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Monster Hunter World Guide - The Best Dual Blades Build For Beginners

We’re back with another Monster Hunter World beginner build guide, where we take your weapons of choice and turn them into absolute monster-killing machines at the beginning of endgame, where the best equipment and weapons lie. For this iteration, we’ll be giving you some builder tips on the fastest weapons in the New World – the Dual Blades, or those weapons you see being wielded with fast draws and absolutely deranged moves. The Dual Blades are great for soloing, but they do require a bit more finesse due to their shorter range and reliance on proper positioning and timing.

However, with a bit of practice, you’ll find that the Dual Blades can be a great option for killing monsters while styling on them in various ways. Building towards a proper endgame set is relatively easy, too, so long as you remember that the Dual Blades are heavily reliant on the proper usage of elemental damage – this means that against all monsters, take whatever element they’re weakest against. Thankfully, this starter guide leaves the door open for any element to shine – so long as you’ve got the proper weapon for it.

Best Beginner Dual Blades Build

  • Weapon – Fire and Ice (Recommended) or any of the following: Jyura Hatchets III (Water), Wrathful Predation (Dragon), Lava Cyclone III (Fire), Thunder Kadachi Claws III (Thunder), or Bazelhawk Rookslayer (Blast)
  • Helm – Rath Soul Helm beta
  • Mail – Rathalos Mail beta
  • Vambraces – Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Coil – Odogaron Coil beta
  • Boots – Death Stench Heel beta
  • Charm – Handicraft Charm III

Since the Dual Blades benefit so much from elemental damage, it’s a no brainer to get two Rathalos pieces to proc Critical Element. You can also expect to output so many slashes from this weapon, and with those attacks you’ll see your sharpness drop rather rapidly; to combat this, it’s essential to have Handicraft +5. Weakness Exploit is amazing for the Dual Blades and just about all melee weapons, and if you want to fill in the other slots you can go about getting defensive jewels OR getting more Critical Jewels.Fire and Ice is the easiest weapon to acquire and gives you Ice and Blast from the get go, but feel free to build into any elemental weapon of your choosing.

If you want, you can also out these other guides from us detailing fantastic starter builds for the Bow, Charge Blade, Long Sword, Switch Axe, Lance, Sword and Shield and Gunlance.

Monster Hunter World is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Sours: https://www.player.one/monster-hunter-world-guide-best-dual-blades-build-beginners-128561

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Wiki Guide

In Monster Hunter, Dual Blades are the choice of weapon for those who think that the best defense is slashing into a monster so fast it doesn’t know what hit ‘em. With no way to block incoming attacks, these weapons instead offer hunters maneuverability instead, with its Demon and Archdemon Modes further enhancing attacks.

The Basics

First, get these down. Your basic three hit combo will be:

while you can use:

for more maneuverability using the Lunging strike (circle) to move around while aiming your position with the left stick. These bread and butter combos will be the same regardless of whether you’re in basic mode, demon mode, or archdemon mode.

The trick to the dual blades is to stay in Demon Mode as often as possible, and to be in Archdemon Mode otherwise. In either, your damage output and speed increases significantly. Press R2 to engage Demon Mode, then do any combination of attacks to fill up the Demon Gauge. During Demon Mode, your stamina bar will slowly be consumed, and you’ll receive a minor buff to wind resistance. Don’t worry, should your stamina get too low, just disengage by repressing R2, let it refill, and then re-enter the fray. If your Dual Blades are sheathed, you can draw your weapons already in Demon Mode by simply pressing R2. This combo is specific to Demon Mode only because of the Blade Dance addition, which you may also do on its own without the previous attacks:

However, be wary of overusing the Blade Dance. Once initiated, it leaves a wide open window for monsters to attack you, and there’s no way to end it once it’s started, but combos started during Demon Mode will be allowed to finish even if you are out of stamina, so if the monster is down, wail away.

While Demon Mode is activated, any attack done to a monster will fill the the Demon Gauge. Once it’s full, you will be able to enter Archdemon Mode when disengaged from Demon Mode. Normally, this would put you back to normal Dual Blades. However, since the Gauge is full, you’ll notice that your blades will have a red glow to them and your Demon Gauge will be pulsing red as well. Not only does this increase attack, but certain moves are more mobile; for example your lunging strike becoming a spinning slash. Each move you use while in Archdemon mode will use your Demon Gauge until it is empty. Archdemon mode is most useful as a respite from Demon Mode, as Demon Mode has a better moveset and increased attack, and should be your highest priority.

