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Joy Ride
Steven Universe Season 1

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The Cool Kids help Steven put some fun back in his life in an attempt to distract him from the recent turmoil.

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    Kids & Family, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy

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    Mar 26, 2015

  • Written By:

    Hilary Florido, Katie Mitroff

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Taking after his annihilation by Jasper, Steven wakes detained in a cell, hindered by an electric, yellow compel field. In the long run in the wake of finding that as a half-human he can stroll through it, he embarks to discover the others. He finds a perturbed Gem detainee named Ruby, who is amazed to see him infiltrate the constrain handle so effortlessly with no mischief at all. Immediately, they at that point hear a singing of a young lady originating from far away, Ruby remembers it as Sapphire's voice.

They gone through the lobbies, while Ruby calls for Sapphire. Steven finds that they are in the hand-molded ship circling above Earth. Toward the finish of a passage, they at that point find Lapis Lazuli, detained too. Before Steven tries to free her, Ruby keeps running off to go and discover Sapphire; Lapis asks Steven not to battle their captors and remains in her cell, not needing his companions to be harmed any longer, but rather Steven, promising Lapis he will return for her, proceeds down the corridor.

As Steven nears Sapphire's phone, he catches Jasper requesting Sapphire to quit singing, at that point requesting Peridot to set a course for the Gem Homeworld, regardless of her unique mission to determine the status of the Cluster, as Steven (mixed up for being Rose Quartz) is beat need.

Subsequent to sitting tight for Jasper and Peridot to leave Steven methodologies Sapphire's cell, reveals to her that he prefers her singing, and liberates her. Sapphire expresses gratitude toward Steven for liberating her; listening ability Ruby call her yet again, she gets Steven's hand, pulling him along too quick for him to touch the ground. Discovering Ruby in a substantial lobby, Sapphire drops Steven and she and Ruby rejoin, grasping. Subsequent to consoling each other of their wellbeing, Sapphire kisses Ruby and they combine into Garnet.

Presently entire once more, Garnet apologizes to Steven for meeting her parts in this circumstance. Steven inquires as to whether he established a decent first connection on Sapphire and Ruby; Garnet reacts that they as of now cherish him, at that point sends him to protect Pearl and Amethyst and make a beeline for the control connect; she kisses Steven's brow to give him future vision for this specific occasion.

Garnet can stand her ground and overwhelm Jasper in a rematch, while Steven salvages the others and assumes control over the control connect, tying up Peridot all the while. Before the finish of their fight, Garnet tosses Jasper into the ship's center, making it crash arrive back on Earth, close to the sanctuary. Peridot gets away from her captors and tumbles to Earth in an escape unit, perhaps some place in North America.

After the crash, it is uncovered that Steven spared the Gems utilizing a defensive air pocket, and Garnet expresses gratitude toward him. Steven says he "can't trust [Garnet] was a combination the entire time!" While Amethyst shows fervor that he met Ruby and Sapphire, Pearl indicates alarm at Steven discovering. Garnet clarifies that she had wanted to tell Steven on his birthday.

All of a sudden, Jasper breaks out from under piece of the pulverized ship and abuse the Gems, dishonestly expressing that in the event that she had somebody to intertwine with she would have the capacity to crush the Crystal Gems; Lapis Lazuli at that point breaks out from another piece of the ship, uncovering herself; subsequent to looking about, she endeavors to take off, yet is limited by Jasper. If all else fails, Jasper persuades Lapis to intertwine with her in a demonstration of requital, shaping the colossal Malachite.

Be that as it may, before she can do mischief to the Crystal Gems, Lapis double-crosses Jasper.
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List of Steven Universe episodes

Episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series

Steven Universe logo vector.svg

Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around Steven Universe (voiced by Zach Callison), who protects his hometown of Beach City alongside Garnet (voiced by Estelle), Amethyst (voiced by Michaela Dietz) and Pearl (voiced by Deedee Magno Hall), three magical alien guardians known as the Crystal Gems. During the original run of the series, episodes of Steven Universe were variously broadcast once a week; in blocks of multiple new episodes in the course of a week, marketed as "Stevenbombs"; or back-to-back as specials with an umbrella title.[1]

During the course of the series, 160 episodes of Steven Universe aired over five seasons, between November 4, 2013, and January 21, 2019.[2] A television film, Steven Universe: The Movie, was released on September 2, 2019, following the fifth and final season.[3] A concluding limited series, Steven Universe Future, premiered on December 7, 2019, and ended on March 27, 2020.[4][5]

Series overview


The order and length of the first three seasons is inconsistent between official sources; this list uses the "intended order" of the episodes as specified by Ian Jones-Quartey, which re-orders six episodes from the first two seasons compared to the broadcast order.[6]

Pilot (2013)

Season 1 (2013–15)

  • Episode premieres initially occurred weekly on Monday nights.
  • Episode premieres moved to Wednesday nights beginning with the episode "Steven the Sword Fighter".
  • Episode premieres moved again to Thursday nights beginning with the episode "Coach Steven".
  • The episodes "Open Book", "Shirt Club", and "Story for Steven" were bumped to air during the second season in order to facilitate airing the final 'arc' of season one over five consecutive nights.[8]
  • The episode "Say Uncle" was produced and aired as part of the second season, as denoted by its different production code. However, though non-canon, in terms of story chronology it occurs late in the first season, and is included here per Quartey's list.[6]

Season 2 (2015–16)

Season 3 (2016)

  • The episodes "Super Watermelon Island", "Gem Drill", "Same Old World", "Barn Mates", and "Hit the Diamond" aired as a four-week special event titled In Too Deep.
  • The remaining episodes of the season all aired during another four-week special event titled Summer Adventures.

Season 4 (2016–17)

  • The episodes "Kindergarten Kid" and "Know Your Fusion" were the last two episodes to air during a four-week special event titled Summer Adventures.
  • "Steven's Dream", "Adventures in Light Distortion", "Gem Heist", "The Zoo", and "That Will Be All" aired as a four-night special event titled Out of This World.
  • Episode premieres moved to Fridays beginning with the episode "The New Crystal Gems".

Season 5 (2017–19)

  • The episodes "Stuck Together", "The Trial", "Off Colors", and "Lars' Head" aired together as a one-hour special, under the umbrella title Wanted.
  • The episodes "Lars of the Stars" and "Jungle Moon" aired together as a half-hour special, under the umbrella title Stranded.
  • Episode premieres moved to Monday nights beginning with the episode "Your Mother and Mine".
  • The episodes "Now We're Only Falling Apart", "What's Your Problem", "The Question", "Made of Honor", and "Reunited" aired as a five-night special event titled Heart of the Crystal Gems.
  • The episodes "Legs from Here to Homeworld", "Familiar", "Together Alone", "Escapism", and "Change Your Mind" aired as a five-week special event titled Diamond Days.

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Season 1 universe 52 steven episode

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