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Make Counting Easy: Download 8-Count Click Tracks!

Click-tracks and count-trcheersounds cheerleading 8count click tracksacks used to be just for filming a routine to simplify music synchronization. However, many teams are using them for practice, as well as for when creating count-sheets at practice.  These simple tracks play music beats and say each 8-count and beat as you perform the routine!

They are available at a 2:30 length in a variety of tempos. Most teams use 144 beats per minute. More advanced teams use a faster speed. This is a great way to determine what speed your mix should be even before you order music!

Click Here To Download The Click Track Pack zip file containing 5 click tracks from 137BPM to 150 BPM.

Here is one of our click-tracks (at the most common tempo of 144bpm) for preview or use at practice:

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Free 8 Count Sheets

Here you can download free 8 count sheets brought to you by Not only do we have the best looking 8 count sheets, we find these to be the most functional and easiest to use as well. If you’re new to filling out 8 count sheets, or you’re filling out an 8 count sheet out for the first time, we encourage you to check out our article entitled “How to fill out an 8 count sheet”. We wish to provide you all the tools necessary for accomplishing a great cheer mix.

Download 8 count sheets

Cheer Mixes

If you thought our free 8 count sheets were good, just wait until you hear our premade cheer music!

  • ALL mixes include licensing documentation upon purchase via email.
  • ALL mixes include multiple tempos at no additional charge!

Custom Cheer Music

Custom cheer music orders can be filled out through the following form. We offer discounts for multiple routines! Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions:





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Custom Grooves Ltd. was founded in 2002, when I was the tender age of 15. I lived, loved and breathed cheerleading music. I listened to it all day long - in the shower, during class, and of course during cheer practice. I started doing my own individual music for competitions and then started getting people coming up to me at competitions asking me who did my music, I replied, “well me honey”, Maybe not that exact way but that’s how I would address it now lol.

Word started to spread about me, Kyle Blitch (we’ll talk about me later lol), that I was doing music at reasonable prices for all the local high schools. From there I began doing my home gym, Rock Solid Allstars (Pinellas Park,FL) and the rest is history. I spent my last 2 years of high school bringing home national titles with the Coed team at Top Gun Allstars, and those were probably the best years of my life. Juggling school, cheer practice, and a successful business at such a young age was very hard to do, but I did it well, and I did it with a smile.
After high school, Me and Custom Grooves packed up our things and took a full scholarship with HPU for their cheerleading program. It was an amazing experience over there, but I found myself always very busy with Custom Grooves work that I never had time to go to class. Long story short, I won a NCA collegiate national title with them in 2006, but college just wasn’t necessary in my cards.

From there, I moved back home to Florida , where I coached at Rock Solid Allstars and really built up my list of clientele. At a young age, I have always wanted to be an actor and so after a year in Florida, me and my dad drove cross country to Los Angeles so that I could pursue my dreams. Being in a very mobile niche market like Cheerleading music, I am able to jump around where I want to be without work having to be put aside.

I’ve been living and working in Los Angeles for about 7 years now, being in numerous music videos, commercials and movies while keeping a steady workload of clientele every year. Custom Grooves Ltd. has grown to a full 700 mixes a season, and we have numerous worlds medals, and national titles under our belt.

I pride myself on my customer service, and I am told numerous times from all my clients that I have the best communication in the business, making the client happy is of the utmost importance to me and my company.

Today Custom Grooves Ltd. is one of the most renowned customized music companies in the world, working



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Grooves music custom cheerleading

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Custom Grooves Summer 8 Count Track

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