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Tool Shed Plans Free

Step by step woodworking project about tool shed plans free. Building a small lean-to shed in your backyard is a great way to organize your  tools and to gain an useful storage space. In addition, the best part of this project is that you only need a small amount of materials and work, to get the job done in a professional manner. Moreover, as compared to other complex woodworking projects, you could get the job done by yourself, if you master the basic woodworking techniques and pay attention to our tips and instructions.

Even if there are many designs, shapes and sizes you can choose from, we recommend you to select straight-forward plans, that would keep the total costs under control. Therefore, we consider that a small lean-to shed is the best choice, if you have several tools to store and you want to undertake the project by yourself. Buy pressure treated lumber, making sure the wood is perfectly straight, without any kind of visible flaws.



Projects made from these plans



  • A – 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 24” long RIM JOISTS
  • B – 2 pieces of 2×4” lumber 45” long JOISTS
  • C– 10 sq ft  of 3/4” plywood DECKING
  • D– 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 48” long BOTTOM PLATE
  • E– 3 pieces of 2×4 lumber 58 1/2” – cut at 30º, 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 70 1/4” – cut at 30º WALL STUDS
  • F – 3 pieces of 2×4 lumber 19 3/4” long RAFTERS
  • G – 6 pieces of 2×4 lumber 17” long BRACES
  • H – 4 pieces of 2×4 lumber 21 3/4” longBLOCKING
  • I – 80 sq ft of 3/4” grooved plywoodEXTERIOR SIDING
  • J – 15 pieces of 1×4 tongue and groove lumber 32” long ROOFING
  • K – 3/8” grooved plywood and 1×3 lumberDOORS

 One day



Simple Tool Shed Components




If you have many tools and need a space to store them, you should consider building a small shed in your garden. As compared to other complex constructions, a tool shed is easy to build, even if you are an amateur handyman and you don’t have expertise in the field.

Top Tip: Work with good judgement, making sure you use the right free plans and buy the best materials you could afford. On one hand you could attached plywood siding to the sides of the shed, while on the other hand you use tongue and groove wooden boards.





Tool Shed Plans



The first step of the project is to build the frame of the floor, using 2×4 boards. Therefore, you should cut the components to the right size and join them together with 3” galvanized screws.

Top Tip: Drill pilot holes trough the rim joists, before inserting the screws. Check the corners for squareness and insert screws, at least 1/2” from the edges, to prevent the wooden beams from splitting.

Installing the flooring

Installing the flooring

The next step is to attache the 3/4” plywood flooring (2×4′). Buy a sheet of plywood, mark the guidance line and use a circular saw to cut the needed components. Afterwards, lock the piece of plywood into place, using  2” screws or decking nails.

Top Tip: In order to secure the floor properly, drive in the screws every 10” along the joists. Make sure the plywood sheet overlaps perfectly over the joists.



Next, you have to build the front wall and secure it into place. Use 2×4 lumber to build the wall studs and the bottom plate, as well as the blockings. Pre-drill the lumber and insert 3” galvanized screws, trough the wooden components, in order to lock them together accurately.

Build the wall frame on the ground and then secure it into place, by driving 3” stainless steel screws in the floor joists.



Afterwards, build the backs wall of the tool shed plans, in the same manner described above. As you can see in the free plans, you should cut the top of the wall studs at 30º, to drain the water properly.

Top Tip: Build the rafters from 2×4 lumber and install them into place with 3” screws. Drill pilot holes and drive in the screws at angle. Install 2×4 braces on the sides of the tool shed, to support the shelves.

Attaching the sides of the shed

Attaching the sides of the shed

After building the frame of the tool shed, it’s time to install the exterior siding. Therefore, use either 3/8” grooved plywood or 1×4 tongue and groove wooden boards. Draw the guidance lines with a straight edge and a pencil, before cutting the panels with a circular saw.

Top Tip: The siding should also cover the frame of the floor. Attach the siding to the wall frames and secure it with 1 1/4” nails.

Installing the roof of the shed

Installing the roof of the shed

Next, you have to install the roof of the small tool shed, as you can notice in the plans free. In order to get the job done quickly, you could use 1×4 tongue and groove boards and 1 1/2” nails

In addition, you should also install a 2×4 lumber board at the top of the front wall. Work with great attention and good judgement, if you want to obtain a professional result. Use a spirit level to align the components properly, before inserting the screws.



