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Angel Tico Reaching Up with Staff Leaping Flying

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Angel Tico Reaching Up with Staff Leaping Flying

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Angel Tico Reaching Up with Staff Leaping Flying

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Day 31 - Epic

Hammer, Ax, and Bat Pose Reference

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 DEJ 16 - Stab

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When she fought, she was the blade

Small Bladed Weapons Pose Reference

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High Perspective Archer Shooting Away Pose Ref

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Injured Fallen Companion Helping Hurt Pose Ref
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Jump Happy Leap Sunset Beach Joy Pose Ref

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Angel Tico Reaching Up with Staff Leaping Flying
Klause Fists Up Ready To Box Fighter

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 DEJ 22 - Spark

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New Model! Say hi to V, my nonbinary disaster bard
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 DEJ 22 - Spark

Draw Everything June

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Draw Everything June

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DEJ - 20 - This IS a Drawing CHALLENGE!

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Best 9 Free Pose Reference Sites To Practice Figure Drawing Online

Every artist who wants to master their skill NEEDS to practice figure drawing.

Even if your desired art career won&#;t be focused on drawing realistic figures, it is still an absolutely essential skill you can&#;t just brush off!

When I first went to an art university in I didn&#;t know what to expect, I just wanted to draw pretty pictures so I can put all of them up on Instagram and get a lot of likes!

But the truth is, once you get more and more into the art world you might not even want to share your pieces!

You will learn that art is a powerful communication tool, and you will create many wonderful pieces that speak to many people. But first, you will have to build a foundation for your skill, and continue improving it every day by PRACTICING.

And some of your figure drawings will look amazing and ready to share, but others&#; Well, let&#;s just say that second and 1-minute drawings are not always the best for social media!

And yet, you still need to practice! A lot!

Pose Reference | Tools For Artists | Practice Figure Drawing Online | Gesture Drawing | How To Draw A Human

My first ever class in university was, guess what? A Figure Drawing class! And I had one every semester for all four years!

Because professional artists understand that you NEED this skill, even if you end up working as an environmental designer, or a cartoonist or a colorist, or in any other profession that doesn&#;t focus on the realism of a figure.

And so I went to these classes not always with a lot of inspiration (mostly because I simply had to). I practiced. Sometimes my art sucked! But that&#;s just the part of the process&#;

Now, as I don&#;t have these classes anymore, and I realize the importance of improving my figure drawing skills, I started looking for LIVE figure drawing sessions I could attend.

I got pretty upset when I realized that the price to attend sessions a couple of times a week adds up like crazy! And at this point, it is a bit out of my budget&#;

Here is where the Internet comes in! As not just a place where I can check out what my childhood friends are up to, but an awesome learning platform where I could practice creating figure/gesture drawings FOR FREE!

Pretty awesome, huh?

And so because I think Figure Drawing is SO important for any aspiring artist, I created this list, which you can bookmark and always refer to in times of need: &#;Best 9 Free Pose Reference Sites To Practice Figure Drawing Online&#;.

You can use it to practice Figure Drawing, Gesture Drawing or simply use as a reference for your own character&#;s pose.

But just before we get started on the list, I wanted to let you know about some other relatable articles I have created in the past that relate to this topic:

* Below the list, you will be able to find some Figure Drawing courses that I recommend (in case you decide to take your skills to the next level) as well as a freebie figure drawing tips PDF from me! 🙂

And now, onto the list:

1. Proko

I wanted to start with Proko first because I honestly think this is a great resource for reference photos and beyond!

This site offers a Free Model Sample Packavailable for you to download on when you sign up for their newsletter.

Figure Drawing Pose References | Model Photography Free To Download

As well as FREE LESSONS among which the titles include:

This way, you get the lessons and the pose references at the same time! And after watching their videos you can go ahead and start implementing them right away 🙂

And if you like their sample pack, but feel like it&#;s not enough and you want more of them &#; they offer poses for artists that you can purchase as well. They are surprisingly cheap and come in a set of HD images like the ones below (there are different models in each package):

Free Figure Drawing Pose References

  • Proko also offers premium resources for someone ready to take their art to the next level &#; and if you are ready to take the action, I suggest checking out their courses.

2. Line Of Action

Line Of Action is a free online website with a variety of pose references photography. They mainly focus on Figure Drawing, Animal Drawing, Hands & Feet Drawing and Faces & Expression Drawing.

