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Emotions are mental stimuli that influence our everyday lives. Under normal circumstances, they are not a cause of an illness but if they go ‘wrong’ they’re considered as one of the major internal causes of disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

While Western Medicine tends to stress the psychological aspects of psychosomatic ailments, the pathological damage to the internal organs is very real indeed and is of a very primary concern, when a client enters the treatment room of a TCM therapist with such a complaint. It’s well known and experienced that excess emotional activity causes severe energy imbalances, blockages and organ impairments.

Hardly any human being can avoid being angry, sad, worried or afraid sometimes. It is important to realize that one should not fully identify one’s mental and spiritual life with that of the emotional life, as the latter can be so transient. It is also worth mentioning that it is perfectly possible to be alive and lively without being overburdened by excessive emotions.

Emotions only become a cause of disease when they’re excessive, prolonged or both as mentioned above. Although they’re a definite cause of it, they also have a healthy counterpart. The same mental energy that produces and ‘nurtures’ excessive emotions can be used and directed towards creative and fulfilling aims. Each emotion as a cause of a disease is only one side of the coin. The other side is a mental energy that pertains to the relevant organ, be it the liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, heart, small intestine, large intestine and lungs. For example the same mental and affective qualities of the liver, which may give rise to anger and resentment over many years, can be harnessed and used for very creative mental development, because a healthy liver/gallbladder network’s functions, manifest in a good balance of firmness and flexibility, assertiveness, decisiveness, creativity and commitment to growth and development.

In TCM, excessive emotions act as stimuli, which disturb the Mind and Soul, alter the balance of the internal organs and the harmony of Qi (energy) and Blood, which can be a cause of disease. For this reason, emotional stress is an internal cause of the illness that injures the organs directly. On the other hand, and this is very important, the state of the internal organs can affect our emotional state.
Furthermore, all emotions, besides affecting the relevant organ directly, affect the heart indirectly because the heart houses the Mind. Our hearts can recognize and feel the effect of emotional tension.

Let’s discuss the effects of each emotion individually, as advised by Resident Acupuncturist Milan Skamene at Shine, Newington Green N

·      GRIEF + DEPRESSION/SADNESSsh_health stress

Grief is the emotion of the lungs and the large intestine, organs associated with the metal element. Loss of any kind will often trigger a feeling of being energetically drained and of having difficult bowel function. Grief can stay with us for a while, and can go unresolved until we decide to release it. When grief is unresolved and becomes chronic, depression and an inability to ‘let go’ of things can arise from this lung energy deficiency. This could eventually interfere with lung function and oxygen circulation. Since our lungs control the flow of energy in our bodies, it’s important that we give ourselves space to deal with painful events rather than stifling them.

·      FEAR + FRIGHT

Fear is the emotion of the kidneys and the bladder, organs associated with the water element. It is a normal adaptive emotion, but can become chronic when ignored. Kidney issues often arise when we are dealing with fear, such as a change in life direction or unstable living conditions. When we experience extreme fright, our kidneys struggle to hold the energy and we can quite literally pee our pants.


Worry is the emotion of the spleen/stomach/pancreas network, organs associated with the earth element. Too much pensiveness, worrying and insecurity can weaken our ability to digest – simply knot the energy. When we are worried to a state of anxiety, we find it hard to digest and accept a situation or life event. Lack of trust and ease towards the experiences and the foods we take in to our lives will make it impossible for us to digest them. This can make us feel tired, lethargic, and unable to concentrate. Also here’s a bit of a paradox – too much mental stimulation can actually cause mental heaviness, the same as overwork. A week spleen can also be the cause of stubborn weight problems.


Anger is the emotion of the liver and the gallbladder, organs associated with the wood element. Emotions like rage, fury or aggravation can indicate that this energy is in excess, and when we experience these emotions consistently, our liver can get damaged. At this point, headaches or dizziness can be common. An imbalanced liver and gallbladder can be caused by longstanding feelings of repressed anger, such as resentment, frustration, and irritability. Also, as the same with other organs, imbalance can be caused by a poor diet, body pollutants such as chemicals, drugs and moulds etc.