Building the doors of the free tool shed is a straight forward job, if you use the right material and techniques. Therefore, you should cut two pieces of 3/8” siding and install 1×3 trims around the edges, as in the plans.

Top Tip: After you build the doors, you should attach them to the shed, by using a couple of hinges. In addition, install an appropriate latch to lock the tools inside the small shed.

Tool shed plans

Tool shed plans

In order to make the tool shed practical, install several plywood shelves, using the side braces. In addition, you should also buy several accessories, to hang a shovel or other tools to the door. In this manner, you could save a lot of space.

Top Tip: Fill the gaps with a good sealer, before applying several coats of paint to the exterior siding. In this manner the wood would resist against water damage and decay.



This woodworking project is about free tool shed plans. If you are looking for more outdoor plans, check out the rest of our step by step projects and follow the instructions to obtain a professional result.


Free Plans - Backyard DIY Storage Shed

Backyard storage sheds can be expensive purchases. But...over a weekend, you can build one of these tool sheds or backyard storage buildings. Each of these free shed plans will provide you with a materials list and step-by-step instructions for you to build your own shed. From simple tool sheds to larger storage buildings, one of these Free Shed Plans will be just right for you!

To get started, here are some considerations you may need to be aware of on How to Build Your Own Shed by Popular Mechanics. Taking a moment to read over those tips many save you many hours of frustration on building your new backyard storage shed.

Gable Tool Shed Free Plan

This 8 x 8 Gable Style Small Storage Building or Tool Shed is a basic style for ease in construction. The gable roof line is perfect for additional storage in it's 'attic' space. You will be building your shed on a skid foundation making this a portable building that you can move around as needed.         

Gable Style Shed Free Plan

free tool shed plans

In just a 3 x 5 space, you can have storage space for gardening supplies, pool cleaning supplies, tools and more. Black & Decker has supplied these Free Shed Plans for this simple tool storage design.

Tool Storage Shed Free Plan

With 40 square feet of storage space and additional headroom storage, this Georgia-Pacific Garden Shed will cover most of your outdoor storage needs. A pdf that you can completely print out. The small attachment on the side is perfect for recycling bins, outdoor toys or wood storage.  

Garden Shed Free Plan

If you only need a small space for storing garden tools or would like to build a small smokehouse, this free shed plan from Ana White is just the thing. Follow along in the video as her husband, Jacob, provides you with a quick run through on building this adaptable small shed building.

DIY Small Shed Free Plans

schoolhouse style storage building shed free plans

This 10 x 12 schoolhouse style storage building by Family Handyman will require more knowledge of carpentry to build than most of the other free shed plans on this page. 

An adorable outdoor building that is perfect as a pool house, large storage building or finish off as a small guest cottage. 

Schoolhouse Style Storage Shed Free Plans

garden shed free plans

A large 10' x 9'10" storage shed that will fit most any storage needs. When you click through to these free storage building plans, go to the Project List that is immediately under the 2 images. The Project List contains all the links you need - free plans and free materials list. Any further down on the page and you'll be looking at plans for sale. 

Large Storage Shed Free Plans

If you are a beginner on building a storage shed, here is more help for you.

How to Pour a Concrete Slab For Your Shed.

Watch as professional woodworker, Eric Sorensen faces challenges as he builds a prefab kit that he purchased from Lowes.

Follow along as Jeff Thorman builds a small flat roof shed.

How to Build a Shed Floor.

Trying to decide whether to buy a shed or build a shed? This video may help.

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44 FREE DIY Shed Plans To Help You Build Your Shed

#11 Easy to Build Gabled Shed


This is a portable shed built on a skid foundation that measures 8 x 8 feet.

The simple design features home built double doors on one end and a pitched gable style roof, making it an excellent choice in areas with lots of rain or snow.

You can see the simple to follow plans here.

#12 Tudor Style 8 x 7 Shed


This is the perfect garden shed for someone who wants a stylish shed that looks a little different than the norm. The plans include measurements in both standard and metric for ease of construction.

Unlike most wooden sheds where the cladding is on the outside, with this one it is attached to the inside for that "Tudor" look.

You can download a free set of these plans here.

#13 7 x 8 Board and Batten Shed


This is a simple to build shed with a framed in floor for added strength. It features a pair of DIY swinging doors up front and a nicely sloped roof.

