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90 Astonishing Bird Tattoos

Here are the best bird tattoos. Human beings have always been fascinated by birds because of their ability to fly. Bird tattoos has been around since ancient times. There are thousands of bird species with all positive meanings  and representation. The popular ones are eagles, sparrows, swallows, ravens, crows, owls, humming birds and a lot more. There are also mythical birds that are also popular in tattoos such as the phoenix, which represents beauty, grace, longevity, rebirth, power and strength.

Aside from their positive meanings, birds are great designs for tattoos because of their vibrant colors that will look astonishing on the human skin.

Take a look at our 90 Astonishing Bird Tattoos and see for yourself why they will never go out of style:


1. Mythical bird

It looks nice when a bird tattoo is combined with flowers such as cherry blossoms.


2. 3 blue birds

Cute 3 little blue birds, just like the song.


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3. Simple bird

Pardon me if I can’t name all the bird tattoos  on this list. This one is pretty and simple.


4. Foot tattoos

90 Astonishing Bird Tattoos

Originally posted by ƐMMA

5. Love birds tattoos

Small and simple.


6. Blue paisley bird tattoo

Nice tattoo for those who like the Bohemian theme.


7. Back piece tattoo

I like this tattoo, it looks symbolic. It could probably mean a lot to the owner.


8. Origami

This watercolor effect origami is so adorable!


9. Love birds and heart tattoo

Traditional tattoos are great for bird tattoos and  designs.


10. Swallow tattoos

Back in the old days, swallow tattoos were popular to the sailors who have traveled long distances. Its meaning is similar with the sparrow tattoo as well.


11. Zentangled Humming bird

This is a very nice tattoo inspiration. You might want to print this one up.


12. Fat humming bird

This fattie bird is a cuttie.


13. Laced and paisley design

For someone who likes laces and paisley.


14. Small bird tattoo

I’m loving the details of this tiny bird tattoo.


15.Birds outside the cage

I don’t know what this means.


16. Black bird


17. Fighting

90 Astonishing Bird Tattoos

Originally posted by t0fer

The details are very good for these bird tattoos.


18. Bird arm tattoo


19. Swallows

The swallows also represent love and loyalty. The swallow will always go back to its mate.


20. Yanina Viland birds

She is one of my favorite new tattoo artists. I like her designs very much.


21. Arm tattoo

22. Back piece tattoo

I like the splash of color of this tattoo. It looks so natural.


23. Magnificent colors

The colors of these tattoos are amazing. It looks so alive. Goes great with the fair skin.


24. Eagle tattoo

Eagle tattoos come with all great representation: strength, wisdom, power and spirituality. This is the reason why you often see it on sigils, logos and brands.

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25. Bird with dreamcatcher tattoo


26. Bird on a teacup tattoo

90 Astonishing Bird Tattoos

Originally posted by Steph

This is so cute and like its effect.


27. Nape tattoo


28. Beautiful blue bird tattoo

Loving this art. This is something I would consider having as well. So smooth and fresh looking.


29. Chest eagle tattoo

I have the exact same design for my tattoo. I think my tattoo artist took it from this photo.


30. Hawk tattoo

I give this tattoo a 2 thumbs up.


31. Mythical bird

The bird’s feet are missing. Her tail feathers are longer than her wings.


32. Bird sketch tattoo

Kick ass tattoo especially for a lady.


33. Phoenix tattoo



34. Humming bird wrist tattoos

They look so light and smooth. Humming birds are the cutest!


35. Swallow flying down


36. Friendship tattoos

Now here’s one of the best way to show long lasting friendship bond, getting matching tattoos!


37. Bird rib tattoo


38. Bird back piece tattoo

Here’s a bit of a bird tribal design tattoo. Looks great in black. But if it were me, I’d get it with red ink.


39. Large bird tattoo

If you’ve noticed from this post, most large piece tattoos are from women. Nope, it wasn’t on purpose.


40. Tribal tattoo


41. Black and grey


42. Bird Tattoos and flower tattoo

I think it’s a mandala symbol with the bird.


43. Bird and flowers


44. Something’s missing here

This one has too many colors that it made the uncolored parts look empty. Want more bird tattoos?


45. Peacock tattoo

The peacock is a magnificent bird, it looks so grand.


46. Grey birds


47. Nice bird

More colors please!


48. Raven


49. Crow bird tattoos

Look familiar? That’s because you often see this on fairy tale movies. One example is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, second is Sleeping Beauty. They say that crows are the witches’ spy.


50. Vintage looking art

This is also on top of my list. I really love every detail and how it looks like a vintage art. So beautiful!


51. Bird and stars tattoo



52. Free

Some people also symbolizes birds for freedom, it’s sad to see caged birds though.


53. Blue bird

This bird looks feisty yet adorable.


54. Bird with the face of woman tattoo

Weird , right?


55. Weird tattoo

Here’s another weird but still pretty tattoo of a bird with hands.


56. Outline

All black and still amazing.


57. Realistic tattoo

It’s hard to believe that this is actually a real tattoo.


58. Leg tattoo

The orange and blue inks look great on this tattoo.


59. Asian art


60. Bird wrist tattoos


61. This person obviously loves birds

I can tell by the design that he picked for his/her tattoo, don’t ya think?

62. Traditional style

63. Bird skeleton


64. Vulture


65. Belly tattoos

I hope it will stay like that forever.


66. Geometrical


67. Small and simple

Small and simple is not always so bad.


68. Green humming bird


69. Strange bird

Such a cute crown this little birdy has.


70. Soaring


71. Back piece


72. Cool bird tattoo


73. Humming birds

When one is not enough, get more!


74. Jazzy bird

This is a nice one in traditional category.


75. 2 birds

2 birds with cute feet.


76. Beautiful Bohemian bird!


77. Vintage bird


78. Bird in a web


79. Birds and flowers tattoo


80. Blue and orange bird


81. Colorful owl tattoo

This owl tattoo is impressively beautiful. Men love to put tattoos on their chest.


82. Identical birds each lap

I’m not sure if that’s a great idea. It’s a very nice tattoo but they screwed up the placement.


83. Adorable bird and flower tattoos

I like the expression of the birds face. Here, it looks like it’s caught in trouble.


84. Black bird


85. Sparrow in black and grey


86. Hip tattoo

The placement is funny though.


87. Charming bird


88. Sophisticated Bird

I’m laughing at the caption that I just made. This bird is cute and looks smart.


89. Bird with a branch

90. Bird on foot tattoo


All the birds have different and similar representation, and if you want to get one, I would suggest that you research about it. Every bird have different characteristics and colors. Most of them have positive meanings except for a few such as the vultures and crow, I guess. You can have them placed anywhere you like.





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90 Astonishing Bird Tattoos

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22 Bird Tattoo Ideas for Every Aesthetic

01of 22

Realistic Hummingbird Tattoo

Realistic hummingbird tattoos require a lot of shading, but they’re able to remain feeling light thanks to the delicate nature of the bird itself. Ask your artist to use gradient shading to add dimension to the design as well.

02of 22

Hummingbird Tattoo With Varied Line Thicknesses

Hummingbirds have a very distinct shape (and beak!), so it’s easy to re-create it using fewer lines. This watercolor hummingbird design uses a variety of line thicknesses to create the shape of the bird overtop vivid hues.