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

Which is simply awesome if you decide to practice more than just figure drawing!

Also, their figure drawing tools are made to resemble a live session &#; you get to pick:

  • Nude or Clothed models?
  • Female, Male or Both?
  • All the same length session or class mode?
  • And the time interval (how long will one photo play for before automatically going to the next.)

That&#;s pretty similar to a real-life drawing session. When you apply, the curator of the event will let you know the model&#;s gender if they will be nude and how long is the overall session.

Also, the timer resembles the timer models usually have &#; once it beeps your figure changes a position and you can do NOTHING about it!

Just need to turn to a new blank page and start on a different pose because the timer will beep again soon!

I think it&#;s the best idea to work with the time intervals because essentially figure drawing is all about the gesture and learning to communicate a pose quickly!

And once you practiced that enough, you can go ahead and get the free sample pack from Proko I talked about above, and then work on it for a long period of time to really hone in into details, shading and forms!

Before we go to the next source, I just wanted to briefly touch on the &#;Class Mode&#;.

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

Once you select the class mode the &#;time interval&#; option will change to a &#;How long is the class?&#; option, and you can then pick from 30 minutes to 6-hour long class.

Once you hover over one of the time options, it will give you an overview of what to expect during the class session.

For example, I usually like to do 2-hour long sessions &#; and that gives me:

  • 6 poses (photo references) that are 30 seconds each so I can warm up my hand and get into the mode of working.
  • 3 poses each 1 minute long &#; amazing practice for gesture drawing!
  • 2 poses 5 minutes long;
  • 1 pose 20 minutes &#; where I get to double check all the proportions, and make some basic shadings;
  • Then a minute break to go grab a snack or sip on some coffee 🙂
  • And the final pose is 50 minutes long which is enough to bring a drawing to a semi-finish and get into adding some details and shading.

* Side Note: When doing the last pose, try to start it off as if you were doing a second pose: Get that gesture! Don&#;t overthink and have fun 😉

This tool (and the two below) have the options to pause and go to the next image. Which is really awesome in case you don&#;t like the photograph shown to you, or you love it so much that will want to spend more time working on it!

3. Quick Poses

QuickPoses is a website similar to the one above, but it definitely has more options you can choose from.

Here is what their landing page looks like:

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

Now, let me walk you through some of the options they have.


  • they always have 20 images in one session;
  • you can select from 10 different options of topics for your drawing: Athletes of God, Chiaroscuro, Erotica Archives, Female Silhouette, Femme Fatales, Hanging Around, Lying Distortion, One for the ladies, Please be seated and Warriors.
    • these are awesome you have an idea in mind of something specific you want to practice. For me &#; I&#;m not the best at perspectives, so then I will select the &#;Lying Distortion&#; in order to really practice more and improve that skill.
  • time interval in seconds.
  • and you can choose an option to show images upside down (also a great way to practice drawing!)

Timed Practice:

  • Select type (pose, face, hands, feet, animals, landscapes, urban), gender, clothing and time interval.
  • Choose how many images per one session you want to draw (20/30/40) and if you want them upside down.

In the Library, you can select an image to draw from without any time limit.

Note:All images are copyrighted and are only allowed to be used for practice or inspiration. Do not use these images in your work unless it is so heavily modified that it is not recognizable anymore.

Get Your QP Certificate &#; you can register on the site and it will track how much time you spend figure drawing. Once you reach a specigic threshold they will issue a QP (Quick Poses) certificate for your time and efforts 🙂

It&#;s a nie little incentive for you to keep practicing drawing every day!

The certificate has a couple of stages: Beginner (10 hours), Improver (30 hours), Intermidiate (70 hours), Advanced ( hours), Expert ( hours) and Master ( hours).

Other Features:

  • You can share your work;
  • Learn from some tutorials;
  • Get their desktop App;
  • Participate in competitions;

This website also has the ability to pause during your session, however, unlike Line Of Action and Sketch Daily the image disappears from the screen!

So you can&#;t really &#;cheat&#; and spend more time on the drawing! Which I find to be an awesome restriction to have.

4. Sketch Daily

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

Sketch Daily is a very similar website to the two above.

It also lets you chose between three main topic &#; Full Body, Body Parts and Animals.