You can view a free copy of the plans here or if you prefer to have a print friendly version, you can also buy a set.

The well thought out design and high roofline offer you plenty of storage or workspace.

#14 10 x 10 Tudor Style Shed


No one says your shed can't be stylish. This 10 x 10 Tudor style shed puts the frame on the outside giving it that "Tudor" look that is sure to fit in with your home and yard.

Maximum inside height is 8'8", inside floor space measurements are 8' wide by 10' long providing plenty of space for just about anything.

Visit here to see the full plans and comprehensive construction instructions.

#15 6 x 6 Playhouse


These plans can be used to build a nice sturdy playhouse that looks a lot like a real house.

Not only can your kids use it to play in when they are young, but when they have outgrown it, you can easily turn it into a convenient storage shed with a single door and four windows for maximum ventilation.

Learn more about this playhouse and get your free plans here.

#16 Excellent Narrow Backyard Shed


This 4-foot-deep shed is 7 feet wide and perfect for those with limited space.

The design features a pitched roof and double doors, making it a great choice for a number of storage purposes such as garden tools or bicycles.

You can see the plans and detailed construction information here.

#17 Simple Versatile 6 x 6 Shed


From garden tools, to a place for your bikes, this simple shed design has a 7/12 pitch roof and a single DIY door.

The roof is designed to extend over the door to help keep rain and snow out. You can see the plans here or download them as a pdf if you prefer to print them.

#18 DIY Lean to Shed


When you have limited space to work with, this handy freestanding lean-to style shed is the perfect option.

The sloped roof keeps the rain and snow at bay, while the large double doors make it easy to get in and out of. See the simple and easy to follow plans here.

#19 8 x 6 DIY Garden Shed


Everyone needs somewhere to get away from it all, this 8 x 6 DIY garden shed can give you all of that and more.

Coming from Mother Earth News, these plans have been created just for those with nothing more than basic carpentry skills.

You can follow the detailed construction instructions and plans here.

#20 The Traditional 12 x 16 Shed


This set of shed plans lets you decide how many doors and windows you want and what style. You could have double doors on one end and a single door on the side or any one of several other options.

The plans are available here and include 6 different foundation options to choose from.

#21 Colonial Style 8 x 12 Shed with Porch


Sheds are not just for storage, this 8 x 12 shed features a covered front porch making it the perfect style to turn into an art studio or workshop.

The plans include comprehensive instructions that will walk you through building this shed on a tight budget. View detailed instructions and see the plans here.

#22 Cute 8 x 10 Cape Cod Shed


Add real New England Charm to your backyard with this 8 x 10 Cape Cod style shed. It features board and batten construction, a divided window, and a single door.

You can build your own door or thanks to the generous 7'8" wall height, use a factory built pre-hung door. The 10/12 pitch roof keeps snow at bay.

Learn more about this shed right here.

#23 Handy 8 x 8 Cape Cod Shed


A smaller version of the above shed with a steep roof and a porch. The same Cape Cod board and batten style is sure to make this the perfect shed to store your garden tools and supplies, your bikes, or just about anything.

Plans also include instructions to add a side door for easier access. Take a look at the plans here.

#24 2-Door 8 x 12 Cape Cod Shed


When you need a little more room but still want Cape Cod styling this 8 x 12 shed is just what you need. It features two doors, one on the end and one on the side.

The 6'7" side height lets you use pre-hung doors or build your own. The 10/12 pitch roof is ideal for snowy regions.

Read more about this shed and order your plans here.

#25 8 x 12 Value Shed with Double Doors


If you are comfortable around woodworking tools, this 8 x 12 value shed may be just what you are looking for.

It features a fully framed floor for added strength and can be set on a concrete slab foundation or multiple 4 x 4s. Plans include instructions for building double doors.

The plans are available here.

#26 DIY 12 x 12 Gambrel Shed


If your idea of a beautiful shed is one that looks like a small red barn, this Gambrel style shed is just what you need.

The easy to follow plans will walk you right through building it from the ground up including the skid style foundation for ease of movement. Download free plans and materials lists here.

#27 DIY 12 x 10 Gambrel Shed


The double slope of this barn style shed is perfect for areas where it tends to snow a lot. You can use the added height to build in a loft for added storage.

The shed features do-it- yourself double doors giving you plenty of room to drive your riding lawnmower in and out. Free plans can be downloaded here.

