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You may be able to find other Alcoholics Anonymous meetings near Clayton, North Carolina by clicking on the button provided on this page. You may also browse Better Addiction Care’s resources for other nearby locations.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a collective of international mutual aid fellowships made up of individuals who are dedicated to helping one another achieve a life of freedom from alcohol use disorder. More commonly referred to as AA, the organization was founded in and popularized the first step program for overcoming alcohol addiction. These 12 steps are a group of principles that are aimed at dispelling the obsession to drink alcohol in order to help individuals live happier and fuller lives.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are non-professional, self-supporting, apolitical, and multiracial, and they are widely available to anyone regardless of age, gender, education level, or religious belief.

Continue your journey to sobriety by joining an AA meeting near you and reaching out to a community of individuals who are going through the same challenge. If you’re having difficulty finding Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in or near Clayton, North Carolina, please explore our AA resources by clicking the button below.

Sours: https://betteraddictioncare.com/support/north-carolina/clayton/aa-meetings/

Today's AA Meetings in Clayton

Noon We&#;re Not All There Group Gulley DrClaytonDiscussion, Open pm Cleveland 12 Step
Oakland Presbyterian Church
Cleveland RdClaytonDistrict 50Babysitting Available, Closed, Discussion, Literature pm Cleveland 12 Step Group
Oakland Presbyterian Church
Cleveland RdClaytonChild-Friendly, Open, Speaker, Step Meeting pm Cleveland 12 Step Group
Oakland Presbyterian Church
Cleveland RdClaytonClosed
Sours: https://aanorthcarolina.org/meetings/?tsml-region=clayton
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Noon Dunn Noon Meeting

Dunn AA Club

N Wilson AveHarnettOpen Noon Get It Together Group

First Baptist Ministry Center

S 4th StJohnstonNewcomer, Open Noon We&#;re Not All There

Private lakeside location

Mial Plantation RdRaleighDiscussion, Open, Outdoor Meeting pm A Latte Hope Group

First Presbyterian Church

S 3rd StJohnstonBig Book, Open pm Clayton Big Book

Fayetteville Street Station

In-person and Online

US BUSJohnstonBig Book, Closed, Online Meeting pm Cleveland 12 Step Group

Oakland Church

Cleveland RdJohnstonChild-Friendly, Open, Speaker, Step Meeting pm Four Oaks Group

Civitan Building

W Hatcher StJohnstonDiscussion, Open, Step Meeting pm Dunn Group

Dunn AA Club

N Wilson AveHarnettClosed, Discussion pm Next Chance Group - Closed until further notice

Temporarily Inactive

Maple Grove Church RdSampsonDiscussion, Location Temporarily Closed, Open pm Grupo Creo En Mi (I believe in Myself) - Spanish Speaking

29 West Lemon St

29 W Lemon StHarnettSpanish pm July 4th Group - Spanish Speaking

Marshall Center

W Morisey BlvdSampsonSpanish
Sours: https://www.aanorthcarolinadistrictorg/meetings/

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Clayton NC

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

So, you’ve decided you want to stop drinking and were thinking of going to a support group to get help. You’re in luck because alcoholics anonymous meetings can be found almost anywhere. Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization of people who want to share their experiences, lend strength and help the members and others recover from alcoholism. To be a member, all you have to do is want to stop drinking. You don’t even have to pay dues to go to alcoholics anonymous meetings. They pass the basket but payment is not required.

There are two types of alcoholics anonymous meetings – the open meeting and the closed meeting. The open meetings will have speakers who will talk about how they drank, how AA helped them and people will share experiences. Family members and people interested in AA are welcome to attend open meetings. Closed meetings are for alcoholics only. At these meetings members may talk about personal problems, issues they have with sobriety, and can get direct, personal help as they commit to staying sober day by day. Other members may talk about the problems they encountered and give strategies for how they overcame them.

