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10 Best Dog Slip Leads (Reviews Updated 2021)

Attention to all dog owners, what is the biggest worry of any pet parent while you’re out on your walks? Your pooch slipping their lead or leash and running off, of course! There’s nothing scarier than the thought of your pal lost and unable to get back to you, but we have a solution so you can walk without fear.

Dog Slip Leads are made especially for this purpose, they come in a variety of different brands, sizes and styles but they all have one thing in common: keeping your pup with you where they belong.

Below are the top ten Dog Slip Leads we recommend for you to try, all products have been extensively researched so you don’t have to!

Best Dog Slip Leads

Now for our dog slip lead reviews.

1. Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead

Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead

The Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead is conveniently designed to be both a collar and leash in one simple product. The slip rope is made from the highest quality polypropylene, making it sturdy, long lasting and fashionable. On top of being tough, this rope is designed for your cleaning convenience, all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine and it will be good as new.

  • Convenient design allows collar to fit any breed of dog
  • Slip rope is made from high quality materials for your peace of mind
  • Machine washable, looks like new after each wash
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2. Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope

Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope

The Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope is designed to be durable and last for years of daily usage with its premium quality mountain climbing rope material. The material is smooth as well as strong so it doesn’t rub uncomfortably against your pooch’s neck. The lead is light weight and six feet long for your walking convenience, you can shorten it to your wishes easily for heel training.

  • Durable and tough design, material of climber’s rope
  • Anti chafing material is great for long walks or pulling puppies
  • Slip rope is light and easy to carry for walks or travel
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3. Coolrunner Dog Slip Rope

Coolrunner Dog Slip Rope

The Coolrunner Dog Slip Rope is made to survive even the strongest dog’s pulling, with the highest quality of nylon this slip rope is guaranteed to be long lasting. With a length of five feet, this lead allows you to adjust how far out you want your pooch, or to keep them at your side for better training. The slip rope is perfect for training ornery puppies as it tightens when they pull, encouraging them to return to your side, but loosens immediately which reduces the risk of choking.

  • High quality nylon allows for the best durability
  • Five feet of length that you can adjust as needed
  • Perfect lead for training puppies or just ornery dogs
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4. iYoShop Slip Dog Rope

Iyoshop Slip Dog Rope

The iYoShop Slip Dog Rope is designed for your comfort and peace of mind while out walking with your pal, the high density nylon rope guarantees that your pet won’t get loose. The handle is a comfortable grip, with padding specially made to give you the best traction for your pulling pup. Interwoven into the slip rope is reflective threads, making your night walks that much safer.

  • Durable nylon rope allowed you to walk with confidence
  • Handle is great for dogs that pull, reduces chafing on hand
  • Reflective threading adds a safety measure for late night walks
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5. Remington Dog Slip Rope

Remington Dog Slip Rope

Remington Dog Slip Rope is the perfect leash and collar combination lead rope for all of your training/walking needs. The slip rope is made from soft, braided nylon throughout for the best quality while still being comfortable on your pup’s fur. This lead allows your pup to learn how to walk at your side without the choking risk of other collars, when they pull away the lead tightens and gently corrects them.

  • Slip rope works as both a collar and lead for your convenience
  • Made from soft but flexible material for your pup’s comfort
  • Great for training newbies, gently corrects tugging
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6. Grand Line Slip Rope

Grand Line Slip Rope

The Grand Line Slip Rope is designed for your every convenience while training or walking your pal. The reflective threading that is interwoven throughout the rope is perfect for added security on night walks. The slip rope is made from the strongest nylon while still being soft enough to not run your dog’s neck raw. The lead is five feet long for you to choose how far from your side you want your pooch.

  • Reflective threads allow for safer night walks
  • Nylon material makes this slip rope excellent for long lasting durability
  • Five feet in length for your training convenience
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7. Max and Neo Dog Slip Rope

Max And Neo Dog Slip Rope

The Max and Neo Dog Slip Rope is made for all of your training needs, with a five foot length giving you the choice of how far you want your pup to stray. The slip rope is made from high density nylon rope to ensure the highest quality for your pooch and making the rope ideal for pullers. The grip is made from leather, offers both traction when needed and comfort for your hand on long walks.

  • Five feet of length, great for training and walking purposes
  • High quality materials are perfect for durability
  • The handle is designed for your comfort on long walks
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8. PetBemo Dog Slip Rope

Petbemo Dog Slip Rope

PetBemo Dog Slip Rope is crafted with the purpose of giving you complete control over your pooch while out walking. The slip rope is made from the highest quality of rope, the same type that mountain climbers use with confidence, which ensures your pooch stays where you want them. With interwoven reflective threading, this lead is great for increasing your safety on night hiking or walks. With six feet of length, the lead is easy to let out or tighten as you need it.

