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What printer is right for me?
Canon offers a diverse group of printer categories that are suitable for crafters, professionals, home office/small office users and just about everyone in between. The key to finding the right printer is asking yourself what you will be using your printer the most for.

Crafter - If you're a crafter and like to make scrapbooks and do it yourself projects you're most likely better off using a multifunction inkjet printer. They give you the ability to print, scan, and copy, while also giving you high quality photo prints at an affordable price.

Professionals - For photographers and designers, who are met with the challenge of providing prints of high detail and quality for their clients and customers, a professional inkjet printer is highly recommended. What differentiates this series of printers from other inkjet printers are its Chroma life ink cartridges. These inks optimize your pictures giving them a photo lab quality finish as well as a protective coating against gases, light, and high temperature/ humidity, so they remain in excellent condition for a long time.

Home Office/Small Office - When considering a printer for your office, you most likely need one that is of high quality and can print for you in a fast, reliable, and low-cost manner. MAXIFY printers offer the ideal solution. These multifunction powerhouses can print, scan, copy, and fax. They offer fast printing solutions through cloud connectivity, auto 2-sided scanning system, and prints that are completed in 7 seconds. The cost per print is also low as the ink tanks are designed to give you the most out of what you put in offering a high page yield.

How does wireless3 printing work?
Most printers do some form of wireless3 printing. Some are easier to use than others depending on what devices you have around you. Wi-Fi is the most standard one. To print through Wi-Fi you'll need to make sure you have a network to connect it to and that the printer is in range of the wireless3 router. Some other forms of wireless3 printing include Google Cloud Print2 and Apple AirPrint1. These are much simpler to use as these features automatically are displayed with no instillation necessary like Wi-Fi.

What is a multifunction printer?
A multifunction printer is just a fancy way of saying print, scan, copy, or fax. The term is also referred to as all-in-one, 3-in-1, and 4-in-1.

1. AirPrint functionality requires an iPad, iPhone 3GS or later, or iPod touch 3rd generation or later device running iOS 4.2 or later, and an AirPrint-enabled printer connected to the same network as your iOS device. A printer connected to the USB port of your Mac, PC, AirPort Base station, or Time Capsule is not supported.

2. Requires an Internet connection and Google account. Subject to Google Terms of Service. Certain exceptions may apply.

3. Wireless printing requires a working network with wireless 802.11b/g or n capability. Wireless performance may vary based on terrain and distance between the printer and wireless network clients.

4. Requires an Internet connection and the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app, available for free on the App Store and at Google Play. Compatible with iPad, iPhone 3GS or later, and iPod touch 3rd generation or later devices running iOS 7.0 or later, and Android mobile devices running Android 2.3.3 or later. Your device must be connected to the same working network with wireless 802.11 b/g/n capability as your printer. For users of compatible Apple mobile devices, document printing requires Apple AirPrint, which requires an AirPrint-enabled printer connected to the same network as your iOS device. A printer connected to the USB port of your Mac, PC, AirPort Base station, or Time Capsule is not supported.

5. Resolution may vary based on printer driver setting. Color ink droplets can be placed with a horizontal pitch of 1/9600 inch at minimum.

6. To install using Windows® OS, .NET Framework 4 is required. Compatible still image formats are PDF (created using Canon PDF Creator only), JPEG (Exif), TIFF, and PNG. Compatible video formats are MOV (from select Canon digital cameras only) and MP4 (from select Canon digital camcorders only).

7. Compatible memory cards include SD™ Card, SDHC™ Card, Memory Stick DUO™ and Memory Stick PRO Duo™. The following can be used with the addition of a special adapter sold separately: miniSD™ Card, miniSDHC™ Card, microSD™ Card, microSDHC™ Card and Memory Stick Micro.

8. Envelopes and High Resolution Paper are NOT supported for borderless printing.

9. "Full HD Movie Print" is available from "MOV" and "MP4" movie files created by select Canon EOS Digital SLRs, PowerShot, and VIXIA digital cameras and camcorders. Requires PC or Mac with Intel® processor and Canon ZoomBrowser EX 6.5 or later or Canon ImageBrowser 6.5 or later for "MOV" files, or Canon ImageBrowser EX 1.0 or later for "MOV" or "MP4" files. Print quality is determined by the video resolution. Function does not upscale video resolution.