03of 22

Minimal Dove Tattoo

Birds are easily broken down into their basic elements for line art or abstract tattoos, and doves in particular are no different. If you like simple ink, choose a design that utilizes the smallest number of lines possible without losing the dove’s image.

04of 22

Line Art Hummingbird Tattoo

If you prefer the most minimalist of minimal tattoos, try a line art hummingbird design. This tattoo seems to be created out of one single line, but manages to nail the major elements to translate the bird through the style.

05of 22

Watercolor Background Bird Tattoo

To keep focus on the birds in your tattoo rather than the watercolor elements, keep the splashes to a minimum and use blackwork for the birds. This will make the bird elements pop against the background while keeping both in focus.

06of 22

Thin-Lined American Traditional Bird Tattoo

While traditional tattooing is known for its heavy lines, what really makes it that style is the arrangement of lines and the posing of the elements. This bird uses thin lines and no color but still manages to portray the American traditional style.

07of 22

Vivid Geometric Bird Tattoo

Geometric tattoos don’t have to be done in all black ink! If you want to use color, try using colors to denote where the elements sit in terms of background and foreground. For a real pop, make the middle element the brightest color.

08of 22

Basic Shapes Bird Tattoo

If you want a more minimal geometric tattoo, use thin lines to keep it delicate and minimize the amount of detail in each of the elements. This ink uses basic shapes, like circles and straight lines, and creates the bird focal point out of only a thin outline to make for a minimal and delicate tattoo.

09of 22

Double Swallow Tattoo

Swallows are the most common bird type in traditional tattoos, and they’re often seen in pairs. If you like the idea of double swallows, consider getting them in separate areas—like the hands or the ankles—where they can both stand alone and together.

10of 22

Brightly Colored Hummingbird Tattoo

While hummingbirds are found in nature, don’t feel confined to natural colors when designing your tattoo. Try opting for vivid colors, like purple and green, that you like, rather than what’s expected.

11of 22

Birds on a Branch Tattoo

Minimal tattoos look best when the lines are delicate and simple without losing the actual image they’re creating. While this tattoo features super-thin outlines and simple shapes, it still manages to get across the image of two birds on a branch.

12of 22

Personal Bird Tattoo

If your bird tattoo means something special to you, try adding personal elements, like a name or phrase, to connect it to you even more. Choose a font that complements the style of your ink, such as how the cursive here looks beautiful against the watercolor background.

13of 22

Paper Crane Tattoo

Paper cranes are a well-known origami shape and have a deep connection to good fortune and desire. These also make for good tattoos, as they utilize simple geometric elements that still look like a complete bird—just with a bit of additional symbolism.

14of 22

Mosaic Bird Tattoo

Don’t feel confined to black outlined designs if you want something geometric. For a more unique and colorful tattoo, create your bird design out of a number of vividly hued shapes rather than lines.

15of 22

Negative Space Hummingbird Tattoo

For a more abstract design, try inking only the most important parts of the hummingbird: the beak, head, wings, and tail. Leaving a lot of negative space may feel like you’re breaking up the design, but it will actually play into the more abstract feel.

16of 22

Sketched Watercolor Bird Tattoo

Because watercolor tattoos tend to utilize a lot of purposely placed but random-looking splashes of color, mimic that style in your bird outline as well. This tattoo uses sketch-looking lines that aren’t super precise to give the foreground image that artistic feel as well.

17of 22

Bird Silhouette Tattoo

Sometimes the simplest things make the most impact! This tattoo features a small, blackwork bird placed at the top of a tall, thin tree, which draws your eye up to the animal.

18of 22

Shoulder Bird Tattoo

Birds are a common symbol in traditional tattooing, and despite having a bold style, they can be placed anywhere and easily toned down to fit your style or the area. This bird is on the shoulder, which pops, but its minimal style also keeps it feeling light.

19of 22

Geometric Background Bird Tattoo

A geometric bird tattoo doesn’t have to be fully created out of shapes or lines to give off the style. Instead, try using shapes and crisp lines as the background to a more typical style of tattoo.

20of 22

Owl Tattoo

If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your design without making the entire thing feel like a cartoon, pick one element of the tattoo to emphasize. While this owl ink uses thin, curved lines, the large, cartoon-like eyes are what make the piece feel fun but not over-the-top.

21of 22

Dove & Rose Tattoo

To lighten up a dove tattoo with heavy black outlines that may feel a bit dark, consider using white ink to lighten it up and add dimension. Placing other light or bright elements, like the rose pictured here, may help as well.

22of 22

Dove & Moon Tattoo

Doves tend to be a sign of peace, but they also hold a lot of femininity in their image. To play up that element of the bird, try adding other feminine elements, like the moon.

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125 Adorable Bird Tattoo Designs For The Bird Lover

If you are looking for a bird tattoo, then you have come to the right place. Bird tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos designs available. They have been around for a hundred years in various forms for people to choose from.

Back in the day the only time you ever saw bird tattoos were on the arm of a sailor or a fisherman but times certainly have changed. Both men and women are sporting bird tattoos in many different forms. They are becoming more popular because of their artistic design. They come in many shapes and styles and can be implemented into any tattoo design. If you are looking for something spiritual or inspirational, then the bird tattoo is perfect as it’s always been seen as a strong metaphor for human life and human emotions. They symbolize the many phases of our lives.

Human feelings and emotions are often depicted through bird designs. Divine love, faith, devotion, and humanity are things that are often depicted through a bird tattoo. The dove is a popular bird choice that often depicts all these sentiments. The cockerel and the partridge are also popular bird choices for tattoos.

If you are looking for the kind of tattoo that symbolizes marital bliss than the goose is an excellent choice for that. The reason the goose is often a great choice is because these birds are known to mate for life, and that’s exactly what we want when we enter into a marriage. If you are focusing more on a nautical design but you want some bird elements to it them a swallow or a parrot would be a good choice for a tattoo. The thing we love most about birds is their natural ability to fly. It’s something that we are jealous of because we can’t do the same thing. Many people believe that there is some symbolism to the bird’s ability to fly. They believe that it’s a symbol of a human’s soul journeying from their current life to their afterlife.

A flying bird is symbolic that life should not be taken too seriously because anything is permanent in the world, there is always something to it. A flying bird is a symbol that souls are free spirits that transcend. They are beautiful examples of divine beauty and eternal hope. Many cultures and religions use the bird design as symbols for their own beliefs.

Whether you want a bird tattoo because of some symbolic meaning or just because it looks really cool, it’s all up to you. There are many different bird designs that you can choose from that come in many shapes and sizes.

1. Gorgeous Peacock

This stunning peacock design leaves you with a rather large bird. It makes a great ribcage tattoo though the bird itself looks a little ruffled.


2. Peacock Love

Another example of a peacock design, this one is on the arm. Peacocks are classically great choices because they are beautiful birds, even without color.


3. Bird on a Wire

These three silhouette birds are sitting on a wire. It’s a different image if you want something like that.


4. Geometric Designs

This is an unusual design as it appears as if the bird is dead in the design. There could be some meaning behind the design, but it’s unusual nonetheless.


5. Blue Birds

These stunning birds look great together; the color is dazzling.


6. Crazy Crow

An unusual design that has a crow trapped within some puzzle pieces.


7. Tree of Life

In this tattoo design, there are birds flying away from the tree of life.


