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Ever since the GoPro Hero worked out its kinks, defining the action camera genre in the process, not much has changed for action cameras. Every year, worthy competitors arrive on the scene, and GoPro releases incrementally better cameras as well. But until I played with the Insta360 One R earlier this year at CES, I would have argued this type of camera was pretty well baked.

Now I am not so sure. Insta360's One R challenges the basic assumptions about what an action camera can be, and uses a unique modular design to allow for more flexibility. The result is an action camera that's capable of handling a greater variety of shooting scenarios and generating unique footage you won't get from any other camera in this genre. It's a two-in-one combo that actually delivers.

Mod Squad

The One R is not your standard action camera. It's not necessarily even an action camera. The One R is a modular camera system that can be used as an action camera, but it can also be used as a 360-degree camera similar to Insta360's One X camera.

To make sure it's still water-resistant and up to the challenging environments action cameras usually inhabit, the lenses and sensors are a single, watertight unit. The lens and sensor snap into a core module. It's a bit like putting together Lego blocks. The core has all the rest of the features—a power button, record button, MicroSD slot, and a small touchscreen monitor. These two then sit on top of a battery plate that runs along the bottom. Fully assembled, the One R is roughly the shape of a GoPro Hero 8, only slightly larger.

The heart of the system is the interchangeable lens/sensor combos, which Insta360 calls mods, and currently there are three. The 4K mod is the typical 4K action camera lens, with a 16.4 lens (35mm equivalent). The field of view is slightly narrower than what you'll get from a GoPro Hero 8, but otherwise it's similar. This mod serves as the base model for the One R as an action cam and costs $300.

The next mod is a dual-lens 360 camera that uses two fisheye lenses, capturing a 360-degree field of view. I've never found 360-degree lenses particularly helpful because they require postproduction—the time-consuming process of stitching together your raw footage in software. Insta360 manages to simplify this process with some smart software editing options. This lens is also available as an attachment for DJI's Mavic Pro or Mavic 2 drones.

The final and most interesting of the mods is known as the wide-angle mod. This lens pairs a larger, one-inch sensor with a 14.4 lens (35mm equivalent) coengineered with Leica. The resulting footage is hands down the best-looking video and images I've seen come out of an action camera.

You can buy these mods in various bundles (or make a custom combo), and whichever configuration you opt for, you'll also get the monitor piece, the battery base, and a mounting cage that's compatible with nearly any action cam accessory. Another accessory worth mentioning is the boosted battery base, which doubles the capacity (though it also makes the camera considerably larger).

Photo and Video Quality

Assembling the Insta360 One R and swapping lenses is simple enough, but you do have to disconnect from the battery, so it's not technically hot-swappable. Swapping lenses here is different than a traditional interchangeable lens camera, and it takes enough effort that you aren't going to manage it without stopping whatever you're doing. This is especially true with the one-inch mod, which requires removing the front cover before taking it out of the cage to swap lenses.

Also note that while the One R is water-resistant to 16 feet, divers may want to spring for a fully waterproof case ($60 that's good to 197 feet (the one-inch mod requires a different case ($80)).

I used the 4K mod alongside a GoPro Hero 8 (8/10 WIRED Recommends), using all auto exposure on both, recording H.265 4K video, and found the performance and video quality very similar. There are some situations where the GoPro rendered better detail, particularly fine details like grass or leaves, but to notice this I had to zoom in on both and look closely. Suffice to say that Insta360's efforts are on par with the rest of the action camera market.

Where the One R really shines is the one-inch mod. The larger sensor means you get 5.3K video (versus 4K in others). What's immediately noticeable in the footage from the one-inch mod is the improvements with contrast, dynamic range, shadow detail, color depth, rendering, and sharpness. It blows every other action cam out of the water.

This shouldn't be terribly surprising given that the sensor is larger and capable of capturing more detail, and the glass, with its Leica pedigree, really excels at rendering details and micro-contrast.

I pitted the stabilization of the One R with the 4K mod against the GoPro Hero 8 as well as the One R with the one-inch mod, and what really jumped out at me was how good they all were. Again, I had to really zoom in and watch background objects to find problems. I am hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but the GoPro comes out slightly ahead. The Hero 8 just has a certainly silkiness to it that I have not seen anything else match.