Since we are focusing on Figure Drawing, the options we have here are:

  • Gender: Both, Female, Male.
  • Clothing: Both, Clothed, Nude.
  • Pose: Both, Action, Stationary.
  • View: All, Front, Side, Back.
  • Time: 30seconds, 1/2/5/10 minutes.

So as we can see &#; there are way fewer options available.

And for my preferences, there are only images that match.

On the other side, if you pick all options as &#;Both&#;, then there are (at the moment of writing this article) images available!

And now then it&#;s a pretty awesome library to work from! 🙂

&#;Time&#; option works like &#;time interval&#; in Line Of Action. So you pretty much decide for how long one image will be on the screen before it moves to the next.

As I mentioned previously, you can always pause an image and spend longer periods of time working on it (not like I&#;m telling you that you should).

And here is what the tool looks like when you choose all the options and click Start:

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

5. CroquisCafe

CroquisCafe is a YouTube Channel &#; an art model drawing resource in a tradition of a life drawing class.

  • I love that their stuff has a timer on the left that gives you a visual representation on how much time you have to complete a drawing + it makes a sound each time a pose starts and finishes.
  • All of their session are 20+ minutes long with a variety of pose intervals (depending on the video).
  • At the time of writing this article there are over video sessions for you to choose from.

And overall, videos are a great way to work, because it takes the &#;figure drawing pose references online&#; to a next level!

Note: Their videos have nudity in them, and therefore they and I insist that the audience is 18+ !

6. New Master Academy

New Masters Academy is also a YouTube channel.

Comparing to the previous one they have way less video sessions with pose references (at the time of writing only 15). However, these ones are featuring clothed models, and so there are no age restrictions.

They are called &#; Non-nude series&#;, and here is one example of such video below:;index=1&#;list=PL7EWYwaF6E-FZ8JiBlz2tF1DQUCw-GCmn

Also (at the time of writing) 35 video pose references with nude models as well &#; they are called &#;Practice Life Drawing&#;.

  • All the sessions are 35+ minutes long.
  • Have a nice timer on the side that shows you how much time you have before the model changes their pose.

7. CharacterDesigns

CharacterDesigns is a growing collection of high-quality free images available for artists to use.

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

All the images on here are under Creative Commons License, CharacterDesign has a description of on About Page:

&#; Usage in commercial work IS allowed: you can use it for reference (directly painting the image is fine), for your photo manipulations, for textures and anything else you want to sell. You just need to link back to my site and mention that it was my work that you used.
&#; You CANNOT simply take the image as it is and sell it as it is. I do NOT have the rights to the likeness of the model. I have the rights to just the image itself as it is on my site.
&#; Redistributing the images in their original form WITHOUT profit is perfectly fine. I&#;d love it if you used it in a classroom setting or as demo examples or just to spread the word. Save it to your computer for personal use! Again, all I ask is a link back to the site if you are posting it elsewhere on the internet.
&#; Obviously, do not take credit for my work, but I haven&#;t had any problems with that so far. You guys have been really great.

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online
Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

They have many categories to choose from for your next inspired drawing or to practice figure drawing:

  • Nude Drawing Reference Guide;
  • Non-Nudes and Costumes;
  • People and Events;
  • Drawing-Painting Reference;

All of these have many sub-categories as well! I won&#;t list them all here, but you should definitely go and explore. I&#;m sure you will find many inspiring ones 🙂

The downside of this site is that there is no timer, as it is not an app but a gallery of photographs.

But what you get out of it &#; is a gallery of so many different events, people, costumes and even locations that you can practice from or use as an inspiration for your next piece.

It&#;s definitely one of my go-to guides.

8. SenshiStock Sketch

SenshiStock Sketch is a web-based app, that is similar to the ones we covered in the beginning.

Images provided in there primarily come from the SenshiStock DeviantArt Page and are donated by the community.

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

Options to play around with: Pause/Play, Going to the next/previous image and Timer (you can set the time delay between 15 seconds and 30 minutes).

You can also view the pose on DeviantArt and ultimately download it, as the license for these images are mostly CC (you can read more about the license here) or by clicking on the license icon to the right of each image inside the app.

SenshiStock is Creative Commons. Its license is Attribution Unported License (CC BY ). This means you can share, modify and make commercial use of the work as long as you attribute the work with a credit back to SenshiStock. If the stock is used solely for pose reference then the requirement for attribution is appreciated but not required. &#; From SenshiStock &#;User License&#;

Free Figure Drawing Pose References Online

Another awesome feature is that this app has their images categorized under &#;Tags&#; and you can configure which kind of images you want to see.