#28 DIY 10 x 12 Gambrel Shed


Double door goodness for those who want plenty of storage space in their backyard. The fully framed floor is covered with plywood for added structural strength and to ensure you can store virtually anything inside.

Plans include everything you need to build this great shed. You can download your free plans here.

#29 DIY 10 x 12 Gambrel Shed


The 6'5" door height gives you plenty of room to put just about anything in your shed and ensures that even taller people won't smack their head going in and out.

This shed measures a full 10 x 12 without the siding, giving you plenty of room for garden tools, bikes, and just about anything else you need to store out of the way.

Free plans are available here along with complete materials lists.

#30 DIY Salt Box Shed


This unusual shed features a dual slope roof and double doors set in the front wall. Interior measurements are 10 x 8 without the siding.

Frame is all 2 x 4 for superior strength and the plans include instructions for building the double barn style doors. Skid mounted for ease of movement.

Free plans and materials lists are available here.

#31 8 x 8 Gable Shed


The steep pitch of this roof makes the 8 x 8 Gable shed an ideal addition to any yard where heavy snow and rains are common. The skid foundation makes moving your shed into place simple.

These easy to follow plans include a list of all materials needed and include plans for the double barn style doors. Seethe free plans here.

#32 8 x 8 Gambrel Shed


Great set of easy to follow plans for building an 8 x 8 Gambrel style shed complete with double pitch roof. This shed features a fully framed floor mounted on skids making it easily portable.

74" home built double doors offer plenty of room to get in and out while the lofted roof gives you added storage space.Your free plans are available here.

#33 7 x 12 Gable Roof Shed or Playhouse


If you are looking for a shed that can double as a playhouse or workroom, this might be the one.

Features include a single door and two windows in the 12' front wall, but you can modify the plans to add even more windows if you need more light.

If the size is too big, instructions in the free plans available here show you how to make the shed smaller.

#34 Simple Lean-To Shed


When your space to build a shed is limited yet you need storage space for garden tools or bikes, this lean-to shed is perfect for you.

While it is designed to be placed against a wall, you can put this sturdy shed anywhere in your yard.

The only difference is you will need to build a stud rear wall instead of simply covering this area in sheathing. Read more about this nifty shed here.

#35 Long Lasting 8 x 8 Shed


If you are gifted with a high level of carpentry skills, you are ready tackle this 8 x 8 shed.

It features a split level roof design, a single entry door and two windows on the front wall.

The free plans available here are not for beginners, but those who are skilled can complete construction in about seven days.

#36 Build an Affordable Shed


Pre-built shed can cost a fortune, the free plans available here can help you save up to $3000 on your garden shed simply by showing you how to build one yourself.

These plans are for a gable roof style shed with a single door and two windows in the front wall. Detailed build instructions are included with the plans here.

#37 Free Gambrel Shed Plans


While building a gambrel style shed is a little more complex than a gable style one, these easy to follow plans will take some of the confusion out of the job.

The gambrel style gives you room to add a storage loft for smaller items. Free plans cover building a 12 x 8 shed are available here.

#38 8 x 8 Gambrel Shed Plans


From building the foundation to installing the shingles on the gambrel style roof and adding the final coat of paint, these detailed and easy to read plans walk you through building an 8 x 8 shed that is perfect for any backyard storage project.

Your free shed plans are available here.

#39 8 x 8 Lean-To Shed


No one ever said a lean-to shed has to be small in size. This wood and metal 8 x 8 lean-to style shed gives you plenty of storage space on the inside, yet takes up very little room on the outside by virtue of its lean-to styling.

You can get your free plans right here.

#40 Cute Rustic Yard Shed


Not only does this cute rustic shed offer plenty of storage space, a double size sliding side door and plenty of windows, the pitched roof is designed to create a shady place to relax or get your work done.

While not for beginners, those who have some experience in construction should have no problem building this great shed. Read more about it and see the complete plans here.

#41 The Ultimate Garden Shed


If you are ready to take on a serious shed project, this is the one for you. This is more than a shed, with several windows and vents in the gables, this shed makes a great workshop or art studio.

The design is for an 8 x 9 1/2 storage area and a smaller 8 x 5 1/2 room with plenty of windows. The concrete paver floor, cedar siding, and metal roof help you create a shed that will last forever. Read all about this shed here.

#42 7 1/2 x 13 1/2 Multi-Window Shed


While definitely not for beginners, this multi-windowed shed offers plenty of light and would be great for anyone who wants a workroom.

