for it. The features, as well as the design of this product, make it be one of the best investments you can make.

The installation process of this sink faucet shouldn't be complicated as long as you have all the tools. But if you are a beginner in the matter, you might have a hard time installing this 4 hole faucet by yourself. However, the product comes with all the instructions you might need.

Cleaning up your sink will not be a problem with this faucet. The sprayer that comes with it will help you clean any mess from your sink. It has a hose that is comfortable to use and very adjustable. Also, the hose is retractable, so you will not have any problem using it.

You will like that the faucet is made of a resistant metal that will last a long time. It comes in three different shades as well, so you can choose just the one that will match your sink's design.

Overall, you will love how this faucet looks in your kitchen and how functional it is. It comes at a budget-friendly price, and you will not have to stretch your finances to invest in this item.


  • Budget-friendly faucet
  • Fits the classic 4 hole configuration
  • Resistant metal material
  • Flexible sprayer included
  • Modern design
  • Different colors available


  • It might be prone to rust

3. Moen 87044SRS Whitmore One-Handle High Arc 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Moen 87044SRS Whitmore One-Handle High Arc 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • One handle faucet to use easily at all times
  • Fits all four hole systems as it comes in standard measures
  • Powerful water flow thanks to its wide opening
  • It will not rust or stain as it comes in a combination of stainless steel and plastic material
  • The sprayer that comes with the faucet makes it easy to clean any mess in your sink
  • You can purchase it in packages of two or three as you need

This Moen four-hole faucet will look great in your kitchen, and it will increase its functionality as soon as you install it. One of the main qualities of this product is its stainless steel resistant material. You will be able to enjoy this faucet for the long run and make the most out of it. Besides stainless steel material, this faucet is also made of a plastic material that you can count on.

Thanks to its sturdy construction and wide opening, the faucet offers you a great water flow. The pressure is just fine, too, so you can use it to clean even the most complex messes. The fact that it comes with one handle makes it easy to install, even for beginners. You will find all the instructions you need in the package.

Also, inside the package, you will find the sprayer that helps you keep your faucet clean at all times. The sprayer is easy and convenient to use. It is made ergonomic enough not to get clogged easily to keep maintenance to a minimum. This sprayer is ideal for any kitchen task, and all your family members will be able to use it.

When you purchase this product, you can get a pack of one, two, and even three faucets. This is ideal if you want to accommodate more kitchens or have other sinks with four-hole systems.


  • Durable material
  • Anti-stain material
  • Sprayer included
  • Made for all four hole systems
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance faucet

4. Delta Faucet Victorian 2-Handle 4 Hole Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Victorian 2-Handle 4 Hole Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • The brass material of this sink faucet makes it perfect for long term use as it will not rust or break easily
  • You can choose from different colors such as Brilliance stainless, Venetian bronze, and Chrome
  • The spout height is nine inches, which is perfect for any kitchen tasks
  • This faucet comes in a modern design that will match any kitchen and attract the admiration of your guest
  • This faucet rotates to 180 degrees so you can have the flexibility to use it for all kitchen tasks
  • This sink faucet also comes with a lifetime warranty that you can use if you have any issues with it over the years

The last but not the least four-hole faucet we have for you is this Delta faucet Victorian style. It is one of those faucets that will last you a long time with minimum investment. This faucet has a great design and three different colors to choose from. It is also rich in features that you will appreciate using on top of its modern look.

You will find this in various colors as well as an exciting design. It is the ideal kitchen faucet for modern kitchens, and you can rely on it for many years. Like other Delta faucets, this one is made of a resistant brass material that will not disappoint you.

This faucet's widespread gives you the possibility to enjoy just the right water flow you want with no hassle. Water pressure will never be an issue of this faucet either.

Thanks to this 4 handled faucet's Diamond seal technology, you can count on its long lifespan with no leaks. There is no reason to be concerned about poor insulation or other malfunctions.

