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Bozeman barber uses his skill to help others in his community

BOZEMAN — A former Montana Tech football player is making an impact on his community, and he’s doing it with a pair of clippers.

“I just wanted to bring this type of barber shop because I knew that they were missing this in Montana,” said Kevin Moss, the owner of VIP Barber Lounge.

Missing what Moss describes as an experience beyond a haircut.

“You know, it’s a VIP experience,” he said.

An experience that involves making sure no one leaves the shop without making some sort of connection with someone else.

“I try to introduce everybody even if it’s their first time coming. I might just introduce you to them just to bring the community together,” he explained.

And his efforts seem to be paying off. Moss believes his services go beyond a haircut and helps people feel good about themselves, especially now in a time where mental health has been a serious issue due to this pandemic.

"When they leave, they’re going to feel good, better about themselves. Cutting somebody’s hair and giving them a nice quality haircut could go a long way,” he said.

Moss' business has come a long way, and he thanks the community for that.

“To cut the MSU football team in the locker room before their games, so that gave me a lot of exposure and led to some of the athletes that go to school here,” he explained.

Moss is the only licensed Black barber in Bozeman, but he says his community doesn’t make him feel any different.

“I don’t really see myself as a minority in town or anything. It’s just about who the person is and what they bring to the table,” he said.

And regardless of a person’s race, background or social status, this barber says his doors are always open.

“When I moved out here, I didn’t really have too much experience cutting different type of hair coming from New Orleans, so it was great to be able to move out here. Big diversity that comes into my barber shop. I cut all nationalities, all ages,” the barber explained.

VIP Barber Lounge is located in midtown Bozeman, and he’s open to new faces. But you have to make an appointment first.


VIP Barber Lounge


VIP Barber Lounge is considered one of the best and most popular barber shops in Albuquerque, United States. The barbershop is located on 8101 San Pedro Drive Northeast Suite E, Albuquerque and is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by 60 unique and verified visitors.

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We cater to business-class clients and offer two lounges to appeal to your needs; entertainment or productivity.

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VIP Barbershop has a team of skilled professionals with various talents to ensure you get the cut and style you’re looking for.

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VIP is a upscale barber shop located in the heart of downtown Nashua, NH at 140 Main Street that is the perfect choice for the business class client



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