10. Page yield of ink bottles used for initial setup is lower than the replacement, as a certain amount of ink is consumed to fill into the print head during the setup (charging the print head initially). Page yield is the estimated value based on Canon individual test method using the ISO/IEC 24712 chart and continuous printing simulation with the replacement ink bottles after initial setup. Page yield of color inks is an average yield of cyan, magenta and yellow inks combined. Page yield varies significantly depending on content printed and other factors. 6,000 (black) and 7,000 (color) printed pages yields are approximate, based off document pages printed.


Buying guide for best canon printers

Even though people don’t print as many documents as they once did, having a high-quality printer on hand is still a good idea. Whether you’re making occasional copies of important documents or full-color prints of family photographs, you want a nice printer available when it’s needed.

One of the most trusted names in printers is Canon. Although Canon remains best known as a manufacturer of high-end cameras, it also excels at producing printers. Canon offers printers in a multitude of product categories, giving you a variety of features and print technologies. If you’re looking for the best Canon printer, we’re ready to help you decipher all of your options.

If you’re ready to buy a Canon printer, check out our top picks. Read our shopping guide below to learn more about Canon printers.

Understanding printer technology

When trying to find the best Canon printer for your needs, it helps to understand a few things about printer technology in general. Determining which technology is most important to you will help you narrow the list of potential printers to buy.

Inkjet vs. laser

The two primary printing technologies in use for all printers, both Canon and other brands, are inkjet and laser.

  • Inkjet: An inkjet printer uses a series of nozzles to spray tiny droplets of liquid ink onto the paper – several hundred to an inch. Inkjet printers offer full-color and black-and-white printing.

  • Laser: A laser printer uses a toner that’s fused onto the paper to creating the image. As with ink, the printer applies the toner in small pixels of several hundred or even a couple thousand per inch. Laser printers yield very sharp text documents, but they aren’t as good for photographs as inkjet printers. Laser printers are significantly faster than inkjet printers.

Print-only vs. all-in-one

If you see a Canon printer listed as a “multifunction” or “all-in-one” device, it can do things other than just print documents or photos.

  • Print-Only: A print-only printer does exactly what you’d think: prints documents and photos. It may have wireless connectivity capabilities, but it can’t scan or copy documents.

  • All-in-One: An all-in-one printer can scan and copy documents and images, as well as print. Some can save the copy or scan as a digital file onto a memory card or USB stick. Some can also pass these digital files across a network to a server. Occasionally, you’ll find an all-in-one device that can send and receive faxes, but this feature isn’t as common now as it was a decade ago. About half of all Canon printers are multifunction machines.

Canon printer brands

Canon offers its many different printers under a few different brand names. It uses these brand names to differentiate the features found on each one, which may simplify your choice when searching for the best option for your needs.


These large Canon laser printers are for office or home use where you need speed and high-quality prints. Most imageCLASS printers are monochrome printers, and many of them offer all-in-one capabilities.


These Canon inkjet printers focus on speed, so they work well in a small office or busy home. You also can use MAXIFY printers to make prints from mobile devices or the cloud. The cost per print is lower with these printers than with most Canon printers.


These Canon inkjet printers offer equal strength in print quality and print speed. PIXMA printers are primarily made for use in homes or small offices with average printing needs.

Some PIXMA printers have all-in-one capabilities, while others are high-quality photo printers. The PIXMA family consists of the largest number of printers of any Canon brand name.


These small Canon printers are designed for use on the go. These are useful for printing photographs or documents from mobile devices.

Canon printer prices

Most Canon printers aren’t significantly expensive to buy. You can expect to pay between less than $75 to $500 and up, depending the printer’s features. However, you will have ongoing costs with any printer, including ink or toner replacement. You’ll need to factor these costs into the overall cost of any printer you buy.

Basic printers

The most basic Canon printers cost $75 or less. These are small, simple, color inkjet printers designed to be used in a home or small office with infrequent printing needs.