  • Materials are chosen with care for durability and comfort
  • Reflective threads add safety measure for night walks
  • Length is great for training newbies or heel training.
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9. BRONZEDOG Slip Rope

Bronzedog Slip Rope

BRONZEDOG Slip Rope is designed to last for years of daily usage without needing constant replacements, the material is the same as mountain climbers rope to ensure durability. The lead is comfortable, that way your pup’s neck doesn;t get rubbed raw on longer walks. The color choices are all vivid and stylish for your aesthetic pleasure while still doing their job,

  • Rope is made from the same material as mountain climber’s rope
  • Material is gentle on your dog’s skin, even for tuggers
  • Many colors to choose from and all bright
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10. Joytale Dog Slip Rope

Joytale Dog Slip Rope

Joytale Dog Slip Rope is made with you and your pup’s comfort in mind, the grip is soft and padded for your hand while still offering excellent traction when needed. The material is the exact same rope used in mountain climber’s equipment, ensuring that your pup won’t get loose while out and about. Reflective threading gives you a measure of added confidence when you go out on night walks.

  • Soft handle grip while still good for traction
  • Same durable material that mountain climbers use
  • Reflective threading is used for additional safety on night walks
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Dog Slip Lead Buying Guide

Best Dog Slip Lead ReviewsNow that you’ve perused through our top ten product recommendations, I’ll go in depth for some of the terms used and why they are each excellent bonuses to have to any dog slip rope.

Reflective Threading

When you’re doing anything outside, reflective is nice, but it is especially so when you’re doing night walks with your dog. The biggest worry people have about walking at night is the danger of a car not seeing you. This feature eliminates that concern, as much as a product can, while giving you extra confidence on your walks.

Nylon or Similar Materials

The most common material used in high quality dog leashes, harnesses, and slip ropes are nylon or mountain climbing rope. Either of these materials are designed to handle massive amounts of pressure without ripping or wearing out over time. The higher the density is on the nylon or rope, the better quality you are getting for your money. Stronger dogs require better materials for their leads or they will wear down quickly and have to be replaced constantly.

Comfortable Grip

This is very important, most people underestimate just how much pain you can have from a grip that isn’t made to be comfortable. Even if your dog doesn’t pull, if the grip is made from an abrasive material you are in for a world of pain. If your dog DOES pull then it is even worse, especially if you are going for long walks. It is necessary to find a handle or grip that conforms to your hand while still offering the necessary traction. The grip is useless if it is comfortable but doesn’t do its job.

Rope Length

While this isn’t quite as important as the grip, it is still a major component of your rope. When you’re training or just walking for leisure, you need to have the correct leash length. If it is too small you’ll have back pain from bending over but if it is too big then your pup will have too much lead to be tangled in. All of these are things to think about when buying your dog slip lead.

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Friends Forever Extremely Durable Dog Rope Leash, Premium Quality Mountain Climbing Rope Lead, Strong, Sturdy Comfortable Leash Supports The Strongest Pulling Large Medium Dogs 6 feet, Red



Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2020

WARNING: Product Has Been Modified

Oh man! We use these at the shelter where I volunteer and they are the best leashes. Hold the loop wonderfully, excellent quality, good looking, easy to leash and unleash dogs who are a bit nervous about that.UNFORTUNATELY - the product has been modified (from Friend's Forever) and it now has a piece of non-adjustable, non-removable metal hardware at the bottom of the loop. I wrote Friend's Forever and they confirmed this is indeed how the product is produced now with a "loop stopper."What I love about this leash is it is sturdy but gentle and this metal piece will dig into a dog's neck when having to pull them a bit to encourage direction (such as at the shelter) or correct my dog as we are slack leash training.See attached photo.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2020

Be careful - loop stopper too small and broke quickly

I use this leash at our local non-kill shelter weekly. Unfortunately, I noticed right away that the loop stopper is too small for the ring and tends to slip through on occasion and now it broke and I can't use the leash. It's too dangerous because if you give the slightest slack, the dog can back out and that is not acceptable with nervous high energy dogs at the shelter. Otherwise, I love the leash. It is sturdy, has just a bit of give, and thick and comfortable in your hand. The length is great too. I wish there was a way to get a replacement stopper to make the leash useful again. Seems like such a waste to not be able to use it because of such a small yet most important part.EDIT: I have been asked twice now to delete my review for a refund by the vendor. I will not be purchasing from this vendor again.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 22, 2019

Very well-made and good quality. Recommended

Brilliant quality and excellent value item. Will be buying another one as a spare. Highly recommended and looks great too. Ideal for my Doberman. Very well-made and good quality. Recommended. A small gripe is that the little leather tag to stop the lead sleeping pulls through easily so the lead can loosen round the dogs neck... Read more...


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 3, 2019

Excellent, strong dog lead.

