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What is the proper orb sequence in the Ruined Dungeon?

The lore varies from game to game, but it's pretty easy to do this one.

  1. Hit Escape to bring up the menu.
  2. Go to "Show Known Lore".
  3. Scroll down until you find the "Ruined Dungeon" lore.
  4. The order the lore appears in the "Show Known Lore" log matters. This seems like terrible puzzle design to me, since you have to rely on the lore log sorting it correctly for you, but it is what it is. I've always ended up with 3 pieces of lore that, in total, mention 6 elements. They'll mention things like blood, earth (dust), magic, mind, fire, cold, etc. You need to hit the orbs in the same order that mentions of those elements appear in your lore log for the Ruined Dungeon.

If you screw it up, a usually minor monster or two will appear. Just kill them and start over.

Note that this puzzle can be greatly complicated by using the library your fortress, which will teach you all the lore your previous characters learned. This gives you too many possible answers for the riddle, as well as no guarantee of the order, and means you pretty much have to play a guessing game.


Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor


How ironic that this dark dungeon used to be the temple of a Sun god. Now it has become the abode of foul undead creatures. You will be coming here to vanquish the evil Shade Lord in connection with the Deaths in the Umar Hills quest and in connection with the third and final Ranger Stronghold quest.

  1. Here is the exit to the outside area of the Temple Ruins.

  2. This door cannot be opened without the Sun Gem which you find at 7.

  3. In this room you will have to fight Skeleton Warriors and Shade Wolves. The Skeleton Warriors each drop a Two-handed Sword +1 and some random minor treasure.

    Make sure to search the coffin at (x=1850, y=650). It contains mundane Arrows, Bolts, Darts, and Throwing Axes, and not least Amauna's Bones which you will need at 13.

  4. Here you will meet more Shadows plus the Shadow Jailor. The Jailor drops Leather Armor and the Shadow Prison Key, which allows you to open the cell doors.

  5. In this cell you will find Mazzy Fentan. She thanks you for freeing her and offers to join the party.

    The rubble in the other half of the cell can be looted for 40 Bolts, 80 Bullets, minor treasure, and Tombelthen's Journal (2nd Half).

  6. Here is a depiction of the sun god Amaunator. You will need to come here to describe the Morn, Noontide, and Dusk Rituals.

    Once you have found the descriptions of the Morn, Noontide, and Dusk Rituals (found at 8, 12, and 16, respectively) come back here to recite them to the statue.

    For the Morn Ritual, the answers are 2-3-1.

    For the Noontide Ritual. the answers are 3-1-1.

    For the Dusk Ritual, the answers are 1-3-2.

    If you recite all three rituals correctly, you receive the Sun Ray Symbol. Together with the Dawns Light Symbol found at 13 and the Lightstone Symbol found at 17, the three symbols combine to form the Symbol of Amaunator.

  7. Here is a pedestal with the Sun Gem. Once you enter, several Shadows will attack and be destroyed by the light.

    Once all Shadows have been destroyed, click the pedestal to take the Sun Gem. The room instantly darkens.

  8. Loot the pillar in the middle of this room for a note describing the Morn Ritual. Unfortunately the first part of the ritual is illegible.

  9. This wall cannot be removed. You have to go around it.

  10. When you attempt to cross this bridge, a number of Shadows turn up and attack.

  11. If you step on the lava in this room, you will take damage. So try to only walk on the edges.

    The container in the lava at (x=2050, y=1360) contains the Pearly White Ioun Stone and 40 Bolts of Lightning.

    The container at (x=2170, y=1520) contains minor treasure and 40 Arrows of Ice (without an explanation on how they have survived in the middle of a lava pool;-).

    The panel at (x=2240, y=1320) is trapped and contains a Wand of Lightning and 40 Darts of Wounding.

  12. Here you will find several very hostile undead. If your level is low when you do the quest, there will be a Skeleton Warrior and a couple of Shadows. If you have reached a high level, they are accompanied by a Lich.

    The middle column at (x=2510, y=1250) is trapped and contains a Scroll of Wyvern Call, 40 Bullets +1, the Tome of Amaunator, and the Noontide Ritual. Unfortunately, the second part of the ritual is illegible.

  13. Here you will be greeted by two Child Spirits. They ask you for Amauna's Bones (found back at 3), that they may lay their Prophetess to rest. When you give them the bones, both spirits die and Amauna's Spirit appears and thanks you. She gives you the Shadow Dragon Wardstone and Dawn's Light Symbol.

    One of the Child Spirits drops some Gold.

    Amauna's grave can be looted for a Scroll of Pierce Magic and 20 Sunstone Bullets +1.

  14. Here is another party of undead waiting to fight you. More or less same composition as at 12, including the Lich if your level is high enough.

  15. Here is a major "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" moment. To get across the tiles safely, you must walk a path that spells "AMAUNATOR". Start in the bottom right corner, then go up, left, up, up, up, left, up, up, up. Follow the same path in reverse to get back again.

  16. In this room you will have to fight a Bone Golem. The statue of the woman contains a Scroll of Protection from Magic Weapons, a Scroll of Disintegrate, the Sun Gem, a Sling, the Dusk Ritual, the sling Arla's Dragonbane +3, and 10 Sunstone Bullets +1. As you may have guessed, the third part of the Dusk Ritual is illegible.