Advanced Tactics

Armor sets that give bonuses to Sharpness or Stamina will be particularly useful to the Dual Blades, as these compliment the weapon’s advantages and help relieve some of its downfalls, like adding additional stamina for Demon Mode, or addressing their tendency to quickly dull. In addition to these armor sets, craft and bring Dash Juice with you if you can. This item will give you infinite stamina for a short amount of time, allowing you to stay in Demon mode considerably longer.

While Blade Dance is the quickest way to fill up the Demon Gauge, once its full, your best moveset will be the mobile circle-circle-triangle-circle combo from earlier, which can be pressed repeatedly. The versatility and maneuverability of this moveset gives the dual blades their unique speed without ever having to break the combo until your Demon Gauge empties. While you have either demon mode activated, you can also easily use the dash spin with circle to get out of incoming attacks.

The second tactic consists of running down a steep surface and pressing circle, sending you into a slide animation that, after you press triangle, will tear down the length of a monster’s spine with a spin attack that also counts as mounting damage with each hit. The same animation can be achieved by rolling off of a cliff and using triangle to attack the monster while in Demon or Archdemon Mode.

That’s about it for the Dual Blades in Monster Hunter World. Like for all Weapons in Monster Hunter, a greater knowledge of a monster’s moveset and movement pattern will always lead to the best results.

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/monster-hunter-world/Dual_Blades_Tutorial
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How To Use Dual Blades Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide and walkthrough on how to use the weapon - Dual Blades! Learn recommended combos, skills, play tips, and more!!

How To Use Dual Blades

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All Weapon Types & Categories

Should You Use Dual Blades In Iceborne?

Needs Some Effort

Dual Blades in Iceborne has lower elemental and status boost compared with the base game. While other weapons has powerful elemental weapons & the meta goes toward elemental weapons, dual swords may appear to be left behind. You'll need some efforts to make it shine.

Dual Blades Tips For Iceborne

Follow Up WIth The Clutch Claw

Follow Up WIth The Clutch Claw

After doing a second Left Roundslash while in demon mode, you can directly follow it up with clutch claw attack. Fill up your gauge while attacking rapidly. Wounding the monster part also allows extra damage.

Rush Attack Combo

Check out the Clutch Claw Guide Here!

Evade With Dodge Slinger Burst

Connect Combos With Dodge Slinger Burst

After an attack, you can do an Dodge Slinger Burst with your slinger by pressing L2 button while moving. However, you can't connect Dodge Slinger Burst with attacks that uses the ◯ buttons.

Dual Blades Iceborne Weapon Changes

Evade Then Counter With Slinger Burst

Evade Then Counter With Slinger Burst

In Iceborne, the Dual Blades can still elegantly evade monster attacks. With the addition of the Slinger Burst, Dual Blade users can use this move to counterattack with its short-range, high damage shots.

New Clutch Claw Rotating Slash Attacks

New Clutch Claw Rotating Slash Attacks

The addition of the Clutch Claw in Iceborne improves the Dual Blades attacking power, adding new rotating slash attacks when the Clutch Claw attaches itself onto the monster. This can also lead to monsters dropping Slinger Ammo.

All Iceborne Weapon Changes List

Dual Blades - Overview & Strengths

Fast-Hitting Attacks & High Movement Speed

The Dual Blades are one of the fastest weapons in Monster Hunter World. It can overwhelm monsters with its high attack speed and hunters can weave in & out of battle with its quick movement speed.

Best Weapon For Dealing Status Effects

Due to the Dual Blades' attack speed, they are the most ideal weapons for implementing status effects or exploiting a monster's elemental weakness. The high number of hits the weapon can land only increases the chance of it dealing a debilitating status effect on a monster.

Amp Up Attack Power With Demon Mode

Amp Up Attack Power With Demon Mode

Dual Blades have a powered-up state called Demon Mode. When activated, this fills up a bar called a Demon Gauge that boosts the weapon's attack power and speed even more.

Demon Mode Consumes Stamina

Demon Mode Consumes Stamina

When Demon Mode is activated, it consumes the hunter's stamina until the stamina bar runs out. Hunters should keep their eye on the stamina bar when filling up their Demon Gauge.

Archdemon Mode Further Improves Attack Power & Speed

When the hunter fills up the Demon Gauge completely until it glows, they go into Archdemon mode. This gives them more attack power & speed with some special moves only available in this mode.