We have a 60 kilo sheepdog who is immensely strong and often very stubborn, so we need a strong lead! This fit the bill perfectly. Nice length, good strong rope that even she can't manage to bite through, and a lovely rich colour. Much better quality than other leads we've had.Highly recommended by this happy owner!... Read more...


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 17, 2019

Not great!

Lead is great but very long!! at least twice the length of a standard slip lead.UPDATE: after having the lead 2 months it is now falling apart! Our pup is 6 month old and not the biggest, a lead should not be coming apart like this one is.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 1, 2019

Great product

I really like this. I like the material, it’s comfortable to hold, it’s slightly longer than our usual lead & I like the colour combo. I have the black & White & I have a black dog so at least cats will see her as we start to get darker evenings!... Read more...


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 15, 2019


Oh I’m so disappointed. I ordered 3 after reading reviews & I was very pleased when they arrived as they were nice and long. My dogs are walked off lead more than on so I was dissatisfied with the mauve one that lost its leather ( very thin) security slider & where you hold the lead for a walk to heel the outer cover has started to unravel.The black one the outer cover is intact but the leather security slide has word through.The red lead the top cover has unravelled where my 2nd hand goes.My dogs very rarely pull on their leads... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2018

The best/only leash you need!

This is the best and only leash that you will ever need. The quality is great and it was built well. The best positive about this leash is the ability to train your dog with it. If you watch any of Cesar Millan's videos, you will see that this leash is not only great for walking a dog, but can be used in all sorts of other training methods as well. People have expressed concern about choking a dog with this, but if you use it the right way you aren't going to do that. My dog has a tendency to pull toward other dogs as she gets excited to greet them. With this, a quick pull straight up on the leash with a correction has taught her not to do that.Make sure to watch some videos on how to properly use this so you aren't out there choking your dog to death. keep the loop high up on the neck where the top is just below the ears and make sure to pull upward or to the side. This has absolutely helped me with training my dog to walk properly by my side!... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2018

The loop stays in a good open shape.

I am active in rescue. We pull dogs from a local government shelter facility, find quality no-kill shelters that will save them and adopt them to good homes. Successful and safe handling/transporting nervous dogs requires using quality equipment. I have a variety of slip leads but this lead has a slightly different feel. It is braided tighter using more threads. The keeper slides easily and yet works effectively to hold the loop securely around the dogs neck. This lead is easy to remove while the dog is crated for transport and also easy to put back on when it is time to get the dog out of the crate. This lead which is on the left in my photo keeps a nice open shape while a different brand on the right collapses. An open loop is good when reaching inside a crate to leash a scared dog. It allows me to use just one hand. I will buy again. I tried the lead on my Great Dane and on my Papillon. It worked for both size dogs.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2018

Wonderful Quality and Color

I ordered this leash in blue for my 1 year old Aussiedoodle, Rowan. Rowan weighs about 50 lbs, and is a spunky, determined little (big) boy. The leash we've been using with Rowan is a expandable leash, and we decided we wanted something to help him learn to not pull and stay closer on walks.We had looked in the big pet stores in our town, and leashes comparable to this were $25+. I was skeptical of this leash since it was so affordable, mostly because I was afraid it wouldn't be strong enough for my big boy.You guys, this thing is AMAZING. Great quality, great color (on our blue one, at least), wonderfully made! There are even reflective threads in our leash so that it shows up better at night. The blue looks great against Rowan's black fur, and the neck opening is wonderful. It pulls tight when he pulls, but it loosens as soon as he lets up. It has a leather piece that keeps the neck hole from expanding too wide when the dog gives it slack. I'm tempted to order another in a different color-- THAT'S how great this leash is. This is hands-down one of my best Amazon buys.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2017

Couldn’t be happier! I knew when I got a German Shepherd ...

Couldn’t be happier! I knew when I got a German Shepherd puppy that I would struggle being a 5’2 female if he started to pull on a leash. Winter here in Chicago made me nervous that my puppy would pull and i would fall on ice. So I purchased the leash after speaking with our trainer and I couldn’t be happier! Most peaceful walk in all 6 months that I’ve had him. Would highly recommend this leash for training. May not be good for all outdoor activities but very good for city block walking. Would not recommend for mall dogs.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2017

Durable leash. Recommended for big strong dogs

It's not meant for small dog. It's definitely extremely durable. I have another leash which is the big bulk handle where the leash is extendable. One day I was walking my 75lb retriever home and a wild white rabbit appeared! She gazed at the rabbit for a bit before charged out like a flash. Not only I was dragged flying to the ground after getting caught off guard, the leash broke as well.When I use this leash, I know I can wrap it around my hand and have a good handle of my dog. There has been couple occurrence when we ran into stray cats in the neighborhood. I can definitely feel the strength the leash is able to provide me. Given the durability, it also feels nice on my hands and my dog.... Read more...

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Taking your dog on a walk can be the best part of the day for some of us, now more than ever. It's a much-needed time to get out and get some fresh air with our favorite four-legged bestie.

