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September 29 Zodiac, September 29 Zodiac Sign, 29 September Star Sign, September 29th Zodiac, Sep 29 Zodiac Sign, 29 September Zodiac Sign, 29th September Star Sign, September 29 Star Sign, September 29 Sign, September 29th Zodiac Sign, September 29 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality Compatibility, Birthday Personality September 29 Zodiac, What Sign Is September 29, Born On 29 September, 29 September Birthday, What Zodiac Sign Is September 29

September 29 Zodiac, September 29 Zodiac Sign
The 29th of September is a day filled with tangible goals, aspirations, and abilities. A nostalgic tone pervades this reflection on the onset of autumn; it brings on both high-and-low emotional waves while also pulling our emotional ties to the past into the open until we are ready to cope with them and allow life to move along as it naturally does. The people born are dreamers and idealists, yet they often conceal their sensitive nature behind a logical demeanor and manner of speech.
1- September 29 Zodiac Sign –Libra
2- September 29 Birthday Zodiac Sign Symbol – The Scales
3- September 29 Born Zodiac Sign Ruling Planet – Venus
4- Libra Zodiac Sign Detriment – Aries
5- September 29 Birthday Zodiac Sign Lucky Gemstone – Diamond, Sapphire, And Emerald
6- September 29 Birthday Zodiac Sign Lucky Color – Yellow, Blue, And Green
7- September 29 Birthday Zodiac Sign Lucky Days – Monday, Wednesday, And Friday
8- September 29 Birthday Zodiac Sign Lucky Metal – Silver
9- September 29 Born Strengths – Participatory, Gentle, Helpful, Social
10- September 29 Born Weaknesses – Not Serious, Stubborn, Uncertain, And Dissatisfied

11- September 29 Born Compatibility For Marriage – Best – Gemini, Leo, And Aquarius, Good – Libra And Sagittarius
12- September 29 Born Business Partner – Aquarius
13- September 29 Born Best Guide – Gemini
14- September 29 Zodiac Sign Lucky Alphabet – G, S, K, And C
15- September 29 Zodiac Sign Eventful Years – 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, And 69
16- September 29 Zodiac Sign Career, Best Profession – Chemists, Painters, Salesmen, Writers, Engineers, Transportation, And Receptionist.
17- September 29 Zodiac Sign Numerology (29) 11 Master Number – Strong Mental Ability, Full Of Energy, Rich In Talents, Conscious, Philosophical, Spiritual Knowledge, Balanced.
18- September 29 Zodiac Sign Modality (Cardinal Quality) – Action, Dynamic, Initiative, Great Force
19- September 29 Zodiac Sign In One Word – Love
20- September 29 Zodiac Sign Shape – A Curvy Line

21- September 29 Birthday Lucky Numbers – 6, 9, 11, 19, and 21
22- September 29 Birthday Motto – All Is Well, Right Here, Right Now.
23- September 29 Birthday House – 7th House
House Title – House Of Balance
House Interpretation – Partnerships, Marriage And Business Matters, Diplomacy, Agreements, Contracts And All Things Official. Equilibrium.
24- September 29 Birthday Compatibility
Auspicious – Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius People
Successful – Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius People
Suitable – Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces People
Not Favorable – Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn People
25- September 29 Zodiac Sign Libra Element ( Air Element ) – Fickleness, Determination, And Intelligence
Element Superior Compatibility – Air Element ( Gemini, Libra And Aquarius ) And Fire Element ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius )
Element Friend – Water Element ( Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces )
Element Less Compatibility – Earth Element ( Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn )
26- September 29 Zodiac Sign Likes – Harmony, Gentleness, Sharing With Other People, The Exterior.
27- September 29 Zodiac Sign Dislikes – Violence, Injustice, Loudmouths, Conformity.
28- Libra Zodiac Sign Tarot Card – Justice

September 29 Zodiac Sign Overview, September 29 Birthday Overview
Libras born on September 29 are sensitive individuals who thrive on secrecy. They communicate well on a one-to-one level but struggle in bigger groups. They possess the classic Libra charm but may lack the confidence to display it. Nevertheless, they have an incredible amount of ingenuity. They admire others’ experiences and frequently attribute their achievement to the assistance of a mentor.
September 29 Birthday Zodiac Sign – Libra
Your personality as a Libra born on September 29th is defined by your polished diplomacy, romanticism, and inventiveness. You are most at ease in a group situation, and it is group harmony that you are most committed to preserving. You are willing to make significant efforts to restore equilibrium in both your friendships and personal relationships, which may require personal sacrifices on your part. You bring a fresh and inventive perspective to many aspects of life, which is greatly appreciated.

