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5 Best Sugar Glider Toys in 2021 — Reviews & Top Picks

Although they are small and don’t take up much physical space, Sugar Gliders require a ton of care and attention. One of the best ways to keep these little mammals entertained is by giving them appropriate toys to play with. Not only do toys encourage their natural climbing and hunting instincts, but interactive toys will also mentally stimulate them.

The downside of captive pets is that they do not get to interact with the natural world as they would in the wild, and it is important to try and replicate their wild environment in their enclosure as closely as possible. Regular play and interaction, both with their owners and appropriate toys, will help teach young Sugar Gliders the vital skills that they would otherwise learn in the wild by exposing them to new textures and shapes. Toys are also essential for coordination skills and as an outlet to release pent-up energy, and they are also a great way to bond with your furry friend!

There are a ton of toys for Sugar Gliders available on the market, and the wide variety available to choose from can quickly become confusing. That’s why we created this guide of the best sugar glider toys that we could find, to help you choose the right toys for your pet’s unique needs. Let’s get started!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 5 Best Sugar Glider Toys

1. Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Fun Balls — Best Overall

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Our favorite toy for Sugar Gliders is the Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Balls, and this is our top pick overall. This pack has three fun balls made from all-natural materials — seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan — that have an ideal variety of textures that your Sugar Glider will love. There is no glue, plastic, metal, or artificial materials used in the balls’ construction, so you can rest easy knowing that your Glider has a perfectly safe-to-chew toy to entertain them. Each ball is 2.6 inches in diameter and can be stuffed with treats to provide hours of engaging entertainment.

While these balls are made from all-natural materials, the broken or chewed-off bits do present a potential choking hazard, so keep a careful eye out.


  • Made from all-natural materials
  • Made from chew-safe seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan
  • No glue, metal, or plastic used in the balls’ construction
  • Perfect for hiding treats inside


  • May present a potential choking hazard

2. Kaytee Perfect Chews Toy — Best Value

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The best Sugar Glider toy for the money according to our research is the Perfect Chews Toy from Kaytee. The toy is perfectly safe to chew and can help keep your Sugar Glider mentally and physically engaged and their teeth clean and healthy. It has a built-in metal clasp that makes it easy to install in any wire cage and is made entirely from 100% pet-safe materials. This toy satisfies your Glider’s natural instinct to chew with a variety of safe textures and will provide hours of chewing fun in their cage!

While this toy is perfectly safe to chew, it may not last long with the sharp teeth of a Sugar Glider, as it is designed primarily for hamsters. This keeps this toy from the top position on this list.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made from chew-safe materials
  • Easy to install
  • Satisfies your Glider’s natural chewing instincts

3. Living World Teach N Treat Toy — Premium Choice

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If you are looking for a premium, unique, and interactive toy for your Sugar Glider, look no further than the Teach N Treat Toy from Living World. This educational toy provides a fun and unique way to encourage your Glider’s natural foraging instinct through careful observation and learning, and it will keep their mind active and alert. The toy has three different levels of challenging puzzles that they must work out to obtain a hidden treat, keeping them engaged, active, and alert while rewarding them for their hard work. This toy is a great way to stimulate your Glider’s natural curiosity and foraging instincts while keeping them physically active and mentally engaged.

Sugar Gliders are smart animals, and some customers report that their Glider solved the hardest level within minutes. Also, some Gliders may not be interested in having to work for their treats! This and the high price keep this toy from the top two positions on this list.


  • Stimulates your Glider’s foraging instinct
  • Three different difficulty levels
  • Keeps your Glider active and engaged
  • High-quality construction


  • Some Gliders may solve the puzzle quickly
  • Expensive

4. Oxbow Apple Stick Bundle Chew Toy

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The Apple Stick Bundle chew toy from Oxbow is about as natural as toys for pets get, and it is made from all-natural, untreated apple sticks. The toy is 100% pet-safe and has an exciting texture and irresistible flavor that your Glider will not be able to get enough of. The chewable sticks are small, the perfect size for the small jaws and teeth of a Sugar Glider, and they will keep them entertained and safely stimulated for hours. You can give the entire bundle to your Glider or separate the bundle into individual sticks for them to chew on.