Insta360 claims 65 minutes of battery life for the 360 mod, but I never managed to hit that. With the screen always on, I got about 45 minutes. Turning off the screen made the battery last longer, but to my mind, it makes more sense to buy another battery ($29). Thankfully the One R is USB-C and can charge up fully in about an hour. A dual-battery fast charger is available that cuts the charge time to 30 minutes.

There is no dedicated 3.5mm microphone input, but you can get a USB Type C–to-3.5mm microphone adapter for higher-quality audio. You can also pair a Bluetooth headset and use that as a microphone.


Insta360's video editing app for Android and iOS is one of the best I've used. It offers simple but powerful automatic options for beginners, while also providing more complex, feature-rich options to satisfy more advanced users.

If you've used the app with the One X, there are some big improvements in the new version, especially the ability to edit over Wi-Fi. Using this, you can edit your footage without waiting for it to download to your phone. It does use lower resolution footage in this mode though, so don't worry if your clips aren't razor-sharp—they will be once the background downloading is done.

The biggest problem with 360-degree footage is, well, how do you focus and frame what you want out of the shot? It's the classic paradox of choice: When you capture everything, what do you actually want to show? Insta360's app solves this with its Auto Frame feature, which parses through your clips and uses artificial intelligence–powered image recognition and tracking to frame shots for you. It's not perfect, but it picked out exactly the parts of the shot I wanted at least 80 percent of the time. All you need to do is pick which of these clips you want to use, sort them around the way you want, and export your video.

The AI-tracking algorithm makes it possible to go back through your footage and track a subject after the fact. Just tap the subject and the app will automatically frame and track it.

If you do want to set keyframes yourself and frame your own shots, that's possible. Insta360 has a number of nice tutorials available online that teach you how to shoot and edit different types of shots. The app can also work with any footage, ideal if you want to combine your 360 footage with some video from your phone, for instance.

Future Proof?

Insta360's One R solves several problems with action cameras I didn't know I had. First, it expands your range of shooting possibilities without requiring you to buy another camera. It combines the related, but disconnected, worlds of 360 capture and action camera into a single unit and the result is—I'll admit this surprised me—a camera that is very good at both.

The modular design introduces another possibility: The hardware can be incrementally upgraded. If you buy the one-inch mod now to get higher-resolution action-camera footage and decide in two months that you want to try shooting 360-degree video (and trust me, you do want to try it), you can buy the 360 mod without shelling out for a whole new camera.

Ideally, two years from now, when the one-inch sensor mod supports, say, 8K video, you'll be able to buy a new one-inch mod and attach it to your existing One R, just like you would a new lens for your DSLR. It remains to be seen if Insta360 will make such things possible down the road, but I for one certainly hope so.

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the 2021 china international service trade fair (service trade fair) will be held in beijing from september 2nd to 7th. meanwhile, the global service trade summit will be held on september 2. president xi jinping will deliver a speech at the global service trade summit via video.

as one of the three major exhibition platforms for china's opening to the outside world, the service trade fair has become a leading event in the field of global service trade, and is a close link between china and the world. people from many countries and the media expressed that they look forward to the 2021 service trade fair that will continue to provide opportunities for all parties to deepen cooperation, build consensus, and promote global economic recovery in the post-epidemic era.

"service trade fair has become an important global platform"

this year, the service trade fair will host 5 summit forums, 193 forum meetings and promotion and negotiation activities, as well as 8 side events. more than 10,000 companies from 153 countries and regions have registered to participate in the exhibition, and the world's top 500 and industry-leading companies accounted for 18%, an increase of 9 percentage points from the previous time. the heads of exhibitors and enterprises said that the increase in the attractiveness of the service trade fair stems from china's open cooperation environment and broad development prospects.

tang zhimin, director of the china-asean studies center of the chia university school of management in thailand, said that this year's service trade fair will cover all major areas of service trade, build a platform and provide opportunities for international service trade cooperation, and will inject impetus into the development of global service trade.