September 29 Zodiac Sign Birthday Element
Your element is air, and as a Libra, you are the only sign in the zodiac with a cardinal relationship to air. When your inquisitive and knowledge-driven nature is uncovered, the influence of air on your personality becomes obvious. As though sparked by a strong breeze, you sense a surge of curiosity within you. Air’s influence is what motivates you to be a proactive self-starter. Embracing the attributes of air will aid in future achievement. However, air does have certain negative characteristics, including an unemotional and socially aloof state.
September 29 Zodiac Sign Birthday Planetary Influence
Venus is the sign’s ruling planet, but you experience a double dosage of Venus’s enigmatic influence due to your birth in the first Decan, or a portion, of the sign. First, as the planet of harmony, Venus is responsible for your exceptional sensitivity and appreciation for beauty. You bring creativity and attention to your surroundings, constantly creating an aesthetically beautiful house and wardrobe. Second, Venus has a very significant influence on romantic relationships. While you may be hesitant to commit, you are a romantic at heart and will seize every opportunity to display your affection for your lover.

September 29 Zodiac Sign Personality, September 29 Birthday Personality
People born on the 29th of September, in particular, are expected to be very naturally intuitive and resourceful, with plenty of the traditional Libran charm thrown in for good measure. Our Moon is the reigning astrological planet for this particular day, and she bestows upon you a kind and fair temperament that strives to be respectful of the ideas of those around you. This birthdate indicates that you have a strong appreciation for the beauty and wonders of nature and creative imagination, and a finely observant and perceptive intellect. Your willingness to cooperate, as well as your ability to negotiate, make you an excellent listener with a lot of empathy. You are intelligent, ideological, and practical, and you like to keep yourself busy and organized. However, you are emotionally fragile, and you seem to be constantly seeking stability. A person’s birthday falls on September the twenty-ninth, and while they are just as charismatic and trendy as the rest of their zodiac group, they are not quite as confident. You have an unselfish and loving attitude, yet you can also be intolerant, grumpy, and pessimistic at times as well.
September 29 Zodiac Sign Positive Traits
They are sensitive to their surroundings and the ambient flow, and they are openhearted, empathic, and understand what a group of people requires to unwind and heal around the linking theme.
September 29 Zodiac Sign Negative Traits
Those feeling lost, vulnerable around others, and caught in defense systems that are difficult to grasp may turn to psychoactive substance misuse and other ways of anesthetizing their higher mind if they do not find a sufficient system of emotional support.

September 29 Zodiac Sign Love And Emotions, September 29 Birthday in Love
In the process of integrating their highly emotional nature with the world of connection and romance, they may slip one too many times while attempting to think of proper ways to behave or remove oneself sufficiently to avoid being wounded. When they are terrified or secluded, or if they try too hard to swallow their emotions and pretend to be enjoying therapy that they aren’t, they might get quite lonely to connect fully. At the same time, away from what is considered “normal” and drifting away in their inner world, people must first believe their hearts’ awareness that they are here to light the way.
Because of their lack of faith and impure emotions, we can expect disappointments and strange contacts, platonic relationships that bite into their egos, or deception and parallel bonds to satisfy the core of their needs, which are vast and unusual for the systems to which they are being taught to belong. Therefore, they must develop and adjust their perception until they can see the truth clearly and believe in their feelings before believing in any external system of moral standards or religious beliefs. The moment they begin to recognize the faith that has been firmly ingrained in their Soul, they will be able to connect with the perfect person through the pure power of Divine Love.

September 29 Zodiac Sign Family, September 29 Birthday Family
People born on September 29 may find themselves recovering from their family life after years of emotional alienation. In addition, people born on this date are protective of their children, often resulting from their own traumatic childhood experiences. As a result, they may have difficulty affording their children the emotional space they require to develop.
September 29 Zodiac Sign Health, September 29 Birthday Health
Inconsistency in health and fitness routines is a problem for both men and women on September 29. A regimen is initiated with great enthusiasm but abandoned as soon as the initial excitement wears off. In addition, people born on this date are partner-oriented, and they may perform better on a fitness program if they participate with a friend.