For example, in addition to the tags you see in the image on the right, you can also choose from:

  • P

Pretty awesome right?

You can also select a few tags you like and it will show you just the matching images 🙂

9. Pinterest

And even though it&#;s a place many either simply love or hate, I though it was worth a mention.

So Pinterest, as many of you probably know and use is an awesome platform for saving future ideas, inspiration and searching for answers!

But it could also work as a tool to practice figure drawing 🙂

To use it, simply search for &#;figure drawing pose references&#; and a variety of images will pop up!

Or you can also follow some Pinterest boards that focus on figure drawing pose references so you don&#;t have to go and collect them all yourself.

One of such boards is &#;Figure Drawing Pose References&#; curated by me, where once every two days I add a new photo for you to practice from 🙂

The only warning I will give you is this: please DO NOT redraw the image and sell it without permission from the model. Pinterest collects all sorts of images from different sites, and even though some of them will have these images under CC license, you can&#;t just assume.

So, do your due diligence and always check for the source of the image and the license that it is under.

To do that simply click on the image and you will be taken to a website it was originally pinned from.


Hopefully, after going through the list you found a couple of tools you will enjoy using!

And in order to kick-start your improvement, I have a little freebie for you 🙂

A FREE GIFT FOR YOU! 20 Best Figure Drawing Tips PDF!

Figure Drawing Tips | Freebie Printable Guide For Artists

It’s a page PDF that you can print out, or just read on your device!

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to:

✓ Think like a true artist who has a lot of practice with figure drawings

✓ Draw better and professional-looking figure drawings

Figure Drawing Courses To Become A Pro

After you have decided on the tools you will use, and grabbed my freebie &#; you might want to jump-start your art career by gaining the skills needed to become a pro!

And, you can do it in two ways :

  1. Learn yourself through A LOT of practicing on your own mistakes;
  2. Learn from someone else&#;s mistakes and save yourself a lot of time and frustration!

And hey, I&#;m all about self-education. But that doesn&#;t mean you can&#;t self-educate yourself with high-quality online courses!

Here are my top favorite online figure drawing courses:

Figure Drawing Fundamentals Course by Proko

Figure Drawing Course | Pose Reference Photography

Remember Proko?

The website full of free tutorials and a pose references pack we talked about in #1 ?

Well, they have this super awesome course geared towards just what you are looking for &#; Figure Drawing.

This premium video course includes extended versions of free videos, many examples of each lesson and critique videos. Videos are uncensored.

Figure Drawing Tutorial | Before And After Art Progress

An example of work from one of Proko&#;s student BEFORE and AFTER the course Total Runtime: 15 hours and 30 minutes

The course covers a couple of important topics you will learn :

  • Gesture &#; the action, flow and posture a figure takes;
  • Landmarks &#; a place where a bone is at a surface. Helps you find forms and measure proportions;
  • Robo Bean &#; creating a representation of a body using box shapes;
  • Shading &#; the course discusses in depth the highlight, half-tones, core shadows etc. to make your drawing appear 3D;
  • The Bean &#; a tool you will learn to help you with foreshortening and twisting of the body;
  • Mannequinization &#; a tool that will help you draw from
    Figure Drawing Tutorial | Before And After Art Progress

    imagination with volume and believable perspective;

  • Proportions & Measuring &#; Learn how to use Dr. Paul Richer’s scientific system of measuring an average person and apply it to your own work.
  • Practice & Patience &#; Develop a drawing schedule and stay motivated.

It also features:

  • Extended Lessons
  • Demos & Examples
  • Assignments & Answers
  • Critique Videos

Either you decide to figure all of it out on your own, or get serious and take a course &#; I wish you the best of luck on your path, and can&#;t wait to see your awesome drawings! 🙂

All the best,


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and→ “How To Draw A Dragon 7 Awesome Books”

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  2. 7 tier corner shelf
  3. Channel 12 and directv
  4. Retro hydraulic roller lifters

Male Anime Poses / Anime Boy Poses for Drawing Reference

male boy anime pose

Here is the collection of male anime poses and/or anime boy poses, depending on your semantic preference.