We chatted with Dr. Seth Bishop of Small Door Veterinary in New York City about why it's so important for your dog to be getting regular exercise and to going on walks daily at this difficult time. Here is what he had to say:

"Regular exercise helps to promote a healthy lifestyle for your pup. For young, healthy animals, jogging or leash walks can help get out excess energy and encourage mental stimulation. For some older pets, low-impact activities such as controlled leash walks can help with weight reduction and can improve joint mobility and muscle mass. Most dogs should be allowed outside at minimum two to three times a day if they go to the bathroom outside, and if they do best with physical stimulation outdoors.

When it comes to walking with a leash, every dog is different, which means that not every leash is the same. Some pups are pullers, some are runners, some have a buddy, and well some just want to look good. To make sure you're daily walks are enjoyable for both you and your pup, we researched to find the best dog leashes for every type of dog out there.

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Best Leash for Night Walks



This leash is for all those nighttime strolls that we love to take with the pups after dinner and before bed.

Whether you're in the city, the suburbs, or the country, walking at night can be both scary and dangerous — people can’t see you, you can’t see wild animals, and sometimes you just can’t see right in front of your face. 

We recommend always wearing an LED leash while on night walks. BSEEN LED Dog Leash is perfect for any dog owner because it's made out of nylon webbing with three different reflective strings that improves both you and your dog's visibility. This leash is rechargeable, durable, and also eco-friendly. Need we say more?

More:These Dog Collars Are Comfy for Your Pup


Best Hands-free Leash

Dog + Bone Adjustable Leash
Dog +



For the dog lovers who want to be out and about with your pup, this is the leash for you. Dog + Bone’s adjustable leash is perfect for hands-free runs with your dog. It adjusts from 3 feet, which is great for training, to 6 feet, which is perfect for giving more slack when hiking or going on a run. This adjustable leash is made of heavy-duty 1-inch nylon that's both durable and machine-washable.

All Dog + Bone products are handmade in Colorado with heavy-duty nylon webbing that comes from the outdoor recreation and safety industry. Their collars are both strong and densely woven to be abrasion-resistant. All the hardware is military-grade and made out of solid brass to survive the toughest of conditions.

You can get the leash in 14 different color combinations and three different sizes that all have matching collars.


Best Leash for Runners

Ruffwear Trail Runner System


Are you and your dog frequent runners? Then this is the leash for you. The Ruffwear Trail Runner System is the perfect hands-free belt-and-leash system out there. We all know the struggle of going on a run with our dog, but not knowing how or where we are going to put all of our belongings while holding the leash. Well, Ruffwear has solved this problem for us.

We love the design of the Trail Runner — it's both comfortable and functional. With a place for water bottles, keys, snacks, and even poop bags, this is a runner's dream. The belt includes their shock-absorbing Ridgeline Leash, which is the optimal length for running and has a quick release from the belt if needed in emergency situations.  


Best Rope Leash

Found My Animal Rope Leash
Found My



This one is for the stylish pup. Handmade and dyed in New York City, the Found My Animal rope leashes are hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull. They're made with domestic leather and U.S.-manufactured marine-grade rope that is uniquely dyed — no two collars are exactly the same.

Found my Animal is giving back and helping homeless dogs find homes all over the country. Every collar also has a stamped FOUND tag to bring awareness to dog adoption. 

The Found My Animal leash comes in 24 different colors and five different sizes. Pair it with their rope collar and you're sure to turn heads anywhere you and your pup go.


Best Budget Leash

PetSafe Nylon Leash


Did you just get a dog? Are you still trying to figure out what works for you and your new best friend? The PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash is the perfect, affordable beginner leash. With PetSafe’s low price point and great quality, you and your dog can start off on the right paw.

The leash comes in six different colors and five different lengths and widths, meaning there is a leash here for every dog of every size.

If you have a puller, we recommend matching with the PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar.


Best Slip Lead

Friends Forever Extremely Slip Lead



Slip leads are used as a way to have better control of your dog. Not to mention, many rescue organizations and dog trainers swear by them. It's a single piece that acts as both a collar and a leash. The Friends Forever Slip Rope leash is one of the most popular slip leads on the market.

It comes in six different color combinations, and is made with rock-climbing rope that's tested up to 1,000 pounds. This lead is 6 feet long with an adjustable loop, and perfect for all dog breeds from small to large.


Best Two Dog Leash

iYoShop Dual Dog Leash


Having a dog is one of the greatest joys in life, and two dogs? Well, that is just pure magic. That is, until you go for your daily walk and somehow you and both of your furry friends get tangled up with one another. 

The iYoShop Dual Dog Leash is the perfect solution for any two-dog owner. This dual-leash system connects two dogs to the end of one lead, making walks much easier and less stressful for everyone.