This toy is about as simple as it gets, and some Gliders will not be interested in it. You may need to use it interactively with your Glider, as they may not show much interest on their own.


  • 100% natural
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural flavor and texture
  • 100% chewable


  • Some Gliders may not be interested
  • Limited use and function

5. Oxbow Play Table Toy

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The Play Table Toy from Oxbow provides a wealth of safe and stimulating entertainment that your Glider will adore. The table is made up of wooden posts with dangling ropes, balls, and woodblocks that are 100% pet safe and chewable, providing a wide variety of colors and textures to keep your Glider stimulated for hours. The chewable parts are great for maintaining dental health, and the variety of textures will meet most of your Glider’s natural chewing instincts in a highly stimulating and enriching environment.

However, this toy is fairly poorly constructed and may break easily with determined Gliders. It is also rather small, and it may be difficult for Gliders to get underneath and access the hanging toys.


  • 100% pet safe
  • Provides a variety of stimulating textures and colors
  • Promotes dental health
  • All-natural components


  • Poorly constructed
  • It may be too small for some Gliders

Buyer’s Guide

Adequate mental and physical stimulation is key to keeping your Sugar Glider happy, and happiness is key to keeping your Sugar Glider healthy. Gliders in captivity can easily become bored and depressed, especially when kept alone, and this can lead to a host of mental and emotional issues. In the wild, these little marsupials live in pairs or small colonies and are highly active, so you want to ideally keep your Sugar Glider in pairs and provide all the mental and physical stimulation that they require, both from regular interaction and appropriate toys.

A great way to keep your Glider adequately entertained is by emulating their behavior in the wild as closely as possible. There are a massive variety of toys available that can replicate their play, foraging, and hunting instincts and promote interaction and bonding with your pet.

While you should encourage playtime out of their cage, Sugar Gliders in captivity will still spend a large portion of their lives inside a cage, so it needs to be equipped with a variety of stimulating accessories. Good-quality, safe toys can provide your Glider with all the stimulation that they need to thrive.

Types of toys for Sugar Gliders

There are a ton of toys available for small mammals like hamsters or mice, and many of these can be successfully used for Sugar Gliders too. Popular toys among Sugar Glider owners include the following.

Chewing toys

All-natural wood toys are a great option for Gliders to chew on because they are safe and generally long-lasting. Of course, the toy should be all-natural and free of glues, paint, or toxic treatments. Try to avoid woods like cedar, oak, and red cherry, as these are considered unsafe for ingesting, so try to stick to natural pine. Chewing toys are great for keeping your Glider’s dental health in good shape and are ideal for them to exercise their natural chewing instincts.

Puzzle toys

Sugar Gliders are natural foragers in the wild, and puzzle toys are a great way for them to exercise this natural instinct. These toys are also great for their mental and physical health and will tap into their prey and foraging instincts. Puzzle toys can range from tunnels and mazes to toys with hidden treats that your Glider must figure out how to gain access to.

Sleeping toys

In the wild, Sugar Gliders love to cuddle up in their small colonies for warmth and companionship, and this can be replicated by small plush toys and hammocks. Not only do these toys provide warmth and companionship, but they can also help your Glider feel safe and secure.

Climbing toys

In the wild, Sugar Gliders love climbing in trees, so their cage should be full of ropes and ladders to encourage them to exercise this natural instinct. Even better, have natural fixtures made from wood that replicate the kind of climbing that they would do in trees.

Running wheels

Running wheels are great forms of exercise for most small captive mammals, and Sugar Gliders are no exception. Wheels will encourage them to exercise regularly and avoid getting overweight, and they are endlessly entertaining. Just be sure to purchase a running wheel that is safe and sturdy enough for your Glider.


The most important factor when choosing a toy for your Sugar Glider or any other pet is safety. The toy you choose should be constructed from materials that are non-toxic and safe for Gliders to potentially ingest. Sugar Gliders love to chew and are highly likely to chew on the toys that you provide for them. For this reason, it’s best to avoid plastics and choose toys that are made from natural materials, like untreated wood, rope, and other plant fibers.