8. Flying Away

Birds flying is symbolic of life transferring to another place. This tattoo could be about remembering a loved one passing away. The personal message is also a nice touch.


9. The Hummingbird

A sleeve design that has the hummingbird as a focal point.


10. The Owl

This owl looks like an abstract painting; even the one eye is just a screw. It’s an unusual design with a lot of colors.


11. Toucan Sam

If you like Toucan’s, then you are sure to love this colorful design. The bright colors are the best part of the design.


12. Unique Birds

I cannot say enough good things about this unique tattoo design. It’s original and creative and the colors just blow you away.


13. Birds in a Line

These four birds are flying together in a line. It’s a unique design that is a simple creature.


14. Geometric Bird

This insane design is really remarkable. If you want a really cool tattoo design that is going to make people speechless than look no further than this tattoo. It’s amazing in detail and doesn’t require any color.


15. Colorful Peacock

This beautiful peacock looks amazing in all the bright colors. It’s a large tattoo if that’s what you’re looking for.


16. Fierce Eagle

If you are looking for a strong design, then check out this fierce eagle with talons bared.


17. Jeweled Owl

A great owl with a lot of detail. The colors are extraordinary, and it is personalized with a name.


18. Mysterious Image

This image of the woods is a little creepy, something you might imagine seeing in a horror movie. Between the forest and the flying birds it gives you a strange feeling.


19. Birds of a Feather

These birds are literally coming apart from feathers. It’s a creative design for someone who is looking for something different. I love the beautiful design because of it’s originality.


20. A Sparrow

This sparrow fits nicely on the foot.



21. Flying Phoenix

Another example of a phoenix tattoo, this one looks as if it’s ready for flight.



22. Bird Scratches

A simple design that is made up of a few scratches. A simple design for someone who wants a small tattoo.


23. Painted Crow

This stunning crow is not only fierce, but it looks like it was painted on. I love the striking purple color of the tattoo; it really pops off the skin.


24. Beautiful Birds

These beautiful birds look great together amongst the flowers.


25. Origami Birds

These birds appear as if they might be kites flying in the wind. They are great designs if you are looking for something different.


26. Blue Bird 

This stunning blue bird has an old-fashioned feeling to it. A great design for the shoulder.


27. Four Birds

A simple design and yet a beautiful one.


28. Shoulder Birds

This is a great tattoo design for the shoulder as it just sits nicely on top. A small tattoo but a beautiful one.


29. Detailed Bird

I love this sketch of the bird as it doesn’t even look like a tattoo. There is a lot of detail to the design which makes for a great tattoo.


30. Stunning Painting

I love these splattered designs because they resemble splotches of paint. The colors are always amazing as well.


31. Like a Drawing

This drawing of a bird was made into a tattoo. There is an amazing detail to it and makes a great sleeve.


32. Bird in a Cage

These great designs look great for the thigh, especially when you add in the great color.


33. Sprinkling Feather

A detailed feather with some birds flying out of the feather. It’s an original design that you are sure to love.


34. Neck Birds

Multiple birds are flying around the back of the neck. I love these designs they are unique.


35. Bird Geometrics

Another really cool looking geometric tattoo. The symbols and shapes go really well with the bird design.


36. Making Their Way

These birds are flying up and down throughout the sky.


37. Small Bird

If you are looking for a small design, then try this one out. It fits snugly on the wrist and isn’t distracting.


38. Wings Spread

This small tattoo design could be symbolic of spreading your wings through life.


39. On the Wrist

An elegant design with the birds flying along the wrist in a loop.


40. Friends Together

This tattoo could be representing friendship when two people get together.


41. Floral Design

A stunning tattoo of a bird with a floral design on the inside. It’s a unique way of representing many passions.



42. Owl Designs

An unusual owl design but a creative tattoo.


43. Howling Birds

A unique design that has a wolf howling and birds coming out. It’s a beautiful image for someone who enjoys animals.


44. Splashes of Origami

Another example of the paint splashes design that I love. These birds are origami images and the colors really make the tattoo stand out.


45. Like a Painting

I love this design because it doesn’t look anything like a tattoo, which makes it truly unique.


46. A Statement of Freedom

This tattoo is all about freedom and what better animal to represent that than a bird?


47. Owl in a Mirror

A small design of an owl inside a mirror.


48. Looking Away

These birds have their eye on something, is it good or bad?


49. A Bird Sitting

A simple design for the wrist, a bird sitting.


50. Flying on the Wrist

A great tattoo design if you are looking for something small.


51. Shoulder Crow

A very dark and mysterious design. You have to love it as it would be impossible to cover up. I love how the wing goes the whole length of the arm.


52. Side Silhouettes

These sexy silhouettes may be the perfect ribcage tattoo for you.


53. A Colorful Flock

The great thing about this flock of birds is the color choice. It really stands out compared to the black designs. I love how the color changes as well.


54. Neck Bird

This bird design looks amazing on the back of the neck.


55. Shoulder Designs

These flying birds look great on the front of the shoulder and collarbone area. It’s an amazing design.


56. They Come Together

A stylish tattoo design that is only complete when your hands are together. A  truly original design.


57. Bird Sleeve

This sleeve design has a bird amongst the branches. You even get to see some fruit.


58. Flying the Back

A stunning design that has birds flying across the girls back. I love the design because it speaks of freedom.


59. A Robin

A large bird that has a lot of detail. It’s a great overall design.



60. A Bird’s Eye View

This is a very unusual design that obviously has a message behind it. I love the bird on the eye of the girl. The rest of the design elements tell their own story. What story does it tell you?


61. Bird in Pieces

A four-piece bird image that has the ability to give me the creeps.


62. Multiple Bird Tattoo Designs

There are two different bird tattoos on the body. The owl design is rather large and bright. The eyes of the owl look like headlights. The other bird design is much smaller in front of a red sun.


63. A Personal Message

A sunflower with a message as well as some birds with a message.


64. Twisted Crow

This crow has a twisted neck, one that has an unusual angle.


65. Small Tattoo

A small tattoo that sits alongside the waistline, a sweet design.


66. Patchwork Art

This amazing design looks like patchwork art. The colors are quite beautiful together.


67. Stunning Creation

A rather large design that takes up the entire upper half of the arm. There are many different colors involved that look amazing.


68. Painted On

Stunning pictures that look like pieces of art. The colors are quite incredible, and it looks like a smudge design with paint.


69. Outlines for Birds

A simple outline of a bird for your hand.


70. Abstract Art

This bird’s wings are fluttering like crazy as if the bird is trying to get away as fast as possible. The colors are bright and beautiful, an amazing design. It’s a large tattoo on the chest and the tattoo us incredible.


71. Free Birds

On the one hand there is an open cage and on the other is birds flying free.


72. Soaring Bird

One single bird is soaring across her arm.


73. Unique Owl

This amazing owl design is large and very striking. The eyes are mesmerizing and look as if it might be out of a Wizards book.






















Top 60+ Best Small Bird Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Small bird tattoos are emblematic of both old and new school approaches to body art. 

For old school collectors, birds are often symbolic designs etched with great care and hidden away from a casual glance.  

For new tattoo lovers their bird tattoo can be bold, bright, and realistically depicted practically anywhere on the body to emphasize beauty and movement. 

Check out the top 61 small bird tattoo ideas to get a glimpse of the versatility for bird tattoo designs and concepts. No matter what your style mix and sensibilities are, you’ll find great inspiration for a future tattoo design. 