And you will not have any issues when it comes to installing this faucet in your kitchen. It is easy to set up, and you receive all the instructions you might need. You might need to invest in specific tools to get the installation done, but nothing is complicated.


  • Easy to install
  • Different colors to choose from
  • 80 degrees rotation
  • Modern design
  • Simple to clean
  • Resistant brass material


  • Fixtures might be more challenging to install

5. Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • High arc gooseneck faucet
  • Chrome/Stainless steel finishes
  • Industry-approved design
  • 350-degree swivel
  • Retractable hose
  • Versatile side sprayer

Washing up, filling large pots and pans, and keeping your kitchen clean and bright just got a whole lot easier. Peerless offers an affordable, elegant option when looking for the best four hole kitchen faucet for your next kitchen upgrade. The faucet is lead-free and hygienic and meets ADA approval for quality standards. Cleaning up kitchen messes is fast and easy, and you can perform everyday kitchen tasks in comfort.

The attractive faucet comes with a high-quality stainless steel finish that is durable and easy to clean and maintain. There are also openings 8-inches apart for installing your hot and cold water faucets. A high-arc gooseneck faucet, swivel spout, and matching side sprayer completes the set. The spout spans outward almost 10 inches for various cleaning tasks in your sink.

With the pull-down sprayer, food prep and other kitchen jobs are a breeze. You can fill and clean large utensils in comfort and convenience or move the sprayer around to various areas. The faucet is lightweight and stands over 12 feet high for use by persons of multiple heights and comfort levels. The tall swivel spout moves freely up to 360° in either direction.

Besides, the side sprayer blows away particles with robust action. When it comes to water pressure, the faucet maintains up to 1.8 gallons per minute. The sprayer also works well under any water flow level, with easy on and off handles. There are almost three inches of clearance from the backsplash, and the 8-inch hookup spaces are adequate for hot and cold connections.

The deck mount design is easy to follow with the handy step-by-step guide. There are almost nine inches of space from the countertop to the faucet’s tip to prevent spills. The faucet also comes with a standard aerator that works well with portable dishwashers. Overall, installing the faucet can quickly transform your kitchen’s look and feel in a few easy steps.


  • Competitive price
  • User friendly
  • Lever handle
  • Portable
  • Simple to clean
  • Functional
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight


  • There’s no set screw button

6. Design House 525790 Madison Four Hole Kitchen Faucet

Design House 525790 Madison Four Hole Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Deck Mount design
  • Easily adjustable temperature controls
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Copper and zinc eco-friendly linings
  • High-arc faucet along with sturdy materials
  • UPC, Water-wise, Ab-1953, UPC compliant

Here is another excellent brand if you’re ready to replace your existing faucet. The oiled bronze finishes will create an air of charm and sophistication in your kitchen. When you purchase the set, you get a two-handle design and ceramic cartridge, that’s AB-1953, cUPC, UPC approved. The faucet provides clean Water for cooking and washing up and is also Water Sense certified.

The faucet provides a robust water flow from the pull-out sprayer. It’s also a great addition to enhance your countertop and overall kitchen design. The soap dispenser is handy for your wash-up liquid or hand washing needs. You can use the 90-degree spray option to avoid over-stretching on hard to reach areas around the sink.

There is a metal on/off lever handle, high-arc gooseneck faucet, matching soap dispense for fast, easy access. There is a flexible 46-inch sprayer hose for your convenience for hard to reach areas and tough food stains. The faucet features a tall arc faucet that makes it comfortable to fill large pots, wash dishes, and other tasks. What stands out with the faucet is the hygienic, copper, and zinc liner of the waterways.

The inner tubes of the lining help reduce bacteria buildup for purer Water coming through the tap. The side sprayer offers a powerful force of rinsing flow for clean, shiny silverware and dishes. The handle is lightweight and easy to control and clean. The one-touch, convenient handle regulates water flow to save energy.