These printers run much more slowly than costlier printers, but you should still get good print quality in the “Best” mode.

Mid-range printers

A mid-range Canon printer costs from $75 to $200. These are primarily color inkjet printers, although you can find monochrome laser printers in this range, too. Many mid-range printers have all-in-one capabilities.

These models are solid printers for homes or small businesses that need to print several times a week. The laser printers are fast but don’t print in color.

The color inkjet printers in this price range won’t be fast, but they offer good quality.

Advanced printers

More advanced Canon printers cost from $200 to about $500. You will get good results from these printers in specialty printing environments. For example, if you need a great printer for photos, Canon has some excellent options in this price range. These printers won’t be fast, but you’ll get some amazing prints.

Other advanced printers have laser printing capabilities, which yield sharp text documents. These printers are extremely fast, making them perfect for a busy environment where you need to print a lot.

Color laser printers often fit in this price range, too.

Operating costs

In a busy printing environment, you could spend as much or more on replacement ink or toner in the first year than you spent on the printer itself – a few hundred dollars. Those who print less often may spend from $25 to $100 per year on ink or toner.

It’s important to understand that even if you purchase a small, inexpensive Canon printer, your ink or toner costs will be roughly the same as those for an expensive printer (assuming the same number of prints for both printers).

So, while you will save money upfront buying a basic printer as opposed to a more advanced printer, your ongoing costs will be about the same.


Q. What are some hidden costs of Canon printers?

A. Beyond the cost of the printer, you will have ongoing costs with this type of device. You will need to replace ink wells or laser cartridges from time to time. The frequency of replacement depends on how often you print and what you print – whether you’re covering a large portion of the page with ink or toner. Paper is another ongoing cost, too.

Q. What are my options for full-color printing?

A. Both laser and inkjet printers print in color. For most people, color inkjet printers are affordable and deliver good quality prints, making them popular choices. However, color laser printers have seen significant improvements in quality and price over the past decade, so they’re worth considering now.

Q. How do I find a great Canon printer for printing photographs?

A. When seeking the best printer for photographs, look for one that can handle many different sizes of paper. The best feature for photographic printing in recent years is the inclusion of extra ink tanks in the printer. Rather than the standard four ink tanks for color printing, photography printers may have six or eight ink tanks, producing more realistic colors in both color and black-and-white photos.

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Best Canon printers: Laser, photo, all-in-one, and more

Written By Edmund Torr

Published Aug. 23, 2021

Canon has long been one of the top names in printers, and today, Canon’s best printers span pretty much every printing category. Whether you’re looking for a photo printer, laser printer, inkjet printer, a big and fast printer for the office or a tiny portable printer for pages on the go, Canon has an option. 

But printers can be confusing. Though they may not seem like a fast-moving tech category, printers have actually gained an awful lot of features and options over the past few years. We’re here to help you choose the best printer for you.

What makes the best Canon printer?

Though printers aren’t always the sexiest gadgets on the market, Canon, along with the other major printer manufacturers, haven’t let that stop them from really upgrading and improving printer technology lately. Today’s printers have new ways to fill up, whether that’s dye-based photo ink, refillable inkjet tanks, or long-lasting laser drums. They’ve got new connectivity options: forget about hunting for an old-school USB cable when trying to connect, because Canon printers often include wireless protocols like WiFi and Bluetooth. 

You’ll also find easy-to-navigate touchscreens, compatibility with wireless printing standards from Apple and Google, and more eco-friendly (and cheaper) ink cartridge replacements. 

That said, there’s no “best printer” for everyone. Everybody has a different need, a different specific use case that causes them to need a printer in the first place. We can walk you through finding exactly the right one for you.

What makes a photo printer?

You might take a look at photo printers and wonder: what exactly is the difference between a photo printer and any other kind of printer? After all, these are all just printers, right?

Most photo printers use some variation of inkjet technology, in which nozzles spray different colors of ink onto paper to achieve a printed page. But the best printers for photos, which are often several times more expensive than standard inkjet printers, are specifically designed for printing large, vibrant photos. The best photo printer will have a much larger range of color capabilities, often with as many as eight different ink colors, which will provide a far fuller gamut of colors for the most vibrant possible image.