The steeply pitched roof is perfect for snowy regions and the double entry doors are perfect for riding lawn mowers or motorcycles. You can get your free plans right here.

#43 A Shed with a Front Porch


If you are looking for a shed that is more than just a place to store your garden tools and junk, this might be the one for you.

The shed itself measures 8 x 16 with a 3 1/2-foot front door. But the best part of the design is the 8 x 16 foot fully covered front porch.

You can use this area as a shady work space or somewhere to relax in your backyard out of the sun. Complete plans are available here.

#44 6 x 6 Garden Shed Plans and Building Guide


If you are looking for a super easy to build 6 x 6 garden shed, then these plans might be just what you need.

The all-wood construction features a framed in floor sitting on skids for ease of movement. Can be set on cement piers, blocks, or level ground.

Detailed plans include information for building your own door. Get your free plans here.

In Summary...

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the different free shed plans I have found for you and more importantly I have helped you find the perfect garden shed. I created this list from the many hours of searching for the right shed to fit my needs.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading this.


Simplify Your Outdoor Shed Building Project

  1. Large Library - iCreatables is the Top Shed Plan Site on the internet with over 300 designs to choose from. They are easy to buy shed plans that include information on how to assemble each part of the shed.
  2. Start Now - Buy Shed Plans, download and print today using the free PDF file format on 8-1/2" x 11" paper
  3. Materials List - A plan specific materials list is included with every plan.
  4. Customization - Have your plans modified to be exactly what you need. Click to find out how.
  5. Free Phone or Email Support - We are happy to answer questions about your project. Our phone number is on the top right of every page.

We provide outdoor shed plans that are affordable and easy to build from. Our storage shed plans are organized so that you can buy shed plans and build your own shed no matter what your skill level. There are helpful how to build instructions and tips that go along with each stage of the storage building process from the foundation, floor, walls to the roof. Building your own shed saves you money and is a very rewarding experience that adds value to your property. Click the shed images above to view our library of over 200 storage shed plans.

Backyard Garden Dormer Shedfree backyard garden shed plans

Backyard Outdoor Shed Plans

Our backyard storage shed plans are defined by their cost effective quality construction and simple to build designs. Their construction includes 2x4 framed walls, T1-11 grooved plywood siding, asphalt roofing and a strong sandwich construction door. You can buy shed plans with different pitches of roof slopes The lower pitched roof and simple trim make them easy and inexpensive to build. If you are looking for storage shed plans that are designed to be easy to build from and as cost effective as possible, the backyard shed plan line is your best choice.

How To Build A Shed

iCreatables has the internets most comprehensive How To Build A Shed information library on the internet. You can find on the website:

  • A How To Buid A Shed e-Book that comes free with every shed plan order. This e-Book has over 50 pages of illustrations showing each step to building all the roof types shown on our shed building plans, how to frame shed walls, how to frame a shed floor, how to install siding, how to build roof rafters and trusses. It also includes nailing schedules and optional roof details.
  • How To Build A Shed Website Tutorials. Our website has a simplified version of the shed building instructions in our e-Book. Each of the major parts of shed construction are covered in this easy to follow tutorial.
  • A How To Build a Shed Video Series that teaches you how to instal every part on a regular gable shed design. This video series
  • Plans for over 180 different shed designs and sizes. Each plan comes with drawings showing the floor plan, foundation plan, exterior elevations, wall framing plans, roof framing plans, truss design information, materials list and details.

Lean To Shed Plans

A lean to shed is the perfect way to build up against a fence or wall and still have plenty of room in your yard. It also keeps water away from the structure you are building up against. The lean to shed design is the simplest design of shed to build because of its single plane sloping roof which makes the roof easy to build. We have many different configurations and sizes either with double or single doors. The larger lean to designs include optional plans to build the doors on any side of the shed. Our smaller lean to style sheds have a 4 in 12 pitch roof and our larger designs have a 2 in 12 pitch roof to keep the overall shed height lower and help reduce shed construction costs.

Office Shed Plans | Modern Shed Plans | Studio Shed Plans

Modern Sheds are defined by their clean and simple looks. They are perfect to be used as a home office, work studio or even a cool place to store things. With lots of windows, a simple low slope metal roof and horizontal siding, these plans are a great way to build a professional work space right in your back yard. Building a home office or work studio in your backyard will eliminate the commute to work and at the same time give you a quiet professional place to work and bring clients.