We love this leash's material — it's is made with a durable nylon bungee cord and lightweight. Plus, it's also easy to clean. This double bungee can stretch from 20 to 35 inches, giving your dogs some space from each other while still leaving you in full control.

The best part of the The iYoShop Dual Dog leash is their no-tangle design and 360-degree swivel clasp, which allows for auto adjustment whenever your dogs intertwine themselves.


Best Leash for Pullers

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness and Leash
2 Hounds



Is your daily walk with your dog more of an arm workout? We hear ya — so we've found the best no-pull leash that also comes with a harness.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness and leash set will make your walks more enjoyable for all involved. This specific design minimizes or eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape.

The harness contains a soft Swiss velvet lining on the strap that goes behind the legs to help prevent rubbing, chafing, and sores. It's also super cute. It comes with a double leash that clips at both the chest and the back for a more comfortable and controlled walk.

You can choose from 17 different color combinations and sizes XS to XXL.


Best Short Leash

Leashboss Traffic Handler



There are many reasons a dog owner would choose to use a tab leash. Keeping your dog close to you in high traffic areas, working on off-leash or agility training, or obedience training and service dog skills are just a few.

The Leashboss Traffic Handler is perfect for giving you control when needed, and your dog freedom when they're mastering a skill. It includes a padded handle that's easy on your hands, and a 1-inch nylon lead that is great for medium to large dogs.

Leashboss has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that helps protect you against any issues that might arise.


Best Long Leash

Hi Kiss Training Lead



Whether you're training your dog with recall, doing agility training, walking at a park where a dog must be on a leash, have some serious trust issues, or maybe you just have a case of separation anxiety from your dog, then a long lead is just what you need.

The Hi Kiss Dog Obedience Recall Training Lead is available in lengths of 15 inches all the way up to 100 inches. Made with durable nylon and a swivel bolt to help eliminate twisting, this is the perfect long lead for any dog owner. 

Not to mention it's budget-friendly and comes in eight different color combinations.

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Best Slip Leads For Dogs

Slip Leads For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

A slip lead is a must-have for walking or training your dog.

But before you purchase one, keep in mind that it is not ideal for every pooch. 

Read this guide before you buy to make sure a slip lead is exactly what your canine friend needs. 

Does Your Pet Need A Slip Lead?

There are a few situations when your pet can benefit from a slip lead such as the following:


It is inevitable for some dogs to pull when they see other pups on the road or react to certain sounds they hear while walking.

In this case, dear Fido could use a slip lead as it does not cause damages to the throat when he pulls. You can place the slip lead behind your pet’s head, which then discourages pulling due to the slight pressure felt behind the ears. As a result, this trains dogs not to pull while eliminating pain and discomfort.

Biting Issues

Some dogs simply love to bite or chew on their collar or leash.

If this is your pet, a slip lead prevents this behavior. Unlike a leash, a slip lead is further away from your pet’s mouth. So, each time your canine buddy tries to bite on the lead, you can simply pull it up on the collar to tighten it a little bit. A quick and effective solution to biting issues!

One last thing - be sure to get a heavy-duty slip lead for a leash-biting pooch. Leather and sturdy rope materials are the top choices right up this alley.


Are you entering your adorable little pooch to a dog show?

A slip lead helps you train your pup to ensure proper behavior. You can easily have dear Fido follow your commands without causing any physical harm. It is effective to train your pet to go a certain direction, discourage undesirable behavior such as pulling or yanking, and so on.

For dog shows, it is best to stick to a thinner slip lead with a neutral color or one that matches your pup’s coat.

Slip Lead Safety

Some pet owners ask - are slip leads safe to use?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. But to ensure safety, you need to make sure that you are using the slip lead correctly.

Steer clear from leash corrections

It is not advisable to enforce leash corrections when training your dog with a slip lead. 

Leash corrections involve pulling up a leash sharply around a canine’s neck. This results in pain and discomfort, which does not help with training. Instead, you are only causing injuries to your pet’s throat and other physical trauma. Moreover, it does not help establish a bond between you and your pup.

Position it correctly

The best place to secure a slip lead is behind your canine’s ears. Firmly fasten the stopper, so the lead stays in place. This is the safest position that prevents a tugging on your dog’s neck and throat. In case your pooch pulls during your walk, be sure to stop walking and wait for your pet to back off to loosen the grip. Then, resume walking once more. 

Avoid tying a slip lead on your pet when unattended

Choking is likely to occur when you tie a slip lead on your dog and then leave for an extended period. It can also cause your dog to escape by pulling off the lead when there is zero pressure applied.

Either way, it is never a good idea to tie out a slip lead. You should only use this to your pooch during your walk or training.

Don’t forget the tag

Slip leads, on their own, do not come with a space for your pet’s tag.