1. Watercolor Small Bird Tattoo Ideas

Small Bird Rib Tattoos Mewmiranda

Source: @mewmiranda via Instagram

Small Bird Hand Wrist Tattoos Theculttattoo

Source: @theculttattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Ankle Tattoos Artemis Tattoostudio

Source: @artemis_tattoostudio via Instagram

Colored Small Bird Tattoos Mohammed Unoose

Source: @mohammed_unoose via Instagram

2. Ankle and Foot Small Bird Tattoo Ideas

Small Bird Ankle Tattoos Colinwhitfieldtattoos

Source: @colinwhitfieldtattoos via Instagram

Small Bird Ankle Tattoos Maddiemorrill Art

Source: @maddiemorrill_art via Instagram

Small Bird Ankle Tattoos Ronanfostertattoo

Source: @ronanfostertattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Ankle Tattoos Tissotattoo

Source: @tissotattoo via Instagram

3. Black and Gray Small Bird Tattoo Ideas

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos

Source: via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Studioinkwell

Source: @studioinkwell via Instagram
Source: @charlottetraceytattoo via Instagram


Black Small Bird Tattoos Alicia Casale

Source: @alicia_casale via Instagram

Black Small Bird Tattoos Khansaqadeer

Source: @khansaqadeer via Instagram

Black Small Bird Tattoos Loloartsplus

Source: @loloartsplus via Instagram

Black Small Bird Tattoos Memorial Fields

Source: @memorial_fields via Instagram

Black Small Bird Tattoos Rachbtattoo

Source: @rachbtattoo via Instagram

Black Small Bird Tattoos Zaim Tattoo

Source: @zaim_tattoo via Instagram

4. Colorful Small Bird Tattoo Designs

Colored Small Bird Tattoos

Source: via Instagram

Colored Small Bird Tattoos Fts Tattoo

Source: @fts_tattoo via Instagram

Colored Small Bird Tattoos Spookyscarysketchbook

Source: @spookyscarysketchbook via Instagram

Colored Small Bird Tattoos Twisearcher85

Source: @twisearcher85 via Instagram
Source: @michelmammitattoo via Instagram

Colored Small Bird Tattoos Twocabz

Source: @twocabz via Instagram

Colored Small Bird Tattoos Uvitattoo

Source: @uvitattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Robinveira

Source: @robinveira via Instagram

5. Fine Line Single Needle Small Bird Tattoos

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos Erikdamasco

Source: @erikdamasco via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Anneliefransson

Source: @anneliefransson via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Brionyvictoriatattoo

Source: @brionyvictoriatattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Dinna.tattooer

Source: @dinna.tattooer via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Moran Tattoos

Source: @moran_tattoos via Instagram

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos Melro Art

Source: via Instagram

6. Animal Realism Small Bird Tattoos

Black Small Bird Tattoos Kristinn M

Source: @_kristinn_m via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos North88ink

Source: @north88ink via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Picsola

Source: @picsola via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos Popeye Loves Olive Tattoos

Source: @popeye_loves_olive_tattoos via Instagram

Colored Small Bird Tattoos Rafatat2 M4l

Source: @rafatat2_m4l via Instagram

Small Bird Rib Tattoos Wawatatu

Source: @wawatatu via Instagram

7. Rib and Side Small Bird Tattoo Ideas

Small Bird Rib Tattoos 9room Tattoo

Source: @9room_tattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Rib Tattoos Gmoney23

Source: @gmoney23 via Instagram

Small Bird Rib Tattoos Jessicapaigetattoos

Source: @jessicapaigetattoos via Instagram

Small Bird Rib Tattoos Maiko.only

Source: @maiko.only via Instagram


Small Bird Rib Tattoos Portobellotattoo

Source: @portobellotattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Rib Tattoos Prianatatink

Source: @prianatatink via Instagram

Small Bird Rib Tattoos smithtattoo

Source: @smithtattoo via Instagram

 8. Small Bird Shoulder Body Art

Small Bird Shoulder Tattoos Jnelson Art

Source: @jnelson art via Instagram

Small Bird Shoulder Tattoos Lucy Tatts

Source: @lucy_tatts via Instagram

Small Bird Shoulder Tattoos Rowenas Tattoo Art

Source: @rowenas tattoo art via Instagram

Small Bird Shoulder Tattoos Tattoobyjenny

Source: @tattoobyjenny via Instagram

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos Tattoomer

Source: @tattoomer via Instagram

9. Small Bird Tattoos for the Upper Arm

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos Anna Doman Tattoo

Source: @anna_doman_tattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos Ginjimtattoo

Source: @ginjimtattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos

Source: via Instagram

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos Katieetattooist

Source: @katieetattooist via Instagram

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos Maaikes Skinart

Source: @maaikes_skinart via Instagram

Small Bird Upperarm Tattoos

Source: via Instagram

Small Bird Forearm Tattoos

Source: via Instagram

10. Small Bird Wrist and Hand Tattoo Designs

Small Bird Hand Wrist Tattoos Fifiloutattoo

Source: @fifiloutattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Hand Wrist Tattoos Helen Tinc Etherington

Source: @helen_tinc_etherington via Instagram

Small Bird Hand Wrist Tattoos Jijetattoo

Source: @jijetattoo via Instagram

Small Bird Hand Wrist Tattoos May Inked

Source: @may_inked via Instagram

Small Bird Hand Wrist Tattoos Nicholasleetattoo

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11. Silhouette Small Bird Tattoos

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Small Bird Tattoo FAQs

Which birds are popular choices for small tattoos? 

There are numerous species popular for use in small bird tattoos. Some of these include: 

  • The hummingbird represents positivity and is most often associated with symbols of good luck, joy, freedom and optimism 
  • The swallow is a traditional sailors’ tattoo linked with renewal, hope, growth and the start of a new chapter, and was also a sign that landfall had been reached 
  • The owl symbolizes wisdom, but is sometimes thought of as an omen of approaching death 
  • The dove has symbolized peace and prosperity from pre-biblical times  
  • Crows are associated with darkness, the Underworld, and the occult, but also intelligence and dreams/visions 

Also, in the US birds linked to educational institutions or sporting teams are popular design choices, such as the cardinal, raven, or eagle. 

What is the difference between swallow and sparrow tattoos?  

Both birds are popular in neo traditional and American traditional small tattoo art. Swallows are streamlined with bright coloring, while sparrows are more rounded and stockier with brown plumage. 

In terms of meaning and symbolism the sparrow is still an auspicious omen but has no connection to nautical history, while swallows represent some of the tattoo world’s oldest symbolic designs – they were often a sign that a seafarer had travelled over 5000 miles on ocean voyages. 

What does a silhouetted flock of birds tattoo symbolize? 

Birds are tremendous tattoo examples of an individual’s wish to soar and be free. Often, a simple yet effective way to express this freedom in tattoo is to show a flock of birds in flight or at rest (such as on a wire).  

Silhouettes are utilized as an application feature to fully realize the idea of freedom and movement without having to display heavy details in an otherwise small design, which works from both a cost control and style standpoint. 

Where should I place my small bird tattoo? 

Small bird tattoos are highly effective for just about any kind of placement. They look great when given the illusion of movement along a collector’s forearm, or at rest across the wrist. 