"during the service trade fair in 2020, we participated in the winter sports special exhibition, and the response was very good." thomas tajuman, general manager of the czech ski brand alpine china market, said that many european brands have gained more cooperation opportunities through the service trade fair. . "as the beijing winter olympics approach, china's ice and snow sports market will usher in rapid growth. this is a good development opportunity for us."

zvi schiller, chairman of the israel robotics association, said that many professionals and investors are expected to participate in this service trade fair. china has a huge market and strong manufacturing capabilities, and the association is considering establishing a joint r&d center with china.

the panamanian "star" published an article that panama regards the service trade fair as an important boost to the global economic recovery in the post-epidemic era. mark garcia, senior regional consultant of lixin certified public accountants in panama business consulting company, believes that the trade in service is an excellent opportunity to promote cooperation between panama and china in the field of digital economy services. "the service trade fair can allow foreign investors to better understand china, as well as the service trade support and facilitation measures china provides, which will further enhance investors' confidence in long-term investment in china."

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wesley douglas, director of the african carbon exchange, is very pleased to see that this year's service trade will include carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as a key issue. “the service trade fair has become an important global platform, and this platform is helpful for solving global problems.” he said that china has provided an important reference for developing countries to practice green development, and african countries have a strong desire for green economic development. , there is an urgent need for related investment and technology introduction. africa and china have great potential for cooperation in these areas.

"digital technology brings hope to the future"

in his speech at the 2020 service trade conference global service trade summit, president xi jinping emphasized that it is necessary to comply with the development trend of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and work together to eliminate the "digital divide" and promote the digitalization of service trade. the theme of this year's service trade fair is "digital opens up the future, service promotes development". visitors will experience various innovative service products and the latest technologies provided by domestic and foreign enterprises through the service trade fair. in particular, new services centered on the digital economy have received widespread attention from the international community.

yukio kajida, a professor at chuo university in japan, said that in the post-epidemic era, the importance of the digital economy has become more and more prominent. governments and enterprises of various countries are actively promoting the development of the digital economy, and china is at the forefront of this field. this year's service trade fair uses "digitalization" as a key word, which will help promote cooperation and exchanges between global companies in the new situation, and further contribute to global technological innovation, economic development and improvement of people's lives. trade in services will become an important force to promote the recovery of the world economy.

everton monezi said that china’s experience in promoting the application of electronic payment technology is worth learning from latin america. latin american countries are starting to revitalize their economies in order to achieve long-term sustainable development. the service trade fair provides a high-level platform for cooperation between latin america and china, allowing more high-quality latin american companies to enter the chinese market and contribute to the recovery of the world economy.

"digital technology brings hope to the future." susanna gutkovska, acting chief representative of the beijing office of the polish national tourism administration, said that this year's "cloud showroom" at the service trade fair provided them with the opportunity to contact and communicate with their chinese partners. an opportunity for chinese tourists to issue invitations. poland's primorsky province and warsaw tourism organization set up booths in the yunshang exhibition hall to attract visitors. the holding of the service trade fair will help the recovery of the global tourism industry.

karl fei, a professor at the business school of aalto university in finland, believes that china has accumulated a lot of experience in the development of the digital economy. for example, the government provides policy support for enterprises, revitalizes the domestic market for digital services, and supports and encourages innovative companies in this field. share and discuss these experiences with all parties at the service trade conference.

"it is of great significance to the recovery of the world economy"

according to data from the ministry of commerce of china, despite the impact of the epidemic, china's total service imports and exports in 2020 will still exceed rmb 4.5 trillion. in the first half of this year, the added value of china's service industry reached 29.6 trillion yuan, accounting for 55.7% of gdp, providing strong support for the high-quality development of service trade. international sources said that under the background of economic globalization, china's economy is open and inclusive, opening its doors to embrace companies from all over the world, and will contribute wisdom and strength to the deepening of global service trade and investment cooperation.