So, once you remove the lead, (i.e. after a walk or training), you need to make sure the tag is still there in case your pooch decides to run off and escape. When this happens, it will be tough for your dog to come back to you even when picked up by a friendly stranger.

Always secure a buckle collar on your pet’s neck that includes the tag. Although a slip lead does not require a collar, you should still use one for safety reasons.

Features Of The Best Slip Leads For Dogs

Slip leads come in different sizes, designs, and lengths. Be sure to check out these features to find a slip lead that is the perfect fit for your pooch.


Common materials are leather, rope, or nylon. When choosing among these available materials, consider the durability and comfort for your pet.

We recommend a lightweight material that is rugged at the same time. This is why a combination of rope and leather is perfect. These materials are smooth and will not pull on your dog’s coat.

Moreover, choose a weather-resistant material. This way, your dog will not have to endure wearing a soggy lead in case there’s a heavy downpour during your walk. 


For a small breed, 4 feet should be a good length to use. The same holds true with a medium breed that tends to pull a lot.

However, if you have a large breed that is not quite of a puller, you should be able to work well with a 6-foot long slip lead. This can give you better control without being too restrictive for your pet.

Reflective Design

If you prefer to walk your pet at night, you need to make sure your slip lead has good visibility.

Choose one that comes with a reflective thread that makes it easy for motorists to see you and your pooch easily at night. This is particularly true if you are walking your dog in a high-traffic area.

Comfortable and Secure Grip

Check the material used for the slip lead handle.

Be sure it is soft and padded to prevent your hands from burning. When your pet pulls, this can cause the handle to scratch up against your skin. Thus, you want to be sure it is smooth while allowing you to maintain a secure and firm grip.

These are among the key features you need to look for in the best slip lead for your pet. Aesthetics are also important to some dog owners, but more than the looks, a slip lead should be comfortable, secure, and supportive. This way, you can ensure the results you want without inflicting pain on your beloved pooch. 


Forever leads friends slip

Best Rope Dog Leashes For Walking in Style!

For mountain climbers and sailing enthusiasts who are also parents to a pooch, a rope dog leash can be a fun look.

But a dog leash isn’t just a cute way to include your canine in your hobby. Buying the right leash is critical to fully enjoying your time out walking with your pup.

As such, rope leashes can also be a great choice even for owners who aren’t scaling mountains or sailing the open seas.

If your dog tugs or chews, a leash made of ultra-durable mountain climbing rope can help ensure that your pup cannot easily escape his leash during a walk.

Regardless of your reason for considering a rope leash, in this article you’ll find information to help you make the right choice for you, your pup, and your pocketbook.

We’ll look at some factors that you will want to consider before making your purchase as well as recommend our top 5 favorite rope dog leashes!

Quick Picks: Best Rope Dog Leashes

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The Best Leash for your Pup: Factors to Consider

Depending on your dog’s size, his behavior, and where you live, you’ll have different needs in a leash. Here are a few to think about before you buy:

Leash Length

All of the leashes reviewed in this article are 4 to 6 feet in length. While the difference in length may not seem like much, especially compared to retractable leashes, a 4-foot leash and a 6-foot leash work best in different situations.

For example, if your street gets heavy traffic and it’s important to keep your pup close for his own safety, you will probably want to opt for the 4-foot leash. It will offer you more control and limit the space your dog has to get into trouble.

If you live in a quiet neighborhood, however, a longer 6-foot leash gives your pup a little extra room to sniff around and explore.

Leash Diameter

The diameter of the leash helps you know whether or not it’s appropriate for the size of your pup. The thicker the leash, the better it will be for a larger dog. This is doubly true if your big dog is a puller or a chewer.

For small dogs, you’ll likely prefer a rope leash that is less than half an inch in diameter; otherwise, it may be too bulky or heavy for your wee pup.

Rope Material

This article reviews rope leashes made of cotton, nylon, or polypropylene. While all of these materials make a fine rope, each has specific qualities that might make it a better match for your pup.

For one, polypropylene repels water while cotton and nylon will absorb water; it also doesn’t stretch out when it gets wet. For owners that go for long walks on the beach with their pooch, a polypropylene leash can be a great choice.

If you or your dog chafe easily, cotton can be a great choice because it’s softer than most other materials. Thick cotton rope can also be very durable and strong, although this means it can also be annoyingly heavy.

Most leashes are made from nylon (as are the best mountain climbing ropes). They can be good in water, as long as you let your leash dry in between uses (otherwise it may stretch out). Nylon leashes are also lightweight and come in a variety of colors.

While they are more susceptible to destruction through chewing, thicker designs like the ones featured here can usually stand up to your pet’s chompers.

Slip Lead or Clasp?

This article features two types of leashes: leashes with a slip lead that loops around your dog’s neck and leashes with a clasp that attaches to your dog’s collar.