There’s a good mix of traditional tattoo positioning – upper arms, back, lower legs, chest – and the more visible spots such as the hands, wrist, ribs, neck and collarbone area. 

Did you enjoy these small bird tattoo ideas? If you’re looking for more bird related tattoo inspiration in a variety of styles then click on the gallery links below:


Tattoo ideas bird

Bird tattoos are popular because they are so versatile. They are found in lots of different cultures and suit lots of different tattoo styles. Birds symbolize independence and freedom, as well as peace, optimism and happiness.

Read on to get some inspiration for your new bird tattoo and discover the unique meaning of the different birds. From elegant cranes to delicate swallows and powerful vultures, we have the inspiration for you.

60+ Best Bird Tattoo Design Ideas And What They Mean

Dove Tattoos

Dove Tattoos Meaning 1
Dove Tattoos Meaning 2
Dove Tattoos Meaning 3

In Christianity, the dove holding the olive branch symbolizes peace and harmony. The dove is also seen as a symbol for victory, love and peace. In the story of Noah’s ark, the dove represents new beginnings and starting over.

Doves mate for life and are known for taking care of their families. Many people get a dove tattoo to represent their commitment to their partner and their family.

Hummingbird Tattoos

Hummingbird Tattoos Meaning 1
Hummingbird Tattoos Meaning 2

This bird tattoo is popular with people who have gone through hardships in their life. The hummingbird symbolizes good luck and recovery.  Hummingbirds are also thought to bring good luck and positive energy.

Hummingbirds are always on the go, symbolizing hard work and unfailing effort. This bird is often associated with freedom as they travel independently and for long distances.

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Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoos Meaning 1
Owl Tattoos Meaning 2
Owl Tattoos Meaning 3

The owl is associated with lots of different civilizations through time and all over the world. Many cultures believe that owls are protectors and guardians of the dead. For the Greeks and Native Americans, owls symbolized wisdom.

Several cultures believe that the owl would accompany the soul into the afterlife. Owls are also associated with magic, astral projections and mystery. Owls are also connected to medicine, the weather, and death.

Parrot Tattoos

Parrot Tattoos Meaning 1
Parrot Tattoos Meaning 2
Parrot Tattoos Meaning 3

This bright and colorful bird is a favorite for many people. They come in lots of bold and pretty color, making them the ideal bird tattoo design. Not just a bright, fun design, they are one of the most intelligent birds on the planet.

Parrots famously imitate other animals; they can mimic human speech and form simple sentence. Parrots are amazing communicators, are very sociable and can easily solve problems. These birds represent playfulness, wit, and friendliness.

Bird of Paradise Tattoo

Bird of Paradise Tattoo Meaning 1
Bird of Paradise Tattoo Meaning 2
Bird of Paradise Tattoo Meaning 3

Birds of paradise of one of the most popular bird tattoos. One of the reasons is because of how beautiful they are with their bright colors and elegant shapes. According to mythology, birds of paradise descend from heaven and never land on earth.

Popularly worn by African tribes, birds of paradise represent grace and elegance. They are connected to heaven and hell.

Did you know:

The bird of paradise is also a plant that is bright in color and is shaped like an exotic bird.

Peacock Tattoo

Peacock Tattoo Meaning 1
Peacock Tattoo Meaning 2
Peacock Tattoo Meaning 3

A peacock tattoo holds a lot of symbolism and has lots of representations. In Christianity, the peacock is a symbol of resurrection. In Buddhism, the peacock represents expansive consciousness. Peacocks, with their bold jewel tone shades, represents hope, belief, and optimism.

In some cultures, this bird is a symbol of royalty and glory, associated with guidance, nobility, and protection. The peacock was the vehicle for the Hindi goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Peacock feathers were also used in the crown of kings and queens. Now, peacocks are better associated with confidence and flirtatious behavior.

Did you know:

NBC has used a peacock logo since 1956. It has been the main network logo since 1986.

Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Meaning 1
Eagle Tattoo Meaning 2
Eagle Tattoo Meaning 3

The eagle symbolizes power, wisdom, and spirituality. More recently, this bird has become associated with America. As seen on the arms and flag of the USA, it is a symbol of courage and focus.

In Ancient Greece, eagles were a symbol of masculinity and virility. In native American culture, eagles are considered the messenger of gods due to their ability to fly high over the mountain without being harmed by the sun.

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Vulture Tattoo

Vulture Tattoo Meaning 1
Vulture Tattoo Meaning 2
Vulture Tattoo Meaning 3

Vultures are power birds of prey who represent resourcefulness, no matter the circumstances. Fierce and sometimes villainous, they are magnificent and formidable. They have distinctive features that make the perfect body art statement.

The ancient Mayans believed vultures hovered over the dead and could bring them back to life. They have a bad reputation for being near death, but in fact they are intelligent, loyal and provide for their family.

Crow Tattoo

Crow Tattoo Meaning 1
Crow Tattoo Meaning 2
Crow Tattoo Meaning 3

The crow has become an omen for death and conflict. A solitary crown can be a bad luck omen and a crow cawing three times predicts death. Crows are also associated with witches as spells throughout Europe.

In Chinese and Japanese culture, a crow symbolizes love and is a solar symbol. In North American culture, the crow is a spirit guide and a messenger of the prophets. They represent future, wisdom and love, but in other cultures they are a bad omen.

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Robin Tattoo

Robin Tattoo Meaning 1
Robin Tattoo Meaning 2
Robin Tattoo Meaning 3

This cute little bird tattoo can represent both death and rebirth. In Europe, robins are associated with storms and are a harbinger of death. When a robin taps on the window it symbolizes the death of a loved one.

Native Americans believed that robins with a sign of the angels. They represent courtship, home, and family. This is because they stick close to the ground and like to hunt near humans. Robins have a love red and orange color, no matter what they mean to you.

Swallow Tattoo

Swallow Tattoo Meaning 1
Swallow Tattoo Meaning 2
Swallow Tattoo Meaning 3

Popular with sailor tattoos, the swallow is thought to represent a departed person’s soul. This little bird symbolizes happiness, grace, and peace. Because swallows travel long distances every year, adventurers get them inked to represent homecoming and safe travels.

Swallows are also associated with Spring, bringing awakening and renewal. In Egyptian literature, the swallow is associated with new love, as it represents hope and rebirth.

Did you know:

In legend, a tattoo of a single swallow symbolized that the wearer had travelled five thousand nautical miles.

Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo Meaning 1
Phoenix Tattoo Meaning 2
Phoenix Tattoo Meaning 3

The phoenix is one of the most recognized symbols of rebirth and renewal. This mythical bird rises from the ashes and regenerates. This idea is appealing to someone who has survived or live through a difficult event or period of their life.

Getting a phoenix tattoo symbolizes resurrection, courage, and grace. It could be tattooed to represent what you have overcome, or as a remind that you will rise again from the ashes of the current difficult period of your time.

Did you know:

Norman Keith, who is better known as Sailor Jerry created the most popular swallow tattoo design.

Jaybird Tattoos

Jaybird Tattoos Meaning 1
Jaybird Tattoos Meaning 2
Jaybird Tattoos Meaning 3

The jaybird is usually a gorgeous blue color and makes a very pretty tattoo. Jaybirds are associated with good luck, happiness, and good fortune. This bird species is famed for protecting its young and its family.