September 29 Zodiac Sign Career, September 29 Birthday Career
Teaching is a common career choice for people born on the twenty-ninth of September since you look to have high regard for learning and a constant desire to learn new things. Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge is frequently a vital element of pursuing a desired job path. In addition, you possess several business-oriented abilities, which may lead you to choose self-employment at some point in the future. Because of your high levels of practicality, you are willing to try out various careers to locate your ideal occupation for you. Financial issues are extremely infrequent because you are not typically motivated by money and are skilled at budgeting efficiently.
September 29 Zodiac Sign Dreams And Objectives
Individuals born on September 29 possess a calm tenacity that aids them in achieving their objectives. As teens, individuals may have difficulty discriminating between their aspirations and their fantasies. They must learn to be more self-sufficient in their interpersonal relationships. These men and women genuinely come into their own when they realize how much power they have.

September 29 Birthday Lucky Flowers
Rose is the symbolic flower for Libra natives born today.
September 29 Birthday Lucky Plants
Lavender is the lucky plant for guys born on this date.
September 29 Birthday Lucky Animals
The hamster is the lucky animal for those celebrating their birthday today.
September 29 Birthday Lucky Tarot Card
The High Priestess is the lucky tarot card for this birth date.
September 29 Birthday Lucky Sabian Symbol
The Sabian symbol for these guys is “A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From Hawks.”

September 29 Historical Events
1- A regular army with a strength of several hundred men was constituted for the first time by the Department of War of the United States of America in 1789.
2- The Metropolitan Police Service of London was established in 1829.
3- The first practical public electric tramway, which opened in 1885, was inaugurated.
4- Transmission of the first black-owned and operated television station began in Michigan on this day in 1975.
5- The asteroid 4179 Toutatis passed past the Earth in 2004, passing within four lunar distances of the planet.
6- 2007 – The world’s first commercial nuclear power station is wrecked in a carefully orchestrated explosion.

Famous People Born On 29 September
1- Erika Eleniak (Sep 29, 1969) – Actress, United States
2- Michelangelo Antonioni (Sep 29, 1912) – Writer, Director, Scriptwriter, Italy
3- Ki-Duk Kim 1934 (Sep 29, 1934) – Director, Professor, South Korea
4- Anita Ekberg (Sep 29, 1931) – Actress, Sweden
5- Lech Walesa (Sep 29, 1943) – Actor, Poland
6- Silvio Berlusconi (Sep 29, 1936) – Politician, Businessman, Italy
7- Gerard Adriaan Heineken (Sep 29, 1841) – Founder Of Heineken Beer Brand, Netherlands
8- Robert Benton (Sep 29, 1932) – Director, Scriptwriter, United States
9- Jerry Lee Lewis (Sep 29, 1935) – Singer, United States
10- Brett Anderson (Sep 29, 1967) – Singer, United Kingdom
11- Aleks Syntek (Sep 29, 1969) – Composer, Singer, Mexico
12- Ninel Conde (Sep 29, 1970) – Singer, Actress, Model, Presenter, Mexico
13- Debelah Morgan (Sep 29, 1977) – Singer, United States
14- Kurt Nilsen (Sep 29, 1978) – Singer, Norway
15- Dani Pedrosa (Sep 29, 1985) – Motorcycle Racer, Spain

September 29 Zodiac Sign Summary
Even though you are intelligent and intelligent, you are too flexible. Your nature as a person born on September 29 suggests that you tend to take people’s pieces of advice without thoroughly evaluating them. You also tend to be less solid in your statements. As a result, you’ll need to be a little bit more rigid in your decision-making in the future.

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Horoscope Today, September 29, 2021: Check Out Daily Astrological Prediction For Aries, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius And Other Zodiac Signs

Love is in the air for Aries and Taurus while Pisces will get all the success and fortune on September 29. Scorpio to suffer issues from pasts like old emotional traumas and money problems and Sagittarius will spend quality time with their family members.


Aries, romance will blossom for you

Aries, romance will blossom for you on Wednesday. A walk around can get the single ones in touch with someone special. Those in a romantic relationship can plan a trip out of town, perhaps a weekend getaway with their loved ones. It seems to be the perfect day to write something. Mars will rule your zodiac sign hence, numbers 1, 8, letters A, L, E and colour crimson will bring you joy.


  • Horoscope Today, October 14, 2021: Check Out Daily Astrological Prediction For Aries, Taurus, Libra, Saggitarius And Other Zodiac Signs

  • Horoscope Today, October 13, 2021: Check Out Daily Astrological Prediction For Aries, Taurus, Libra, Saggitarius And Other Zodiac Signs


Taurus must make new friends

Taurus, love is in the air for you too. If you’re attracted to someone then the romance with that person could be in your immediate future. Don’t be surprised if that person suddenly expresses an interest in you. Make new friends and enjoy the time. Numbers 2 and 7, colour white and letters B, V, U will bring you good luck as your ruling planet is Venus.