You are welcome to use these poses as you see fit.

Perhaps you are here to learn? Well, that&#;s what the colored lines are for. Blue is so you can see a general idea of the body&#;s structure. The red ones show you where to draw lines for skin that isn&#;t under clothing.

In the event you want a reference, well that&#;s pretty similar to learning, isn&#;t it? Either way, these figures have been thoroughly inspected by myself to make sure everything is proportional. Refer away.

Do you want inspiration? Well, I hope I can give you some. I know that&#;s why I started collecting these. Art block is a pain, eh? Be sure to check back weekly. I put up new poses every week or so.

Want to trace? No problem. I am totally cool with you tracing these.


You don&#;t have to give credit. But, I will say that credit is appreciated. Just a shout out is all you gotta do. Let other artists know this is here. That&#;s it though. And no pressure.

Now go find a pose you like. Get to it!

Anime Boy Poses / Anime Male Poses

Cute Anime Guy Poses

cute anime male boy pose

Standard anime dude poses. Casual and laid back bust or waist shots. I wish I was that relaxed.

Sexy Anime Guy Poses

anime male boy sexy pose reference for drawing

The way I categorize sexy poses is if they&#;re suggestive or meant for 18+ content. Most &#;sexy&#; anime boy poses tend to be on the suggestive side. Go figure.

Sitting Anime Poses

boy anime sitting pose

Collapsed boys. Simple.

boy anime sitting pose

Fighting Poses

anime boy male fighting pose for drawing reference

Anime boys holding weapons, whether one handed, two-handed, or a fire arm.

Action/Dynamic Poses

male boy anime action pose dynamic

Anime boys on the move. There will be some crossover between this one and fighting, since fighting often involves movement.

male boy anime action pose dynamic
anime action pose male boy
anime action pose boy male drawing for reference

Other poses:


What is a "Pose"

davec figure drawing photoA Pose is usually a collection of photos of a model in one position.
For example, a nude model standing in the contrapposto position or the T-pose will be photographed from 24 different angles (once every degrees as the model is rotated). Those 24 art reference photos are collected into one "Pose."
sculpture example photoWhen the project first started, we imagined our customers as sculptors. They would be looking for anatomy reference photos and also traditional male and female nude artist's model photos but they would need to see all around the figure to create a complete sculpture. That's why we do the multiple angles.
cath figure drawing portrait photoIt turned out people who draw, sketch, paint, design characters, draw comics, etc., all found that the multiple angles gave them a large amount of freedom to choose which view they like best.
As customers requested more portrait reference photos, expression photos, action poses (which can't be held for a rotation), human anatomy, and other non-static poses, we started adding Poses without the standard view rotation.
To see what views are included in a Pose, tap the thumbnail photo to bring up a preview then tap the All Views button.

Art you create is Your Art to use or sell as you wish!

Policy: The photos may be used as a reference for creating traditional art which may then be sold. For example, a drawing, painting, or sculpture is permissible under these guidelines, whereas a work which uses the actual photos—such as a collage—would be prohibited. The photos may be used for games, videos, and digital art if first manipulated in a substantive way, for example, as the basis for a wireframe mesh, skin, or texture. However, they may not, in whole or in part, be resold, repackaged and sold, nor given away.
If you would like to use our photos as part of a product, class teaching art technique, or other offering, please Contact Us and provide as much detail about your project as you can. We license photos on a case-by-case basis.


Reference male pose

Finding the perfect reference pose for your drawings can be a pain. Especially when you’re trying to improve your figure drawing skills.

Not only that but there are just too many places to look up for references that we get lost.

So I’m here to help you with these completely free pose reference websites for artists!

1) Sketchdaily

Sketchdaily is perfect for when you’re looking to practice gesture drawing or if you just want to time each drawing.

When you enter this website, you have several options to choose from.

Do you want to see male or female models? Clothing or nude? Actionable or stationary poses? Do you want the poses to be from a specific view?

And finally, you can choose how long you want each pose to stay on the screen before changing to a new one.

Whenever you’re ready, just press start, and your practice can begin!

Besides the full-body, you can also choose specific parts of the body, like hands or feet.

Or, if you’re interested in taking a break from bodies, you can explore references for animals, structures, and even vegetation.

This website has gone through many changes throughout the years and keeps adding new features to it, so you have more control over what kind of references you want to look at.