Jays are sociable creatures and good communicators. The native Americans believed the blue jay was a symbol of clarity and represented pure heart, soul, and mind.

Crane Tattoo

Crane Tattoo Meaning 1
Crane Tattoo Meaning 2
Crane Tattoo Meaning 3

Cranes carry great importance in China and Japan, where they are believed to bring good future. They are often folded into wedding kimonos, as they will bring a lucky union. During World War II, cranes became a symbol of peace and hope in Japan.

A crane tattoo symbolizes grace, peace, and wisdom. In Ancient Greece, the crane was admired for its endurance and organization skills as it is one of the few birds that fly non-stop between destinations.

Blackbird Tattoo

Blackbird Tattoo Meaning 1
Blackbird Tattoo Meaning 2
Blackbird Tattoo Meaning 3

Blackbird tattoos represent intelligence and potential. In some cultures, blackbirds are associated with the afterlife and are viewed as messengers of death. Other people get blackbird tattoos in tribute to The Beatles’ song.

Blackbirds are a representation of a high path of knowing, whilst black is considered the color of potential. Blackbird tattoos symbolize higher thought, higher ideas, and intelligence.

Three Little Bird Tattoos

Three Little Bird Tattoos 2
Three Little Bird Tattoos 3

Inspired by Bob Marley’s uplifting song, three little birds represent positivity and eliminating negativities from your life. It’s a powerful statement that celebrates a fantastic musical artist and a good message to live by.

Birds flying together also symbolizes freedom and the feeling of not be constrained. Many see birds flying together as an empowering image. A group of birds also represent family and friendship. In numerology, three means to give joy.

Geometric Bird Tattoos

Geometric Bird Tattoos 1
Geometric Bird Tattoos 2
Geometric Bird Tattoos 3

Geometric bird tattoos are a unique way to express your love of the winged animals. No matter which bird you feel connected to, it will make an attractive geometric tattoo.

A geometric bird tattoo creates the form of a bird by using several lines or geometric shapes. They are generally created with a black outline and can be filled in with various colors and shapes.

New School Bird Tattoo

New School Bird Tattoo 1
New School Bird Tattoo 2
New School Bird Tattoo 3

New school bird tattoos are bold, vibrant and attention seeking. Because birds have naturally bright colors and their features can be exaggerated, they make the ideal new school tattoo. Although new school evolves with the trend, it is famed for the lack of blue lines, replaced by heavy saturated primary colors.

New school bird tattoos can have exaggerated features that make them look like cartoon characters. They can also be given human features that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Did you know:

Tattoo artist Marcus Pacheco is thought to have popularized new school tattooing.

Traditional Bird Tattoo

Traditional Bird Tattoo 1
Traditional Bird Tattoo 2
Traditional Bird Tattoo 3

Traditional style bird tattoos have bold lines and bright colors. Based on classic sailor tattoo designs, birds make the ideal traditional tattoo. Striking and timeless, they involve bold black outlines and saturated primary shades.

Bird tattoos in this traditional Americana style are usually accompanied by roses, skulls, or images of people. Swallows are the most common traditional bird tattoo, but this style can be applied to everything from flamingos to parrots.

Watercolor Bird Tattoos

Watercolor Bird Tattoos Meaning 1
Watercolor Bird Tattoos Meaning 2
Watercolor Bird Tattoos Meaning 3

Because so many birds have such beautiful colors, embrace that by getting a watercolor bird tattoo. This versatile tattoo style can capture the movement of a little bird, ideal for animals like a hummingbird who are also on the move.

Choose from a range of colors from light pastels to big bright shades. Watercolor tattooists can add a black outline, or have the design only made from colors.

Bird Tattoo: More FAQ

Which Celebrities Have Bird Tattoos?

Bird tattoos are very common with celebrities. Many have this design to celebrate their freedom, or to signify an important part of their life. Here are just some of the many celebrities who have a bird tattoo.

Julia Michaels has a bird in flight, inked by London Reese, on her upper left arm. Iggy Azalea added a pair of kookaburra birds to her sleeve tattoo, they are native to her homeland of Australia. Noah Cyrus inked a thunderbird tattoo on her right ring finger to celebrate her Cherokee heritage.

Rihanna has a large Egyptian falcon inked on her ankle. It was inspired by the fact these falcons were carved into the walls as tribute to the king in the sky. Singer Adele has a large tattoo of flying birds on her back. Florence Welch honored her friend, with a bird and heart tattooed on her forearm.

Actress Dakota Johnson has a tattoo of three birds in flight on her right shoulder. Sarah Hyland has a hummingbird tattoo behind her ear to represent independence and resilience. Zoe Kravitz has a flying eagle tattooed on the back of her right forearm and doves on the back of her neck.

Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey has a big red bird tattoo on the right side of her back alongside cherry blossoms. Christina Ricci has a swallow tattoo on her right breast and Lea Michele a small bird on her hip to represent freedom.

Comedian Margaret Cho has a bold tattoo on her left upper arm of a bird with the body of a phoenix and purple peacock feathers as the tail. Drew Barrymore has an outline of a bird tattooed on her right forearm and Emma Stone chose to get bird’s footprints on her wrest in tribute to her mom’s favorite song “Blackbird”.

Singer Paloma Faith is famous for the two large birds flying on her back and shoulder. The late Amy Winehouse had a bird on a branch alongside the words “Never Clip My Wings.” This design is now used for her charity logo.

What Bands Have Bird Logos?

People like to get tattoos to represent their favorite bands. Some bands have bird related logos that make the perfect tattoo.

Rock band Queen have a logo which combines the zodiac signs of all four members: two lions for the two Leos, a crab for Cancer, and two fairies for Virgo. This is alongside a crown and a huge phoenix. It is inspired by the British royal coat of arms.

Bayside have a well-loved bird sat on a branch for their logo. It was inspired by wallpaper and has become a symbol of strength for both the band and their fans.

What bands have bird logos 1

The Wu Tang Clan logo is a stylized W that resembles a bird. The logo is usually in either yellow or black and has become a popular tattoo for fans of the band.

What bands have bird logos 2

Iconic punk band The Ramones have one of the most recognizable logos in rock and roll. Based on the American presidential seal, it features an eagle holding a baseball bat with its talons and an olive branch in the other talon.

What bands have bird logos 3

What Do Flying Bird Tattoos Mean?

What do flying bird tattoos mean 1
What do flying bird tattoos mean 2
What do flying bird tattoos mean 3

Birds in flight represent freedom and independence. Birds are free to travel wherever they want, something many of us are envious of. Flying birds are also thought to represent the link between heaven and earth. A tattoo of a bird in flight also symbolizes that nothing in permanent in the world, we are all free spirits.

What Does A Birdcage Tattoo Mean?

What does a birdcage tattoo mean 1
What does a birdcage tattoo mean 2
What does a birdcage tattoo mean 3

A birdcage tattoo represents the idea that someone is fully trapped. A bird inside the cage represents the feeling of being confined. A birdcage that is open is more positive. It can represent freedoms and new beginners.

Birdcages can also be seen as something to protect us from things or people that may do us harm. So, a birdcage isn’t always a bad thing, it could symbolize a safe place.

What Do The Bird Tattoos In Divergent Mean?

Popular with fans of the Divergent book and film series are tattoos that match their favorite characters, many of which are bird related.

