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Discount wall art, table sculptures, canvas paintings and more furnish our clearance art section. Shop clearance wall plaque art, metal wall sculptures and wall grilles for a transformative touch.

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Discount wall art will unleash creative energy throughout a room, while low cost sculptures complete your coffee or dining table. Peruse our clearance art for decorative pieces that will inspire you. Transform a bland wall into gallery space with discount canvas art, or let a metal wall sculpture bring eye-popping dimension to your vertical vignette. Choose from assorted styles, including traditional, transitional or contemporary artwork. Arrive at the perfect touch for an empty surface or a vacant nook, and uplift your environs with a stunning composition.

Delve into our table sculpture sale, and come away with a detailed masterpiece. Clearance table and floor sculptures will revitalize many areas, from the coffee table to a quiet corner. Shop abstract sculptures depicting human figures, or turn to our safari sculptures for leopards, lions and camels. If your vertical space could use some visual interest, visit our clearance wall art section. Individual pieces, like metal wall art or wooden wall signs, invigorate a blank area. Wall art sets, on the other hand, allow you to create a dazzling arrangement all your own. Finally, clearance wall plaque art affords peaceful scenes, blossoming florals and rustic roosters.

Shop Discount Wall Art & Sculptures

Explore our clearance artwork for even more decorations. Clearance wall grilles add an Old World ambience to your room, and clearance framed art looks compact yet magnificent. Comb our clearance canvas art for painterly portrayals of flowers, landscapes and animals. Or, behold exotic scenes with clearance canvas wall hangings instead. Establish a focal point with clearance metal wall sculptures, or browse our factory seconds art for a breathtaking creation.

Find metal wall art for sale, or rely on discount canvas art for a stylish statement. Save at least 40 percent off original prices on our clearance art, and adorn your surroundings with economical yet elegant artwork.


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  • Los Angeles Destination Tag, LAX


    Was $499.00

  • New York Destination Tag, JFK


    Was $499.00

  • Nicolas le Beuan Benic, Beach Square Scene 10


    Was $699.00

  • Paul Nelson, Red-Winged Blackbird Male 1, 2009


    Was $599.00

  • Sharon Montrose, Friesian Horse, 2013


    Was $379.00

  • Sharon Montrose, Leopard, 2013


    Was $379.00

  • Sharon Montrose, Wolf, 2013


    Was $379.00

  • Sharon Montrose, Zebra


    Was $379.00

  • Just Added

    Vintage Hmong Textile


    Was $399.00

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Is your space all set up with the perfect furniture, but still feels kind of boring? Well, those empty walls in your home are filled with possibilities. Ditch that can of paint and get creative with fun wall decor instead! No matter your room’s set up, give your space some depth and make it more inviting with some new wall decor. Whether you’re looking to add a flashy wall accents, make a dull wall shine or simply looking for a perfect place to play with visuals, we’ve got your back. Our extensive collection of wall décor includes wall accents, wall art, decorative wall mirrors, decorative wall shelves and gold wall decor. Any of these are sure to brighten up your living space. Made to match a wide variety of design aesthetics ranging from modern and contemporary to timeless and classic, our collection holds the perfect way give a great finishing touch to your home. Now adding an artsy touch to your walls or making a wow-worthy style statement just got a whole lot easier. Browse our huge collection of wall decor and find the perfect one that fits your home. If walls could talk, they’d say hang up some new art today!


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Browse 200+ wall decor items including signs, metal wall art and other artistic pieces for your home.


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Easy DIY Wall Art Prints [ Abstract + Aesthetic ]

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