Starrett city management office

Starrett city management office DEFAULT


How long has Starrett City Management been in business?

Starrett City Management has been in business for around 19 years.


What is the phone number for Starrett City Management?

The phone number for Starrett City Management is (718) 642-7000.


How big is Starrett City Management?

Starrett City Management employs around 30 people at this location.


Where is Starrett City Management located?

Starrett City Management is located at 1279 Delmar Loop, Brooklyn, NY 11239, USA, New York.


Is there a primary contact for Starrett City Management?

Gene Lermen (Branch Manager) at Starrett City Management. You can contact Gene Lermen at email address [email protected]


Are there other contacts associated with Starrett City Management?

We have 2 additional contact(s) for Starrett City Management. They include: Deborah Fong & Disque Deane.


What is the web address (URL) for Starrett City Management?

The website for Starrett City Management is


How many people are employeed at Starrett City Management?

Starrett City Management has around 30 employees at this location.


Spring Creek Towers Hours and Numbers


Here is a list of useful information concerning Spring Creek.


Spring Creek Towers Management Office

1279 Delmar Loop (on Pennsylvania Ave)

Phone # 718-642-7000



Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4:45 pm

Phone # 718-240-4646


Emergency Service from 4 pm to 8 am

(Handymen and Supers are available on Sat and Sun)

Phone # 718-240-4646



Tuesday and Saturday

8:00am - 4:45 pm

Phone # 718-240-4646


Locksmith (Spring Creek Towers ID needed)

Monday-Friday from 4 pm to 4:30 pm

Phone # 718-240-4646



Spring Creek Security

Phone # 718-642-7550


Vandalism Hotline

Phone # 718-240-4669


For Spring Creek Residents with TV reception, call Cablevision at 718-617-3500







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I would like to live in Starett City,I believe it's a beauliful place to live and raise children.The staffs there are helpful and very nice espcially Ms Linda Gray and the receptionistst that sits in the front office. They are helpful to…

Editorial review from Citysearch

ive been living in starret since i was 10 years old. for about 15 years now, all i can say is numbers dont lie, where ever there are black folks,the crime rate is up and value of community is down! as far as back i can remember black folks think they own starret city. not allowing white people to play in basketball courts. stealing bikes on a daily basis, ambushing for some pocket robbery...
but thats what you get from ignorant parents who practically live for free and still dont want to make anything of themselves. enjoying the free ride and passing it down to there ignorant kids as well.....

Editorial review from Citysearch

Starrett City is a wonderful Community The management team is great I went there to pick up an application and they were very professional and respectful. I also lived there with friend for about 8 months maintenance team is great also.would love to live there if I had a chance.

Great place to live

Average Rating

I lived in Starrett City for 30 years from 1975 to 2005. Been active on the Tenants Association. Staff have always been respectfull. The unit I lived in was maintained and the maintainace staff took pride in there work. Would still be there if my job did not transfer me to another state.


+ good service, management respectable

Management will screw you over if you let them

Average Rating

I have lived in Starrett city for 15 years and I have to agree with the other reviews, You deal with a lot of rude people on a daily basis. The front desk people in the management office is rude beyond belief, as if you owe them something. The cabinets are falling apart, when you call for carpentry to be done they give you the run around. The attitudes they give is unbelievable as if money is coming out their own pockets. The leaking in the the air conditioning/ Heating systems are horrendous... I literally have to get all the tile pulled up in my house. They made me wait months for...

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5881 HUD apartments. Low Income, Elderly, and Special Needs Housing

Starrett City provides apartments. Starrett City is a low rent apartment in Brooklyn. This apartment provides low income families with homes. This does not necessarily mean that the entire apartment complex is low income. This only means that the apartments provide for some low income apartments.

The government gives funds directly to apartment owners such as Starrett City. The apartments lower the rents they charge to low-income tenants. It is up to the apartment owners to decide how many apartments are available here at the low cost apartment rate.

To qualify for these apartments, you can earn no more than the income limit which is specified by the apartment when you apply for vacancy.

Call or visit the Starrett City management office to apply for openings. We urge you to call as most low income apartments nowadays have waiting lists. You will need to call them to find out current rates as they are also subject to change. We provide apartment rates where possible, but they are always subject to change as there are specials and other discounts available at different times of the year.

Find Apartments

Select a state:


Enter a zip code:

Search Apartments

  • Council Towers II
    99 Vandalia Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11239
  • Council Towers III
    1170 Pennsylvania Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11239
  • Council Towers IV
    1180 Pennsylvania Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11239
  • Essex Terrace
    2305 Linden Blvd
    Brooklyn, NY - 11208
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Apartments
    459 Pennsylvania Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11207
  • Livonia Terrace
    441 Alabama Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11207
  • Elva Mczeal
    405 Williams Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11207
  • Newport Gardens
    165 Lott Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11212
  • Sutter Gardens
    440 Schenck Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11207
  • Riverstone Houses
    300 Riverdale Ave
    Brooklyn, NY - 11212

City office starrett management


Welcome to Spring Creek Towers

Located in the Spring Creek section of Brooklyn is one of New York’s foremost apartment complexes, Spring Creek Towers.

An urban community situated on 153 acres of lush lawns, playgrounds, grassy fields, and tree-lined streets overlooking Jamaica Bay.
Spring Creek Towers is just a stone's throw from New York’s world-class airports and within close proximity to Brooklyn museums, eateries,
beaches, and all that make Brooklyn so unique.

Spring Creek Towers offers a diverse lifestyle with uncommon amenities -- a fully equipped sports club, schools, shopping center, access to public transportation, houses of worship, and much more. Gateway Center -- a major shopping center-- is located within walking distance or shuttle bus from Spring Creek Towers. Stores include J.C. Penney, BJ's, T.J. Maxx, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and much more.





NEW YORK 360°: Starrett City in 4K - Highley Varlet

The bed was almost in the middle. To the left of the bed in the corner was something like a kitchen, in the other corner on the left side there was a bathtub with a shower and. A toilet. A TV hung from the ceiling directly opposite the bed. On the right, in the corner, there was some old refrigerator, and in the other corner, the cherished door to freedom.

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Tomorrow listen to me, we will do everything beautifully, Sveta will not notice anything. Well, good. If you dont mind, Im for it too.

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