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Hell-born, Bill Cipher, a being of pure energy destined for the greatness of dominating the third dimension and creating chaos in a world with a weak balance that can easily bend to his will— too good to be true.

He has failed, the great Bill Cipher was shamefully defeated by a couple of human brats, inferior beings who were more elusive than he thought and managed to thwart his plans; they took from him as much as he tormented them.

But Bill refuses to fall into the hands of such insignificant beings; the blue fire consumes the world, its essence burns, and Bill, Bill begs.

Somewhere, somewhere, some time, a higher being hears his call, the desperate plea that breaks in midair, and takes pity on his soul. A gap between space-time opens and he Welcome to a place where he can keep his essence intact, but everything has its consequences.

The Axolotl is a manipulative salamander.


And So It Begins — The Oracle and Axolotl on Bill Cipher


I recently came to the understanding that some people in the Gravity Falls fandom are slightly confused as to what little the fandom knows about Bill Cipher’s past. Everyone who watches the show knows he comes from another dimension known as the Nightmare Realm, which is decaying and fated to be destroyed by its very own mechanisms. However, given the release of Journal 3 by Alex Hirsch and Disney, and a rather interesting and hidden page on the Disney XD site (found here), Bill’s background is obviously not as simple as him being a megalomaniacal, dimension hopping villain.


Let’s start with the Axolotl.


Most people know this amphibious being from the last few seconds Bill is alive. He says something close to, “Axolotl, my time has come to burn. I invoke the ancient power that I may return.” If you want to hear it yourself, check out any of the YouTube videos on the subject. However, this seems to point out that Bill knows of, or somehow personally knows, the Axolotl. This is where the hidden link comes into play. Below is a picture of where the link leads to.


Take note of the first highlighted section. Dipper is asking what the Axolotl knows about Bill Cipher. Now, seeing as the Axolotl resides in the “time and space between time and space,” it could have the ability to see and know all of what happens in other places of time and space. This would give the Axolotl a distanced, somewhat unbiased view of what happened in Bill’s original dimension.

The riddle that is boxed gives some insight into Bill’s past from what the Axolotl knows. The first two lines refer to Bill - proof of him being an equilateral triangle due to the three sixty degree angles the Axolotl describes.

The third and fourth lines explain what happened to Bill’s dimension. The dimension burned, and he misses it. The “can’t return” at the end of the fourth line seems to hint that he is trying to get back to his dimension, or is trying to undo its destruction. Also note that Bill watched his dimension burn, meaning he was likely already outside of his dimension. Say this was his first time dimension hopping, and his first time leaving his dimension had some kind of effect like Weirdmageddon did on Earth - only, instead of there being weirdness waves that changed the environment, it was something much worse which basically rendered the entire dimension uninhabitable or entirely wiped it from existence.

Moving on, the Axolotl implies that Bill is lying to himself about being happy, and possibly other things. “Blame the arson for the fire”  could have several meanings at this point. Was there someone else who actually destroyed Bill’s universe? Should we be blaming Bill because he is the arson? Does Bill blame someone else who is the true arson? Seeing as the word “Blame” is a mere imperative verb that is ordering a person or thing to do something, and there is no other person or personal pronouns given in the sentence, it is hard to say who the Axolotl is ordering. If it was “blames,” then it could be derived that it means “Bill blames” since “You blames,” referring to Dipper and likely the only other person the Axolotl could be thinking of in this context, doesn’t make grammatical sense.

The seventh line seems fairly obvious, and the only questions left are: who is Bill shirking the blame to, and what blame precisely? He has supposedly committed hundreds of atrocities and probably broken all the laws in every universe just to say he did, so is he putting the blame for all of his actions on someone else, or just a singular time where he was to blame?

The eighth line likely connects to Bill’s last moments in Stan’s mind. As stated before, Bill says “Axolotl, my time has come to burn. I invoke the ancient power that I may return.” Notice how Bill uses Axolotl’s name, and later says invoke. Kinda obvious connection there. But also note how Bill says “my time has come to burn.” Now, we do see literal fire taking over Stan’s mind, but we never see him actually burn.Of course, this could also point toward a more metaphorical description or that he just needed to rhyme, just as the Axolotl did in answering Dipper’s question, in order to truly invoke the Axolotl. He could also be referencing that he is dying, and that he probably should have died ages ago with the rest of his dimension which burned, but hey. I look for double meanings everywhere. Especially with Bill Cipher.