You will experience a low flow rate over the lifespan of the faucet for value and economy. Besides, you get a steady flow at a rate of almost two gallons per minute during each use. The metal faucet material is sturdy and dependable and holds up well with regular usage. The water temperatures are easy to adjust when switching between hot and cold options.


  • Attractive finishes
  • Easy to install
  • Competitive price
  • Brass handle
  • Conserves Water
  • Convenient soap dispenser


  • Sprayer dispenser drips after use

7. Kingston Brass KS1278ALBS Heritage Four Hole Kitchen Faucet

Kingston Brass KS1278ALBS Heritage Four Hole Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • 360-degree convenient swivel spout
  • Scratch and chip resistant materials
  • A range of high-quality finishes
  • 14-inch metal lever handle
  • Graceful traditional design and gorgeous round curves
  • Solid brass attachments

If you need a fresh, bright look in your kitchen, this faucet gives you lots of options to make it happen. You can choose from polished and brushed nickel, antique brass, polished chrome, or matte black finishes to complement your décor. The oil-rubbed bronze coating and solid brass material create a classy, Victorian-style atmosphere in your home.

Our 4 hole kitchen sink faucet design is of durable, solid brass material. The metal handles turn about ¼-inch for consistent water flow. The vintage-style spout design is elegant and makes a great focal point in the kitchen. The faucet is affordable, easy to install, and comes with s 360-degree swivel spout and brass sprayer.

A deck-mount installation and bridge-style theme complete the set. Components include durable zinc and brass attachments, ceramic disk cartridges, and dual center set lever handles. The sturdy heavy-duty faucet is of high-quality ASME approved materials and is durable and sturdy.

What is essential, the brass and zinc material reduces rusting and corrosion from soft-water taps. Water flow is around 1.8 gallons per minute, and pressure is at 60psi. The faucet operates at 1.2 gallons per minute, and the two-hole hot and cold attachments are easy to install.

For added convenience, you get a side sprayer that sits close to the faucet. It is ideal for cleaning a range of dishes, bowls, pots, and pans. Besides, you can use the sprayer for washing fruits and vegetables during food prep times. The sprayer uses a one-touch function and is comfortable and lightweight.

We also like the faucet’s height, making it easy to handle large pots and other containers. It offers lots of reach for completing many kitchen chores. We also find the faucet presents a good mixture of style, function, comfort, and convenience.


  • Consistent water flow
  • Rust-proof brass materials
  • Durable, sturdy parts
  • Scratch and chip resistant
  • Convenient sprayer
  • Versatile options


  • The sprayer hose is a bit stiff

8. Pfister G136-500S Series 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Pfister G136-500S Series 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • 1.4-inch leak-free ceramic disk valves
  • Stainless steel finishes and parts
  • 1.75 gallons of water flow per minute
  • Deck mount installation
  • 360-degrees swivel spout
  • 11 ¾-inch arch height

Our four-hole stainless steel faucet is the ideal option for enhancing your next kitchen sink upgrade. The faucet easily replaces many older faucet brands. It has a sleek, traditional design and is affordable and easy to handle. If you need lots of space for working with large pots, this faucet is more than suitable for your needs.

There are almost 12 inches of height between the sink base and the arch’s top on the faucet. It makes it comfortable to work without stretching too far forward. The parts feature a high-tech, ¼-inch ceramic, leak-free disc valve system, and two-tier lever handle.

It has a deck mount design and a 360-degree swivel spout for freely working around the sink. The faucet’s best quality is the pull-out sprayer that reaches over two feet. You will also like the extra-long, flexible hose for a comfortable washing up experience.

Another quality feature is the faucet’s stainless material that extends to the spouts and knobs, while some parts comprise metal materials. The entire system is easy to install, and upkeep is low-maintenance. The handle and spout are easy to operate, and the water temperatures adjust quickly. You also get good water flow at around 1.75 gallons per minute and up to 60psi.

The system installs quickly and easily, and the side sprayer connects in no time, with no visible leaks. The brushed finish on the hardware reduces buildup, spots, and fingerprints for a wipe-clean shine.