Slip leads can be convenient because your dog doesn’t need to be wearing a collar to use it. They can also be put on quickly, making them easy to use with pups who get so excited for walks that attaching a clasp to his collar seems an impossible task. Additionally, slip leads can be useful for training purposes.

If you choose a slip lead, make sure you are using it the way it is intended. Used improperly, a slip lead can be quite uncomfortable for your pup and even choke him.

The most important thing to remember when using a slip lead is that you should not be dragging your dog down the road. Rather, the leash should be placed high on his neck, behind his ears, so that gentle tugs on the leash can be used to catch his attention easily.

In truth, slip leads can be quite problematic if you haven’t been properly trained on how to use them, so we suggest opting for clasp leads unless you’re well versed in the art of slip collars.

Best Rope Dog Leashes

1. BAAPET Mountain Climbing Rope Dog Leash

About: The BAAPET Mountain Climbing Rope Leash is a solid 5ft dog leash made of durable climbing rope.

This mountain climbing rope leash is a durable product that is perfect for large dogs who pull. Despite the high quality, this lead is competitively priced and is backed by a money-back guarantee.


  • HEAVY DUTY - The BAAPET dog leash made with strongest 1/2 inch diameter rock climbing rope and very...
  • COMFORT PADDED HANDLES - Features soft padded handles for amazing comfortable, just enjoy the...
  • REFLECTIVE FOR NIGHT SAFETY - Highly reflective threads dog leashes keeps you both safe and visible...
  • GREAT FOR WALKING, RUNNING OR TRAINNING - This 5 foot length dog leash is a perfect balance between...

Features: This leash comes in a variety of colors. It is about ½ an inch in diameter and made of strong nylon mountain climbing rope. It also includes some reflective stitching for improved visibility at night.

This leash is great for pullers since it comes with a padded handle to make sure you don’t get a rope burn when Fido tries to tug.


Many owners noted that this leash was very durable and that it was also comfortable to use because of the padded handle.


Some other customers were unhappy with the quality of the rope, which can get bunch up in sections of the leash. However, most owners didn’t have issues.

2. Lucky Pup Cotton Rope Leash

About: The Lucky Pup Rope Leash is an attractive choice, especially for dog owners who like nautical designs. While this leash is pricier than other options, it’s a relatively durable product that is handmade in India and backed by a 100% “happiness guarantee.”


  • 🐶YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER DOG LEASH AGAIN- Our 100% heavy duty cotton rope dog leash is...
  • 🐶BEAUTIFUL DESIGN- This rope leash is made from the highest quality natural cotton, strongest...
  • 🐶COMFORTABLE ON YOUR HAND- This twisted dog rope leash is so comfortable and feels great when you...
  • 🐶HANDMADE IN INDIA - We source our products from the highest quality manufacturers in the world....

Features: This leash is 5 feet long and a little less than half an inch in diameter. The rope is made of 100% cotton and has a braided design, much like the rope used in sailing. The metal clasp is a bronze color and can swivel.

The leash is durable and, because the rope is twisted and made of cotton, it’s easy for you to hold, even when your pup pulls.


Most owners felt that this leash was good value for money, reporting that the leash was comfortable, strong, and stylish. While many people prefer nylon leashes, customers who bought this leash felt that cotton was a better option because it does not fray easily and is more comfortable for dogs and humans.


This product has not been reviewed many times, so it is difficult to gage how the company handles customers who have issues with their product. That said, this product has very positive reviews. Only small problems with quick at-home fixes — like the hook getting stuck (use a little WD-40 to lubricate it) — were mentioned by customers. It should also be noted that this cotton leash is quite a bit heavier than nylon leashes, so it might not be the best choice for your toy-sized pup.

3. Coastal Pet Products Nylon Remington Rope Slip Leash

About: The Nylon Remington Rope Slip Leash comes from Coastal Pet, an American company that produces high-quality collars, harnesses, and leashes. Their Remington rope leash is reasonably priced and functional. Among slip leashes, it stands out for its rustic look.


  • Remington rope slip dog leash is a great tool for field trials and crate transfer
  • Made of soft, braided nylon material
  • The flexibility of this leash makes them easy to fold for carrying or storage
  • Allows for quick, yet gentle correction and has a leather slide that adjusts the collar to fit any...

Features: This leash is 6 feet long and a ½ – ¾ of an inch in diameter (the exact measurement seems to depend on who you ask). The rope is made of nylon that is braided into a green and white checkered pattern, making it both handsome and strong.

A metal ring fixed to the end of the rope creates the collar of this slip leash. A leather slide is in place next to the ring which allows the owner to change the size of the collar.

The handle has a leather accent securing the bottom, but does not have any extra padding; however, it is still described as comfortable by most customers because the nylon is soft and does not chafe.