An energetic day for Gemini

Wednesday seems to be an energetic and driven day for you. You must work on the thing that you want to. Just roll up your sleeves and get going on it. You’ll undoubtedly get more accomplishments than usual and the outcome will make you feel proud. The colour blue will make you feel positive while letters K, C and G, and numbers 3, 6 will bring you a fortune. Mercury will rule your sun sign.


Cancer, your efforts might not bring the expected outcome

Cancer, your efforts might not bring the expected outcome because of a lack of support from family members. Your stars suggest that you may face discord or difference of opinion in the family. However, keep a smile on your face and deal with the circumstances. The ruling planet is Moon, hence, go for milky colour to keep yourself calm and swear on letters H, D, and number 4 as your lucky letters and numbers, respectively.


Leo will be involved in a group activity

You will be involved in a group activity with your close friends today. A loving partner may also be involved with you. However, you might get intense at times but don’t be too strong with those around you. Sometimes it’s good to be a good listener. The colour golden yellow will add up the charm to your day while letters M, T and number 5 will be lucky for you.


Virgo can feel frustrated at times

Career matters may get you into the public eye just when you’d prefer to work alone. You can feel frustrated at times but significant financial benefits could depend on it. It would be beneficial for you to come out of your shell and meet people. You might end up making some great contacts and even some new friends. The colour green and numbers 3,8 will bring you positivity along with the letters P, T, and N.


Libra should wear a beige outfit

Romance with someone who shares your spiritual inclinations is on cards today. This could be a very intense, loving, and supportive relationship for you. Stars say you shouldn’t get shy and let your insecurities get the better of you. There’s no guarantee for anything but don’t hold off because of that. Wear a beige outfit and rely on numbers 2,7 and letters R, T for good luck as Venus is the ruling planet.


Wednesday seems to be a very busy day for Scorpio

Wednesday seems to be a very busy day ahead. Too many issues could churn up from the past and you might not be able to concentrate. Old emotional traumas, money problems from years ago might haunt you. But don’t worry it’s a healing process and you will get over all these. Mars being the ruler of your zodiac sign will support you to get over all the haunting thoughts while the colour Red, numbers 1, 8, and the letters N and Y will be proved lucky for you.


Sagittarius must follow their heart before taking any decision

Today, it’s a family day. You will feel satisfied with the kids around you. Show your love and affection to them. Spend some quality time with your beloved. On the work front, follow your heart before taking any decision. Your lucky letter, colour, and number for Wednesday are B, D, P, yellow and 9, 12, respectively.


Don’t push yourself too hard, Capricorn

The work that you have been putting off may be weighing on your mind. You could work extra today to get it out of the way. But don’t push yourself too hard and save some energy for tomorrow as well. It’s okay if some of the tasks don’t get done today. The colour Cyan, numbers 10, 11, and letters K, J will bring you a fortune.


Aquarius, it’s better to trust your intuition

Aquarius, it’s better to trust your intuition in whatever you produce. You may feel driven to finish your work. You are talented, hard-working and confident. Now, it is time to reap the benefit of your hard work. Your curiosity and desire to achieve your goals will help you with it will bring you favourable outcomes. Wear the colour cyan to make feel positive and energetic. The numbers 10, 11, and letters G and S will draw you good luck.


Success and rewards at workplace are on cards for Pisces

Pisces, today the planets seemed to be aligned perfectly for you. Success and rewards at workplace are on cards. Those looking to pursue further studies in foreign countries will come closer to fulfilling their dreams. The day appears to be fruitful and generous for those who fall under this sign. The colour yellow, numbers 9, 12, and letters D, C, J, and T will guide you on Sunday.

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September 29 Birthday Astrology

Libras born on September 29 are sensitive people who enjoy keeping secrets. They relate well on a one-to-one basis but have trouble in a larger forum. They have the typical Libra charm, yet may not possess the confidence to exhibit it. They are extremely resourceful. They value the experience of others and often owe their success to the help of a mentor.

Friends and Lovers

These individuals depend upon their friends to help them through difficult times. While they can appreciate the social value of good companions, they prefer to foster more meaningful relationships. They are loyal and have long memories. In romance, their high expectations, if not fulfilled, may lead to a broken heart.

Children and Family

September 29 natives may find themselves reclaiming family life after years of emotional estrangement. People born on this date are protective of their own children, often as a result of their own childhood experiences. They may have a hard time allowing their youngsters the freedom they require to grow emotionally.


September 29 men and women are inconsistent in their health and fitness habits. They start a regimen with enthusiasm, only to let it slide when they lose interest. People born on this date are partner-oriented and may do best on a fitness program if they have a buddy.