Photo printers can, of course, print pretty much anything; you can use them for black and white documents if you want. But we wouldn’t recommend it except in a pinch. Photo printer ink tends to be pricey, and it’d be a little bit like using a Ferrari to go to the grocery store. Sure, the Ferrari is capable of hauling a few bags of groceries, but it’s not really designed for it, and it’d be a little bit of a waste.

Best Canon photo printer: Canon PIXMA Pro-200

The Canon PIXMA Pro-200 is the best Canon printer for photos.

Vibrant Images

Fantastic photo image quality, at a price lower than many competitors. Canon

Check Price

The Pro-200 is Canon’s top photo printer and our pick for best Canon photo printer, excellent for both glossy and matte applications. It has all your standard high-end tech features: WiFi, a touchscreen, nice printing software. It does use dye-based inks, which may not last quite as long, but that’s a minor quibble, especially given the price.

What about compact photo printers?

Compact photo printers are a really fun gadget, either for quick professional or semi-professional applications or for the home enthusiast. But the majority of compact printers are, well, really compact, printing no more than a wallet-sized photo. Those can be fun, for sure, and great for parties, but for many years, the standard photo size has been four by six inches, and few of the cheaper compact photo printers can handle that.

Canon, luckily, has its SELPHY line, which is a super-capable, surprisingly affordable four-by-six photo printer. The current SELPHY printer, the CP1300, uses thermal dye sublimation as its ink, which means you’ll get instantly dry photos that can last for a very, very long time. (The downside is that they require four passes, so this isn’t a speed demon.) It’s also super tiny, hardly larger than the photos it prints, and can even use a battery pack for truly wireless operation.

Best compact photo printer: Canon SELPHY CP1300

The Canon SELPHY CP1300 is the best canon printer that's small.

Tiny but Mighty

Excellent quality 4×6 photo printing in a tiny, affordable package. Canon

Check Price

The SELPHY CP1300 continues the trend of the best compact photo printers, with a 300 dpi resolution, super vibrant prints comparable to drugstore prints, and an affordable price. It does require special SELPHY paper cartridges, though.

Does Canon make laser printers?

Laser printers are fantastic for office use, whether you’re talking about a regular office or, as many of us have lately been using, a home office. The best laser printers offer super-fast printing in black and white, extremely low ink costs per printed page, and less maintenance and ink replacement than an inkjet. 

Historically, laser printers have been very expensive, but those days, thankfully, are long gone. Today, you can find great laser printers at prices to fit any budget, and still get all those great features. Plus, modern laser printers pack all kinds of helpful features, like wireless printing that’s compatible with standard protocols like Apple’s AirPrint and Google’s CloudPrint.

Best Canon laser printer: Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw

Canon ImageCLASS LBP6239dw is the best Canon laser printer.

Home Office King

Quick speeds, energy-saving modes, and ease of use. Canon

Check Price

This imageCLASS model of Canon laser printer is designed for ultimate ease of use. As the best Canon laser printer It prints quickly, at 26 pages per minute; it holds 250 sheets of paper at a time; and it’s compatible with wireless printing. It even features a “toner saving” option that uses less ink, which is great for test prints.

Do I need an all-in-one Canon printer?

All-in-one printers are great for home offices and small offices, because, well, they’ve got it all. In one. Package. You understand. Typically, an all-in-one printer will be able to print, copy, and scan, and while not all can do this, ideally you’d prefer it could send and receive faxes as well. It’s kind of retro, but faxing can come in handy, sometimes.

All-in-one printers are typically inkjets, and also generally quite large. That’s a combination that can make them a little bit annoying to deal with: You’ll have to replace the ink fairly often. But Canon’s best all-in-one printers, like our pick below, use the company’s MegaTank technology. This eco-friendly, less expensive, and frankly much less annoying setup is a reusable system, using little bottles with easy-to-refill nozzles.

Best all-in-one printer: Canon G7020

The Canon G7020 is the best canon printer.

