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There's An Easier Way To Carry Heavy Groceries: Use One Of These Folding Carts

When you’re transporting heavy groceries to your car or apartment, the best folding grocery carts can make your shopping trip a whole lot easier. There are a few basic factors to think about to ensure you pick the right one for your needs.

What Size Do You Need?

Folding grocery carts can vary widely in size, so before you buy, make sure to check the volume of the cart’s basket (aka the part that holds your groceries). Similarly, take a look at how much weight the cart can carry designed to carry. (If the manufacturer doesn't list this, you can check the online reviews to get a rough idea.)

If you only need your cart to regularly transport one or two light grocery bags, a small cart that can hold under 2 cubic feet of items should do the trick, and you likely won’t need to worry about how much weight it can carry.

  • If you’re buying more than a couple bags' worth of groceries at a time, you should opt for a cart with a minimum of 2 cubic feet of space in the basket and a weight capacity of over 50 pounds.
  • If you're buying in bulk, look for a cart with closer to 4 cubic feet of space and/or a weight capacity of at least 150 pounds.

Which Features Should You Look For?

Before you settle on a cart to buy, think about which features would make the most sense for your lifestyle.

  • Swivel wheels can make navigating around small stores and living spaces easier.
  • Carts with water-resistant bags or covers can keep your groceries dry in inclement weather.
  • Padded handles can be more comfortable to push or pull over larger distances.
  • Some carts can be converted into a dolly to carry heavy groceries packaged in bulk (such as a case of water bottles or dog food).

Push Or Pull?

Most of the carts I've come across would be categorized as push carts, which means they have four wheels. In these cases, the cart carries all the weight and you just have to push it along. Pull carts, on the other hand, typically have two wheels and are designed to be pulled behind you like a dolly or hand truck.

From a basic folding cart to a hybrid cart-dolly, here are four folding carts that’ll take the strain out of grocery shopping.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The Best Basic Folding Grocery Cart

Interior basket volume: 2.4 cubic feet (it should hold a few grocery bags or more)

Weight capacity: 66 pounds

Weight of cart: About 11 pounds

With slightly under 2.5 cubic feet of space, this Wellmax shopping cart is a reliable option for regular trips to the grocery store. The 3-inch front wheels swivel a full 360 degrees, which allows you to easily turn it and maneuver it around sharp corners. The 7-inch rear wheels snap on and off for convenient storage. The cart also has a foam handle to give your hands some padding as you push it along.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Love the swivel wheels and the cushy grip. I love the collapsible capability as I can put it into the back of my SUV. Sure helps with making one trip with my groceries from my car to apartment. Very lightweight and easy to maneuver. High quality materials used. I've had carts before and this one is the best I've used.”


The Best Small Grocery Cart

Interior basket volume: 1.75 cubic feet (it should hold one or two grocery bags)

Weight capacity: Not specified

Weight of cart: About 7 pounds

With under 2 cubic feet of space in the basket, the Whitmor Utility Shopping Cart is ideal for light shopping runs. It has a foam handle and wheels that snap on and off for compact storage. When snapped on, the wheels are fixed in place, rather than swiveling, which means it can be a challenge to turn the cart when it's full — but it gets easier to navigate with practice, according to reviewers.

While the weight capacity isn't specified by the manufacturer, the frame is made of sturdy steel. The cart requires a bit of assembly upon delivery, but reviewers noted that the process is easy and just takes a few minutes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This shopping cart is the perfect size for a small load of groceries that’s too heavy to carry [...] it has been a lifesaver for an apartment dweller who needs to haul stuff from the car to the elevator and down a long hall! Would recommend it!”


The Best Large Cart For Heavy Groceries

Interior basket volume: 3.7 cubic feet (it should hold several grocery bags)

Weight capacity: 120 pounds

Weight of cart: About 9 pounds

The Original VersaCart is the perfect push cart for carrying lots of heavy groceries. All of its wheels are doubled up for extra stability, and the front wheels swivel to give you a good range of movement. Rather than a bar to hold, you'll find two thick easy-grip handles for steering. And instead of caged metal sides, the basket is made of a detachable poly-blend canvas bag. The bag is water-resistant to protect your groceries, and it comes with a cover (not pictured in the photo) you can place over the top of the basket to shield your purchases from rain or sun.

The cart is very lightweight for the amount of groceries it can hold — it clocks in at just around 9 pounds. On top of that, it's available in three colors: black, blue, and red.

Positive Amazon review: “I actually love this cart. The cart holds TONS of groceries, so much so that I can fill up an entire standard grocery cart at the store and then bring the groceries up to my apartment in one load. [...] Like others have said, the cart folds up really nicely and [...] I never have to think about how I'm going to get the stuff to my apartment. The cart makes everything easy.”


The Best Pull Cart That Doubles As A Dolly

Interior basket dimensions: 1.9 cubic feet with the bag (it should hold a bag or two of very heavy items)

Weight capacity: 250 pounds

Weight of cart: 7.4 pounds

The dbest products Bigger Trolley Dolly is a little different from the other carts because it serves a dual purpose: You can use it as a grocery cart or you can remove the bag and use it as a dolly. The bag itself doesn't have a ton of space — just under 2 cubic feet — but the cart has two oversized wheels and an impressive weight capacity of 250 pounds, making it a great option for transporting items packaged in bulk. The cart's bag is made of a weatherproof material to protect your groceries, and it features eight compartments (including a beverage holder that'll help you stay hydrated during long shopping trips).

The Bigger Trolley Dolly comes in 15 cute colors and patterns, ranging from the bright yellow featured above to a blue paisley pattern to a solid black.

Positive Amazon review: “This product is so versatile and easy to use. I use it to transport groceries from the market, cardboard down to the basement, packages to Post Office, and I even sometimes bungie my laundry basket to it when I've got a heavy load. I keep a bungie wrapped around it at all times. Never know when you might need it!”


Goplus Jumbo Folding Shopping Cart, with Double Basket and Swivel Wheels, Utility Cart for Grocery Laundry Book Luggage Travel

User-friendly Wheels Design

Front Metal Caster Swivel Wheels provide a sturdy and easily maneuverable degree rotation, large Rubber rear wheels let you handle any condition with ease. The tread on our shopping cart wheels makes it perfect to navigate on sidewalks, streets, through store aisles, or even on grass.

Sapce-Saving Design

The Lightweight Shopping Cart can be folded flat for easy storage. You can carry it for camping, shopping or anywhere you go.

Large Storage Space

The dimensions of our shopping cart is &#; x&#; x 40&#;(L x W x H), it also includes the extra back basket, it allows you to keep your purse, jacket, umbrella, diaper bag or other personal items right in front of you for easy access and secure storage.

Meet Most kind of Daily Transport Purposes

This lightweight and sturdy folding utility cart is ideal for anyone on the go. Perfect for urban and city living, day to day grocery runs, laundry pickup, or everyday hauling.

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