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as the guest country of this year's service and trade fair, ireland has not only set up exhibition areas for investment, food, health, education, etc., it will also show the unique charm of ireland through ethnic dance performances and movies. four institutions including the irish food board, the trade and technology board, the investment development board, and the tourism board will appear together on the stage of the service trade fair for the first time. fenbar cleary, vice president of the irish-china science and technology exchange association, said that china's total service trade imports may reach us$10 trillion in the next 15 years, which contains huge market opportunities.

mohamed farahart, director of the egyptian pyramid politics and strategic research center, said that the service and trade will build a sound framework for international cooperation, create a healthier business and investment environment, help establish a new operating structure and trade network, and promote service trade. , investment and capital flow.

lu yaoqun, director of the institute of governance and sustainable development of the national university of singapore business school, said that the service trade association is an excellent platform to promote the development of free trade and common prosperity between china, asia and the rest of the world. the service trade association once again confirmed china's long-term commitment to the idea of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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  • ;">qiu weigong, chairman of the thai-china business council of thailand, said that trade can drive the development of various relations between the two countries. "china's national-level exhibition platforms such as the canton fair, the service trade fair, and the china international import expo will serve as a benchmark for trade, and the world economy will benefit from it."

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    tang zhimin said that open and inclusive service trade is also an important part of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement. china has used practical actions to create an open and inclusive environment for cooperation through the holding of service trade fairs and china international import expo. "under the current economic situation, china insists on expanding its opening up to the outside world and leading global cooperation. these measures are of great significance to the recovery of the world economy."

    hanat besek, president of the china association for the promotion of trade in kazakhstan, said that china’s opening to the outside world has evolved from the initial policy preferences to the current institutional opening, which not only benefits the chinese people, but also contributes to the economic development of neighboring countries. significant driving effect.

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    The Insta360 One X was release at the end of 2018 and quickly became the most popular 360 camera. It retained this title through 2019 with many top YouTubers and vloggers seen using the camera. What made the Insta360 One X so popular was its relatively high quality video (compared to other 360 cameras), small size, near perfect stabilization and easy to use editing app.

    insta360 one x review

    Over a year later there have been more than a few new 360 cameras released including the sequel to the One X, the Insta360 One R. The One R took a different direction in terms of design and functionality and is no longer a pure 360 camera. This has some advantages and some drawback. So the question remains; is the Insta360 One X worth looking at in 2020 or are there better options?

    SpecsInsta360 One X
    Aperture F2.8
    • 5.7K @30fps, 24fps, 25fps
    • 4K @50fps, 30fps
    • 3K @ 100fps
    Bit Rate 120MBPS
    • insv (can be exported via App or Studio),
    • mp4 (enable in-camera FlowState Stabilization),
    • supports LOG and HDR videos
    • Standard, 
    • HDR, 
    • Timelapse, 
    • TimeShift,
    • Bullet Time
    Coding H.264
    Audio x 2 Microphone
    Livestream Yes - 4K
    Resolution 18MP
    • Standard
    • HDR
    • Burst
    • Interval
    • Night Shot
    Exposure Modes Auto, Manual (Shutter 1/8000s-120s, ISO 100-3200), Shutter Priority (1/8000s-2s), ISO Priority (100-3200)
    White Balance
    • Auto
    • 2700K
    • 4000K
    • 5000K
    • 6500K
    Waterproof No - Extra Case Required
    Battery 40 Minutes of Video
    Special Features Invisible Selfie Stick, Re-framing App
    Where to BuyInsta360 Website

    Insta360 One X 2020

    Still A Great Video Camera

    The One X is without doubt the 360 camera I used the most over the past 18 months. I’ve travelled to half a dozen countries with this camera and shot some awesome footage. The One X is first and foremost a video camera and although it can also shoot pretty decent quality 360 photos I tend to use the video mode far more.

    The Camera performs best in daylight or overcast conditions, however in direct sunlight you will notice some lens flare and a small red dot in your final video. In the right conditions the video produced by the One X can be very good.

    When I talk about shooting video with the One X I’m usually taking about “re-framed” video, this is where you take 360 video and turn it into a flat video with keyframes. Re-framed video with the One X looks great because of the awesome “flowstate” stabilization software that keeps the One X video super smooth.

    The One X is best used for creating video that’s intended to be viewed on a phone screen. The limited resolution possible with re-framing means that watching One X footage on a large screen won’t be the best experience and the camera (or any other 360 camera) can’t match up to dedicated 4K action cameras in terms of video sharpness.

