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Today I share some of the best human face reference websites to find high-quality face drawing references for any purpose such as drawing, 3d modeling, or sculpting.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Google Image Search

Everyone knows Google is the best place to find anything.

Google gives you an extremely related result according to your search query.

Google image search is very advanced, you can easily find perfect references with google image search.

Here you will find real and stylized male and female face references, old male, cartoon face references, and many more.

Its have lot of search filter that you can use to find the extremely related result.

If you don’t know what to search for, it also gives you suggestions.

You can also found 3/4 view male and female face references for artists.

Finding face references for 3d modeling or drawing takes too much effort.

Because we need to find front and left side references.

How to find:-

  • Open Google Image Search write your search term
  • For example, I need female face drawing images reference photos
  • I write “front and side face drawing reference” and I press enter
  • Within few seconds, I found a lot of reference images
  • I found some real human face and drawing faces
  • All references are great for me. So I save them on my computer for future use.

2. Pinterest

pinterest face reference

Pinterest is a good place for finding reference images. The creative artist was happy to share artwork on Pinterest.

It’s great for us who need reference images for drawing, modeling, and sculpting purposes.

Here you find mostly male and female anime face reference, 3/4 view face reference, face drawing reference photos, male and female face reference for drawing and 3d modeling, and much more.

You can easily download reference images from Pinterest but for reference only.

But you need to signup if you don’t use Pinterest already.

How to find:-

  • Open Pinterest and log in
  • Write your search query and press enter
  • You need to enter a specific search term instead of a face drawing reference
  • So I write “front and profile view face” and press enter
  • Within few seconds, Pinterest gives me a lot of real and drawing male and female head reference photos for drawing and 3d modeling.

3. Anatomy 360

anatomy 360

Anatomy 360 is a great website for character artists and animators. Here you will found a lot of male and female head reference images.

Here you will find also a lot of facial expressions that you can use to practice animation.

Here you can also find 3d face lighting references for free.

I am dam sure, these facial expression references for artists, you can’t find with Google image search.

All facial express images are in gif, so you can directly save them to your computer.

But you need to sign up with a real email address to see these images.

After verifying the email, you can access all images for free at no additional cost.

4. Instagram

Instagram face reference

Instagram is the highest growing image-sharing platform.

If you looking for man or woman face references for drawing then Instagram is a great choice for you.

Here you will find awesome face drawings, facial expressions, and much more.

You just need to search by # hashtags such as #femaleface #maleface or something similar.

Within few seconds, you will found a lot of real face and face drawings.

You already know that celebrities use Instagram, so you can easily find celebrity face with expression.

Here you will many popular model face references such as Angelina Jolie

Celebrity face is great because they share good face reference photos in every angle with expression.

Instagram is a very popular face reference generator website.

How to find:-

  • Open Instagram and find reference
  • Once find it, copy the URL
  • Go to IGram and paste the copied URL here
  • After few seconds, it shows the download button
  • So, with IGram, you can download anything from Instagram

5. ArtStation

artstation face

Artstation is the number resource for find inspiration. It is used mostly by 3d artists, Concept Artist, and Sculptors.

Most artists use Artstation to share work. Artstation support 4k image too, so here you will find very high-quality references.

Here you will find every type of reference such as concept art, blueprint, drawing sketch, etc.

Here you will find mostly male and female body references, anatomy references, concept art, drawing sketches, male and female face reference photos for artists, etc.

So you can use artstation if you need face anatomy references. If you need male or female face assets, you can use the artstation marketplace.

How to find:-

  • Go to Art station and enter your search query
  • For example, I write “face anatomy” and I press enter
  • Now you can choose anatomy under the subject matter dropdown

6. Get Drawing

get drawing face reference drawing

If you are a drawing student, you will love the Get Drawing website. Get drawing offers free drawing clips, icons, drawing tutorials, etc.

Here you will find high-quality face references for drawing.

It’s a freemium website, but don’t need to worry about that. For reference, you don’t need to spend any single dollar.

I already tell you this website is dedicated only to drawing students. So here you will find many useful face drawing references and male and female face anime references.

You can also found hand drawing reference photos here if you need them.

You can use these references for personal use only.

How to find:-

  • Go to Get Drawing Website
  • write “face” in search box and press enter
  • Now you will see some awesome face drawing
  • Click on any image to see more face drawing reference

7. Deviant Art

deviant art

Deviant Art is the largest art community and it’s very popular among 3d artists.

It’s completely different than Artstation or CG Society. It’s a great website for finding references.

Here you will also find face references in various angles.

In short, it’s a face reference generator website.

You don’t need to sign up like Pinterest to browse this website. I found a lot of head drawing reference photos using this website.

Here you will find also face drawing modeling collections like Pinterest.

How to Find:-

  • Open Deviant Art Website
  • Write “face sketch” or something similar search term and press enter
  • Now you will lot of high quality face sketches
  • Now you can save these images on your computer

8. Pixabay


Pixabay is a stock image website to download royalty-free photos.

Here you will find the high-resolution face portrait reference photos.

Pixabay offers free face portrait reference photos, illustrations, music, and video.

Here you will find high-resolution male and female portrait reference photos for drawing and 3d modeling.

So, here you can find face illustration and vectors also but mostly images are real model faces.

All real images are captured by High Definition camera, so here you will find extremely high-resolution photos.