Can Do Powerful Heavenly Blade Dance

The Dual Blades have a special aerial move called the Heavenly Blade Dance that deals heavy damage to monsters when they jump off a ledge or slide down a slope. Hunters should always utilize this move to get as much damage as they can to the monster.

Low Damage & Short Reach

Dual Blades have low damage per hit and have a shorter reach compared to other weapons in the game. This makes it essential for players to get in close-range with the monster and keep dealing combos to be effective in the fight.

Dual Blades - Recommended Combo List

Basic Demon Mode Combo

  • 1. Demon Mode
  • 2. Demon Fangs
  • 3. Twofold Demon Slash
  • 4. Sixfold Demon Slash
  • 5. Blade Dance

A basic Dual Blades attack combo that builds up your Demon Gauge while dealing damage. It takes a while to get the combo to the Demon Dance so only implement that move when the monster is not moving.

Rush Attack Combo

  • 1. Demon Mode
  • 2. Demon Flurry Rush
  • 3. Rising Slash
  • 4. Left Roundslash

A good combo to use when looking to close distance towards the monster. This keeps you close to the monster to deal the most damage. As much as possible, use this combo near the head or the tail.

Attack Combo When Monster Is Stationary

  • 1. Demon Flurry Rush
  • 2. Demon Flurry

When the monster is trapped, paralyzed, or knocked down, get into Archdemon mode and combo with your Demon Flurry move. Demon Flurry does not use up stamina and is great in dealing massive damage. Just be careful to keep your Demon Gauge up.

Archdemon Mode Attack Combo

  • 1. Demon Flurry Rush
  • 2. Rising Slash
  • 3. Double Slash
  • 4. Double Slash Return Stroke
  • 5. Circle Slash

This combo hits the monster with amazing damage when done in Archdemon mode. It makes full use of your Demon Gauge but is best used when monster is not moving around and is staying still.

Dual Blades - Recommended Skill List

Increase Attack Power & Counter Weapon's Weaknesses

It's important to increase the attack power of the Dual Blades for it to be extremely effective in the fight. It's also equally important to counter its weaknesses in stamina consumption, reach, and fast loss of sharpness.

Recommended Skills To Increase Attack Power

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Weakness Exploit Increases affinity rate of attacks that land on monster weak spots
RECOMMENDED! Critical Boost Increases attack power of critical hits
Critical Element Ups elemental damage when landing critical hits
Attack Boost Increases raw attack power
Handicraft Increases weapon's sharpness gauge
Critical Eye Increases your affinity rate

Recommended Skills To Counter Weaknesses

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Protective Polish Weapon does not dull for a time after sharpening
RECOMMENDED! Razor Sharp / Spare Shot Reduces sharpness loss
Speed Sharpening Shortens sharpening process
Earplugs Prevents stun from monster shouts
Stamina Surge Makes stamina recovery faster
Marathon Runner Lower stamina consumption

Dual Blades - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Switch Between Demon & Archdemon Mode

Switch Between Demon & Archdemon Mode

It's important to always be in Demon or Archdemon mode to deal the most damage with the Dual Blades. The best way to do this is activate Demon Mode until you fill up your Demon Gauge. Then turn off the Demon Mode and attack until the gauge runs low, then repeat.

Always Be Aware Of Stamina & Demon Gauge

Your stamina bar and Demon Gauge are the most important things to watch out for when using Dual Blades. Always keep both up so you can cycle between Demon & Archdemon mode for maximum damage output.

Jump Or Slide To Use Heavenly Blade Dance

The Heavenly Blade Dance is a powerful move that only Dual Blade users can utilize. Jump over ledges or slide down slopes to activate this move and attack the monster from head to tail - this can deal a huge amount of damage.

Check Monster's Elemental Attributes Before Hunt

Since the Dual Blades can deal fast and plenty hits, they're ideal for elemental damage and implementing status effects. It's best to check what the monster's elemental attributes and weaknesses are so you can counter it with the appropriate Dual Blades.

Use Consumables To Help In The Fight

Items such as Dash Juice, Demon Drug, Flash Pods, etc. can all help you win against a tough monster. These can up your stamina recovery and keep monsters still so you can dish out powerful combos on them.

Dual Blades - Damage Per Move

Motion values are still being confirmed in-game and damage per move written below is based on the Training Area.