    Incidentally, this is also where you may have to return towards the end of Chapter 6 if you are romancing one of the NPCs.

  17. Here you will meet a Shadow who promises to help if you will carry it across the tiles. If you refuse, it attacks you. If you accept, you get to carry it across the tiled floor before it attacks you.

    The container in the upper corner of the room, at (x=2720, y=1690) contains the Lightstone Symbol.

  18. Here is a door which can only be opened if you have the Sun Gem from 16.

  19. To open the final door, you must have the Symbol of Amaunator. To get this symbol, you must find the Sun Ray Symbol (from the Amaunator statue at 6), the Dawn's Light Symbol (given to you by Amauna at 13), and the Lightstone Symbol (found at 17). Once you have all three symbols in your inventory, they automatically join to form the Symbol of Amaunator.

    Behind the door are the stairs to Level 2 of the Temple Ruins Dungeon.

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Ruined Dungeon

Ruined Dungeon
Guardian Multiple Random
Floors 1
Level Range 10 to 30
Item Level Range 2 to 3
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Ruined Dungeon is a zone placed randomly in the west (Maj'Eyal) in the Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy campaign, and in the east (Var'Eyal) in the Orcs: Embers of Rage campaign. It is a single dungeon level with a static layout.

The zone has a locked chamber in the north; opening the door to this chamber requires solving a puzzle. Just south of the locked chamber, there is a control chamber with 6 orbs. The orbs are deactivated until you defeat each one's guardian -- a randomly generated rare monster somewhere on the level. Defeat all 6 guardians to activate the orbs, then touch them in the proper sequence (see below). Inside the locked chamber are a random artifact, 16 other items (vault quality), and the unlock for the Infinite Dungeon campaign. There is also an entrance to the Infinite Dungeon inside the locked chamber, but it can only be used by a character who has won the game, and you cannot return once you enter. This entrance will take the player character to the floor of the Infinite Dungeon equal to their level multiplied by 1.5 (rounded up). e.g. Floor 75 for a level 50 character.

The zone is inhabited by random monsters (drakes, vampires, and horrors are typical), and is a not-terribly-unlikely place to find some of the obscure Alchemist Quest ingredients.

While the zone is not exceptionally dangerous, you should be careful around the monsters here. They are generated randomly, but they can deal noticeable damage in one way or another. Inspect the enemies if you're cautious about them. Occasionally, a powerful monster gets spawned in this place - for instance, high-level orcs, elven mages and drakes can appear. Be prepared to escape if you encounter something you're not yet ready to take on.

You probably should do this dungeon eventually, especially if you still don't have the Infinite Dungeon campaign unlocked - it's not particularly deadly, and there is a lot of loot. Just be careful and keep in mind that something powerful may show up.

Puzzle Solution

Once all orb guardians have been defeated, the orbs must be touched in the correct order to open the locked chamber. The correct order can be obtained from the three lore pieces which are spread throughout the dungeon as signposts. There are two versions of the puzzle, each with a unique solution.

To interpret this, look for the ellipse (an ellipse is a 'triple period,' or '...') in each sign post to determine it's location in the three-part poem. For example, this is the middle part of the poem.

... The feather flies gently in the wind, The tree's roots run deep...

The solutions are below, for those who want the simple answers.

Each orb, when you interact with it, will give you a description of the orb itself, indicating which orb it is. Again, for example: "Flames burst out of the orb" relates to the fire orb. You will know that it's the correct orb when it says "The orb glows brightly."

Here are the solutions:

Solution 1: Water -> Dust -> Floating -> Seeds -> Magic -> Fire

Solution 2: Darkness (absorbs all light)-> Blood -> Time -> Ice -> Thoughts -> Corrupt

Ruined Dungeon Alternative Orbs?
Hello! I know the usual layout of the orbs,but the thing is,they suddenly changed up.instead of the usual water,fire and ect it's now blood,and time and such,does anyone know the order? i'm quite fed up with dying and i'd like to see whats in this vault xD

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Dungeon tome ruined

Re: Ruined dungeon: missing clues

#3Postby Stuntofthelitter »

Adding to that, there are two possible sets of clues. The following are those clues and spoilers about the order:

Set 1
The river flows in its bed of stone...

...The feather flies gently in the wind.
The tree's roots run deep...

...The eldritch force burns all that lives.


Set 2
Darkness beyond twilight.
Crimson from the blood that flows...

...Buried in the flow of time.
Colder than the coldest ice...

...Unleash dark thoughts.
Upon this blighted land!


Set 1
water - The orb seems to drip water.
earth - The orb is covered in dust.
wind - The orb is floating in the air.
nature - Small seeds seem to be growing inside the orb.
arcane - The orb swirls with magical energies.
fire - Flames burst out of the orb.

Set 2
darkness - The orb seems to absorb all light.
blood - The orb is drips with thick blood.
time - Time seems to slow down around the orb.
ice - The orb is icy to the touch.
mind - Your mind is filled with strange thoughts as you approach the orb.
blight - The orb seems to corrupt all it touches.

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Reason:fixed time/ice order

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