How to find:-

  • Open Pixabay and write “face” in search box and press enter
  • Now you will see lot of male and female model faces
  • You can click on image to download high resolution version

9. Anatomy 4 Sculpture Book

anatomy 4 sculptors book

Anatomy 4 sculpture book is created by experienced artist Uldiz Zarins.

This anatomy book is five-star rated, which means this book is trusted by many artists.

If you want to create a realistic-looking character then you must buy this book, it available at affordable prices.

This book will find skull reference, face anatomy reference, face sketch, drawing, etc.

Here you will extremely high-quality human anatomy reference for drawing, head drawing reference for 3d modeling and sculpting.

You will also found baby heads, male and female face drawing images, old face references, etc.

If you are serious to learn face anatomy then you should buy this book immediately.

Grab this book now

10. Form of the Head and Neck Book

form of the head and neck book

This book is great to understand head and neck anatomy.

If you are 3d artist, you already know face modeling is very difficult if you don’t know anatomy.

In this book, you will found a lot of face references for artists which you can use to practice anatomy, sculpting, or drawing.

Here you will also found facial anatomy drawing references.

If you are a sculptor, you will found a lot of face sculpting references and step by step tutorials to sculpting a face

Many books are available in the market to understand face anatomy. But I found this book is very useful.

Here you will find face anatomy drawing references and more.

In this book, you will find a lot of male faces drawing references, face drawing references, young and old male and female face references for artists, and child face photos also.

If don’t know anything about face anatomy, I recommended this book to you.

In this book, you will found a lot of male and female head reference photos for drawing and 3d modeling. This book guide you step by step.

If you are a beginner, you can easily understand face anatomy.

Grab this book now

11. Anatomy of Facial Expression

anatomy of facial expression book

This book is great to understand facial expressions. This book has a lot of facial expression images that you don’t found on the internet.

For creating a realistic-looking face, understanding male and female facial expressions are essential.

In this book, you will found a lot of facial anatomy drawing references such as shocking, angry, sad expressions, etc.

You will found baby, mature, male, and female face expression references in this book.

Grab this book now

Now it’s Your Turn

I share some of the best sources to find human face references for drawing, 3d modeling, and sculpting purposes.

You can also download face reference assets or face 3d models through CGTrader, Turbosquid, or any other 3d Marketplace.

You can use Pureref or Quadro software to organize your reference images in a better way.

Are you using any website that I mention or do you use any other website to find references?

If I miss any great resources that you use.

Let me know in the comment section.

Sours: https://www.cginspiringartist.com/face-reference-resources/

Drawing References and Resources

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Discover these free websites offering a range of portrait photographs and take your illustrations to the next level

Studying the shapes, lighting, proportions, and details of real-life models is one of the best ways to practice your drawing skills. We can also rely on photographs, which is often a more convenient way of working with different subjects.

This is especially the case when it comes to portrait drawing. If you find good references, you’ll have a continuous stream of inspiration that allows you to practice drawing faces with a range of unusual features. We have compiled this list of the best websites for sourcing different faces so you can practice your portrait drawing skills.

LIFE Photo Archive

If you would like to focus on drawing notable faces from history, this archive created by LIFE magazine (and developed together with Google) offers up millions of photographs. It contains material from key moments in politics and entertainment, all of which have been shot using incredible lighting and interesting angles. This collection is limited to non-commercial use.

Portraits from Pexels

This popular stock photo site has a collection of more than 10 thousand portraits. You can search by categories, such as models, men, or women. Most of the portraits have an editorial feel, which you might find useful if you are planning to add color and texture to your drawings.

Mark Michaelson Collection

This is, without doubt, one of the most interesting websites on our list. Photographer Mark Michaelson has collated a collection of photos taken of people when they were arrested. You will find peculiar faces with often moving or surprising expressions.

Folio Montreal

This fashion website offers a great range of faces, featuring editorial portraits shot by well-known photographers, which feature hundreds of different models. This resource is great for drawing the same person making different expressions, or practicing front, profile, and three-quarter views.

This Person Does Not Exist

Some may find this website disturbing. Every face that appears on this website has been created by artificial intelligence that was developed by Nvidia researchers. You will likely find it surprising just how realistic each portrait seems, despite being generated by an algorithm. To see a new portrait, just refresh the page. You will also find information about how the site works.

Portraits on Freepik

This popular site of diverse design resources has a collection of more than 1.3 million portraits. You can select different categories to filter your results, such as gender or age. Be warned that a lot of the portraits available on this website are your typical stock-style images: in other words, the poses and expressions are not very natural-looking.


This website is a Flickr search engine. When you enter search terms, you'll bring up all the images that have been uploaded with those tags. Searching for the word “portrait” returns more than 2.4 million results. Click on each image to discover its usage rights.

CC Search

This is a search engine for Creative Commons-licensed images. When you search for the term “portrait,” you will bring up more than 10,000 images. Each image includes information about the usage rights. You can filter your search results by source, aspect ratio, author, etc, using the menu on the left.

Portraits on Unsplash

The artistic styles of the work shared on this platform are what make it stand out. In Unsplash’s collection of portraits, which can be used in exchange for a credit, you’ll find interesting images and collections shot mainly in black and white by specialist portrait photographers. If you use the advanced filters, you can search the collection by age, gender, and much more.

Sours: https://www.domestika.org/en/blog/6923-10-free-websites-for-sourcing-reference-images-for-drawing-portraits

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