As for the last two lines… The fandom can only speculate on it. Bill can only liberate himself by doing one singular thing. And apparently a different form and different time are involved. That could have many different meanings. “Different form” could be physically or mentally - Bill could be a different shape, could be reborn as another species somehow, could reaffirm himself and admit the truth, or he could simply get some kind of interdimensional cold and be “out of shape.” The other half seems pretty obvious: “a different time.” It could be the future, the past, the present, the in between times, or even the second or third or hundredth time he tries to make amends.

A different form and time could also refer to a different universe, which holds a different form and different times, or himself entering Gravity Falls’ dimension and gaining a physical body (new form) and trying to start a new reign in another dimension that (this time) won’t just collapse someday without warning.

Basically, the Axolotl states that (in my own opinion) Bill possibly had a hand in the destruction of his home dimension, but likely tried to stop said destruction and failed. He misses his home and can’t return, but is still trying to find a way back to it. He’s lying to himself and someone is definitely to be blamed for the destruction of his universe, but he won’t admit to it. Bill needs the Axolotl in order to put the blame on someone else, and there is only one way, in another time and another form, that he can free himself from the blame.

Alright. Onto The Oracle. Finally.


In the Third Journal, Ford explains what exactly what happened for those 30 years he was missing. After getting attacked in a 2-D Dimension, he met The Oracle in Dimension 52. She knew all about him and his “mission” to defeat Bill. She was the one who helped Ford get a metal plate in his head. She also was the one who told Ford about Bill’s past.

The first few things I want to go over is the page in which Ford depicts The Oracle. She stands, staring with crossed arms partially obscuring an amulet, in front of what seem to be tapestries of the Axolotl. Bubbles and/or orbs seem to be hanging from the ceiling and rising from the floor in front of the tapestries.

The Third Journal does show that some people in the multiverse know of the Axolotl and the Oracle seems to have some kind of psychic power, evidence when she knew Stanford’s name, his purpose, and what he was destined to do. So perhaps that isn’t as interesting as it first appears. The amulet is also rather intriguing… Could it be in the shape of an eye?

But what about the bubbles and orbs?

I kinda feel like I’m looking too deeply into this, but the only other time when bubbles seem to be important is during Weirdmageddon when Bill uses a bubble to trap Mabel and unleashes weirdness bubbles on the town. It seems somewhat weird that the person who gives Ford all the answers seems to have some kind of connection to Bill - albeit a stretched connection with just these pieces of information in hand. It just seems too much like he’s being used again, which I’ll get into later.

Ford, on some level, seems to notice the connection between the Oracle and Bill. The symbols underlined above the circled Axolotl can be decrypted to read, “The opposite of Bill.” This seems to make sense with what little we know of her. She seems to know all, but never tells Ford that she is indeed psychic or omniscient - notice how Ford states, “Whether she was psychic or had just read my wanted poster is hard to say,” implying that he doesn’t know how she knew about him. She is also noted to be “calm” when talking about her desire to end Bill’s reign. However, Bill seems to believe himself to be omniscient due to his ability to peer into all realms from his Nightmare Realm. But he constantly doesn’t foresee issues - Mabel knocking the safe’s code out of his hands in Dreamscaperers and outsmarting him in Sock Opera, the Weirdness Containment Bubble around Gravity Falls, the dino-arm pulling his eye out, the Stans swapping clothes. He also is known to be rather hotheaded and, as many people in the fandom point out, likely to be insane.

Now, you might be wondering where all this comes into play, right? Well, if you look at the second page, where Ford details their encounter a bit more, he says that the Oracle told him that Bill was power hungry,which caused him to burn his dimension and everything and everyone in it.

That doesn’t sound like what the Axolotl said, right? Which is why people are conflicted on what, or rather who, to believe.

What needs to be kept in mind is that Stanford is writing this. He hates Bill because of how he was betrayed. As far as anyone knows, the Oracle’s words could have been similar to the Axolotl’s and merely twisted by an overly biased mind. She could have said something along the lines of “He watched his home burn and ever since has been searching for more power” and conveniently left out the “in order to restore his universe.” To Ford, Bill watching his home burn means that Bill himself set it ablaze and laughed as it was destroyed. To Ford, Bill seeking out power is just him being power hungry and not caring about anyone else.

But why would she shape her words into something that Ford could easily misinterpret? Well, first things first: she’s an oracle and prophecies can be easily misinterpreted. But that seemed to fit a bit too easily, so I looked a little harder at the wording of the document and came to one conclusion:

She wants Bill dead and out of the picture.