Remember that in the wild, your Sugar Glider would be exposed to a massive variety of textures and colors in their environment, and your aim should be to replicate this as closely as possible. We recommend that you give them a wide variety of toys to keep them from getting bored. There are toys for climbing, exercise, cuddling and sleeping, and mental stimulation, and you should aim to have at least one of each in their environment at all times and change these toys around as much as possible.


Our top choice of toy for your Sugar Glider is the Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Balls. These three balls are made from all-natural materials, are free of glue, plastic, or metal, and will provide hours of safe and stimulating entertainment for your glider.

The best Sugar Glider toy for the money according to our reviews is the Perfect Chews Toy from Kaytee. This toy is safe to chew and will help keep your Sugar Glider’s teeth clean and healthy, is a breeze to install with a built-in metal clasp, and is made entirely from 100% pet-safe materials.

There are a ton of different toys available for Sugar Gliders these days, and the variety to choose from can quickly become overwhelming. Hopefully, our in-depth reviews have helped you narrow down your favorites to choose the best toy to suit your Sugar Glider’s unique needs!

Nicole Cosgrove

Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand. She has a strong love for all animals of all shapes and sizes (and particularly loves a good interspecies friendship) and wants to share her animal knowledge and other experts’ knowledge with pet lovers across the globe.



Nicole Cosgrove

Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand. She has a strong love for all animals of all shapes and sizes (and particularly loves a good interspecies friendship) and wants to share her animal knowledge and other experts' knowledge with pet lovers across the globe.


Spoiled Rotten Suggies sugar glider toys are non-fleece for easy cleaning and nearly ALL can be color customized!

Note: Toys are very sturdy and designed for playing/foraging/chewing but as for all sugar glider items, check daily for wear and tear. I recommend cleaning all toys with lukewarm water, a mild dish detergent, and a very small amount of bleach to take our adorable furbabies' stank away. Some toys may have slight variations or accessories but all will be fun, functional, beautiful & safe! For large orders, a small packaging fee will be charged.


FOR ORDERS AND INQUIRIES, EMAIL DAVIE AT: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

TIPPER ~ $18.00

Fun tips over but never spills! HA! Lots of jingly-jangly, chew-enticing entertainment!


Hang one or more of these all around the cage to help enforce your furbabies to stay active while fetching their delicious food & treats!

TIDBIT~ $16.00
Full of textured playthings to investigate and a foraging cup!

Gliders go crazy trying to get the resets off of this toy! Reset 'em and the fun starts all over! If you don't have actual "tail carriers" soon will as this technique is just in their genes and they all can learn! Don't be surprised if you find the resets in their pouch. They love to tail carry their stash to their pouches (and chew) with during their snooze time! PLUS...this toy swivels around in circles so it makes it more complex for them to nab the resets!

Your gliders have to learn to use their tiny "hands" to forage and believe me....they can do it!!! Make sure ya fill the wine "glasses" up with tiny treats! Lots of dangly, chew enticing playthings too!

RESET TOY ~ $18.00
If you don't have actual "tail carriers" soon will as this technique is just in their genes and they all can learn! Don't be surprised if you find the resets in their pouch. They love to tail carry (or even "hand carry") their stash to sleep (and chew) with during their snooze time! A forage cup never hurts to entice their little investigation tactic!

PULLEY TOY ~ $22.00
A toy for tugging, pulling, yanking and sliding...a glider favorite! Pulls out to almost 30 inches. Can be made longer or shorter to accomodate cage sizes.

Same Pulley Toy as the regular Pulley Toy, only the delux version since it's just plain...fancy & sparkly! (Plus a stronger top for those extreme, naughty chewers!! Oh ya...some can be super naughty that way lol) Plus you can plop a treat or three in the high heel shoe :)

TEETER FROG ~ $12.00
A small toy but big fun & a treat cup to entice investigation!


Rattles & shakes! A great manipulable foraging toy for your gliders! Great to hang this toy near the side of the cage where your furbabies can comfortably anchor their back feet on the bars and use their tiny "hands" to reach into the foraging cups. If your babies have never used their "hands" this way yet to grab their treats, it's adorable to watch them learn!


