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May 19,


I was wondering if the insides of a geode can be used in jewelry or will the crystals just crumble apart? Thanks!

-Cindy in Lake Station, Indiana


Well Cindy, using the crystal formations inside a geode to make jewelry with really depends on the crystals. (Of course, another way to use these crystals is as cut druzy cabochons.)

Quartz Crystals in Raw Geodes
Quartz Crystals in Geodes

Most quartz crystals are pretty stable (including amethyst, citrine, etc) and small botryoidal formations (like azurite, malachite and chrysocolla) are good because even though they are a softer material they are rounded and compact.

Azurite Crystals
Azurite Crystals

When we see lovely, feathery crystals of more delicate minerals such as the zeolite natrolite, in my opinion specimens such as these are way too fragile to consider using in jewelry making of any type!

One suggestion, with regards to how to make crystal clusters into wire jewelry, is to use a minimal amount of wire so the focus remains on the featured material. In the picture below, you see a silver-dollar sized amethyst crystal cluster made into a pendant I titled Vineyard Harvest. The cluster reminded me of grapes, so I mixed half hard and dead soft gauge square wire for the simple frame (carefully entwining the softer wire between crystals) and accented it with Bali silver leaf beads. (The modified frame is based on my Anything Pendant Harness.)

Vineyard Harvest by Dale Cougar Armstrong
Vineyard Harvest by Dale &#;Cougar&#; Armstrong

Of course, you also should take into consideration the back of the crystal cluster, the geode matrix. If it is very rough you may want to make a woven, open mat-style frame from round or square wire for the back first (or crochet the backing) and then attach the cluster as described above.

Answer contributed by Dale &#;Cougar&#; Armstrong

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1 Pound Metal Stamping Hammer for Jewelry Making, Geodes, Crafts (6 inch)

1 Pound Metal Stamping Hammer for Jewelry Making, Geodes, Crafts (6 inch)


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Order now and get it around Thursday, October 21

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on () volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • Jewelry Hammer: This 1 pound metal stamp hammer is designed with a grooved grip that helps provide the right amount of force while making jewelry, metal shaping, or working with leather
  • Dual-Sided: The double-sided hammer for metal stamping will evenly disperse energy while providing maximum force and precision while completing a woodworking or construction project
  • Reliable Quality: The jewelers hammer weighs approximately 1 pound with an ergonomic grip for additional comfort
  • Dimensions: The mini stamp hammer tool measures x 4 x inches; perfectly sized to fit inside a drawer, toolbox, or on a tool belt
  • What's Included: Includes 1 chasing hammer for jewelry making, crafts, and home improvement projects
Package Dimensions x x inches ( x 11 x cm)
Item Weight pounds ( kg)


Add this 1 pound metal hammer to your jewelry-making supplies, use it for woodworking, or to perfectly shape handmade jewelry for your loved ones. The ergonomic grip and short handle feature a maximum control and comfort holding option while simultaneously providing a precise and concentrated striking force needed for your construction, upholstery, DIY jewelry, or metal stamping projects. The dual-sided hammer is made from high-quality metal and measures x 4 x inches, perfectly sized for beginners or advanced users.

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