Career and Finances

People born on this date have a great regard for knowledge. They are outstanding teachers who know how to draw others into their world of learning and wisdom. Although they have very good financial and business skills, they are not motivated by money. They are budget-minded but not thrifty in the traditional sense.

Dreams and Goals

September 29 individuals have a quiet determination that helps them to accomplish their aims. As adolescents, they may have trouble distinguishing goals from pipe dreams. They need to become more independent in their relationships. Once they feel their power, these men and women truly come into their own.

For more information about astrology, see:


Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.


September 29 Zodiac Birthday Personality

September 29 Zodiac: Libra

September 29 Zodiac Birthday Personality of the maverick

Your greatest challenge is:

coping with feeling like you don’t fit in

The way forward is:

to celebrate rather than feel ashamed of your uniqueness—going your own way is your destiny.

September 29 :

March 21 to April 19

You are both passionate and fiercely individualistic, and this can be a match made in heaven—or hell!

September 29 Zodiac Luck maker:

You’re luckier than you think

If you start focusing more on the good than on the bad in your life, you will automatically feel happier. And whenever you feel happy, luck is never far behind.

People born on September 29 Zodiac are mavericks at heart. At every possible opportunity they will question authority and convention, and if they find themselves disagreeing with rules and regulations they are not afraid to spark a rebellion.

Real livewires, life is never dull when these people are around. They are rebellious by nature, but this isn’t because they lack discipline or selfcontrol. Quite the opposite; they are capable individuals with the ability to startle others with their talents but, despite their intelligence and talents, they can also be rather unpredictable at times. They may, for example, suffer from bouts of low confidence because, however many followers they have, a part of them never really feels accepted. This sense of not belonging can make them swing between extroversion and introversion with confusing speed.

Until the age of twenty-three their emphasis will be on relationships, and during these years their incessant need to be on the cutting edge of things may earn them more enemies than friends. The friends they do have, however, will remain loyal for life. Their intense desire to be of service to others during these years, and indeed throughout their lives, may also make them subordinate their personal needs; but it is important for them to strike a more even balance between their different emotional drives because if they don’t they may end up feeling unsatisfied, however great their success and popularity.

After the age of twenty-four there is a turning point which places the emphasis on emotional change. In the years that follow they will gradually begin to realize that, although they can compromise and work productively with others, they are not—and never will be—team players. The sooner they learn to listen to their intuition, go their own way and use their own methods, the sooner they will realize their outstanding potential for success and fulfillment. By the same token, others will celebrate rather than criticize the tenacity and originality of these inspirational leaders and talented organizers, together with the contributions they can make to society.

On The Dark Size

Rebellious, insecure, disruptive

At your best

Exciting, capable, bold

September 29 Zodiac Love: Passionate and romantic

The exciting and interesting people born on September 29 Zodiac often attract many admirers, but their need to constantly challenge, question and shine can cause great tension in personal relationships. However, as they are also passionate and romantic, loving heartfelt gestures such as flowers, hearts and poems, partners tend to forgive them. Because their lives tend to be unpredictable, they thrive best with a partner who can offer them stability and security.

September 29 Zodiac Health: Just say Om!

People born on this day can be impulsive and prone to accidents and injuries, so it is important for them to exercise more caution when it comes to their physical well-being. As far as their emotional well-being is concerned, meditation or quiet time thinking will help them get in touch with their feelings and figure out where they want their life to be heading. Because they tend to be very opinionated, they may have certain theories about their diet and health which are worth getting checked out with a doctor to ensure that they are of maximum benefit to long-term health. Typically, people born on this day love exercise, especially running and swimming, and if they aren’t already exercising regularly they are strongly advised to do so, as it will benefit them both physically and emotionally. Learning not to take things so personally will help them deal with rejection, and cultivating an attitude of positive expectancy will help them cope with bouts of negativity. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to celebrate their brilliant uniqueness.

September 29 Zodiac Career: Born dramatists

These people will be naturally attracted to all careers that are creative, dramatic or artistic, such as acting, writing, music, dance, and painting. Other choices include politics, social reform, the media, entertainment, business, self-employment, education, teaching, and lecturing.

September 29 Zodiac Destiny: To inject excitement into the lives of others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn not just to accept but to be proud of their uniqueness. Once they have gained self-confidence, their destiny is to inject a sense of excitement and possibility into the lives of others.