Does It All

This all-in-one can print, scan, copy, and fax with the best. Canon

Check Price

The G7020 is an exceedingly well-reviewed all-in-one printer, compatible with Apple’s AirPrint and Canon’s own refillable ink system, MegaTank. 

How much do I need to spend for a Canon printer?

You don’t need to spend a boatload to get an excellent printer, even from a brand like Canon. In fact, you can get an awful lot for your money these days. Canon sells inexpensive photo printers, all-in-one printers, and even portable printers, all for under $200. 

When you’re looking at a budget printer, you should go for the basics, because if the printer can master those, you’ll have a good, solid printing experience. That means you’ll be looking at an inkjet, without any fancy touch screens or laser drums or refillable tanks. You want a solid, reliable printer, and anything above that is just gravy.

Best budget Canon printer: Canon PIXMA TR4520

The Canon PIXMA TR4520 is the best Canon printer on a budget.

Affordable Wonder

At only $100, this all-in-one is a great addition to your home. Canon

Check Price

The PIXMA TR4520 is a great basic all-in-one, which means it’s got a surprising amount of features: print, copy, or scan, even control it with Alexa voice control. It doesn’t have refillable ink tanks, and it’s not the fastest on the market, but it’s a solid option, especially at this price.


Q: What is the best printer to buy for home use?

Well, since many of us are working from home these days, the best printer for home use also has to double as a bit of a home office printer. If you think all you’ll need is black-and-white, for documents and mailing codes and things like that, go for a laser; otherwise, grab an all-in-one.

Q: Are Canon PIXMA printers any good?

Canon’s PIXMA line is its entry-level category, which means, given its low price, that you might wonder if they’re actually any good. Not every model comes with stellar reviews, but if you look, you can find a PIXMA that’s really quite good.

Q: Are Canon printers better than HP?

Both Canon and HP make many, many different printers, so it isn’t easy to generalize. HP is often superior in its ease of use, but Canon has been a pioneer in refillable tanks. It really depends on the individual printer more than the brand.

The final word on the best Canon printers

Canon has long been a powerhouse in all sectors of the photography world, so it’s no surprise that its photo printers are some of the best on the market. But the best Canon printers are more than just photos: you can find great office machines, great laser printers, and even fun portable gadgets.


Canon has been a major printer brand for many years now. It produces mainly inkjet printers in the Pixma and Maxify ranges, but also releases i-Sensys laser printers.

You can purchase a Canon Best Buy inkjet printer for less than £50, but more premium models can cost several hundred pounds. While some Canon printers excel in our testing, some don't.

In this guide, we'll show you some excellent Canon printers and detail how the brand's inkjet and laser ranges break down.  

Want to see expert reviews ofCanon printers? See a selection of top-rated Canon printers below, or find every model we've tested in ourprinter reviews.

Best Canon printers

  • The Canon Pixma G3560 is simpler than other models in the range, as it can’t automatically print double-sided pages, or scan or copy more than one page at a time. It’s cheap to run, but is it actually any good at printing? Read the full review to find out.

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    First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time

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  • This Best Buy mono laser speedily produces excellent black text documents and it's very economical to run. You can also save paper (and yourself the tedious task of turning it over) thanks to automatic double-sided printing.

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  • This isn’t the best printer we’ve tested by any stretch of the imagination. But at this price, it has a lot to offer – including automatic double-sided printing. Unlike many budget printers that use ink cartridges, it’s not that expensive to run, either.

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Some of the models we've selected aren't recent launches, but they're still some of the highest performing printers out there. You can check our printer reviews page for new reviews monthly. Pricing, test scores and recommendations correct as of September 2021.

Canon printers compared: which range is best for you?