Tri has a tattoo of three ravens on her collarbone, this represents each of her members of the family she has left behind. Tori has a black and white hawk with red eyes on the back of her neck. The hawk symbolizes the sun in their ancient world and is there to remind her of the fears she must overcome.

What do the bird tattoos in Divergent mean 1
What do the bird tattoos in Divergent mean 2

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Best bird tattoo ideas--Beautiful flying bird tattoos for girls

Birds are the very embodiment of nature and they possess a range of distinct qualities that we humans aspire to have and/or portray to the world. Humanity’s love for birds has been on since time immemorial and it’s even more manifest today.

It’s not uncommon to find someone with a bird-inspired tattoo on the shoulder, arm, back, neck or even thigh, and each bird tattoo design does symbolize a certain human value or trait.


What Makes Bird Tattoos for Women Popular

When walking on the streets or searching online for tattoo designs, chances are, you’ll bump into many women with bird-inspired tattoos. But why is that? It’s because most bird tattoos are delicate, very attractive and bring out certain specific traits inherent to women.

Regardless of how tiny it is or where it’s placed, a typical bird tattoo on a woman will always inspire a great deal of beauty and attraction. However, the tattoo, in its very design, may symbolize freedom, nobility, beauty, love or elegance.

Many women also fall in love with bird tattoo designs because most of them tend to be minimalistic yet deep in terms of meaning. With a plethora of bird species in this planet, all with different traits, one can never lack ideas on which bird to have tattooed on the skin. And that’s what has inspired many women to get bird tattoos on their bodies.

Bird Tattoo Interpretations

The meaning of any bird tattoo is largely defined by a bird’s species, its personality traits and the design the wearer chooses to adopt. Any given tattoo design is basically meant to bring out one’s personality or attitude. While some bird tattoo designs may be spiritual, others may come out as philosophical. It all comes down to the artist’s or wearer’s creativity.

Here is a quick look at the meanings of some of the popular bird tattoos:


Doves are depicted in the Holy Bible as emissaries of peace and love. Doves have been mentioned in numerous occasions in bible stories touching on key persons like Noah and John the Baptist. The dove, in each of the stories inspires hope, spreads love and teaches people of God’s grace. Apart from bringing out the spiritual symbolism, a dove tattoo may also represent purity, gentleness and femininity.


An eagle is known throughout history as a bird that majestically flies high and boasts of great power when it comes to hunting its prey. A typical eagle tattoo may represent strength, power, wisdom and spirituality. While it’s a common tattoo design among men, there are women who still wear it.


The hummingbird symbol was greatly used by the ancient Aztecs in making talismans, which were believed to bestow strength and vitality to the wearer. In the Caribbean, more particularly in Jamaica, the hummingbird symbolizes beauty, grace and love. It’s even included in monetary notes and official state documents. A hummingbird tattoo may represent passion, energy and vitality.


Despite its small size, a lark still manages to touch humanity with its beauty and spiritualism. It’s among the most popular designs worn by tattoo enthusiasts in Europe. The bird symbolizes the coming of dawn, good fortune and the rise of great opportunities.


An owl is a bird that possess multiple personalities. It’s insightful, wise yet mysterious at the same time. It’s also dreaded as a harbinger of death and misfortune. An owl tattoo may represent the ability to understand the mysteries of life and the urge to continuously seek knowledge and truth


These are by far the most used bird tattoo designs by women. You can always feel free to try out creative tattoos inspired by other birds like peacock, swan, crane, swallow, raven, ostrich and more. When well crafted, these tattoos can inspire beauty in women and bring out deeper meanings in a more vibrant manner. There can be no better way of expressing your personality or attitude than getting a bird tattoo.

Admirable Examples of Bird Tattoos for Women


Simple and elegant, this bird tattoo sits upon the back of your shoulder. It features a flock of birds flying in a straight line from the shoulder towards the nape of the neck. Completed in a black color, this design contrasts well with the skin.


Featuring patterned imagery, this tattoo combines a bird, nature and the moon. Done in black, the design has a branch emerging out of a Crescent moon made of small leaves. A small bird perches upon the branch looking out. It is definitely one of the tattoo ideas for women that targets nature lovers.


Colorful, vibrant and large, this tattoo features a yellow-breasted Chat sitting in a bunch of flowers. There are small, red petals all around it. The design has a 3 dimensional appearance and fits well right above the waist. It is a highly decorative tattoo.


Completed in the urban, watercolor style, this bird tattoo design is both colorful and attractive. It features a blue hummingbird in flight. Surrounding it are poppy flowers resplendent in red. Small and eye-catching, this tattoo can be drawn on various spots of the body.


Large, colorful, beautiful and quite realistic, this tattoo is definitely for the bold. With its subject being a phoenix, it is a fantastic tattoo signifying rebirth. It is drawn on the hip and flies horizontally. With a few leaves, branches and flowers forming the background, it is an amazing artistic image.


bird-tattoos-06.jotion, this tattoo is ideal for the back of your shoulder. It shows a Common Yellowthroat in flight with wings outstretched. The tattoo is done in a combination of 3 dimensional and watercolor styles. Featuring yellow, teal, white and black, it is a colorful design.


Sweet and simple are the words to describe this tattoo. Small in size, it shows a light-blue hummingbird in flight. The artist has done a great job of depicting the lightning-fast flaps of the bird’s wings. It is a superb bird tattoos for girls to have on one side of your chest.


This tattoo is done in the classic black and grey style of art. It shows a Yellow-breasted Chat sitting in a group of blooming flowers. The bird blends in with the flowers such that it seems to camouflage among them. It is a suitable option for those who love nature.


Highly colorful, this is a tattoo of a brilliant blue hummingbird in full flight. With its head tilted slightly to the right, it seems to be looking down at its next flower. The bird has a maroon chest with the color extending to its tail-feathers. Also, the tattoo is placed high on the back between the shoulder-blades.


This is a dainty tattoo of a little bird. Drawn on the arm, it shows the bird standing upright, ready to fly. Within it, there are blue, red and white colors all blended in together. This bird tattoos for women is simple with no background material.


Aptly drawn on the ankle, this tattoo shows a flock of three hummingbirds flying together. The tattoo is colorful and each bird has a different color. The first is purple, the second green and the third light-blue. The bird tattoos idea is well placed and convey a fun attitude.


Done in brilliant color, this is a tattoo of a bluebird sitting on a branch. It is small in size and the bird has its wings outstretched. The body art is done in full color. Thus, the bird has vivid blue wings and a white chest while it sits on a brown branch.


With the combination of a flower and a hummingbird, this tattoo represents nature vividly. The small tattoo is done in color. Thus, you can clearly see the light orange color of the flower and the blue feathers on the bird.


Hummingbirds are a popular subject for bird tattoos ideas. Small in size and situated on the shoulder, this one shows a hummingbird in flight. The bird is vividly blue in color with a white chest and brown throat.


Completed in an Aztec pattern, this tattoo is colorful and geometric at the same time. Large in size, it is located on the entire calf and shows a hummingbird flying. The bird has a blue body and pink wings. Furthermore, it is surrounded by red cross designs.


Large in size and colorful too, this tattoo shows a hummingbird feeding. The blue bird’s narrow beak is deep in some pink flowers in search of nectar. The design is big and covers the area above the hip on one side of the body.


Done in black and grey, this tattoo is small and shows a bird amid some leaves, flowers and branches. It has been drawn on one side of the ribs. Thus, it is discreetly positioned and delivers a natural appearance too.


