Annealing nickel plated brass

Annealing nickel plated brass DEFAULT
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Re: Thoughts on Annealing Nickel Cases

Postby Sig » Fri Sep 27, am

I confess, I have made BO cases from nickel cases. I actually thought that I would make ALL my BO cases from nickel cases but that quickly fell to the wayside. When you cut the nickel cases, you will notice how hard they are as it obviously takes a bigger toll on your saw then the brass cases. When sizing, use lube and when you think you have lubed enoughuse some more. I have stuck more nickel cases in a die then I can count. I did get good at using my case removal kit I had assembled. But it gets old quickly. I don't anneal my cases and found that the necks split much quicker on nickel cases then they do on brass cases. Now that I only use brass cases for BO, I may see 5 split necks in a year and that is after a lot of shooting. I discard cases for loose primer pockets in a much higher percentage compared to split necks (brass cases).

So to conclude, can you do it? Yep, and you might find that you like the extra effort it takes to do so. I did not and now only load my BO in brass cases and recycle any nickel cases into reloaded

Good luck!

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Annealing nickel-plated brass?#/21/13



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I just bought a tempilstik degree stick and plan to try my hand at annealing brass. Does anyone have experience annealing nickel-plated brass? Is there any difference when working with this type of brass?

Re: Annealing nickel-plated brass? [Re: Remington] #/21/13

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Nothing special.. might turn blue. Spin it on a drill with some ooo steel wool and it'll look real purty.

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Re: Annealing nickel-plated brass? [Re: Remington] #/21/13

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Note that if you anneal your nickel plated necks, you are hardening the nickel plating. It can be harder than many alloyed steels before you anneal and can increase is hardness as much as 2 fold by precipitation hardening. I sure wouldn't want those tiny little hard pieces inside the neck getting embedded in the bullet's copper surface and then fire lapping my nice shiny barrel.

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Precipitation hardening happens when certain metals are heat "soaked" for a lengthy period of time. The cartridge case neck annealing process involves very short duration heating. I have annealed Weatherby nickel cases -several hundred- to neck them to Wtby and they have worked well. I have also annealed quite a few 7Mag nickel when necking them for Norma brass. That too has worked well. I have had no trouble with nickel cases either before or after annealing when using RCBS, Redding, or Hornady dies.

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Nickel brass annealing plated

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How I Anneal Brass Cartridge Cases for Reloading

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