Pixma: Canon’s biggest range of printers by far is the Pixma inkjet family. Prices range from £25 to more than £150. Although a fair few Pixmas are awarded Best Buys, there are plenty that score in the mediocre 50s, so the name isn’t a guarantee of quality. IP and IX models mean the product is a standalone basic printer; MG is used for all-in-ones, MX printers are home office-focused, and MP models are geared towards photo printing. The latest generation of Pixma printers is the TS range. Released in late 2016, TS printers go from the entry-level 5-series up to the top-end 9-series. Find the models we’ve tested in our Canon printer reviews

Maxify: Whereas Pixma printers are aimed at general consumers, Canon’s Maxify inkjet printers are more for home office users. They usually have productivity-focused features, such as fax and automatic document feeders. We've seen some good Maxify printers, but others underwhelm when we test them, so it's best to check our reviews first before buying.

i-Sensys: It’s not all inkjets, as Canon produces the i-Sensys range of laser printers, too. Some of the best-scoring Canon printers we’ve tested are i-Sensys models, but with some costing hundreds of pounds, you do pay for that extra quality. Plus, you don’t always get copying and scanning functions included, so if you're on a tight budget, consider an all-in-one inkjet model instead. 

Selphy: These are dedicated compact photo printers that are designed for printing photos directly from a smartphone or camera. See more in our Compact photo printing guide. 


Canon printer best the

The 3 Best Canon Printers of 2021 Reviews

The best Canon PIXMA printer for home use that we've tested is the Canon PIXMA TR8620, the successor to the Canon PIXMA TR8520. This unit is made entirely of plastic and feels decently well-built, with easy access to paper jams using the rear access point. It has an excellent LCD touchscreen for navigating through tasks, along with fantastic connectivity options to print via Wi-Fi Direct, unlike its predecessor. The scanning features are great, including a flatbed with hinges that can raise to scan thicker objects and an automatic document feeder. Its companion app is superb, and you can scan, copy, and print various file types directly from your mobile device. Its five-cartridge system has a dedicated black ink cartridge for photos, and the printer can yield a good number of color pages before needing replacements. New cartridges are fairly affordable, so the overall cost-per-print remains great.

Unfortunately, it has a poor black-only page yield and is quite slow to print documents and photos. Also, its color accuracy is unremarkable, though it should still be alright for casual use, especially as its amazing photo print quality reproduces fine details and vibrant colors. Additionally, while you can't print directly from USB flash drives, you can do so from SD cards. Overall, while this printer is for home office use, it's very good for printing and scanning photos and has great functionality for the family, making it one of the best photo printers we've tested.

See our review

Best Canon Printer - Top 5 Best Canon Printers in 2021 - Canon Printer 2021

The 7 Best Canon Printers of 2021

Final Verdict

The best Canon printer to buy is the TR8520. It's a compact multifunction printer that can handle printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. It even supports photo printing, though for a more specialized photo printer we like the portable Canon PIXMA iP110, It can fit into a backpack and supports a battery, it also comes with dual ink cartridges for black and white and color.

About Our Trusted Experts

Emmeline Kaser is a tech writer and former editor for Lifewire. She was one of the first Lifewire editors to join Dotdash's product testing team, allowing her to edit and assign hundreds of tech product reviews.


What is DPI?
DPI stands for dots per inch which is how the resolution is represented when printing. The more dots there are per square inch, the more densely packed they are and the sharper your printing will be. Higher numbers are better.

What are the advantages of laser printers versus inkjets?
Laser printers use toner, which is a sort of powder instead of ink. Typically, toner is cheaper and the result is less cost per page when printing. Toner cartridges also tend to need replacement less frequently. While black and white laser printers are priced competitively with inkjets, color laser printers tend to be much more expensive.

Do I need copying and scanning and faxing?
That depends on your situation. In a college dorm, the more functions you can pack into a single device the better. Space tends to be at a premium, the more a single device can do, the less room you'll need for other things.


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Best Canon printers 2021: top ten inkjet and laser printers for home and office

Welcome to our guide to the best Canon printers around today.

Canon has been one of the best-known names in the industry over the past few decades, building up an enviable reputation for making some of the best printers on the market today.

So, if you're looking for a new device, then the best Canon printers are great choices, and in this guide we list the top offerings from the company, along with our price comparison tool, which scours the internet to ensure you get the very best deals as well.

Make sure you also check out our best laser printers and best home printers buying guides as well.