    Insta360 One X

    Insta360 One X

    Last update was on: 9th September 2021 3:58 am

    One of the most popular 360 cameras out right now. 5.7K resolution, amazing stabilization and cmpact design makes this one of the best action/vlogging cameras ever.

    Another reason the Insta360 One X became so popular is the “invisible selfie stick” effect that the company popularised. While this effect is technically possible with any 360 camera, it’s particularly easy with the One X thanks to its thin body.

    The effect makes it appear as if the camera is floating and allows you to achieve unique shots not possible with other cameras.

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    It’s Not Perfect

    In dark or low light conditions the One X does struggle to produce high quality video. Often you’ll notice a lot of noise which will render the video pretty useless. If shooting video in an area with plenty of  artificial lights the camera can hold up pretty well. Manual mode allows you to adjust for these conditions.

    All of the above still holds true in 2020. In many ways the One X can match up to newer 360 cameras and you’ll likely find it for a significantly lower price. While cameras like the GoPro Max and One R feature superior video quality, the difference isn’t exactly night and day. Both the One R and GoPro Max struggle to maintain the invisible selfie stick effect whereas it’s all but guaranteed with the One X.

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    The App

    What made the One X really worth buying was the amazing One X app which allowed you to quickly edit and reframe your 360 video. When the next generation One R was released early this year a new, even better app was released along side it.

    The new One R app brought even more capabilities including AI editing, auto reframing, advanced tracking, music and color correction. The App has been touted as one of the main reasons to upgrade to the One R, however it turns out the One X is fully compatible with the One R app.

    Being able to use all the One R app features with the One X is a significant boost for the older camera. The difference in video quality between the two is minimal with the main advantage of the One R being its modular design. If you are only interested in shooting 360 then the One X is, in some ways, the more logical choice.

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    Photo’s Hold Up

    When it comes to shooing photos the One X is no slouch either. While it definitely cannot match up to dedicated 360 photography cameras like the Ricoh Theta Z1 it does a very decent job. With the ability to shoot DNG RAW images the One X has the ability to produce great quality photos, if you are willing to dedicate some time to editing.

    Compared to the much newer GoPro Max the One X is actually a much better camera for photography. The Max can’t shoot DNG RAW images and it has less manual mode options.

    So why doesn’t everyone just keep buying the One X? Surely if what I’ve said is true then there can be no real competition. The One X is not a perfect camera and it has some frustrating flaws.

    While the design of the One X makes it pocket-able, easy to use and versatile, the plastic body feel cheap and is easily broken is dropped. The camera isn’t weather or waterproof and the diving case accessory seems to be or poor design. Most annoyingly the battery life is pretty poor with around 40 minutes of shooting on a full charge.

    All of these flaws have been improved upon by newer cameras as has performance in low light situations and while moving. If you buy the One X you’ll need to be well aware of its limitations. I’ve found the camera works best when travelling, riding a bike, as a dash-cam or attached to a helmet while cycling or skiing. These are a new examples of where the camera works best but there are many more possibilities.

    Let’s Summarise this whole post by listing the pros and cons of buying the Insta360 One X right now.

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    Pros and Cons


    • Small & Compact
    • Amazing Stabilization
    • Easy to Edit Video
    • Invisible Selfie Stick Effect
    • Good Quality Video
    • HDR Video
    • DNG RAW Photos


    • Poor Battery Life
    • Cheap Materials
    • Not Waterproof
    • Low-Light Performance Not as Good
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    I do think the Insta360 One X is worth buying in 2020, particularly as its now much cheaper than the competition. The camera has its limitations but I can deal with them and I just don’t feel like the new crop of cameras feel like a big enough upgrade, either because they are too difficult to use or they don’t produce significantly better 360 video.

    The One X can be bought from the Insta360 website and if you use the button below you’ll get a free invisible selfie stick.

    Insta360 One X

    Insta360 One X

    Last update was on: 9th September 2021 3:58 am

    One of the most popular 360 cameras out right now. 5.7K resolution, amazing stabilization and cmpact design makes this one of the best action/vlogging cameras ever.