September 29 Zodiac Power Thought:

“I appreciate and place the highest value on all that I am”

September 29 Zodiac

September 29 Zodiac Signs & symbols:

Zodiac sign: Libra

Ruling planet: Venus, the lover

Symbol: The Scales

Birth date ruler: Moon, the intuitive

Tarot card: The High Priestess (intuition)

Favorable number: 2

Lucky days: Friday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 2 and 11 of the month

Lucky colors: Pink, silver, milky white

Birthstone: Opal


29th zodiac september

September 29 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality

September 29 Zodiac Sign Is Libra

Birthday Horoscope Of People Born On September29

SEPTEMBER 29 birthday horoscope shows that you are not a selfish individual. You are concerned with others and will stand up for a worthy cause. Librans born on this birthday are typically impatient people who are even critical at times. But they have a good heart. And they know when they are needed.

Disliking unfair treatment, you are sensitive to violent acts and abuse. Those of you born today need security. You have good instincts and can usually predict the outcome of a situation, therefore, making you the right person to go to for advice.September 29 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality Friendships are important to you as your love life can hold the same value. The September 29 birthday personality is magnetic and draws people to them from all walks of life. You can’t help it, but some people are truly jealous of this trait. You don’t worry about that as you are focused on your career, family and true friends.

Keeping your friends to a limit, you keep down the drama that a large number of friends will bring to the table. The September 29 birthday horoscope predicts that you are confident and sure of yourself.

The September 29th horoscope shows you to be dependable, enthusiastic and trustworthy which just a few more of your positive qualities. If you are so lucky as to have a Libra as a lover, be sure to take care of them. You will get much more in return if you do.

However, in love, you can be the jealous one. You usually put your heart and soul into loving someone and expect the same from your partner. Librans can be unpredictable though and hard to understand at times but are loving individuals dedicated to family. You have been known to sacrifice your wants, needs, and dreams for someone you love.

However, with good instincts, those born on this Libra birthday will not be hurried into a relationship if you have bad vibes from it. You are extremely cautious with your heart.

More often than not, you are skeptical when it comes to giving someone your trust. The September 29th birthday love compatibility analysis shows that you are likely compatible with someone who has the same qualities and principles as you.

The September 29 astrology predicts that as a parent, you are known to be a protective father or mother. This quality could be the result of how your parents treated you. Maybe you’re too protective and could lighten up a bit. Sometimes, the only way to grow is to make your mistakes.

Your friends depend on you, and you are their rock when they need to lean on someone. You make a good and dependable friend. This September 29 zodiac person usually has lasting friendships and romantic relationships. They are loyal to those who are dedicated to them. Often, you don’t forget much and have high expectations of yourself and those around you.

As far as your health is concerned, you don’t follow through all the time. You may start a routine, but it’s difficult for you to stay on track. You are excited at first, but then as time passes, you may find other things to do than exercise. Maybe taking a partner with you will increase your chances of seeing it through.

Your career is important to you. As a Libra born on September 29th, you make interesting leaders. Your charismatic quality becomes a valuable asset instead of this quality.

You’re smart and learn a lot from your business peers and are motivated by the happiness of others. You’d make an excellent teacher because of this. You have power over people that comes in handy for helping others achieve good and sound decisions.

This September 29 birthday personality is usually well-liked and thought of. You are sensitive and dislike drama and unfair treatment. You have an appeal that draws people to you.

You know a lot of people but are only friends with a few. You tend to take your career seriously and could be a memorable teacher. Your friends depend on your sound advice to get them out of situations or to change their circumstances.

september 29 libra birthday calendar

Famous People And Celebrities Born On September29

Gene Autry, Andrew Dice Clay, Kevin Durant, Bryant Gumbel, Madeline Kahn, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bum Phillips

See: Famous Celebrities Born On September 29

This Day That Year -September29 In History

1911 – The Italo-Turkish War begins
1916 – Announcement of John Rockefeller as America’s first billionaire.
1927 – Long distance calls between the US and Mexico is made available
1941 – Lou Nova loses to Joe Louis in the heavyweight boxing title

September 29Tula Rashi(Vedic Moon Sign)
September 29Chinese Zodiac DOG

September 29 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet isVenusthat symbolizes love for everyone around us and what we desire regarding materialistic possessions.

September 29Birthday Symbols

The Balance or Scales Is The Symbol For The Libra Sun Sign

September 29Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is The High Priestess. This card symbolizes a person with good intuition, knowledge and excellent decision-making skills. The Minor Arcana cards are Two of Swords and Queen of Swords

September 29Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: This love match will connect on an intellectual level.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Virgo: This love relationship will need devotion and patience to sustain.

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September 29 Lucky Number

Number 2 – This number signifies harmony, kindness, endurance, and dedication.