My reasoning? 1) Look at the line “She spoke of him without anger, but with a calm, steely, clinical resolve to see his reign end.” Pretty straight forward. Ford can tell that she doesn’t like Bill’s reign and will not stop until he is stopped. 2) “She… said I had the face of the man who was destined to destroy Bill.” She said destroy Bill, not Ford’s constant “defeat” that he mentions throughout the series. Destroy means to utterly annihilate, reduce to nothing, ruin emotionally and spiritually, to kill. If this is what she said to him, then she obviously wasn’t just messing around. 3) Ford and her spent the entire night partying after she revealed this. They were partying about someone’s death. Kinda harsh.

There is one other point that really hammers it into me that the Oracle was manipulating her own words: her own name. The first paragraph reveals her name to be Jheselbraum the Unswerving. The Unswerving. Which means that once she’s dedicated to something - like destroying a dimension hopping demon by the name of Bill - she will not stop until she succeeds.

Seeing as Ford mysteriously found himself in another dimension after he and the Oracle partied together, it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t tell Ford about him being destined to defeat Bill until that last day. You’d expect someone whom could pull someone out of another dimension into their own, whom knew who Ford was way before they met, whom already had a difficult surgery in mind to aid Ford, and whom was obviously invested in taking Bill down to simply tell Ford that he was the multiverse’s savior, right?

She instead kept it all a secret until the last day, at which point Ford was even more resolute to kill Bill instead of just defeating him and keeping him out of his dimension. 


So who do you trust more? Or do you trust no one? On one hand you have a mysterious being that answered Dipper’s question with a riddle instead of a straight answer, and said riddle could be seen in a variety of lights. On the other, you have an equally mysterious Oracle who might have manipulated her words to ensure Ford’s resolve against Bill.

Any input is welcome, and opinions are most desirable.

Kay, so…. I originally wrote this about a month or two ago…. but the above still holds true to what I’ve researched! Sorry for the delay, and thanks for sticking around.

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"Ustedes están en el tiempo y espacio entre el tiempo y espacio. Vamos, salgan de esa carrera espacial. Tengo una muy buena silla de bolsa de frijoles."
— Axolotl a Dipper y Mabel, "Gravity Falls: La Maldición de los Piratas".


Residencia actual

Tiempo y espacio entre el tiempo y espacio


Lagartija Gigante Sabelotodo (Por Bill Clave)

Estados Unidos: N/A

Argentina: N/A

Axolotl es una ancestral y poderosa entidad extradimensional[1] cuyas fuerzas son superiores en relevancia que las del mismo Bebé del Tiempo y Bill Clave[2], y a pesar de nunca ser visto en la serie, ni tampoco mencionado por ningún personaje en especial, su nombre fue referido en un mensaje oculto de Bill Clave, cuando intentaba de hacer la invocación de retorno a la existencia, en el capítulo "Raromagedón 3: Recuperar El Pueblo".


Tiene la forma de un ajolote enorme[3]. Tiene poderes más fuertes y en mayor calidad que el Bebé del Tiempo y Bill Clave, por lo que en el Multiverso es considerado como un dios.


AMA de Alex Hirsch

Cuando se podía preguntar en la cuenta de Ask Me Anything en Reddit de Alex Hirsch, cuando una pregunta hecha por un admirador podía contener spoilers de la serie, Alex contestaba con imágenes de ajolotes. Esto podría significar que él trataba de decir que "el ajolote es la respuesta", lo que tendría sentido recordando que Axolotl es tan poderoso como Bill, haciéndolo más importante en la trama de alguna manera. De otra manera, recordando que Axolotl fue un spoiler debido a que fue la criatura a la que recurrió Bill para sobrevivir[4], quizás Alex trató de decir que si querían spoilers, tendrían spoilers, respondiéndoles con el spoiler de Axolotl.

Segunda temporada 

"Raromagedón 3: Recuperar El Pueblo"

Bill Clave, antes de que fuese borrado en la mente de Stanley, exclamó como últimas palabras un conjuro que le daría la oportunidad de regresar, mencionando al misterioso ser Axolotl diciendo las siguientes palabras; "A-X-O-L-O-T-L! My time has come to burn! I invoke the ancient power that I may return!". Traducidas dicen; "¡A-X-O-L-O-T-L! ¡Mi hora de arder ha llegado! ¡Yo invoco el antiguo poder con el que podría regresar!"