    The 360 Guy

    Owner of Writer, photographer and videographer. You can see my YouTube channel for guides of how to shoot 360 video. I've written for The Times, Digital Photography School and Sunday Express. 

    Insta360 One X in stock for final clearance sale

    The classic Insta360 One X (reviewed here) is back in stock temporarily!  But there’s a small catch…

    UPDATE: There will be one more production run after this and then the One X will be discontinued.  If you see it out of stock, click on “Sign up for stock notice” beside the “Out of Stock” button to be notified of the final production.

    The Insta360 One X was the most popular 360 camera of 2019, and is one of the most popular 360 cameras of all time.  It had excellent video quality, very good photo quality, excellent stabilization, a complete array of accessories, and a powerful app that had far more features than anything offered by competitors (until the Insta360 One R came along).

    The catch is that you can buy it only as a bundle.  Two bundles are available.

    Adventure Bundle ($429): One bundle is with the Venture Case, extra battery, lens cap, and free charging cradle.  If these accessories are purchased separately, they would cost $443:

    • Insta360 One X – $399
    • Venture Case bundle – originally $84, on sale for $44.

    Dive Case Bundle ($459): The other bundle is with the Dive Case, extra battery and a lens cap.  If these accessories are purchased separately, they would cost $471.

    • Insta360 One X – $399
    • Dive Case bundle originally $124, on sale for $72.

    These deals are available on Insta360’s website, and you’ll get a free battery as well with my affiliate link.  Thanks for using these links to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

    The One X has been one of the best cameras and offers similar image quality to the Insta360 One R 360 mod, with better stitching.   IMHO, I would still choose One R Twin Edition for its touchscreen and versatility (you get a 4K module included).  But if you really do not intend to use the One R 4K mod, here’s your chance to get the classic One X as backup, or if you missed this classic the first time.


    Tagsdealsinsta360insta360 one x


    One x used insta360

    5.7K Video + 18MP Photo

    FlowState Stabilization

    360º Capture

    Cinematic Slow-Mo

    Invisible Selfie Stick

    WiFi Preview & Transfer



    Praise for the Insta360 ONE X

    FlowState Stabilization

    FlowState is as smooth as it gets.

    Traditional action cameras are left shaking.

    Best-In-Class Image Quality

    Look sharp.

    Invisible Selfie Stick

    You. In third-person view.

    Pair the ONE X with our invisible selfie stick and the stick is gone in an instant. You’ve got a flying camera without the noise.


    HDR Mode

    Natural lighting. In every direction.

    High dynamic range shooting means your footage stays true-to-life and true-to-light.

    Drift Shot

    Impossible shots. Made easy.

    Snap into the Drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo from a camera that shoots in every direction at once. You've never seen angles like this before.

    Learn more

    Insta360 Drifter

    Buy Insta360 Drifter >

    1. Aerodynamic body for smooth flying. The tail fins are automatically removed from your shot.

    2. Tailor-fit. Shock-resistant frame.


    Control time. And perspective.

    Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse. All in the app.

    Shoot first. Point later.

    Simple. Stunning. Cinematic editing.

    Reframe the best parts of your shot, and connect them with ultra-smooth camera movements. Then add your favorite music and effects. The ONE X app is an editing room in your pocket. Support for both iOS and Android devices.

    Fully Upgraded App

    Better visuals. Better audio. Better editing.

    ONE X just got better with three all-new features. Color Plus brings out vibrant colors even in tough lighting, True Audio cuts the noise so you can hear the important stuff, and Story Editor puts a powerful editing suite in the palm of your hand.

    Bullet Time

    Be at the heart of the action.

    Slow-mo Bullet Time shots turn heads like nothing else. The ONE X pulls it off in stunning 3K @ 100fps and with a full 360° field of view.


    GPS Smart Remote

    Track your trek.

    Control your ONE X. Record GPS data. Track your journey with on-screen stats like speed, altitude and direction. Then, put your expeditions on the map with one-touch upload to Google Street View.

    Buy GPS Smart Remote >

    No stitching. No waiting. Just start your edit.

    Venture Case

    Rough and ready.