Best Canon printers at a glance

  1. Canon PIXMA TR8550
  2. Canon PIXMA Pro-100
  3. Canon PIXMA G7050
  4. Canon MAXIFY MB2750
  5. Canon PIXMA TS9150
  6. Canon PIXMA TS8250
  7. Canon PIXMA GM4050
  8. Canon PIXMA G6050 
  9. Canon PIXMA TS6350
  10. Canon imageClass LBP622Cdw

1. Canon PIXMA TR8550

Business-like features and fine prints in a compact MFD


Print speed: 15ppm

Paper sizes: up to A4

Paper capacity: 100 sheets

Weight: 8kg

Reasons to buy

+Generous touchscreen +Vivid 5-ink photos

Reasons to avoid

-Costly cartridges-No front USB port

Canon has managed to shrink all of the features a small business might need into a multifunction device that could fit inside a filing cabinet. The five-ink system gives great quality photo prints and the large touchscreen makes it especially easy to use. The print speed is a little slow, even for an inkjet, but it is well featured with both Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity and a handy SD-Card slot at the front. (Note: this model is sold as the TR8560 in the Asia-Pacific region.)

Read the full review:Canon Pixma TR8550

2. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

A monster of a photo printer


Category: Wireless professional inkjet printer

Print speed: 8" x 10" on A4 with border:51 secs; 11" x 14" on A3+ with border: 1 min 30 secs

Paper capacity: 150 sheets of plain paper, 20 sheets photo paper (4"x6")

Paper size: up to 13" x 19"

Weight: 19.6Kg

Reasons to buy

+Two paper trays+Excellent color accuracy

Reasons to avoid

-Pricey ink

The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is a monster of a photo printer. Its 8-ink dye system called ChromaLife 100+ provides excellent color accuracy and a wide range of colors for vivid prints that you would want to hang in a museum. Its large format allows you to print up to 13” x 19” prints and, with its two paper trays, you’re able to cover just about any paper stock you can think of, making this printer incredibly versatile.

3. Canon PIXMA G7050

Top-end MegaTank comes with all the extras


Category: All-in-one color inkjet printer

Print speed: 13ppm (mono)

Paper sizes: up to A4

Paper capacity: 250 + 100 sheets

Weight: 9.6kg

Reasons to buy

+Very low running cost+Very well equipped

Reasons to avoid

-Slow print speeds-High purchase price

Positioned at the expensive end of Canon’s MegaTank product line, the Canon PIXMA G7050 comes kitted out with every feature you can think of. There’s auto duplex, a 35-sheet automatic document feed, Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct and universal wireless compatibility with AirPrint et al. There’s even an old fashioned fax on board. With room for 250 pages in the main paper tray, another 100 in the rear tray, and enough ink in the tank to print 6,000 pages, it can work hard without needing much attention. Yes, it is a little expensive for an inkjet, but the running cost is very low and it ships with six bottles of ink in the box. That’s enough for 7,700 color documents and 18,000 black and white.   

If you can accommodate this hefty multifunction inkjet in your home office, your printing, scanning and faxing needs will be well taken care of. Between its two paper trays, the MB2750 can accommodate a whole 500-sheet ream of A4 paper and churn out duplex pages at a remarkable rate, for an inkjet. Mono and colour documents look consistently clean and crisp. The 50-sheet automatic document feed is great for large photocopying jobs and we found it fairly easy to access the many features via the logical touchscreen interface. (Note: this model is sold as the MB2760 in APAC.)

Read the full review:Canon Maxify MB2750

5. Canon PIXMA TS9150

Premium prints from this pricey inkjet


Category: colour inkjet printer

Print speed: 15ppm

Paper sizes: up to A4

Paper capacity: 120

Weight: 6.7kg

Reasons to buy

+Great photo quality   +Attractive design

Reasons to avoid

-Expensive-Slow to print

Sitting at the top of Canon’s PIXMA range, the TS9150 looks like a premium product with its crisp design and huge touchscreen display. It prints and scans at a higher resolution than many in its class and achieves superior colour gradation thanks to Canon’s six-ink system. And by using black pigment ink alongside dye-based colours, photographic prints look especially realistic. (Note: this model is sold as the TS9160 in APAC.)


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