This tattoo has been drawn in a brilliant watercolor style. It has a combination of various colors such as blue, yellow, pink, black and white too. It shows a flying hummingbird sipping nectar from a yellow flower. Large in size, the art occupies the left shoulder-blade.


Drawn on the foot, this is a colorful tattoo of a hummingbird. It is small and shows the blue bird flying among some flowers. The tattoo is urban and completed in the watercolor art style too. The background features vivid, purple flowers.


Featuring a minimalist design, this tattoo shows a thin line of birds flying in a straight line. The tattoo runs from the upper arm to the wrist. The bird tattoo ideas are done in black ink and are visible only from up-close inspection.


This is a simple tattoo drawn on the ankle. It shows a small flock of birds flying towards a branch. A pair of birds has already settled on the branch too. Interestingly, the branch is actually the extended line from a word on the foot.


Done on the feet, this compound tattoo shows two birds in full flight. One of the birds is blue in color while the other is read. When the feet are placed together, the bird tattoos seem to swooping in towards each other.


This is a tattoo of a crow perched on a branch. It has been drawn in deep black color and has a Gothic design. The crow seems to be observing something on the ground from its perch high in the branches.


Large, vivid and 3 dimensional, this is a dramatic, black and grey tattoo of 2 crows in their nest. Drawn on the entire back, the tattoo shows the crows in detail. One is sitting in the nest while the other is flying towards it. The nest is made up of branches and flowers.


Drawn on the left shoulder-blade, this is a tattoo of a crow landing. The birds’ wings are outstretched while its legs are ready to support its weight upon descent. The tattoo is large and has dramatic, artistic blot styling to it.


With a blue finch as its centerpiece, this bird tattoo depicts an attractive, natural setting. Drawn on the back, the tattoo has flowers, bushes and shrubs too. The bird is decorated in blue while the rest of the image is done in black and grey.


This tattoo shows a crow in full flight. With a creative twist to the image, one of the bird’s wings is depicted as a forest while the other is natural. The tattoo is large and takes up space from the middle of the back to the edge of the right shoulder.


Very colorful, this tattoo shows a crow in flight preparing to land. The tattoo is drawn in blue with pink hues in the background. Represented in the watercolor style of art, the design is situated high on the left shoulder right below the collarbone.


A pair of crow tattoos are displayed here. Large, black and drawn on each wrist, they are accurate depictions of the black-feathered bird. Hints of white and grey add realism to these bird tattoos for girls. Furthermore, they stand alone with no background on them.


Resplendent across the back, this tattoo design features two crows in flight. One of them is drawn on the shoulder while the other flies across the back on the opposite side. The tattoo is done in black and grey hues which bring out their natural appearance.


Done in amazing 3 dimensional depiction, this tattoo shows an owl with its wings outstretched. The tattoo is done across the diaphragm area with great attention to detail. Furthermore, its natural appeal is further enhanced by a green hue amid its black and grey feathers.


With a characteristic storybook appearance, this tattoo depicts a red robin. The bird is sitting on a loop of flowers ready to fly. Its chest is colored in rich red, orange and yellow colors. Furthermore, its back is completed in pastel grey resulting in a classic example of bird tattoo ideas.


Drawn up the left side of the back, this tattoo shows a robin in full flight. The image is drawn in black and grey colors. Furthermore, the bird seems to be perching on a bunch of flowers. It is a glamorous bird design.


Situated high up on the back of the right shoulder, this tattoo shows a hummingbird in flight. With soft lines and a flowery background, the tattoo has a fairytale appearance. The drooping branches and flowers add character to the bird tattoo design.


Drawn in long, vivid lines, this black and grey tattoo clearly depicts the elegance of the robin in flight. The tattoo is medium sized and drawn on the upper, left shoulder. Part of its body is made up of cursive words while a combination of lines make up its background.


A blue finch sits pretty on the shoulder in this tattoo. Featuring impressive line-work, the tattoo brings the image to life through application of shadow and background. The design sits on a few ears of wheat that add depth to the image.


With simple lines and a dash of yellow, this tattoo shows a robin. The color is applied on the bird’s full chest. Furthermore, swooping lines make up its wings while a little branch indicates its perch. Having been drawn in a position where it is preparing to take flight, the bird gives a dramatic bird tattoos idea.


Ever so simple, this is a colorful rendering of an owl. It is small and has been drawn on the upper hip. The owl has been drawn using vivid colors such as red, blue and white. Some shadow has been added in black on its chest to deliver realism.


Accurately drawn on the ankle, this is a tattoo of a finch in flight. Featuring Aztec nuances, the image is geometrically accurate. The bird’s wings spread wide towards the calf while the bird seems to be landing on the foot. It is a large tattoo drawn in black and grey.


Drawn in abstract art, this tattoo shows a swallow in full flight. The bird is made up of black, orange, yellow and red patterns. They swirl and dip to form the outline of the bird. It is a large type of bird tattoos on the back of the left shoulder.


Big, colorful and interesting, this design is distinctive and appealing. Completed in full color, it features a large group of flowers, leaves and twigs with a little bird intertwined within. The tattoo covers the entire space from the upper shoulder to the elbow in a graceful, classic way.


Drawn on the upper part of the forearm, this image is colorful and enticing. It shows a peacock surrounded by colorful and geometric shapes. The peacock’s tail extends from the tattoo right into the wrist area. This makes it more attractive as a bird tattoo for women.


Done entirely in black and grey, this is a large tattoo of a flying owl. The bird straddles the shoulder blades from one side to the other. It is realistic and has shadow throughout to boost realism. Furthermore, the bird’s wing tips extend to the front part of the shoulder too.


Drawn in the classic, colorful style, this tattoo shows a yellow robin sitting amid a bunch of flowers. It is sitting on a twig with the flowers behind and in front of it. The bird is vividly colored in yellow, blue and pink.


Drawn with soft lines and dot-work in black and grey, this tattoo shows a robin sitting on a twig. Little flowers emerge around it for realism purposes. Furthermore, layering and shadow have been added for a 3 dimensional touch to this tattoo ideas for women.


Situated on the right shoulder blade, this tattoo shows a blue bird sitting on a tree branch in Fall. The bird’s color contrasts brilliantly with the skin and red leaves too. Furthermore, the branches extend down the back and towards its middle to give a realistic appearance.


Simple and minimalist, this tattoo shows a geometric flamingo. The bird stands majestically on the right side of the rib cage. The tattoo is large and contains a series of lines showing texture. Furthermore, the bird’s thin legs are drawn as straight lines forming a symbolic number ‘4’.


Sweet and simplistic, this tattoo shows a bird sitting on a leafy branch. It has been drawn on the left, upper shoulder. Furthermore, the branches are also drawn on the opposite shoulder. This is to depict a real, woody environment.


Highly realistic and drawn with a color scheme reminiscent of the 1960’s, this tattoo shows a pair of swallows in flight. These birdie tattoos ideas are drawn attractively using colors such as white, brown and grey. One of them holds a twig with flowers in its beak which delivers a nice touch.


Done mostly in vivid red ink, this small, dainty tattoo expresses bird flight in true color. The tattoo is of average size and located on the left rib cage. The bird has shadow in and around it for an extra 3 dimensional appearance.

Bibiano Wenceslao


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