Office Shed Plans | Modern Shed Plans | Studio Shed Plans

Modern Sheds are defined by their clean and simple looks. They are perfect to be used as a home office, work studio or even a cool place to store things. With lots of windows, a simple low slope metal roof and horizontal siding, these plans are a great way to build a professional work space right in your back yard. Building a home office or work studio in your backyard will eliminate the commute to work and at the same time give you a quiet professional place to work and bring clients.

Saltbox Shed Plans

A saltbox shed is defined by its double sloping roof style. The front roof has a steep slope of 12/12, and the rear roof has a lower slope of 5/12. Most plans have options for the doors on either the front or side. Click on the images to view more details. The saltbox style evolved from the practice of extending the second floor roof line down to the first floor level to create additional covered living space. The design adds a south eastern flair to back yard shed designs.

Greenhouse Shed Plans

Our wood greenhouse shed plans have lots of windows and use clear polycarbonate roofing that lets in plenty of light to keep your plants happy and green. Several designs use the same doors that are installed on residential homes to keep construction simple and allow the door to have a glass panel to let in even more sunlight. The floors are made using 2x6 pressure treated wood so plants can be watered inside without the worry of damaging the floor.

Firewood Shed Plans and Wood Bins

Firewood sheds are simple sheds designed to help your firewood dry out and also keep it from getting a lot of water on the wood when it rains or snows. The simple open front design allows the wood to be easily accessible and increases air flow around the stacked wood. The floors are designed using 2x4 boards spaced 1" apart to provide plenty of strength and allow allow air to circulate up through the floor and around the wood to season it properly. The roofs are corrugated metal but they can also be roofed with asphalt shingles.

A well designed and built wood storage shed allows you to properly season your firewood so that it will be ready to burn.

Garden Shed Plans

The garden shed is often called a cottage shed which is defined by steep roofs and detailed trim work. The trim details take a little more time and expense but greatly add to the look and feel of a quality project. Our two main styles include the Cape Cod which has taller windows and the Colonial which has square windows.

Small Horse Barn Plans and Run In Shed Plans

We have a large selection of small horse barn plans, tack rooms and run in shed plans. Each of our designs comes with a materials list and construction plans to help you save time and money when you build. We have many different sizes of horse barns including one, two, three and four stalls. Most of the barns and run in sheds are designed to be built with pine board and batten siding on the outside and a 4' tall Oak kick board on the interior.

Short Shed Plans

Many customers need a short shed plan to meet their homeowners associations or city height requirements. We have a complete line of short shed plans to help. The most common heights are 6 foot tall height restrictions and 8 foot tall height restrictions. The 6 foot height keeps the shed height lower than the most common fence height of 6 feet. Check with your

Small Shed Plans

Small shed plans are a great way to get a little extra storage for yard tools and toys. Our smaller sheds will accomodate a lawn mower and hand tools like a week wacker, edger, lopers, pruners, chemicals like week killer and fertilizers. A shed is a great way to keep these items from cluttering your garage and readily accessible when you need to work on your yard or garden.

Storage Building Plans Accessories And Options

If you are looking for plans for the little extras like a ramp to make it easier to get into your shed then you have come to the right place. These shed ramp plans and instructions are free to download and use.

We have many shed plan details to help you build your shed to fit your needs. We offer free plans for our gable shed designs with roof optional roof pitches of 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 8/12, 10/12 and 12/12. The are designed for 8', 10' and 12' wide sheds. Just let us know what plan you purchased and we will email you the plans

Buy Shed Plans

We make it as simple as possible to buy shed plans and start building. Our pdf download allows you to purchase the plans and start building immediately. We also offer the option to postal mail the plans if you need that. When you buy the shed plans you will get an email from us that includes a link to download the plans to your computer.

Building A Shed

Building a Shed should be a fun project that provides the satisfaction of creating something and a sense of accomplishment. We have put great effort into our shed plans to make them easy to follow and work from. The How To Build A Shed eBook that is included with every shed plan is designed to show all the different steps involved in building a shed. The materials list is detailed out so that every part of the shed has a label which makes it easier to put each part where it goes. Let us know how your shed building project goes, we love to hear about and see photos of our customers building their sheds! Find the email address at the top of this page to send in your shed building photos.