Weapon Move Damage
Blade Dance 163
Demon Flurry 66
Sixfold Demon Slash 65
Demon Flurry Rush 34
Left Double Roundslash 34
Demon Flurry Rush
(Archdemon Mode)
Circle Slash 29
Double Slash Return Stroke
(Archdemon Mode)
Roundslash 26
Round Slash
(Demon Mode)
Round Slash
(Archdemon Mode)
Jumping Doubleslash 20
Twofold Demon Slash
(Demon Mode)
Round Slash 18
Double Slash Return Stroke 18
Double Slash Return Stroke
(Archdemon Mode)
Double Slash 17
Double Slash Return Stroke
(Archdemon Mode)
Demon Fangs 10
Rising Slash 7
Rising Slash
(Demon Mode)
Rising Slash
(Archdemon Mode)
Turn Slash 5

Dual Blades - Basic Move List

Basic Move List

Demon Mode Move List

Archdemon Mode Move List

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Sours: https://gamewith.net/monsterhunterworld-iceborne/article/show/9257

This is a guide to the best builds and equipment for Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn about the best Dual Blades for Update 3.0+, and the best Skills and Armor for Low Rank, High Rank, and Endgame.

Whether you're just breaking in the High Rank at HR 4 or are just looking for some new strategies at HR 100, we've got the best High Rank Dual Blades builds to spice up your hunts.
►High Rank Dual Blades Builds

Check out the best Dual Blades builds for Monster Hunter beginners or for speeding through Village Quests or Low Rank Gathering hub.
►Low Rank Dual Blades Builds

SkillsFire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Dragon Attack.
★★★Elemental skills are vital to the DB. They can maximize the damage dealt by elemental skills so increasing the elemental damage of your weapons is a must.Critical Element
★★★Amplifying elemental damage is the next step to increasing your damage output as an elemental DB player. Critical Element is similar to Critical Boost for elemental attacks and having it is near critical especially for the end game if playing elemental DBCritical Eye
★★★More damage and Critical Element is also reliant on affinity so make sure to raise your affinity when playing DB.Weakness Exploit
★★★50% affinity when striking enemy weak spots at max rank is extremely valuable for a weapon that likes to deal damage.Blast Attack
★★★Having Blast Attack greatly amps up the damage of blast type dual blades. It's a great skill to have if you don't wish to play elemental dual blades.Evade Window
★★★Allows you to dodge enemy attacks more easily. At the hands of an expert, a dual blade user with Evade Window is nearly untouchable and it opens up new ways to approach enemy attacks.Attack Boost
★★Attack Boost is a lesser priority as most of the Dual Blade's damage comes from elemental attacks. It's a great skill but make sure to increase your affinity first and get the necessary damage skills.Marathon Runner
★★Longer demon mode duration is always great.Stamina Surge
★★Quickly replenish your stamina after using Demon Mode.Constitution
★★A great skill to have as it allows you to dodge even while in Demon Mode with ease.Protective Polish
★★A neat skill to have for Dual Blades as the Dual Blade's sharpness rapidly decreases due to its fast attacking nature.Razor Sharp
★★Same reason as Protective Polish but it doesn't need a whetstone to use in exchange of half effectivity.Flinch Free
★A must have skill for multiplayer. It's placed lower as a needed skill since the Dual Blades' attacks doesn't get interrupted once used. Critical Boost
★Raw damage isn't the strongest point of the Dual Blades so putting Critical boost on DB isn't as effective as the other weapons.Evade Extender
★Longer dashes means you can get out of harms way more easily or reach enemy weakspots.
Sours: https://game8.co/games/Monster-Hunter-Rise/archives/325332

Mhw dual blades

Monster Hunter World: A Complete Guide To Dual Blades

By Quentin Jamal Hardy II


Using Dual Blades can be a fast-paced and exhilarating experience in Monster Hunter World. Here's all the info you need to know about the weapons.

The dual blades of Monster Hunter World have some of the flashiest moves in the game. They're able to deal consistent damage over time due to their high attack rate and low weight which lets players run around like an anime character. On top of this, they come with a burst mode of sorts that boosts damage overall, making them a decent DPS weapon class for single player missions.

Dual blades are generally more difficult to get the hang of for beginners because they're based on speed and not power. To get the most out of their damage per second, it's recommended to focus on status effects and elemental weaknesses, which differ with each monster. These weapons are for players dedicated to a certain role, that want to look cool while dishing out mediocre damage.