An original Lounger Toy with a play basket to play & hide! All inclusive fun including a basket to store chew/playthings, resets, pulleys, and foraging! Oodles of fun stuff inside to entertain! Nice and heavy enough to be a safe "jump on" primary toy that doesn't quick-swing all over the place. :) Gliders feel safe jumping on these type of toys. Our second, most engaging toy and a FAVORITE amongst gliders and owners.


An original Lounger Toy with an extra play area. Great toy bin to store chew toys or use as a feeding/foraging station. Oodles of fun stuff to entertain! Nice and heavy enough to be a safe "jump on" primary toy that doesn't quick-swing all over the place. :) Gliders feel safe jumping on these type of toys.

A large, versitile, and fun toy for playing, lounging, and foraging!


2 Tier CAVERN TOY ~ $86.00 (3 Tier $96.00)
A 2 tier (or 3 tier) foraging toybin where your gliders can park inside the "caves" and play. Tons of fun stuff inside to give them entertainment! Nice and heavy enough to be a safe "jump on" primary toy that doesn't swing all over the place. :) Gliders feel safe jumping on these types of toys. A definite favorite amongst gliders and thier skin parents! (2 Tiers work great for a colony up to four...or even five. 3 Tiers are better for larger colonies.)

This toy is designed as a sturdy all in one playbox for ultimate entertainment! For smaller cages or big cages that want to make more room for toys and cage sets, this is ideal. The box (thick and strong) hangs flush mid-level or up high (no wobbling!) on the front, side, or back cage bars to take up minimal open cage space. Everything your gliders want is in this box yet still allows room to glide! Resets, pulleys, foraging treat cups and a bin full of dangly chew/play toys that are attached to the inside walls. Box also gives your gliders a cozy place to hide while playing which they love! Your gliders shan't need for anything else, it's all right here! Fits most cages including the Critter Nation with horizontal bars. When ordering, please include your cage dimensions. Extra bags of Playbox chew toys available upon request.

(Available box colors: White, black, pink, blue, orange, yellow, purple, and beige)

TOYBIN BAGS ~ $8.00 *For use with all toy bins and baskets*


Foraging, dangling doodads, pulleys...all for tiny "hand" fun! (Chew fun too :) Great places to hang for easy "hand" access is near the side cage bars & even caddy corner over pouches!

Not just for foraging but also for pulley fun, chewing pleasure...and to help little inquisitive minds stay distracted to help keep boredom at bay!
Oozing with playthings!

CHEW~PULLEY ~ $22.00
Got some heavy duty, habitual chewers? happens with some of these furry little boogars! This toy in particular was our way of FINALLY getting one of our naughty chewers to stop destroying their costly wheels over and over (and over again). Ya just never know what could get them out of their naughty addiction. If you haven't tried this promise it'll work...but it worked here!

(Side note...we hung these in front of their wheels and the wheel destroyer changed her tune & chewed these instead...weird addiction transfer = completed!)


A puzzle feeder toy specifically designed to encourage your gliders' natural foraging instincts. Excellent for food aggressive sugar gliders! The base of the toy stays in place as the eight foraging cups slide back & forth WHILE swiveling around at the same time for added complexity! PERFECT for dinner! Add their staple, fruits & veggies to all eight of the foragers so they keep coming back all night long! The strong center bowl is great for food as well...but also...just for using it as a toybin holder! Sugar gliders don't get their meals easily in the wild so give them some natural foraging stimulation in their home. It's great for their inquisitive little minds! Also perfect for treats. This toy is best suited for cage depths of 24" (great for Critter Nations) and larger.

CRAB PIT ~ $62.00

A large treat station toy with 5 foraging cups. Crab bases come in red, orange, blue, and lime green Of course, all customizable.


A perfect foraging toybin to hold your glider's favorite chew toys! Already has a wide variety of fun stuff on this but let me know if you'd like to add a Toybin Bag to keep the bin stocked for months of chew fun!