  Avoiding outbursts of anger will protect liver and gallbladder health. There’s also an interesting pattern related to stagnation of liver energy which manifests in mood swings or manic-depressive states. When the energy doesn’t move, one can feel low and when under certain circumstances the energy moves or releases, it can turn into a manic state.


Joy is the emotion of the heart and the small intestine, organs associated with the fire element. When we experience true joy and happiness, we are nourishing our heart and small intestine energy. We feel mentally clear and able to process experiences. When we are lacking joy in our lives, the heart suffers and we can feel stuck, mentally chaotic, and have difficulty sleeping. Mania or obsessive joy can indicate an excess of scattered heart energy, and can be the cause of severe mental emotional disorders. Over stimulated heart energy could also cause agitation, insomnia and palpitations. In other words, even the pleasurable emotions can be out of balance.

·      ANXIETY

There are 4 origins of anxiety according to TCM:

1: If related to the lungs and large intestine, energy blockage can provoke shallow and irregular breathing or even holding of breath. The large intestine can be detrimentally affected by anxiety, making one more prone to issues like ulcerative colitis and IBS.

2: Kidney and bladder issues could also be at the root of this emotion. Our adrenals regulate our stress response and when adrenal problems become chronic, they can cause anxiety. TCM recognizes the adrenal glands in the same way as the kidneys as they are within the kidney yang aspect. Anxiety can also be caused by disharmony between the kidneys and a blazing heart fire, in this case rapid heart palpitations are experienced.

3: Anxiety can stem from liver imbalance too, when longstanding anger and irritation goes unresolved. In this case anxiety manifests as nervous tension, irritability, and insomnia.

4: Anxiety from excess worry and pensiveness stems from spleen and stomach imbalance. This can cause stomach swelling and bloating after eating.

It is very important to know what actually happens inside the body and which issues are affecting our nervous system and vice versa.

We can help ourselves by understanding our own mind/body connection, so as to clearly recognise the purpose and reality of our life and our own placement in the world. This knowledge should be given the highest priority, so that we are able to maintain a place or path where we are destined and determined, thus being able to fulfil our own potential and not struggle in life.

Appropriate consultation, correct diagnosis, reasonable attitude towards ones issues and then acupuncture treatment and dietary suggestions may help us to understand, balance and/or adjust the emotions that we are dealing with in our lives.

Milan Skamene BSc (Hons) Acupuncture, lic.Ac, lic.TuiNa, ACMP, MFHT
In London 09/

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      • Fears
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      • Bedwetting
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    • Other Physical Issues

How Emotions and Organs Are Connected in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), emotions and physical health are intimately connected. This integrated mind-body approach to health and healing operates in a dynamic loop where emotions impact the health of the body and vice versa.

For example, according to TCM theory, excessive irritability and anger can affect the liver and result in multiple ailments, including menstrual pain, headache, redness of the face and eyes, dizziness, and dry mouth. Alternatively, imbalance in the liver can result in stormy moods.

Diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine is highly individualized. Once an impaired organ system and/or emotional imbalance is identified, the unique symptoms of the patient determine the practitioner's treatment approach.


Traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced for over 2, years and its use in the United States as part of complementary healthcare has grown dramatically over the last few decades. In fact, from to , there was a 50% increase in acupuncture use, from around 8 million to over 14 million people accessing this treatment.

TCM is based on the principle that mental and physical well-being are intricately entwined. In turn, practitioners believe that optimal health is governed by balancing a person's qi (vital life force) with the complementary forces of yin (passive) and yang (active) and the five elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal.

In TCM, it is believed that emotional imbalances can act as both symptoms and causes for physical issues. Additionally, mental health conditions are linked to specific physical ailments of key organs.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, emotions are narrowed down to five basic feelings that are each associated with a corresponding element and organ in the body:

  • Anger with the liver
  • Fear with the kidney
  • Joy with the heart
  • Sadness and grief with the lung
  • Worry with the spleen

For example, under the TCM theory, breast distension, menstrual pain, and irritability during menses are treated with certain herbs and acupuncture points that target the liver. Headaches, dizziness, excessive anger, and redness of the face point to an alternative type of liver pattern and are treated in a different way.