Read about: Birthday Numerology

Lucky Colors For September 29 Birthday

Silver: This color stands for emotions, reflections, wealth, and stability.
Pink: This is a soft color that signifies unconditional love, mothering, intuition, and affection.

Lucky Days For September 29 Birthday

Monday – This is the day of planet Moon that shows your emotional stability, feelings, and imagination.
Friday – This is a day of planet Venus that symbolizes art, love, creativity, and relationships.

September 29Birthstone Opal

Opal gemstone that signifies fidelity, genuine love, emotional balance.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On September 29th

A trench coat for the man and a gilt-edged mirror for the woman. These make excellent, memorable gifts. The September 29 birthday horoscope predicts that you like gifts that are well thought of.

♎️Born On September 29th - Happy Birthday - Today's Horoscope 2020 - SunSigns.Org

Horoscope September 29: Taurus will have a good day, know about zodiac signs



Luck will be with you today. Don't let anyone else take the credit for the work you have done in the office. Boss may send you on a trip to another city for some important work. Today you will be ready to do some such things, by which you will feel good about yourself. 


Today is going to be a very good day. Women today must be careful while working in the kitchen. Today you will have the desire to achieve success and high position. Your effort will leave its mark. People who are associated with the field of acting, today they will get a big offer. There will be success in every type of business deal. Overall today is going to be a good day.


Today will be a very good day to make future plans. People who are associated with the field of marketing are going to get a lot of money today. All the troubles coming in your life will be solved. Today in the workplace, some such situations will come in front of you, due to which you will feel a little confused. Today will be a day of progress for working women.


Today is going to be a wonderful day. There will be cooperation of neighbours in some work. Your social status will increase. All the problems coming in your way of success will be removed. Love will increase among all the family members. Lovemates will try to understand each other's feelings today, then there will be sweetness in the relationship.


Today is going to be an important day. Any legal case will be solved. Along with this, the advice of a big lawyer will also be available. Today your attractive nature will get you the attention of others. If you are looking to buy a new land then today is a very good day. Health will be fine today. You will get a lot of progress in business today. Married life will remain excellent.


Today's day is going to give mixed response. Some new opportunities will also be available which will give you financial benefits. The efforts made in the past are going to bear fruit. Instead of worrying about any problem, take the advice of your loved ones. Forget old worries and think of moving forward. The ongoing rift with the spouse will go away. Mother's health will be good. Students will take interest in studies. Employment opportunities will be available.


Today your mind will be more engaged in spirituality. The idea of ​​starting a new work will come in your mind. A sudden meeting with a friend will be proved beneficial for your future. Take care of the activities happening around you, because someone else may take credit for your work. The day will also bring happiness for Lovemate. There will be happiness in married life. 


Today there is a need to be careful in work. Business started on a small scale will be beneficial for you. Opponents will try to harm you, but the support of friends will be with you. Do not leave important tasks to others today. Students will have to work hard today. You will take advice from family members on any subject.


Today's day has brought happiness. Those who are associated with the field of politics, their social prestige will increase today. Those who wish to get higher education will get admission in a good college today. There will be mental happiness. There will be victory over the competitors. You will make a plan to go to a good place with your siblings. Today you need to be careful in the transaction of money.


Today's day will be full of energy. You have to keep restraint on your speech. Otherwise you may have a rift with someone else. People who are doctors, today they will make up their mind to open a new clinic. In this you will get full support of allies. You are going to get positive results in business today. Your efforts will leave their mark. Which you will definitely get the benefit of. This will make the financial condition very strong. Students should go to a secluded place and study today, they will feel like studying.


Today is going to be a wonderful day. You will get the support of a government official. The old tension going on with your spouse will go away today. You will have dinner with partner in a good restaurant. Creative hobbies will make you feel relaxed today. Today people will appreciate your creations. There is no need to take stress on unnecessary things. Due to this you may have to face mental problems. Stuck work in government office will be done easily.


Today is going to be a very good day. People associated with the field of science and research will get a new project today. It will be a good day to settle old works. People will also be ready to help you. The suggestions given by elders will be very useful for you today. People's trust in you will increase. In business matters, today you will be able to make your point in the right way. You will have a good time with family.


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Is your Birthday on September 29 ? Know the Sun Sign, PersonalityCompatibility and more…. for people with September 29 Birthday.