Most owners were very satisfied with this leash, commenting that it is not only a good-looking choice, but also makes their walks with their dog more enjoyable. Specifically, even owners well-acquainted with chain and prong collars found this slip leash to be very effective. Because the size of the collar can be adjusted on this leash, it can be placed higher on the dog’s neck, behind his ears. This allows you to use the slip leash correctly and make small corrections that are easy for your pup to feel. Other owners commented that this leash was easy to put on very excitable pooches who can’t sit still long enough to put on a hook leash.


The slip style of this leash and the length might not be appropriate for a smaller dog. While a few owners said that the leather slide did not stay in place, the majority of complaints about this leash seemed to be a result of the owner not using the slip correctly. Be sure you understand how to use this type of leash before purchasing. One final note, while most Coastal Pet products are made in the USA, it might be important to some owners that the slip leash is made in China.

4. Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead

About: This Dog Slip Lead comes from Mendota Products, a family-run American company which boasts American-made products backed by a generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Their slip lead is a well-designed yet affordable leash with a variety of size and color options.


  • LEASH & COLLAR COMBINATION: This slip leash acts as a leash and a collar in one. Simply slip the...
  • TRAINERS & HANDLERS: A best seller - this slip leash & collar combination is a favoriate amongst dog...
  • HAND MADE in USA: Mendota Slip Leashes are hand made in the USA using premium quality material.
  • SMALL SLIP LEASH: 3/8″ x 4′ and 3/8″ x 6′ (for dogs 50 pounds & under)

Features: The Mendota slip lead has two choices for both length (4 feet or 6 feet) and diameter (⅜ of an inch or half an inch), totaling four different size options. Leashes with a ⅜-inch diameter are recommended for dogs up to 50 pounds, while leashes with a ½-inch diameter are suggested for dogs 50-250 pounds.

For each size, there are 12 color options, including both solid colors and mixed-color patterns, so you can choose whichever look matches your pup’s personality (or your own aesthetic tastes)

The leash is made of a polypropylene rope which is waterproof and machine-washable. This material also gives the leash a “worn-in” feel, so the rope is comfortable to hold and easy to roll up or otherwise manipulate.

Like the Coastal Pet slip leash, the Mendota slip lead also has an adjustable leather slide which allows the dog walker to change the size of the collar.


Mendota is very good at anticipating the needs of their customers; for any who might be unsure about how to use a slip lead, the company usefully provides a tutorial. In addition, Mendota provides size options which are appropriate even for very small dogs, like dachshunds. Most owners who used this leash reported that walks with their pup improved. As with the Coastal Pet leash, the leather slip on this leash allows the leash to be positioned properly on the dog’s neck, allowing for effective use of the slip lead. Moreover, many owners mentioned that the leather tab on this leash fits snuggly, making it difficult for it to slide on its own during walks.


As with the Coastal Pet slip leash, the majority of complaints about the Mendota slip lead had to do with the slip lead style rather than the product itself. If you buy this leash and decide that it is not a good match for you and your pup, the company does offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Otherwise, most owners felt that this leash was exceptionally well-made, although perhaps more susceptible to chewers than other options.

5. Friends Forever Rope Leash

About:The Friends Forever Rope Leash is a slip lead made of high-quality mountain climbing rope. It is priced similarly to other slip leashes but uniquely features reflective threading, making it a great choice for owners who love to take fido for nighttime walks.


  • Heavy Duty Premium Slip Rope Dog Leash Mountain Climbing Grade
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT, Great for crate transfer, potty breaks and training, no collar or harness...
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL, 6-feet long and 1/2 inch thick cord, Adjustable noose for flexible sizing and...
  • DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE, Made with lightweight but heavy duty mountain climbing rope

Features: This leash is 6 feet long, half an inch thick, and constructed from nylon mountain climbing rope. This rope is strong and durable, able to withstand even a tug with 1000 pounds of force behind it (as long as you can!). It’s also waterproof and machine-washable.

Like other slip leads discussed in this article, it features a leather slide that allows you to control the size of the loop that goes around your pup’s neck.

It comes in 6 different color options: black, blue, green, olive, red, and white. All colors feature reflective threading.


Customers were most impressed by the durability of this leash. It can withstand the tug of powerful pups and even some chewing. Consequently, many owners found this to be a great leash, particularly for larger breeds. Some owners also commented that this leash worked great as a training tool, even with pups who do not respond well to chain collars. Finally, owners were pleased that reflective threading in the leash makes it easier for drivers to see you on the side of the road at night.


Although this leash advertises that it can be used for dogs of any size, most customers warn that it would be too bulky for smaller pups. Several customers also noted that, while the rope is 6 feet, you realistically have less length than that because of the loop around your dog’s neck. Take this into consideration at purchase.

Owners are big fans of rope leashes due to their fun look. Make sure to also check out our collection of unique-looking dog leashes and collars for more fun designs!

Have you ever purchased a rope leash for your pup? What material was the rope made from? Did it feature a slip lead or a hook? Let us know in the comments below!


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