The TCM Approach

What does the liver have to do with migraines or PMS? Organ systems in TCM may include the Western medical-physiological functions, but they are also part of the integrated, holistic body system. So, the entire mind and body may be evaluated and treated to improve a specific health concern.

The liver, for example, ensures that energy and blood flow smoothly throughout the body. It also regulates bile secretion, stores blood, and is connected with the tendons, nails, and eyes.

By understanding these connections, TCM practitioners explain how an eye disorder such as conjunctivitis might be due to an imbalance in the liver. Or, excess menstrual flow may be due to dysfunction in the liver's blood-storing ability.

On the emotional side, the liver is connected to anger, which when out of balance, can be expressed in the extremes of excess wrath and irritation or as a lack of feeling, as in depression or PTSD. These mental health imbalances can be both symptoms and/or contributing causes of liver dysfunction.

When ailments occur, TCM practitioners seek to untangle the mind and body imbalances that contribute to a person's physical and mental health conditions using a variety of treatments, including acupuncture, herbal medicines, moxibustion (heat therapy), cupping (a suction procedure that cultivates blood flow), tui na massage (therapeutic massage and bodywork), and nutrition.

In addition to emotions, TCM philosophy believes that other elements, such as dietary, environmental, lifestyle, and hereditary factors, also contribute to the development of imbalances and the body's ability to heal itself.

Understanding the interplay of each of the five organ-emotion pairings is key to unlocking the healing potential of TCM. Below, we summarize traditional Chinese medicine's beliefs on how the connections and imbalances between these organs and emotions contribute to basic mental and physical health concerns.


The spleen plays an important part in the body's immune system and acts as a blood filter, removing old blood cells, bacteria, and impurities from the body. In TCM, the spleen is linked to the following emotions and ailments:

  • Emotions: Excessive mental work such as worry, dwelling, or focusing too much on a particular topic
  • Spleen function: Food digestion and nutrient absorption, helping in the formation of blood and energy and keeping blood in the blood vessels; connected with the muscles, mouth, and lips; also involved in thinking, studying, and memory
  • Symptoms of spleen imbalance: Tiredness, loss of appetite, mucus discharge, poor digestion, abdominal distension, loose stools, diarrhea, weak muscles, pale lips, bruising, excess menstrual blood flow, and other bleeding disorders
  • Spleen conditions: Spleen qi deficiency, spleen qi descending, spleen yang deficiency


The lungs bring oxygen into the body and remove carbon dioxide. In TCM, this organ is believed to be connected to grief and the following conditions:

  • Emotions: Grief, sadness, and detachment
  • Lung function: Respiration brings energy from the air and helps to distribute it throughout the body; they work with the kidney to regulate water metabolism; they are important in the immune system and for resistance to viruses and bacteria; they regulate sweat glands and body hair and provide moisture to the skin
  • Symptoms of lung imbalance: Shortness of breath and shallow breathing, sweating, fatigue, cough, frequent cold and flu, allergies, asthma, and other lung conditions, dry skin, depression, and excessive crying
  • Lung conditions: Lung qi deficiency, lung yin deficiency, and cold damp obstructing the lungs


Digestion and the processing of nutrients are primary functions of this vital organ. In TCM, the liver is associated with anger, depression, and the below physical symptoms:

  • Emotions: Anger, resentment, frustration, irritability, bitterness, and "flying off the handle"
  • Liver function: Involved in the smooth flow of energy and blood throughout the body; regulates bile secretion and stores blood; is connected with the tendons, nails, and eyes
  • Symptoms of liver imbalance: Breast distension, menstrual pain, headache, irritability, inappropriate anger, dizziness, dry, red eyes, and other eye conditions, and tendonitis
  • Liver conditions: Liver qi stagnation, liver fire


The heart pumps blood throughout the body. In TCM, this organ is linked with joy but the imbalance of joy is expressed as either too much (agitation or restlessness) or too little (depression). Below, are the mental and physical ailments linked with the heart:

  • Emotions: Lack of enthusiasm and vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia, and despair
  • Heart function: Regulates the blood circulation and blood vessels; responsible for even and regular pulse and influences vitality and spirit; connected with the tongue, complexion, and arteries
  • Symptoms of heart imbalance: Insomnia, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, excessive dreaming, poor long-term memory, and psychological disorders
  • Heart conditions: Heart yin and heart fire


The kidneys remove waste and excess fluid to make urine. In TCM, the kidney is related to fear, which can manifest as chronic fear or anxiety when qi out of balance, as well as result in:

  • Emotions: Fearful, weak willpower, insecure, aloof, and isolated
  • Kidney function: Key organs for sustaining life; responsible for reproduction, growth and development, and maturation; involved with the lungs in water metabolism and respiration; connected with bones, teeth, ears, and head hair
  • Symptoms of kidney imbalance: Frequent urination, urinary incontinence, night sweats, dry mouth, poor short-term memory, low back pain, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, other ear conditions, premature gray hair, hair loss, and osteoporosis
  • Kidney conditions: Kidney yin deficiency, kidney yang deficiency

Other TCM Conditions

Below are a few more conditions related to emotional and organ imbalances that traditional Chinese medicine practitioners may diagnose:

  • Blood stagnation: chronic and acute pain
  • Blood deficiency: headaches, dizziness, and fatigue
  • Stomach heat: digestion issues


Despite the growing popularity and anecdotal evidence, it's important to note that many TCM treatments and philosophies have not been vetted in the same way as conventional Western medical care. While TCM has been practiced for centuries and has been shown to be effective for treating some conditions—particularly those related to pain and stress—much research is mixed or unclear.

More research needs to be done to determine the efficacy and safety of TCM treatments for specific health issues.

Interestingly, in some cases, the benefits of TCM treatments are correlated to the placebo effect. However, rather than simply dismissing the efficacy of those TCM practices, these findings reinforce the powerful (and in many ways, still mysterious) link between mind and body in the healing process, which is the underpinning theory of TCM itself.

How the Nocebo Effect Influences Your Response to Treatment

A Word From Verywell

As the symptoms of many alternative medicine TCM syndromes may be linked to a number of serious health conditions, it's important to consult your traditional medical doctor for assessment as well. Self-treating a health condition and/or avoiding or delaying standard care may have serious consequences.

That said, TCM can be a productive component of an integrative health approach, which many people find to be beneficial to their mental and physical well-being.

Thanks for your feedback!

Verywell Mind uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

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Unresolved anger stones kidney

The Dreaded Kidney Stone

Ah, the dreaded kidney stones. The list of myths surrounding this condition is immense. Does diet and region you live in factor in to whether or not you will get them? How about genetics? What about our consumption of carbonated drinks? What, if anything, can you do about it?

Most everyone knows the pain associated with this condition. It can be excruciating and much like childbirth, at least I am told, as I have not had this condition as of yet. However, my mother has suffered from them before, and my sister has on multiple occasions. So, I have always wondered if that increased my chances of getting them.

According to Dr. Mercola, in his article Who Knew Preventing Kidney Stones Was this Easy, roughly 1 million Americans develop kidney stones each year and if you get them once, your chance of recurrence goes up about percent. Genetics do increase your risk, but so does the fact that you are a man. Men have a risk four times greater than women. The region you live in also plays a part in your risk factor. The southeastern part of the United States is referred to as the “Kidney Stone Belt.” The Middle East is also a region where the risk is nearly double what they are in the United States, mainly due to the warmer climate, which indicates that chronic dehydration can also predispose you to kidney stones. The worst part is the rate of kidney stone occurrences are on the rise, even in children.

The way your body absorbs and eliminates calcium seem to be the main culprit on why individuals form these stones. Sometimes an underlying cause can be a metabolic disorder or kidney disease. However, the reason your kidneys have problems absorbing and eliminating calcium is due to a hyper acidic or hyper alkaline state, which is due to a large part by your diet. Other factors can be certain drugs that promote kidneys stones, as well as our environment.