If you’re looking into doing some timed practice and specifically improve your gesture drawings, I recommend choosing a 2-minute timer. It’s the best time for you to capture a pose, without worrying about details!

Also, if you’re quite new at drawing and want to learn and improve at drawing bodies, then I recommend going for nude models if that’s something you’re comfortable with.

Clothes tend to hide a lot of the body and you’ll miss some of its structure. With a nude body, you can see everything clearly and that way there will be fewer mistakes in your anatomy!

Personally, the only downside of this website is that there’s not a lot of pose variety, especially if you filter your options. In a way, you can practice the same poses and see how much you’ve improved, but on the other hand, it can get boring fast.

Still, it’s one of my most visited websites when I want to practice some gesture drawing!

Pose Variety: 2/5 ⭐

Photo Quality: 4/5 ⭐

Copyright License: Not specified. These kinds of websites are generally made for educational purposes, so generally, I’d say to use these for your practices.

But you should avoid using the drawings you made based on references found here for commercial purposes.

2) Line Of Action

Line of Action is a website made for artists to find helpful resources as well as be able to talk with other artists. 

Not only that, but it has a very similar tool as the website I mentioned above. If you go to the ‘Draw’ section, you can select what kind of practice you want to go through:

  • Figure Drawing
  • Animal Drawing
  • Hands & Feet Drawing
  • Faces & Expression Drawing
  • Scenes and Environment Drawing

When you enter the category you want, you’ll have similar options to the ones I described before.

Covered or nude models, which gender and how long do you want each photo to stay on screen.

Line of Action has an interesting addition here: Age. You can choose models depending on their age.

If you’re interested in improving drawing children, then you can check that box. If you want to practice more adult bodies, then check the Adult box.

This is really helpful if you’re focused on improving different body types and I feel it could also have a senior option as well. Since when we get to a certain age our bodies start to change a lot and we have more interesting shapes and textures to focus on!

Again, if you want to focus on capturing the pose without focusing on details, I’d recommend setting a 2-minute timer. It’s enough to draw the pose and capture the essential details.

On the other hand, if you want to draw something more detailed, a minute timer is perfect!

Play with the timers and all the different options and have some fun practicing gesture drawing!

Pose Variety: 4/5 ⭐

Photo Quality: 3/5 ⭐

Copyright License: Not specified. Again, this website relies a lot on donations from other artists/models, so it’s not clear if you can use these references for commercial use.

Since the goal of this website is for it to be a place for fellow artists to find resources to learn, I’d use these for educational and practice purposes only!

3) AdorkaStock

AdorkaStock is one of the most famous models for drawing poses. She specifically caters to artists and is always launching new content, with new poses.

Whatever pose you need, you’ll find it! If drawing characters and practicing anatomy is your go-to, then AdorkaStock should be on your bookmarks and I recommend following her on all platforms she has available.

Adorka not only has solo poses, but she’ll partner with other people to create group and couple reference photos.

You’ll find all types of poses, from the most mundane, to very actionable and adventurous poses!

Her photos are not only very high quality, but she usually wears a bodice in all of them.

As I mentioned before, being able to see the body clearly is important, so you can draw it with as few mistakes as possible.

So, if drawing nude models is something that bothers you, then AdorkaStock is the perfect solution!

I’ve been following her since Deviantart times and today, she’s someone I go back to whenever I can’t find the perfect pose.

I love her creativity and I highly recommend checking out her Twitter as well. She posts very regularly and constantly shares art from people who used her works as reference.

Don’t be shy, tag AdorkaStock in your art when using her references, because she’ll love to see your creations!

Interestingly enough, Adorka has created a website with a drawing tool very similar to the ones I talked about before. But here all the content belongs to her.

So you can set a timer and have fun drawing many different drawing poses!

Pose Variety: 5/5 ⭐

Photo Quality: 4 ⭐

Copyright License: Credit is appreciated when using her stock photos, solely for pose reference.

I highly recommend doing it, since it will help other people find her work and, again, she’ll love to see your work as well!

For more info on Copyright, check Adorka’s rules here.

4) Croquis Cafe

Croquis Cafe specializes in reference photos for artists. Their website has tons of different models and each one has several photos that you can do studies from.

These photos are created more towards fine artists, so that means you won’t get specific actionable poses. Most are very stationary and focus on anatomy.