A great place for climbing, foraging, snacking, or just hanging out! Sofas are a hard textured vinyl for no slippage. This is a retired collector's item. Limited quantities left.

A hoot of fun! Owl heads come in yellow and pink. Fill the baskets, fill the treat cups!


Adorable large duck character toys with many characters to choose from. Will have a rotating supply as these are collector ducks and retire. Super cute and super fun! (each character is a collector's item that will be discontinued)


Foraging, resets, and hiding. Fill the bin with food/treats/chew toys...and plop some tiny yummies in the dozen small mugs that steers them to "hand" forage! (unsalted pine nuts, blueberries, small veggies...anything reallly!) Makes a great multi-purpose toy! (each character is a collector's item that will be discontinued)

SILLY SUGGIE PEOPLE ~ $28.00 (Boy $26)
A whimsical toy of fun! Hide treats & thread straws/feathers through the ball feet!

ANIMOBLE ~ $16.00

Super dangly, super twirly, super fun for little hands! Many styles and colors to choose from.


A place to climb, play, forage, reset, & hide away! Comes with 2 foraging treat cups and resets for tail carriers! This is a retired collector's item. Limited quantities available. Playthings inside the oven as well but don't worry, oven won't cook your gliders. :)


Multi-level of play! Fill the bins with your gliders' favorite chew toys, euc leaves, feathers, and brances. Bins come in yellow, red, black, green, primary blue, aqua/turquoise, purple, and pink.


Can be used as a treat and toybin or a total feeding station!


The perfect spot to snack on treats, play, or hang out and groom!


Pineapple toy station with 9 foraging treat cups and dangly fun! Great for a total feeding station!


Just plain scary! Dripping with doodads and a treat cup.


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Researchers claim that in sugar gliders and other small animals, playtime boosts mental health and encourages natural climbing and hunting skills. Therefore, pet behaviorists advise sugar glider owners to include toys in cages. This article will help you have a birds-eye view of what type of toys and accessories you may add to your sugar glider cage, as well as the best options currently available on the market.

Everything You Need to Know About Sugar Glider Toys

Pets living in cages do not get the chance to interact with nature or indulge in activities they usually do when in the wild. According to animal behaviorists, for sugar gliders living in the wild, playtime is a critical activity that ranks lower only to food hunting.

It is because young sugar gliders learn fundamental and essential skills, such as climbing and hunting for food, as well as expose themselves to different textures and shapes while playing and interacting with the other sugar gliders. Within a cage, pet owners can create opportunities for these learnings through toys and accessories.

Mammal behaviorists also believe that sugar glider toys promote coordination and dexterity in pet sugar gliders. Moreover, they also keep your favorite pets occupied by providing them with a channel through which they can release their pent-up energy.

Studies have shown that sugar gliders with toys in their cage are less aggressive towards their owners, since chewing and swinging allow them to release their energy positively.

What Kind of Toys Should I Add to My Sugar Glider’s Cage?

Here are a few common options that most sugar glider owners prefer to use.

1. Ropes

Rope toys have become increasingly popular among sugar glider owners. However, one must be careful while buying rope toys. Put your money only in rope toys made from cotton, jute, or sisal, and specifically stay away from nylon blend ropes as they tend to fray, which can lead to significant accidents and mishaps. Pet owners who use ropes must regularly check them — cut any cords you see and discard all frayed rope toys.

2. Wooden Toys

Wood is an excellent choice for sugar glider cages. However, certain woods, such as Cedar, Plywood, Oak, and Red Cheery, are considered unsafe and should be avoided.

All wooden toys made from pressure-treated wood should also be kept away from sugar glider cages as well as cages of other small animals as this type of wood is treated with arsenic, which is poisonous to animals. You should also never soak wooden toys for cleaning as the moisture retained by wooden toys can promote bacterial growth.

3. Plastic Toys

Among plastic toys, acrylic toys make the best option available for sugar gliders, as they are hard to chew. Toys made from a combination of wood and acrylic are also a good idea. However, pet owners must avoid soft plastic toys at all costs. Further, they should look for toys that are bright in color as they do a better job of stimulating a sugar glider’s senses.