Our Latest Shed Building Video!



Plans tool shed

Free Shed Plans – with Drawings and Material List

A shed is perhaps one of the most functional structures in your property.

The shed, barn, or workshop doesn’t have to look bad, if done right it can be a great looking focal point in your property.

With a little imagination a shed can be transformed into a playhouse, chicken coop, greenhouse, or home office.

Building Permits

Before you even start looking at shed plans you will want to call your local building inspector to find out all the requirements.

It will be a bummer if you start building and get hit with a fine for not obtaining a permit. Or worse yet you need to tear down the shed because you are not even allowed to build one at all.

Requirements such as size, width, height, design, and setback, will vary among localities.

Most areas will allow a 120 square foot shed without having to file for a permit. In my area I’m allowed 120 square feet or a 10×12 shed without a permit.

Setback in my area was 6 feet from property lines or buildings. My ideal shed was a 14×14 but opted for two 12×10 sheds to avoid the hassle of getting a permit.

Shed Ideas

One of the main reasons many of us will ponder the idea of building our own shed is to remove some of the clutter from our home or garage.

Sheds will also be built to make extra space for garden tools, office, or a workshop.

When looking for free shed plans consider the design, do you want it to match your house? Or do you want something that blends into your landscape?

Do you want something functional? Ask yourself these questions before you begin:

What is the shed being used for?

How much space do you need?

Can the shed be expanded in the future if needed?

Can it be built within your budget?

Will you have time to build a shed?

Other things to consider are the height and width of the door. Make certain the door is wide enough and high enough if you are storing or moving large items.

Next thing to do is finding a location keeping in mind any setback or other requirements your building department has.

A level spot with good drainage will be the ideal spot.

Choose an area were the shed won’t look out of place, and blends will with your home.


Now that you know the size and design it’s time to get some plans. If you are handy using CAD software you can draw your own plans.

To save time you can obtain plans free or purchase.

Free Tool Shed Plans

Free Shed Plans

How to start building a shed

A successful DIY shed starts with choosing the right shed plans. First, determine how much space you can commit to an outbuilding, and check local codes for setbacks as you decide where to put it. It’s also important to consider what you’d like to store in the shed. Small tools can be hung on walls to save space, but large items like lawnmowers and snow blowers need more square footage.

Next, decide what style roof you prefer: We offer both peaked gable roof sheds and slanted lean-to roof styles. Finally, please take a look at the plan itself to make sure you understand the materials list, measured drawings, and directions before you commit.

How much does it cost to build a shed?

If you’re deciding between building your own backyard shed and hiring a builder, you should know it is cheaper to build your own shed. The exact cost difference depends on builders’ labor rates in your area. When you hire a professional builder, you must pay for labor and materials. When you choose to build the shed yourself, you only have to pay for the cost of the materials and tools. Here are the most common shed building price scenarios:

  • 10′ x 10′ shed ~ $2200
  • 10′ x 12′ shed ~ $2700
  • 12′ x 12′ shed ~ $3200
  • 12′ x 20′ shed ~ $5200

You can also use the national expense average for building a shed, which goes from $17 to $24 per sq. ft.

What’s the difference between free and premium shed plans?

They all come with colored diagrams and basic instructions to build your shed. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you may be comfortable using free plans as an outline for building a new shed on your own — especially if you already have some experience building a deck or other outdoor structure.

Our free plans serve as an excellent preview to give you a sense of what it will take to complete your first shed. They are a great place to start to learn about what goes into building a shed, and they’ll be enough for experienced builders to use as a guideline. When you decide on a shed you like, consider upgrading to our premium plans and enjoy the benefits of in-depth directions and easy to understand step-by-step instructions. Premium plans provide extensive detail, including a full materials list and all the tools required to build the shed. They also name each piece and give much detailed information to help first-time DIYers.

More questions?

Read our FAQ section to get further answers about building a shed.

Joseph TruiniJoseph Truini is a host on the Today’s Homeowner TV show and co-hosts the weekly Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. He has written three best-selling shed-building books and lives in Roxbury, Connecticut.


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How to build a 4×8 lean to shed

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8x8 Garden Shed Plans

8×8 Garden Shed Plans

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5×5 Shed – Video!

This woodworking project was about 13free small storage shed plans. If you want to see more garden plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. LIKE us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest updates and submit pictures with your DIY projects. Check all my woodworking project lists HERE!


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