You Have to Want to Attend Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are not for people who are being forced into any sort of sobriety. The organization is strictly for people who want to stop drinking. However, it does not claim to be a medical organization. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are not for people who need medical h

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Capo By The Sea

Capo By The Sea's mission is to guide alcoholics and addicts on the road to stable, long-term recovery. Capo By The Sea helps transform lives by providing the highest quality treatment and continuing care services, customized for the individual.By combining the most current therapeutic and cognitive behavioral methods with more traditional step therapy, Capo By The Sea has consistently shown that a happy, long-term recovery from addiction is within reach for anyone willing to ask for help.


Southeast Addiction Center

Choosing the right treatment center can be paramount in one’s chance at recovery. While the treatment facility creates a foundation of tools needed for recovery, it is truly the individual, and not the addiction treatment center that determines the end result. When it comes to yourself or a loved one, you are going to want to make sure to choose a facility that has professional accreditations. Located in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Southeast Addiction Center ensures each client receives the tools needed to live a life without addictive substances.From individual therapy to group therapy, to trauma-based therapy and step support, our clients learn how to find their own strength as well as create a support system around them. The transition from addiction to sobriety can be hard, however, at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, we guide each client through the process – step by step.


Southeast Addiction Center

Addiction is a disease that no one should have to deal with alone. It is imperative that citizens of a city or county have access to top quality addiction treatment services. People from all walks of life can be susceptible to developing a substance use disorder in response to trauma they have endured, or lifestyle circumstances begetting maladaptive coping mechanisms.When a person is in the grips of addiction, they can become isolated and unable to see their condition for what it is—an illness that can be managed.Whether you are in Nashville or in the greater Nashville area such as Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, etc, at Southeast Addiction, our outpatient addiction treatment programs offer something for individuals of all levels of commitment.


Skywood Recovery

At Skywood, we are deeply invested in helping you regain your health. Our programming approach to recovery is designed with that in mind, from individual and group therapy to adventure therapy, art therapy and yoga. Each of these activities builds on the others to get to the root causes of addiction, introduce healthy new habits, address any co-occurring mental health issues and provide the mental and physical space you need in order to heal. We also provide access to regular Step meetings and peer support groups. What we do at Skywood is different for several reasons. First, we treat addiction and mental health at the same time in a highly integrated way, looking to restore a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Second, we focus on resolving trauma, underlying issues and deep-rooted emotional pain that often causes substance abuse in the first place. Lastly, we emphasize life skills that help each person build a foundation for sustainable, long-term recovery.


Sours: https://local.soberrecovery.com/Alcoholics_Anonymous_Meetings_Clayton_NC-rClayton_NC.html

Nc aa meetings clayton

Clayton, N.C.

Clayton Big Book
Horne Memorial Methodist Church (Meets in house behind church)
East 2nd St., Clayton, NC

Tuesday &#; pm &#; As Bill Sees It &#; Beginner
Thursday &#; pm &#; Big Book Study Non-Smoking/Handicapped Acessible

Primary Purpose Group
Stellar Peer Recovery Building
East Main St., Clayton, NC

Saturday &#; am &#; Closed Big Book Study Non-Smoking

Reaching Out Group
Jones Lunch
East Main St.
Clayton, NC

Monday &#; pm &#; Open Discussion
Wednesday &#; pm &#; Open 12 & 12 Study  Non-Smoking

Sisters of SobrietClayton Presbyterian Church
East 2nd St.
Clayton, NC

Sunday &#; pm &#; Closed Discussion Non-Smoking/Womens Meeting

We&#;re Not All There Group
Stellar Peer Recovery
East Main Street
Clayton, NC

Monday–Friday  Noon &#; Open Discussion Non-Smoking

Hope & Serenity

Spirituality Morning Meeting
Amelia Church Road
Clayton, NC
Sunday A.M.–A.M.

The Happy Destiny Group
Able To Serve building
Technology Dr., Garner, NC

Friday &#; pm &#; Open Discussion
Last Friday of the month is Open Speaker
Non-Smoking/Handicapped Accessible

Like this:


Sours: https://aadistrictwordpress.com/clayton-a-a-groups/
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