It’s perfect to study the body and improve your anatomy drawings.

Personally, I like doing these kinds of studies to take a break from creating characters and just refreshing my anatomy skills, and drawing something relaxing and different from usual.

Something to point out is that most, if not all models, are nude. Again, these are made with fine artists in mind.

If you’ve ever been in a drawing class with a model, you know that most of the time, the model will be nude, so people can draw the body without any obstruction.

Croquis Cafe offers not only photos but videos as well. This way you can see movement as they change poses. It almost feels like you’re in a gesture drawing class, but without other students!

Another thing to point out is that since Croquis has a very large database of models, that means you’ll find all types of bodies!

So I recommend exploring the website and doing studies of what you find interesting.

Pose Variety: 5/5 ⭐

Photo Quality: 5/5 ⭐

Copyright License: According to their website, you’re allowed to use their photos as reference to create drawings and paintings both for personal use and to sell commercially. But you can read more about their usage policy, here.

5) Pinterest

I talk about Pinterest a lot in both my classes and videos. The good thing about Pinterest is that you can find literally everything. Whatever you need, you’ll find it.

Do you want a specific pose? Then just type it on the search bar and you’ll probably find it.

The good thing about Pinterest is that you can create your own boards and keep all the references you find there.

You can have boards for pose references, boards for colors and palettes, inspirational boards, clothing boards, all kinds of inspiration, and references for your drawings!

Just keep it all there and whenever you need them, you know where to find them. This is really helpful, so you don’t have to clutter your computer with files and images.

With a Pinterest account, you can save all the images you want and access them from anywhere!

The downside of this website is that you might not find photos with as good quality as you might want.

You’ll notice that most photos show models fully clothed, so if you want to practice the anatomy itself, it’s a bit hard to find good references.

Nonetheless, I think it’s a very good place to go, even if it’s just to find inspiration.

A lot of times, it’s where you’ll find that reference that you’ve been looking for and can’t seem to find anywhere!

Pose Variety: 5/5 ⭐

Photo Quality: 4/5 ⭐

Copyright License: Pinterest is basically a place where anyone can upload or link up images, websites, etc.

This means that sometimes it’s hard to know who’s the creator of the image you just used as reference. I recommend using these for personal use in your studies!

You can always link up the reference you used when sharing your drawings, but I’d refrain from using them for professional work.

6) Unsplash

Unsplash is a free stock photo website. This means you can use any image you find here both for personal and commercial use.

Here you can find anything. If you need references to draw, you can find them here.

If you need images for your presentations, website, whatever kind of promo image you need, then you can find it here!

This is one of my favorite places to go whenever I need a specific, high-quality image. Not only for drawing but for work as well.

You can find images of people, in many different situations and outfits. You can find pictures of buildings and other environments. The same goes for animals, food, home, and many others.

So if you need help finding images for your studies, poses, or something else, this is a good place to go!

Pose Variety: 3/5 ⭐

Photo Quality: 5/5 ⭐

Copyright License: You can download and use these photos both for personal and commercial use. For more information, check their license here.

7) Pixabay

Pixabay is a very similar website as the one above. Again, here you can find everything. From people to places, animals, and food. Just name it, search it and you’ll find the perfect photo!

One thing I like about Pixabay is that besides photos, you can also find Vector Graphics and Illustrations.

So not only can you find some inspiration, but if you need something for work (for your website, social media, etc), you can find it here!

Another thing to point out is that Pixabay also has videos. This can be helpful if you need moving references. Sometimes it helps seeing how the body moves even if we’re drawing a static image.

Drawing a dynamic pose, that shows the movement and fluidity is important and sometimes we need to see that movement happening so we can understand how to draw it!

All in all, it’s a very nice website, full of photographs to inspire you!

Pose Variety: 3/5 ⭐

Photo Quality: 5/5 ⭐

Copyright License: You can download and use these photos both for personal and commercial use. For more information, you can check their license here.

Related Questions

Where can I find good pose references? Other than all those websites we’ve listed, I recommend you take photos of yourself! This really helps get those specific poses you want to draw. Also, enlist a friend to help you out!

Can I just trace a pose? Even if some people say it’s wrong to trace poses, this can be very helpful! I recommend drawing shapes on top of those images, to help you learn. Just don’t claim it as your own pose/from imagination, and instead, use it as a learning exercise for yourself.

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