"Gravity Falls: Diario 3"

En una página escrita por Stanford Pines en "Gravity Falls: Diario 3" acerca del diseño del Portal Universal y cómo su musa le explicó la posible Gran Teoría Unificada de la Rareza, se puede ver un mensaje cifrado escrito por Bill que dice: "VOY A HACER QUE ESTE CHICO FUNCIONE BIEN NI BEBÉ TIEMPO NI LALAGARTIJA GIGANTE SABELOTODOME PODRÁN DETENER". Si esto es verdad, significaría que Axolotl tiene iguales o mayores poderes que el Bebé del Tiempo, debido a la comparación hecha por Bill. Axolotl también es mencionado en un cifrado que tiene sus letras alrededor del libro. Al juntar las letras de los cifrados de color azul que hay en el libro se obtiene la frase: "MALDIGUE A AXOLOTL, TODA CONSPIRACIÓN ES VERDADERA".

En otra página escrita por Ford se explica que en la Dimensión 52 se encontraba un oráculo llamada Jheselbraum, la Inquebrantable. En la página se puede ver la fotografía de un ajolote, por lo que se cree que Jheselbraum estudiaba a Axolotl o por lo menos lo conocía.

En la versión del diario con tinta invisible, cuando Stanford describe sus viajes entre dimensiones, uno de los mundos que dice haber visitado era la dimensión de Axolotl, dice que la forma que él vio de este ser era parecida a una mujer "humana".

Cuando Stanford describe cómo fue su primera llegada al Reino de las Pesadillas y como conoció a los refugiados intergalácticos, cuenta que cuando les contó a esas criaturas su plan para derrotar a Bill, todas aclamaron alegremente <<¡Salve el ajolote!>>.

"Gravity Falls: La Maldición de los Piratas"

En una página de este libro, en uno de los resultados posibles de las elecciones de trama, se muestra la primera imagen de Axolotl de toda la serie. En esta aparición, Axolotl responde la pregunta "¿Qué sabes sobre Bill?" con un poema que traducido sin adaptación sería;

"Sesenta grados que vienen de tres en tres.
Relojes dentro de abedules.
Vio su propia dimensión quemar.
Echa de menos su hogar y no puede regresar.
Dice que está feliz. Es un mentiroso.
Culpa al incendio provocado por el incendio.
Si quiere eludir la culpa,
Tendrá que invocar mi nombre.
Una forma de absolver su crimen.
Una forma diferente, un tiempo diferente".

Esto nos revela que Bill destruyó su dimensión natal, y que miente diciendo que se siente feliz por ello. Y que, cuando Bill da el mensaje al revés, estaba invocando a Axolotl para redimir su crimen, pero esto como consecuencia, le mandaría a un tiempo diferente y con una forma distinta. Esto significa que Bill podría regresar, pero no en la forma en que lo conocemos.

Entrevista para The Mary Sue

El 14 de julio de 2017, Alex Hirsch concedió un entrevista acerca de Gravity Falls: Un verano de misterios para la web, en la cual respondió muchas preguntas acerca de la serie. Cuando le preguntaron acerca de Axolotl, Alex Hirsch dijo que la historia de la serie ya terminó, no obstante tenía a Axolotl como una posible trama futura si es que él decide en algún momento retomar la serie y continuarla[5].


Segunda temporada



  • Durante algunos episodios de la primera temporada se puede observar un ajolote en la pecera de la Cabaña del Misterio. Debido a que se puede relacionar con Axolotl, los episodios se encuentran a continuación.
  • Aunque haya sido mencionado en un unico episodio, "Raromagedón 3: Recuperar El Pueblo", fisicamente aparecio en dos libros publicados después de que la serie finalizara.
    Ajolote en comercial.png
  • En el mensaje que Axolotl da a Dipper y Mabel en "Gravity Falls: La Maldición de los Piratas", Axolotl se refiere a Bill como "Sesenta grados que vienen de tres en tres", esto porque Bill es un triángulo equilátero, cuyos ángulos internos miden 60° y la suma de los 3 ángulos de un triángulo siempre deben dar 180°.



"Gravity Falls: Diario 3"

La Oráculo

"Gravity Falls: La Maldición de los Piratas"

Página acerca de Axolotl



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As it turned out, Tanya and Ira live in the same house, only in different entrances. So after leading the girls, I and Irina gave Tanya her to their parents, as I joked - "according to the description. Here a Ira, slightly rejuvenated and embarrassed, invited me to sleep at her place, but not to go to the community, he said, its too late and they could not let me in.

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He also broke into a smile. Victor, with his mouth stretched out to his ears, opened his arms and took a step forward. Scale, to his surprise, also leaned towards him. Victor hugged her gently and kissed her on the cheek. Then he touched his lips to hers.

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