4. Hammocks and Bedding

Sugar gliders are especially picky about where they sleep. Chances are you will have to give your sugar glider two to three different options before it settles on its permanent or favorite home. When it comes to resting, sugar gliders prefer hollow logs and hammock pouches. However, remember that the hammock or bedding you choose must not only be comfortable and cozy but should also feature secure stitches to ensure the safety of your pet friend.

5. Rings and Bells

Rings and bells also make great cage toys. However, while shopping for these toys, sugar glider owners must keep a few things in mind. First, the ring shouldn’t be big enough to let a sugar glider insert its head inside the ring, as this can lead to fatal accidents. Second, the bells you select must be significant so that your sugar glider cannot swallow them. Third, make sure the rings and the bells you choose do not contain lead as lead is toxic to all animals.

The 15 Best Sugar Glider Toys, Cage Sets, and Accessories Currently Available

To make the life of our loyal readers and sugar glider lovers easier, we have gathered this list of the best sugar glider toys, cage sets, and accessories currently available on the market. By the end of these reviews, you will know which toy or accessory may be the best choice for you.


  • Made from plush and supremely comfortable material
  • Features two layers, with both the layers designed for resting
  • Comes equipped with spring clips, which make hanging the hammock within any cage easy


  • This hammock may be too small for big sugar gliders


  • Good variety of stimulating toys
  • All the components are chew-safe
  • Sturdy material


  • Size may be an issue for some big sugar gliders


  • Features solid running surface with textured tracks to ensure the safety of pets
  • The natural bean-shaped opening and use of a center axle further add to your pet’s safety
  • Facilitates smooth running


  • Constant running can make certain nuts go loose, so tightening is required every once in a while


  • Contains six different types of toys to keep your pet occupied at all times
  • Good quality products


  • Your furry may not like all the toys


  • The use of nylon makes the bridge reliable and strong
  • The ring and the ladder are a smart addition
  • Its size is an advantage
  • Reasonably priced


  • The hammock uses rings to attach itself to the cage, which makes it less durable. Clips would have been a better choice here.


  • Includes the three most popular toys produced by the company
  • Induces acrobatic exercises into your sugar glider’s routine
  • The company is known for its quality products


  • All of the products use rings to attach to the cage


  • The set is machine washable, which makes it easy to use and maintain
  • The set is handmade, which makes it safe for small animals
  • Features colored hooks to entice your furry


  • The price is slightly on the higher side compared to other products


  • This bunk bed features a fleece lining, which makes it comfortable
  • It features clips, which give it a powerful grip
  • The hammock is machine-washable


  • The cage straps are small so you must extend them to create more space between the cage and hammock


  • Made from animal safe material and features secure stitches
  • All the pieces are machine washable
  • Buyers get one free sugar glider snack with the package


  • Users must use a mesh laundry bag to avoid causing any harm to the set


  • Safe design
  • Features stainless steel clips for better grip
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Machine washable


  • The top features a flap that closes over the animal while sleeping, which can be an issue


  • Silent mechanism
  • Works either free-standing or attached to a wire cage
  • Sturdy plastic that is both safe and comfortable


  • Quiet but not 100% silent


  • All the components are handmade and feature secure stitches
  • The colored hooks not only add to the beauty of the set but also make it more attractive to sugar gliders
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain


  • Some better sets available on the market for a similar price


  • This is an interactive toy that allows sugar gliders to exercise their mental strength
  • All the different colors will make it even more attractive to your furry
  • Three different colors you can choose from


  • Slightly expensive when compared to other sugar glider toys


  • High-quality and durable materials
  • You get one free jingle-jangle toy


  • The toy features plastic clips. Adding steel clips would have made this toy perfect


  • Many items at a reasonable price
  • Features colorful toys, which will brighten up your furry’s home
  • Made from sturdy material and will last a long time


  • The straps are made from cloth and are not extendable

The Final Word

There is no shortage of useful and sturdy toys and accessories in the market, and therefore, making a final choice can be difficult. If you find yourself unable to make a decision, remember the most important thing is the safety of your furry. Therefore, buy a toy or cage set that is cute and fun but also safe.

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