Dual blade players focus on dealing burst damage to monsters, while potentially plaguing them with ailments and elemental weaknesses. To do this, they must weave in and out of the monster's attack range using their high agility and movement speed. The weapon's attacks themselves provide good options for escaping dangerous situations, so make sure to take advantage of that as well.

Seasoned players use all three modes of the dual blades during battles, dipping in and out of each, performing a dance between stances. These weapons can be difficult to handle because players have to juggle three forms while also evading and attacking. Weapons like greatswords and charge blades don't worry too much about these things since they can deal big damage in a few hits. Because of this, dual blades are all about getting in, and staying in while narrowly avoiding death, so they can deal damage.

Learn Basic Combos

Because the dual blades require so many hits to land to deal out decent damage, it's important that every hit of a combo connects. The spacing of dual blades takes a bit to get used to since the blades are so short, but learning to move effectively while attacking is key for dual blade users. Basic combos include pressing the normal attack button three times, followed by the heavy attack button twice. What's great about this combo is that it's long and has a move that strikes vertically, and can be aimed using the left stick.

If a monster collapses or gets behind the player, they can use the normal attack button, followed by the heavy attack button and pull back on the stick. Doing so turns the character around, so they can easily adjust during a combo and not have to waste time sheathing or turning around. Every second counts for a damage per second class, and the move set of the dual blades acknowledges that.

Combos get more complex and useful than the ones listed above, but those two are important to start with. Eventually, combos will flow into each other so it seems like dual blade users only ever stop attacking to fill up their stamina bars before doing it all again. It's important to note that these combos only work in normal mode.

Demon Mode

During demon mode, the dual blades do more damage and movement speed increases at the cost of depleting stamina. Demon mode also introduces new moves into the dual blades' kit. Lastly, while attacking in demon mode, the dual blades' meter will increase, which grants players a new mode called arch-demon mode. Archdemon mode is basically a more powerful normal mode. Attacking during archdemon mode depletes the meter, and when the meter is empty, the player has to fill it up again.

The best way to maximize damage and stamina use with these three modes is to dip in and out of normal mode and demon mode regularly during a battle. When there's a big opening, drop into archdemon mode and deal big damage without completely depleting the meter. This allows the stamina bar to fill up a bit while attacking in arch-demon mode, which means more attacks when it's time to switch back to demon mode.

Practice Aerial Combat

After understanding combos and how to effectively balance the three modes, aerial combat is another staple of the dual blades to master. The dual blades have some of the most versatile aerial options in the game, which are also some of the most visually stunning. While in demon mode, if the player presses the heavy attack button while sliding, and follows it up with two normal attacks, they will perform an aerial blade dance. The animation for the aerial blade dance is like something straight out of Attack On Titan, and extremely satisfying to pull off.

The same attack plays when the player jumps off of a ledge or wall in demon mode, granting high mobility and acting as an alternative to mounting attacks that are more suited for higher damage classes. This move consists of a bunch of hits so it's great to land on large monsters because it's easy to trigger a status effect from it if timed well.


Dual blades work pretty well with standard attack based skills like attack boost, critical eye, and critical boost. They also gain a lot from weakness exploit and elemental skills that take advantage of a monster's weakness. Lastly, since stamina is depleted while in demon mode, and the class is mobility-focused, marathon runner can go a long way in supplementing that play style since it slows down stamina depletion.


During the base game, the guardian armor set can carry a player through low and high-rank quests if they upgrade it as the game progresses. It's available from the beginning of the game, in the character creation screen or from the hunter's room. The armor comes with skills for survivability, including marathon runner, and high base stats so not much change is needed.

As far as armor upgrades go, the Rathalos and Zorah Magdoros sets are good compliments to the dual blades since they offer boosts to elemental and status effects respectively. These armor sets are good for improved quality of life, but not necessary during high rank.


Unlike high damage classes, dual blades have to be crafted pretty often for best use. This is because they're at their best when exploiting the weakness of a monster, which is different for each monster. This means more grinding for materials and repetitive boss fights. Ideally, players would have a set of blades for every element, but in low and high ranks, thunder and water will suffice.

As a dual blade user it's important to pay attention to sharpness as that determines how much damage is actually done. Keeping sharpness up will mean more damage over time. Dual blades can reach maximum sharpness pretty easily and maintaining it isn't too bad compared to other classes. Skills like handicraft and protective polish help get the most out of a dual blade experience.


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