Risk factors that I have researched that contribute to kidney stones include not drinking enough water, mainly because you just have higher concentrations of substances in your kidneys that can form stones, a sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, digestive problems that affect your absorption of calcium and other minerals, a diet high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup, drinking soda (for many reasons), diets high in processed salt, too much soy in your diet, and caffeine. That encompasses quite a few individuals who have high risk factors for this condition.

So, what can be done about all of this before you get them? According to research, it is the same thing that you should do to avoid almost any kind of disease. You stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, avoid taking prescription drugs when you can, avoid sugar, soy, caffeine, excess salt, and processed foods, get plenty of exercise, and make sure you have adequate magnesium and vitamin B6 in your diet, which both have shown promise in helping prevent kidney stone formation. A cinch, right?

Well, since we all know that is not as easy as it sounds, lets go through a few preventative things to do with respect to tapping that can help.

Emotions are huge factors in how our kidneys function. The emotions that usually attach themselves to the kidneys and formation of stones in particular are hardening anger that we stuff down and don’t let out in healthy ways, relationship problems between you and other people, and trying to control your life, but being unable to do so. That loss of power, coupled with the other two issues, gives your body the okay to form these stones, especially if the environment is primed for them.

Making sure you are not stuffing those emotions into your body is a top priority, as this could cause a lot of problems, not just kidney stones. One way to tap these out would be to just directly ask the body to clear out the hardened anger from your kidneys. You could structure your sentence by stating, “Even though I have this hardened anger suppressed into my kidneys, I deeply and completely accept myself.” This statement would be stated three times at the karate chop point and then at each point, i.e. inner eye, outer eye, under eye, under nose, on chin, collarbone, and under arm (don’t miss this point, as it is your kidney point), make a negative statement like, “I have hardened anger in my kidneys,” or “I am suppressing my anger into my kidneys.” Then on top of your head state, “I choose to release the suppressed anger from my kidneys.” You could then proceed to do the same thing with statements directed at your relationship problems, and taking back control of your life. Just make sure all statements you do are directed at the kidneys.

Other ways of tapping out problems, would be to tap on different aspects of your risk factors and their relation to the function of the kidneys. Some of the things you could tap out are your ability to absorb calcium or minerals correctly, and on how the kidney functions as a whole. Your kidneys are major players in high blood pressure, which is a risk factor, so after doing the above statements with regards to the emotional components (and hopefully you will clear out original traumas doing that), try tapping on statements like, “Even though my kidneys are not functioning properly and not secreting enough rennin to control my blood pressure, I deeply and completely accept myself,” or “Even though my kidneys are not regulating the acidity of my body fluids correctly, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Keep your negative statements at each of the above stated points very simple, i.e. “My kidneys are not regulating the acidity in my body,” or “My kidneys are not secreting enough rennin.” Always finish it off with the top of the head and make a positive statement like, “I choose to have my body correct this.”

Some other things that will help with clearing kidney stones and making sure your kidneys are functioning properly is to periodically do a cleanse with black cherry juice, not cranberry juice, as black cherry is better for the kidneys. You can find this in concentrated forms in your health food stores or on line. Just make sure there is no sugar in it. For stones in particular, if you get them, you can use four (4) cans of Classic Coke to be taken within a two-hour period, and this will go in and dissolve them. Remember not to use any of the diet versions or new brands of Coke. It needs to be the original Classic version.

So, you are now EMPOWERED. You can choose to tap, or not to tap, but I have now given you the key. The next step is yours.

I am a certified Health Coach with training in several disciplines of acupressure, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and ESM (Environmental Stress Management), as well as certified in Kinetic testing. I have been an Energy Coach for over 15 years and have treated patients with severe autoimmune diseases on down to limiting beliefs. I have taught classes and over hundreds of people this technique, empowering them to not just be ordinary, but be extraordinary.

Visit my website and sign up for a free monthly newsletter and health tip.

Medical Animation: Kidney Stone Disease

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