What’s more, the faucet is sturdier than some of the competitive brands and at a reasonable price. The parts are durable and stand up well to the rigors of water exposure.


  • It works very well
  • The parts are reliable and durable
  • It’s easy to install
  • There’s good water flow
  • It is affordable
  • Flexible side sprayer


  • The nozzle may drip after use

9. Kingston Brass KB1795TXBS French Country Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Kingston Brass KB1795TXBS French Country Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Brass material promises durability
  • Oil rubbed finish gives it a sleek look
  • Washerless cartridge controls the pressure flow of water
  • Kingston Side Sprayer is included – for easy customization of faucet set-up
  • Integrated removable aerator allows smooth flow of water
  • Wide-spread handles make usage convenient

When you look at this Victorian-style faucet set, your first impression calls out its luxury design. However, that is not all that is offered by this 4 hole faucet set. Decked with two hot and two cold handles, the 4-hole set up can be custom set with a soap dispenser or sprayer system. You can opt for either one of these to suit your required needs.

Each component of the set-up is made up of pristinely designed brass constructs. The good durability of this material is an added advantage apart from its trendy design. Kingston has its range of side sprayers that can be opted for convenient usage in kitchen sinks.

How you choose to install this kitchen faucet set is up to you. You can easily set it up in a 3-hole set-up. But if you want to add the sprayer system or a soap dispenser, you will have to install it in a 4-hole set-up. Kingston has managed to equip all its products with many years of exceptional performance and design. One of these qualities is never compromised for the other.

This model is not just equipped from the outside. You may already be impressed with the premium color finish that it has to offer. However, it’s the built-in components that should be held in regard. The installed valves and cartridges contain many potentials. The washerless cartridge can maintain a constant flow of pressure through the sprout. Not only that, the Dura seal washerless valve controls the water flow.

From the integrated aerator, the male threaded inlets, the product quality is ensured for all of its different components. It doesn’t matter whether the construct is small or big. You will be provided with a premium line of faucet parts to fix in place.


  • Non-corrosive construct
  • Requires minimum care for hard water
  • Easy to clean design
  • Can be set in a 3-hole faucet set-up
  • Long-lasting
  • Minimum chances for leakage


  • Water pressure is low compared to the side sprayer.

10. KOHLER 10445-CP Forté(R) 4-Hole Sink 7-3/4" spout Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER 10445-CP Forté(R) 4-Hole Sink 7-3/4

Highlighted Features:

  • The polished chrome finish gives the faucet a smooth, shiny surface
  • Deck mount installation makes it easier to fit
  • One-piece ceramic disk valve manages to break down and remove line debris
  • The high-temperature limit stop allows maintenance of safety levels
  • Stainless steel supplies make installation easier
  • Matching finish side spray is included

Selecting a kitchen faucet requires you to evaluate a whole lot of options. Is the sprout long enough? Is the material durable? Does it have a sprayer system? Each of these features needs to be characterized during selection. Only then will you be able to determine the right option for your kitchen space. Kohler has optimized its faucet design to accommodate the best of the features.

This well-made faucet set has a central sprout with two handles for hot and cold selection purposes. Its 4-hole faucet design allows you to integrate another component owing to your need. It has a versatile design that you can optimize according to your need. The effortless installation makes it a paramount choice. You can either attach a soap dispenser or a sprayer system in that fourth hole. It is up to you to choose which component is more needed for you in your kitchen space.

One other reason why people choose the Kohler 10445-CP is for its distinct chrome finish. It manages to stand out from the conventional stainless-steel designs. Contemporary modern homes choose to incorporate this versatile faucet construct. You are not sacrificing quality over style. Chrome faucets are polished to avoid inevitable tarnish. Not only does this make them more durable, but it also adds shine to their surfaces.

Sours: https://sinkengineering.com/best-4-hole-kitchen-faucet/

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