    Ideal as a tough layer of protection for when you're mountain biking, skiing or out and about.

    Buy Venture Case >

    Dive Case

    Go deeper.

    Great for scuba diving and other underwater uses.

    Buy Dive Case >

    The right tools for every adventure.

    Kiteboard Bundle

    Waterproof Housing + Chest Strap + Head Strap


    Jet Ski Bundle

    Waterproof Housing + Chest Strap + Head Strap + Handlebar Mount


    Snow Bundle

    Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount + Extension Pole + Chest Strap Selfie Stick


    Skate Bundle

    Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount + Extension Pole + Chest Strap + Wrist Strap


    Motorcycle Bundle

    Handlebar Mount + Extension Rod + Adhesive Mount


    Mavic Pro Bundle

    Mavic Pro Hang Mount


    Climb Bundle

    Head Strap + Wrist Strap


    Run Bundle

    Selfie Stick + Head Strap + Chest Strap


    Sky Bundle

    Extension Pole + Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount + Selfie Stick + Wrist Strap


    Removable battery

    Ready for the long haul.

    Swap out on the fly and charge up fast with the Dual Battery Charging Dock.

    nonstop shooting

    per battery

    Buy extra battery and dock >

    WiFi Preview & Transfer

    Shoot and transfer in a snap.

    WiFi Transfer

    Cable Transfer

    Outer simplicity. Inner refinement.

    794 individual components, one game-changing camera. The ONE X is precision-crafted for durability, impact-resistance and temperature regulation — all in a featherlight 3.2-ounce body.

    Sleek and seamless.

    An ultra-thin 28mm body doesn't just look good. It keeps the ONE X's dual lenses close together for an immaculate stitch.

    ultra-wide fisheye lenses

    Sony CMOS sensor

    large aperture


    Device specifications

    Aperture: F2.0 Photo resolution: 18 MP (6080*3040) Video resolution: 5760*[email protected], 5760*[email protected], 5760*[email protected], 3840*[email protected], 3840*[email protected], 3008*[email protected] Photo format: insp, jpeg(can be exported via App), RAW(dng) (RAW files require software on PC/Mac to stitch.) Video format: insv, mp4(can be exported via App), LOG (Log files require software on PC/Mac to stitch.) Video coding: H264 Video Bitrate: Up to 100Mbps Stabilization: Built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization Compatible devices: iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE 2 iPad Pro, iPad (2018)

    Click to check Android compatible devices

    Photo & video specifications

    Photo modes: Standard 360 photos, timed 360 photos, HDR 360 photos, interval 360 photos, RAW 360 photos Video modes: Standard 360 video, time-lapse mode, bullet time, HDR video, log 360 video Live-streaming: 360 live-streaming, FreeCapture Live (user controls visual perspective) EV: -3EV~+3EV Exposure modes: Auto, Manual(Shutter 1/8000s-55s, ISO 100-3200), Shutter Priority(1/8000s-2s), ISO Priority(100-3200) WB: Auto, Cloudy, Sunny, Fluorescent, Incandescent


    Color: Black Weight: 90.9g (without battery); 115g (with battery) Dimensions: 115mm x 48mm x 28mm (D x W x H)

    Storage & Connectivity

    Bluetooth: BLE4.0 Wi-Fi: 5G(Standard range of approximately 20 meters) USB: Micro-USB MicroSD Card: Recommends UHS-I V30 speed class, exFAT(FAT64) format; max storage capacity is 256 GB


    Battery Capacity: 1200mAh (5V2A) Charging Method: Micro-USB Charging Time: 100 mins with a 5V2A charger or 60 mins with our Dual Battery Charging Dock Run Time: ONE X lasts roughly 60 mins while shooting 5.7K @30FPS or [email protected] video when it is used independently Use Environment: Standard Battery suitable for 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C); Cold-Weather Battery suitable for -4° F to 86° F (-20° C to 30° C)

    ONE X Bundle now available at Apple.

    INSTA 360 ONE X2 // 5 Things Before You Buy!

    On a black hairy body, white stockings and a slip. Well, you are ready for punishment. Oh yes my Queen.

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