September 29 Zodiac signLibra
September 29 Ruling PlanetVenus
September 29ElementAir
September 29 Lucky dayFriday
September 29Lucky Colors White, Light Blue
September 29Lucky Numbers 6, 15, 24
September 29Birthstone Diamond, Sapphire
September 29Zodiac CompatibilityMost Compatible with Aquarius and Gemini
More about Compatibility

September 29 Zodiac Sign: Libra

For People born on September 29 the Zodiac sign is Libra.

Librans are usually quite sociable, balanced and usually have great artistic gifts. In turn, as a negative note of their personality, they are a bit indecisive, superficial and tend to be detached.

The Libra zodiac sign is usually associated with Friday as its day of the week and White as its color. Libra is associated with planet Venus and its related element is ‘Air’.

What Does your Birthdate Say About you

September 29 Birthday: Personality

September 29 Birthday Positive Traits:

  • Diplomatic
  • Extrovert
  • Intelligent
  • Good Listeners
  • Considerate
  • Balanced

September 29Birthday Negative Traits:

  • Non-Confrontational
  • Superficial
  • Detached
  • Indecisive
  • Self-Pitying

September 29 Birthday: Personality

Self-doubt, calm, hardworking people are those who are born on this day. To achieve something, they work hard throughout their lives. Having overcome all obstacles and difficulties, they can still achieve their goals. 

They do not want an early marriage, because it is unlikely to be happy. But creating a family at a later age, they find happiness and peace in family life. Based on mutual love, this union will be strong.

Born September 29, they are constantly fighting for the stability of their life and position in society. Sometimes they consider themselves above all, and sometimes insects are worthless and meaningless in life. 

This is due to the fact that they have little faith in their strength. Most of those born on this day try to find peace in the family, but, very often not having mutual understanding, they leave it, choosing in favor of an isolated existence. 

Therefore, they become quite gloomy people who think that they are better when things are very bad.

Almost all of the people born on September 29 are capable and attractive. But no matter what business they would undertake, wherever they might go, instability and uncertainty like a shadow haunt them. 

For example, working for a long time in one place and coping with the duties assigned to them with a bang, growth in the ranks is still difficult for them. In his personal life, a beautiful and mutual understanding novel, where everything seems to be thought out and decided, they do not finish, but retreat before a more successful rival, who appears quite inappropriately at the last moment.

However, those born on September 29 do not rush to flaunt their emotions and feelings. We can say that their character is something like a hurricane with a calm epicenter at a time when everything is collapsing around. 

Despite the fact that those born on this day look completely indifferent to the events, other people react to them both negatively and positively. That is why they should, whenever possible, avoid a negative attitude from ill-wishers and accidents. 

One day, the day comes when the most successful representatives of those born on this day understand that their main goal is to show themselves to the world in the role of real extroverts. Indeed, the release of pent-up energy will influence the growth of their dynamism, but only if this energy is directed in the right direction. 

In the case of complete dedication and dedication to a family, company or organization, then born 29 September are indispensable in moving to certain goals. The managerial abilities inherent in them allow not only to coordinate and structure the activities of the entrusted organization, but also with success and the ability to prudently and perspicuously manage finances. 

Those born on this day are rare, but tend to fluctuate between ostentatious liberalism of the leadership, on the one hand, and harsh methods of control, on the other.

Some of born on September 29 show only one technical interest in the performance of any things. Their practical abilities, in general, are quite high, but it happens that it is difficult for them to give the initial and final stage of a certain business. 

Perhaps this is due to their need and habit to develop plans taking into account all the nuances before proceeding with something or with their desire to obtain the ideal result, which too attracts their attention to the implementation of minor details. 

It happens that others are surprised at how gifted people by nature manage to get away from the original path in the completely opposite direction, thereby allowing success to leave them. 

If people born this dat are more attentive to career, they can achieve extraordinary success.

September 29 Birthday Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

People with September 29 Birthday have Libra Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Libra with various other Zodiac Signs.

September 29 Birthday : Health

The threat of various accidents for those born on September 29 will constantly hang over them until they realize that sometimes it is necessary to give free rein to their feelings. They should be trusted more, especially those who treat them well and wish good. Those born on this day are characterized by strange eating habits. Their diet is often extreme and based on their personal idea of ​​wholesome foods for a person, or on specific well-defined tastes. Born 29 september, it is more beneficial to eat a balanced diet, which includes simple vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, dairy products; You can try different menu options. As for physical activity, they don’t need to remind about this – they usually like sex, dancing and various physical exercises.

Advice for People Born on September 29

Try to comprehend yourself (despite the fact that this may take a long time). Use your most pronounced talents for good purposes. Be more confident in yourself. Organize your life, but not to the detriment of your spontaneity. Try to break the internal barriers and barriers.

Know about Zodiac Signs:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


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